We do not forget

Remembrance brings together so many families in a common grief. The two great wars of the last century touched most families with wounds and death. Eventually victorious against the enemies of freedom and self determination, the UK with her allies can be proud of all those who withstood the struggle.

Both my grandfathers fought in the trenches in France and Belgium as very young men. One was badly injured at Mons. They spoke little of the horrors that we have all seen through film and reconstruction. I used to think I was lucky that both my grandfathers survived. Then I realised most of our grandfathers and great grandfathers survived. Many of those who died were too young to have married and had children. My son was taken on a trip when at Reading School to be shown the short walk between the opposing trenches. He was  very moved when told of the massacre  in the great offensives across  No Mans land by teenagers little older than he was at time  of his visit.

My father left school at 16 and enrolled in the Royal Navy as soon as  he could during the second world war. He  sailed  in the cruiser Royalist in Northern waters and in support of the Italian campaign. He described to me the fear of the U boats stalking the ship. He did meet my mother who served in the Wrens in Portsmouth when his ship put in for supplies. She told me of her time fire watching on the roof of Huntley and Palmers in Reading where she lived before joining the navy. One night of a raid she had to walk home knowing a bomb had hit her own  street, only to discover it had missed her parents and her bedroom. I could understand that feeling more when I stepped out from the rubble of the Grand Hotel at Brighton after the IRA  bombing. You are profoundly shocked by the impact of the senseless violence on those neighbours and friends who did die.

Today is  time to remember the suffering and bravery of family members called upon to do extraordinary things owing to the times they lived in. They put with many dangers and restrictions on their lives.  The vast scale of world war is difficult to grasp because it is so horrific. Recalling what we know of those close to us and to our grandparents and great grandparents  is easier to understand. It is fitting that we do remember them.



  1. Peter Wood
    November 13, 2022

    Good Morning,

    Very well said Sir John.

    They faught for the common ideal of democracies, freedom of the individual, under honest democratic rules. It is therefore so sad that many of our current democratic leaders feel the need to lie, conceal and seek to remove those freedoms that were won at such great cost.

    1. Ian B
      November 13, 2022

      @Peter Wood +1

      1. Hope
        November 13, 2022

        Sunak govt signing up to military pact PESCO to make UK military subordinate to EU and accepting “principles and values” of EU! Can your nutty govt remember last year when France threatened to cut electric from Jersey, stopped vaccines under article16 to the country, stopped PPE contracted to come here, blockade Channel Islands u til Johnson gave away our fishing waters for nothing in return, Germany becoming dependent on Russian gas when NATO, UK, spend 3% GDP while Germany refused! We paid to defend them they acted against everyone’s wishes and now nutty Sunak is providing an inter connector for both electric and gas to EU!

        All these sacrifices for your party and govt to betray the nation. A word for your govt.: Just get out.

        JR, we voted leave your party and govt have no mandate to do this.

        1. Hope
          November 13, 2022

          JR, OT but very relevant to all your recent blogs.

          Patrick Mindord’s article today about your govt.’s nutty budget this week. Summed up in his conclusion. What do you think?

          In conclusion, Thursday’s budget is built on three major fallacies. It will cause major damage- worsening recession, damaging growth and even raising inflationary wage costs.

          It should not pass the Commons but instead, be pronounced DOA- dead on arrival.

        2. Ian Wragg
          November 13, 2022

          The worst I to come. Fishy and until are paving the way for sir kneelalot by freezing allowances until 2028. Do they really think they’ll be in power then. I just hope Farage comes good and splits the rights vote to destroy the faux tories so a true right of centre( not the current centre which is same as Marx) but a true Conservative government that puts Britain first.
          Not much chance though.

        3. Donna
          November 13, 2022

          They don’t care. Their Party Members (and their voters) are irrelevant. The Westminster Uni-Party will carry on regardless ….. unless we vote to break it.

        4. Sharon
          November 13, 2022

          I’ve left a link to Facts4EU who have discovered this information. Apparently, it’s not yet been announced in Parliament!

          I agree with your comments, Hope. They do have a cheek with no mandate, but I suspect the secrecy is deliberate, and down to the remainers push, that Sir John mentioned on the 31st October.

    2. Shirley M
      November 13, 2022

      Agreed, Peter. We have had some real professional liars governing in the past (PM’s Heath, Blair, and others) but this government tops the lot. They aren’t even trying to disguise their undemocratic grab for power at the expense of our democracy and the plight of the electorate. We need the ability to throw out political frauds and traitors.

      They have learned well from the EU! They are maybe still getting lessons on how to appear democratic without actually allowing democracy to influence anything and how to deliberately mismanage any unwelcome democratic decision that did manage to sneak through. Is this why so much money still heads towards the EU in one guise or another?

    3. glen cullen
      November 13, 2022

      Sadly we’ve forgotten what they fought for …democratic freedom

    4. Narrow Shoulders
      November 13, 2022

      I am not sure I would want my children to enlist to fight for this country at present. We would have to be at imminent fear of invasion like Ukraine when I might enlist myself before I let them do it.

      I would be hugely fearful of collaborators and those working against us from within (sympathisers and terrorists).

      1. Hope
        November 13, 2022

        Not sure.. I am absolutely resolute none of my relatives will fight for the traitors in govt.! Sunak just agreed to act under EU ‘principles and values’ for PESCO! We voted leave not to act under anything EU! He has betrayed the nation. What MPs should be asking is has he signed UK up to costs of building bridges and roads 8n EU as well? Why did he think it okay to make UK subordinate to EU to Foreign policy because the two are linked? EU interest May not be ours as Germany has shown over NATO contributions and reliance on Russian gas. The dopey Sunak does not even have the noise to work out why we need to frack for energy independence!

        We spend 3% of GDP to defend Germany against Russia while Germany refused and became reliant on Russian gas despite warnings! Worse, Sunak has agreed an inter connector with Germany for both gas and electric! Germany took a very hard stand against the UK and Merkel would not give Cameron a crumb. Less than Thin gruel as JRM stated.

      2. Ian Wragg
        November 13, 2022

        Especially those invading Dover with no ID.
        We have no idea how much of a fifth column is embedded in the country.

    5. MFD
      November 13, 2022

      100 % Peter Wood, a few are Rt Honourable but most are self interested, trousering as much as they can

    6. Ex_Tory_Voter?
      November 13, 2022

      @Peter Wood

      In support of those ideals, and hope we are brave enough to up hold them, as the generation of WW1 & WW2 did!

      The ideals of the true Conservative Party, and not of the NetZero and Lefties we have now!

      What this must remind us of, is to prepare the BA, as a Flat, Dynamic, and Intelligence lead, but complete fighting force for the future!

      For anyone stuck in the past; Flat means structured to match the needs of the day; Or in other words; to match who, what, and how we are up against.

      It does not means structured around a MBT!

      Nothing a Javelin crew wouldn’t sort out!

      But, we will need to continually invest in the skills and equipment necessary, based on the lessons learnt!

      At the standards being set; Sig MCX-Spear and 6.8 x 51 Fury, and the technology step that it comes with!

      No trooper with a steel, red spot, or just manual sight could match!

      1. Mickey Taking
        November 13, 2022

        Why the question mark after your name – haven’t you witnessed enough over 3 Governments and now this shambles to make your mind up?

      2. Hope
        November 13, 2022

        Sunak cannot even defend us against the invasion from France and France pocketed over £300 million to allow it to happen. Back clapping Sunak thinks that it is okay to shower our money around the world, come Thursday he wants to put his greedy grubby little hand in our pockets for more world cash to give away!

  2. Wanderer
    November 13, 2022

    My parents both served throughout WW2, risked their lives on many occasions and lost close friends in the conflict. They loathed tyranny and pomposity, were skeptical of authority, and kept a close eye on politics.

    I think they would be horrified at seeing the western world sleepwalking into a totalitarian future, after all the sacrifices and hardships they endured to ensure that didn’t happen on their watch.

    1. Hope
      November 13, 2022

      Many families lost fathers, uncles and grandparents, leaving many hard working women to bring up their children alone. They persevered and got on with it. We should admire their indefatigably, courage and sacrifice too. Their contribution to improving society in bringing up their children was immense. They deserve a thought as well.

      Today we hear sob stories about single mothers (from choice to get welfare as a way of life) as an excuse for children’s behaviour in schools and society. Today so many children with different types of made up syndrome excuses. Fathers allowed to abandon families without financial penalty, it was an imprisonable offence to abandon family in the past- imagine how welfare could be hugely cut. Women of the past instilled boundaries, rules and discipline, not modern day Tory welfare excuses. Then again, English was the only and main language in schools! Tory party today are against taking responsibility, family and Christian values. They are deliberately eroding our way of life.

      Some EU children getting child benefit who never set foot here while UK parents who work hard to get on are penalised and get nothing! Sunak and Hunt bringing socialist welfare to the world at our huge expense. Just Get Out.

      1. turboterrier
        November 13, 2022

        Brilliant entry.

  3. SM
    November 13, 2022

    My dear father-in-law lied about his age to join the Army during WW1. He was invalided out after severe wounds to his legs while fighting in Flanders – he was also gassed, and the only time he ever spoke about his experiences in the trenches, told us of waking up, seeing the nuns in their big white coifs and believing he gone to Heaven. His leg wounds never healed (perhaps because his work as a metallurgist in post-war life required standing much of the time) but he did his duty as a fire warden throughout WW2 in East London, and never complained or demanded sympathy for the disappointments life had thrown at him. He died in 1985, and I still miss him.

  4. Geoffrey Berg
    November 13, 2022

    While there are still a small number of people alive who fought in the Second World War, surely the main reason for continuing with Remembrance Sunday (and why I still buy and display a poppy) is support for those who have fought (and in numerous cases died or been injured) for Britain in the subsequent conflicts – Korea, Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Afghanistan and others.

    1. Hat man
      November 13, 2022

      We already have Armed Forces Day in June, introduced by Gordon Brown in 2006 in imitation of the US Veterans’ Day, and intended ‘to commemorate the service of men and women in the British Armed Forces’ (Wikipedia). If that is also the function of Remembrance Day, I don’t understand why we need both. Then again, if armed forces pensions are insufficient for veterans to live on decently, that should be a national scandal, not a matter to be addressed by an appeal to the public every November.

      1. Ian B
        November 13, 2022

        @Hat man, To be churlish in the same vein your handle should be Cynical man. To be churlish in the same vein your handle should be Cynical man

        1. Hat man
          November 13, 2022

          Ian, the point is how we treat our veterans – is commemorating ancient wars the way to do it? Maybe a bit more recognition of PTSD among veterans, and support for them, on occasions like Armed Forces Day and Rememberance Sunday would be good, rather than displays of institutional piety.

        2. Hope
          November 13, 2022

          Gordon Brown and his party were going to give a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Brown went off and signed it behind screens. Sneaky little rat that he is.

  5. Shirley M
    November 13, 2022

    My father was at Arnhem, on the wrong side of the lines. He refused to speak about it but he vowed never to voluntarily leave the UK again, and never did. I wonder what he would think of our country now?

    Humans greed for power always results in atrocities. That’s why we have (or had) democracy. Democracy is a safeguard against politicians greed for power. Unfortunately, our current crop of politicians prefers to have invincible power and are determined to get it, one way or another. The electorate are just the means to get that power and have little other value.

    I sometimes think the ONLY way to save the planet is to exterminate the majority of humans and just leave the small distant tribes that live with and alongside nature.

    1. Ian B
      November 13, 2022

      @Shirley M +1 , Democracy appears to be lost, cancelled, removed from those that have stolen power. The HoC is complicit a large chunk have become careerists, no longer serving or protecting Democracy. The selfish need for entitlement is the virus that has grabbed a lot of this Parliment

    2. Original Richard
      November 13, 2022

      Shirley M : “I sometimes think the ONLY way to save the planet is to exterminate the majority of humans and just leave the small distant tribes that live with and alongside nature.”

      I’m afraid this is highly unlikely to save life on the planet.

      The Obama administration et many al may have classed CO2 as a pollutant but in fact it is absolutely necessary for life on earth. It is plant food and plants require a minimum of 150 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere to survive.

      For the last 150 million years atmospheric CO2 has been steadily declining from many times today’s level as shelled marine animals were using up the CO2 to build their shells faster than volcanoes were emitting CO2. When these animal died they formed the 100 million, billion tons of carbonaceous rocks in the earth’s crust including the rocks where oil and gas can be found.

      For the last 800,000 years the atmospheric CO2 has dropped 9 times to just 180 ppm, only 30 ppm above the minimum required for plants to survive. The last occasion being the most recent ice age which we exited just 11,000 years ago.

      If humans were not emitting CO2 then eventually the level in the atmosphere would drop below 150 ppm and all life on the planet would die.

      Topically, not only has the Industrial Revolution, started in the UK, eliminated poverty for millions, if not billions, around the planet it halted deforestation as coal and oil supplanted wood for fuel and decreased famines by increasing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere and greening the planet.

    3. Nottingham Lad Himself
      November 13, 2022

      So was mine, Shirley.

      His father was killed in WW1.

      These facts made him a committed supporter of European Integration and its crystallisation in the European Union.

  6. Mark B
    November 13, 2022

    Good morning.

    What concerns me now is the future. Remembrance Day has been (The White Poppy Movement) , and probably continue to be under attack by those who wish to change this country an abandon its past. Witness the toppling and defacing of monuments.

    As the the sun goe down we will remember them. But, will future generations ?

    1. Ian B
      November 13, 2022

      Mark B +1 Some believe that in ‘Cancelling’ what has gone before, changes the future, what ever the interpretation of any form of History it is only possible because it happened.
      Idiots with their in the face demonstrations(look-at-me) show that they think life is just about them the selfish, the entitled.

    2. glen cullen
      November 13, 2022

      Lest we Forget
      But under this government(s) its no longer encouraged in schools as its old empire, the parades are smaller often led by a unit of cadets because our military is so small, the British Legion has dramatically reduced in size and their clubs closed, the ‘poppy’ sellers are almost none existent in the high street and even its colour under media scrutiny, and our own politicians apologising for our past conflicts …I fear we are forgetting
      Lest we Forget

    3. MFD
      November 13, 2022

      Hopefully, not all are woke morons

  7. Sharon
    November 13, 2022

    I find Remembrance Sunday a very emotional day. Listening to all the veterans, learning of the stories of others, of the love for our country and its brave souls, makes me so proud to be British.

    Which is why what we are seeing in the today, where people are running the country down, is so hurtful!

    1. Ian B
      November 13, 2022

      @Sharon +1, You are the Majority, the silent majority

  8. Lifelogic
    November 13, 2022

    Indeed both of my Grandfather’s too, one died leaving my father without his father at just 14.

    Last week the BBC had Question Time with Julia Hartley Brewer as the Climate Realist against four deluded climate alarmists plus the deluded chair. This week the BBC went one better on Any Question with not a single climate realist and voice of reason on the panel. The Bias and endless propaganda on this topic is endless from the BBC. They are clearly worried as no one sensible believes a word of it.

    Alex Forsyth Chaired the programme with actress Adjoa Andoh, the chair of Natwest Sir Howard Davies, the chair of the Committee on Climate Change Lord Deben and the Chair of the Committee on Fuel Poverty Caroline Flint. Does any on them have any science beyond GCSE level, I rather doubt it. When listening to Lord Debden’s (Gummer) idiotic views on almost everything I think does this many actually believe the endless drivel he come out with or is he just lying? Deluded green crap, expensive intermittent energy pushing socialists the lot of them.

    They all got very excited about insulation, have they looked at the costs, practicalities and payback periods for insulating old houses often it makes little or no sense at all beyond a certain level in the mild UK. Debden said almost nothing that was true and then even said “it is important we tell the truth”. He even thinks pushing for ever more renewables will make energy cheaper! They all seems to think EV cars save CO2 they do not keeping you old car is nearly always better for CO2 and far cheaper too. Especially as it seem they are now go to start road taxing EV cars.

    1. Lifelogic
      November 13, 2022

      Solar farm owner Toucan Energy enters administration amid Thurrock scandal
      THe authority lent total of £655m over four years to owner of 53 solar parks across Britain. How much is that that has been lost per household in Thurrock perhaps £8000 or so?

      Well done the Tory controlled Thurrock council. Can they not just take the bins away and fix the potholes?

      1. Sea_Warrior
        November 13, 2022

        I think that we are some way from knowing whether to blame Conservative or Labour councillors. But national government should be on the alert for those councils not sticking to the knitting – and that outs the Conservative government in the frame.

    2. Lifelogic
      November 13, 2022

      More insanity from Telford Council with a pavement that generates electricity from pavement walkers how much did they waste on this insanity. Doubtless it costs tens of thousands and generates £5 of electricity PA or similar. Energy that comes for the food the walkers eat great plan Telford council how about the bins and the potholes. It will also make the walking less efficient more like walking on sand as it takes the energy from the walkers.

      Read the full article via Shropshire Live at: https://www.shropshirelive.com/news/2022/11/11/telfords-new-pavement-harnesses-energy-from-footsteps-to-charge-mobile-phones/

      1. Cuibono
        November 13, 2022

        A lot of sanity and integrity genes were probably lost in two World Wars.

        I should think that pavement needs an ‘Elf ‘n Safety warning.

        1. Lifelogic
          November 13, 2022


    3. Cuibono
      November 13, 2022

      Well..there’s a lot of dosh in them there green hills with windmills…
      About £1,750 PER HOUR apparently!

      1. glen cullen
        November 13, 2022

        Nice Little Earner

    4. Fedupsoutherner
      November 13, 2022

      LL. That’s why I only watch GBNews now. You get both sides of an argument. They had Stanley Johnson on the other night talking about climate change. What an idiot. I can see now why Boris was so useless. He must have had his brain frazzled by his wife and father. They had a farmer on whose family had been farming the same farm for over 600 years. He said according to records that it had been warmer in years gone by and that everything on his farm was growing and progressing normally. All this climate stuff is complete b****cks. Politicians must think we are stupid.

      1. Lifelogic
        November 13, 2022

        Stanley is indeed an idiot zero understanding of physics, energy, climate, transport, maths, logic, economics… another english graduate like the Green MP dope for Brighton.

        More drivel from Dominic Lawson today who sometimes talks some sense “We must end the non dom ruse”. A great way to damage the economy and decrease the tax take Dominic shooting the economy in the foot. The non doms will sensibly become non resident and take their money and spending with them.

    5. Lifelogic
      November 13, 2022

      Pathetically wet interview of Jeremy Hunt by “BBC think” Laura Kuenssberg almost no sensible questions as dire and Marr. Hunt persists with his various lies. He seems to think Truss and Kwasi caused the all current economic problems their their budget (now reversed anyway) and not Osborne, Hammond and Sunak with their tax to death socialism for 12 years. Plus of course the idiotic extended lockdown that Sunak funded and pushed. Please the endless waste of this period – test and trace, HS2, pointless degrees, net zero… He talk of inflation without mentioning the cause Sunak’s and Bailey’s money debasement policies.

      The other is that high energy prices are entirely due to Putin – no they are mainly due to the Government’s moronic net zero policy and Sunak’s currency debasement agenda.

      1. Lifelogic
        November 13, 2022

        Also the failure to invest in fossil fuel production and the banks disinvestment from these areas agenda as the Chairman of Natwest “proudly” explained on Any Questions. Who will rid us of this mad & deluded “Net Zero” religion.

        1. Hope
          November 13, 2022

          Read Patrick Minford’s article today about the budget on Thursday!

          1. IanB
            November 13, 2022

            @Hope +1,. Strange world or at least the UKis, those (the OBR & BofE) that have never ever been right about anything get to order our elected representatives on the direction they then should travel, they in turn take up these views as if they have been spoken to by thier god without question. To this end those with experience and expertise are ignored.
            The fact you trash a Country to fabricate a return to EU rule gets sweped under the carpet

    6. rose
      November 13, 2022

      LL, it was a disgraceful programme. Could you work out who was the token conservative? Let alone the token scientist.

      1. Lifelogic
        November 13, 2022

        Indeed could hardly have been any more biased for the lefty net zero stupidity or more ignorant of reality.

  9. Susan Morgan
    November 13, 2022

    Amen to that!

    1. glen cullen
      November 13, 2022

      Agree – Amen to that

  10. Cuibono
    November 13, 2022

    We saw it all again very recently.
    People believe…and do as they are told.

  11. Cuibono
    November 13, 2022

    Anthem for Doomed Youth
    What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
    — Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
    Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle
    Can patter out their hasty orisons.
    No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells;
    Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,—
    The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells;
    And bugles calling for them from sad shires.

  12. rose
    November 13, 2022

    I noticed there were men who never spoke of the war. They were prisoners or had a bad time in other ways. Then there were those who spoke confidently about it: they had a good war.

    The white poppy is being pushed in schools again, with the weaselly excuse that red poppies “glorify war”. In fact they are trying to destroy the unity that comes over the nation at remembrance tide.

    Poppies remind us all that war has terrible consequences and is not to be rushed into. They do not glorify war. They are a moving remembrance of those who died.

    1. Ian B
      November 13, 2022

      @rose +1, It is abhorrent on many levels. Teaching is about learning not indoctrination.

      It is time that those that wish to indoctrinate their views on others had their Taxpayer Money removed. Taxpayer money without direct accountability of all payers should never find it way to the single minded political activists.

      Taxpayer funding is about getting a return from ‘the best of the best’

    2. agricola
      November 13, 2022

      An Education Minister with balls would ban white poppies being anywhere near schools. Their creators are trying to re-write history as part of their drive to re-write all British history that gives them the vapours.

    3. glen cullen
      November 13, 2022

      Sadly I’ve noticed a dramatic reduction with people wearing poppies this past week …almost none existent

  13. turboterrier
    November 13, 2022

    Shirley M
    Your second paragraph just about sums it all up. When all the veterans march today they must wonder why the hell they bothered.

  14. Cuibono
    November 13, 2022

    War is exceedingly tragic for those who are sent to fight.
    But it serves the purpose of those who demand the sacrifice.
    A marvellous opportunity to reset the agenda (!).
    Aristocracy wiped out.
    Excuse to tax to the hilt.
    Assets up for grabs.
    Fear and disorientation delivers power.
    And MONEY…don’t forget MONEY…and loads more benefits.
    And not a single thought for the ruined life of poor credulous John Bull.

    1. Cuibono
      November 13, 2022

      I forgot…population reduction…v. Important!

      1. glen cullen
        November 13, 2022

        You also forget HS2, now spending £150bn is very important

        1. Cuibono
          November 13, 2022

          You are right.
          They have always used war as an excuse to mess with the railways.
          To sequestrate land and businesses and to continue along their relentless path of ruination.
          HS2 is part of the govt’s war against us!

  15. Bryan Harris
    November 13, 2022

    The red poppies need to act as more than just a reminder of the sacrificies and terrible results of a cruel war — In our time, now, we should reflect on where we have have come, to and from, the values we now put forward, and we should ask ourselves “COULD WE HAVE DONE IT?”

    With woke socialism eroding our minds the answer is that most likely we would have capitulated to the inevitable – surrendered our soul for a false belief that we might be free and safe.

    1. glen cullen
      November 13, 2022

      Very good words

  16. Donna
    November 13, 2022

    I will remember in my own way this year.

    I cannot bring myself to watch the official ceremony at the Cenotaph because I have no respect whatsoever for the main participants.

    They are deliberately wrecking the country and the democracy the WW1 and WW2 generations fought and died to preserve.

    1. Shirley M
      November 13, 2022

      Agreed, Donna. 100%. The country is ruined and the damage is irreversible. The economy ‘could’ possibly be saved, but our society and culture will never recover.

    2. Ian B
      November 13, 2022

      @Donna +1
      Destruction is the key, the teaching of WEF of which those now in Government appear to have signed up for. Its only through Destruction you can rebuild in their image, or the ‘Great Reset’ as it is now known.

      I agree with you the Hijacking of this solemn day by those that you can only conclude are just after media attention is disgusting. It is clear they have no idea what it is or means to serve, or what human sacrifice is.

    3. Jasper
      November 13, 2022

      Donna – totally agree with you

    4. Lester_Cynic
      November 13, 2022


      exactly my thoughts, what a bunch of hypocrites
      Nauseating in the extreme

  17. Sea_Warrior
    November 13, 2022

    Albanian invasion forces concentrated in London yesterday, I see. The veterans in my family weren’t fighting for that future.
    On this day, I spare I thought for my mother’s uncle. A regular, he was lucky enough to be drafted off HMS HOOD before WW2. But unlucky enough to be drafted onto the destroyer ESK, which was mined in the ‘Texel Disaster’. He was one of the many ‘killed in action’.
    Today, I’ll expect those party leaders – few of whom bothered to give their country a few years’ service after school – to reflect on the obligations they place on others, to commit our forces to action only after the most careful consideration, and to ensure that our armed forces are maintained well. But I fear that they won’t.

    1. No Longer Anonymous
      November 13, 2022

      I don’t want a military anymore. They are never used for *our* protection and the political class are simply not worthy of them.

      First the National Trust, second the RNLI, third the Royals and now the military…

      All are debased after 12 years of Tories in office.

    2. Original Richard
      November 13, 2022

      Sea_Warrior : “Albanian invasion forces concentrated in London yesterday,”

      I would not be surprised if the size of the Albanian, Iraqi, Iranian and other invasion forces in the UK now each exceed the size of our own armed forces.

      What are our Government’s real intentions for our country bearing in mind the TPA found that the Government (Cabinet and Home Office) was funding the organisations that are taking the Government to court over its Rwanda plans?

      Will there be any Government response when the Russians start arriving in small boats across the Channel?

      How many hotel rooms are there in the UK?

  18. Javelin
    November 13, 2022

    Im suffering with high taxes. My pension is full. I could retire on £40k a year or I could carry on paying £60k in taxes.

    I’ve decided I will retire next year and the Government can raise taxes on everybody else to pay for my retirement.

  19. DOM
    November 13, 2022

    I will never forget Labour supporting BLM thugs desecrating this nations most sacred monument to the dead and Johnson, this nation’s Tory PM at the time, FELL SILENT. That is the evidence I need.

    John belongs to a party that is offensive because it remains silent on issues that are destroying Britain, our freedoms and its culture. The Tories have become the enemy of the individual and the supporters of the Socialist State.

    1. DOM
      November 13, 2022


    2. Donna
      November 13, 2022

      I agree Dom. It’s why I didn’t watch any of the official ceremonies this year. I couldn’t bear the sight of the disgusting line up of WEF-supporting, Britain-destroying politicians, or the replacement for our dear departed Queen.

  20. agricola
    November 13, 2022

    Well said Sir John. My uncle survived WW1 from the first Territorial involvement after Mons to its end in the RHA. Towards the end of his life, I visited him in the Home Counties and was offered his garden tools with the comment that he had done all the digging he wished in France.
    My father was seconded as an engineer to build Spitfires at Castle Bromwich and to be a Special Constable when he wasn’t engineering war production.
    My impression is that the 18-24 year olds that did the fighting did it for the survival of their mates not for any grandiose survival of democracy. T6hat was left to politicians and came from analysis after it was over.
    We should be ever grateful for their sacrifice and the freedom we presently enjoy.

  21. Dave Andrews
    November 13, 2022

    I would like to acknowledge the sacrifices made by the armed forces in the first and second world wars, and the Falkland War.
    I find myself divided however when it comes to action in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Korea and Egypt, where armed forces are committed for wars pursued out of politicians’ hubris. How can I support brave men when they are being used as mercenaries, and the idea that they lay down their lives for my freedom becomes dubious?

  22. Donna
    November 13, 2022

    Judging from the “promises” and blatant propaganda in The Sunday Telegraph today, it looks like the poll which showed 25% would be interested in voting for a party led by Nigel Farage has seriously rattled the Socialists in the CON Party.

    Remind me ….. who voted for the slick, city-boy and his sidekick Chancellor who intend to tax us to death?

    It certainly wasn’t Conservative Party members ….. or Conservative voters.

  23. SecretPeople
    November 13, 2022

    >Many of those who died were too young to have married and had children.
    You’ve written this before, but many left behind wives and families. My great-grandfather was in this category; his two sons grew up to go on to lose their lives in WWII. Would they do the same again, had they known what we now know?

  24. Narrow Shoulders
    November 13, 2022

    Powerful piece this morning Sir John. Thank you

    Lest we forget – thank you to all who serve(d)

  25. Derek Henry
    November 13, 2022

    Morning John,

    A time to remember indeed.

    My prediction is we will have to move to a war type economy in the future to fix the problems the Skye Bridge economic model has caused in this country. That large trade surpluses worldwide will become a thing of the past.

    If we had used the Skye Bridge economic model to fight our wars we would have never have won any of them. Central planning by the state won those wars and that’s what it is going to take to stop the climate from destroying us.

    Many ideologues, who love our current rent seeking, out sourcing, bank lending, Skye Bridge economic model are dragging their feet. In my view they are in for a huge shock. Events will swallow all of them.

    In my prediction, of the future, More and more countries will move back to the central planning model and will stop sending their real resources abroad in exchange for blips on a central bank spreadsheet somewhere. As they will need those real resources for themselves just to survive the climate.

    More and more will want to move to Scotland where I live. Or holiday in Scotland or the North of the world just for a break from the summer temperatures in the South.

    Let’s see what happens. Central planning will save the world not the Skye Bridge economic model built on rent seeking, out sourcing, bank lending and profits. Ideologues will be pushed out of the way and won’t have a say on the matter. Our survival will depend on it.

  26. Original Richard
    November 13, 2022

    “The vast scale of world war is difficult to grasp because it is so horrific.”

    Very true.

    But we also should not forget how millions have died in the last century from starvation as a result of communism.

    Stalin’s collectivization era saw several famines, as well as peasant resistance to collectivization. The death toll cited by experts has ranged from 4 million to 7 million.

    In 1958, Mao Zedong launched the Great Leap Forward that aimed to rapidly transform China’s economy from agrarian to industrial, which led to the deadliest famine in history and the deaths of 15–55 million people between 1958 and 1962.

    This century communists are causing further famines by initiating a war against CO2, plant food, without which no life on earth can exist,

    The war on CO2, will not only bring impoverishment through lack of affordable and reliable energy but also cause famines by curbing fertiliser production and reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

    The National Grid’s “Leading The Way” Future Energy Scenario for 2050 even boasts that it will be reducing atmospheric CO2.

    1. Christine
      November 13, 2022

      It’s OK the WEF & COP27 are setting up 4 world Food Hubs with the Netherlands in charge of distribution.

      Their intention is to wipe out small producers.

      Control the food and you control the people.

      Never have so many owed so little to so few.

      1. Original Richard
        November 13, 2022

        Christine : “Their intention is to wipe out small producers.”

        Yes, that’s the purpose of ESG.

        Only the large producers/corporates will have the finances/expertise/manpower to pass the ESG requirements they have deliberately introduced for this purpose and will refuse to buy from any company who does not pass the ESG.

        ESG is like the mafia or a cartel.

  27. Cuibono
    November 13, 2022

    I do remember. My family suffered their share..and it didn’t end on Armistice Day.
    I now see it all through the prism of recent events.
    And I do not forgive.

    1. Hope
      November 13, 2022

      Agreed. Why are the nutty ministers in govt seeking peace rather fight a proxy war in Corrupt Ukraine which has no strategic value to our country?

      1. R.Grange
        November 13, 2022

        Because those UK ministers are in government but not in power, Hope. The decision is taken at NATO level, where the objective is to fight and weaken Russia. Doing that ourselves would be too dangerous – we might lose and anyway we don’t have much of an army. But fortunately Ukraine has a very brave and effective army, so they are used instead. And why go for peace when so many Ukrainians are prepared to die for NATO?

  28. Richard1
    November 13, 2022


  29. The Prangwizard
    November 13, 2022

    The political Left is hijacking the words freedom and democracy. This is clear in the USA out of the mouth of Biden. This is supported by, for example the BBC and Sky News here. A similar view is held widely elsewhere here in the body of our administration and the woke philosohy is being forced in education.

    The Left states that anyone who does not agree with them is anti-democratic; the expression ‘far-right’ is being applied and this gives themselves the justification to remove those who they define as opponents.

    This should be recognised by everyone as dangerous and anyone who understands freedom must oppose every example and speak out against it. The Left is not a fair and reasonable body, it seeks dominance and wishes to remove opposition.

    1. IanB
      November 13, 2022

      @The Prangwizard. The Far Right consists of those that believe in personal freedom, free speech, self reliance, tolarence, alternative views and personal responsibility. The other shower believe you should be beholden and you can have freedom as long as you follow their directions and don’t question them

  30. Stred
    November 13, 2022

    My father was in the desert with Monty. He only survived, as I only found out not long before he died, because he had to drive his tank on the day it was hit instead of commanding it in the main chamber. He lost all his mates and I think he may have been changed by combat stress and unable to relax.
    Talking of Flanders Field, the Flemish party in Belgium is demanding that its government withdraws from membership of the WEF. I can understand that mega corporations and banks would see the benefits of grabbing all the wealth and the rest of us owning nothing but being happy but why our governments should wish to fund another mad German and his band of subversive leaders is a mystery.
    SJR. Do you know whether the UK is signed up? Our new king is keen on the agenda.

  31. paul
    November 13, 2022

    They die for king and country, your next.

  32. acorn
    November 13, 2022

    JR Tweet. “What should we expect to get for the £1,087,000,000,000 the government is spending this year?

    Have a look at Table 5.3 in PESA 2022, page 84 of the document. It shows in simple economic category terms where the government spent its money. There are thirteen line items of spending. Imagine if all the HoC Select committees; reformatted to do an intense study on one of those lines each. Imagine what waste they might find?

    The fourteenth line item is Accounting Adjustments. This year there is a 10% difference between TME and TES. See appendix D for an explanation. Sadly, there is no comprehensive cash account. That’s all you actually need for a sovereign country that is the ISSUER of its own currency; but does its accounts as if it is a currency USER. That’s how it has ended up in a budgetary mess, caused by slavishly following the demands of the Casino Banking industry for no fiscal reason whatsoever.

  33. Lynn Atkinson
    November 13, 2022

    God help us all in keeping the great gift bestowed upon us by our forefathers safe.
    Please watch Neil Oliver’s contribution this Remembrace Sunday. It’s a bullseye.
    Weeping a tear and laying a wreath are not enough.

    1. Fedupsoutherner
      November 13, 2022

      Neil Oliver was amazing.

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        November 14, 2022

        Tragic really, that a Scot can speak for the ancient Precious British people when their Parliament can’t!

  34. Sharon
    November 13, 2022

    Sir John Sorry, off topic.

    Are you aware that Britain has applied for and been accepted into PESCO?
    Facts4EU have the details.


    1. IanB
      November 13, 2022

      @Sharon. +1 more of the unelected unaccountable telling the UK to obey thier doctrine. Back into the EU,without having left how two faced do those that hate the concept of Parliamenty Democracy get? How did those that hate, really hate the UK grab so much power

  35. No Longer Anonymous
    November 13, 2022

    Fought for what democracy, exactly ? This is all I could think at the memorial service this morning.

    Among others the British Supreme court is more powerful than Parliament which has now been made -by its own hand – more redundant than our coal mines.

    The greatest respect that you – the 1922s – could show to our war dead is to resign and to be highly vocal about the putsch which has taken place throughout the institutions. The Conservatives are beyond saving and clearly cannot be changed from within.

  36. Pauline Baxter
    November 13, 2022

    P.E.S.C.O. !! J.R. !!
    Your CONservative Party CONned us into voting you into power to get BREXIT Done.
    Having failed to get us fully out of the EU that same Party is now taking us back in.
    You, John Redwood, claim to be fully committed to Brexit. You claim to be firmly part of the Brexit supporting ‘wing’ of the Party. Indeed you have recently moaned that that is why you will never be offered promotion.
    So – Why is it that you and others in your party, have still not said a word about us being signed back into PESCO?
    I’ll answer my own question. It is because having got into a position of POWER, the only important matter is HOLDING ON TO THAT POWER. Keeping YOUR PARTY in POWER.
    Now we know why Truss and Macron suddenly became bosom pals.

    1. IanB
      November 13, 2022

      @Pauline Baxter +1

  37. Donna
    November 13, 2022

    Regarding PESCO and this treacherous Con Government: It would appear that Sunak, Hunt et al have forgotten (or more likely) never read Kipling. I think they’re going to find out in 2 years time.

    The Beginnings
    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the English began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy-willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the English began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low,
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd,
    It was not taught by the State.
    No man spoke it aloud,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred,
    It will not swiftly abate,
    Through the chill years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the English began to hate.

  38. mancunius
    November 13, 2022

    Those who died in war (including the guerilla war and assassination campaign waged in NI by the IRA) are best honoured by the maintenance of extreme vigilance, to ensure that stupid politicians do not sign away our country’s sovereignty or allow its peace to be threatened again by negligently voting for slyly-worded treaties they either do not understand, or whose secret aim they connive with. One such treaty was Maastricht (1992), forced through without the referendum even Brussels had asked for. The Lisbon Treaty was an even graver offence – the point at which a referendum should have been unavoidable. Nobody who read and grasped its import could possibly have agreed with it.
    Concerning NI, we have the Belfast Agreement, whose anti-unionist, Blairite, appeasement-hungry intentions (presaged by Major’s fear-struck back-pedalling) were understood back then by only a few far-sighted observers. There were even left-wing Labour politicians who thought the bomb and rocket attacks in Brighton and London (including Downing Street) were in their party’s interests.
    Another such treaty is the self-lacerating 2020 Northern Ireland Protocol and the TCA.
    Yet another – PESCO – Sunak’s move, unheralded, uncanvassed, without any vote, referendum or election campaign – to surrender our military capablities to the EU. Possibly this was the whole intention of removing Truss from No. 10 – so this could be pushed through without any democratic legitimacy.
    I doubt your party will survive the next election.

  39. margaret
    November 14, 2022

    Most normal people are horrified about the futility of war. We learn about the 1st and second world wars from literature,history and the few survivors but countries keep on fighting when they know the outcome is death to many. I am anti war but believe we need protection in the form of an eye for an eye. Can you imagine if we turned the other cheek with all the power crazy despots in this world ? Most countries need Trump’s wall and this reminds me of the three world divisions in Orwells1984. How does Putin feel about deliberately throwing bombs into his relatives homes . Is owning the Ukraine so important to sacrifice lives.

    My father was in the army in the middle east and from the photographs looked as though he was thoroughly enjoying himself but this may be the bravado of a young man. He drove American generals around and was in tank recovery. My grandmother was one of those ladies working at AV roe making lots of ammunition and a tailoress by night .My mother always cried as she remembered her fiance being shot out of the air whilst falling in a parachute. The media must not romanticise such horrors.

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