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Three  contributors who know the guidelines  tried to post comments that violated my rules  of decency by a wide margin on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I will not be posting their thoughts in future. It was particularly foolish to try this when the tone of the blog was taken from the Christmas message of goodwill.

Let me briefly remind those who want to post

No swear words

No false allegations against named individuals

No hatred of others because you disagree with their views

This site is very tolerant of different views and wishes to explore differing ways of tackling national issues. The aim is to further democratic debate and understanding.




  1. SM
    December 26, 2022

    What you are reasonably asking for from your respondents, Sir John, is simply to demonstrate ‘good manners’. That is something that seems to have largely flown out of the window in online interaction.

    1. Nottingham Lad Himself
      December 27, 2022

      If Sir John has been receiving abusive posts then he is fully justified in his actions.

      However, I would caution that website operators – as I do myself – should verify that the offender is not simply impersonating another poster whom they wish to see removed.

      This is easily done – IP addresses of contributors are generally available to blog owners.

  2. Tony Hart
    December 26, 2022

    We abhor PMQs because of the sheer nastiness of the Opposition. They hurl abuse without any backing up evidence, Ian Blackford in particular. We believe that Parliament should be reformed to ban any abuse. MPs should just state facts and ask rational questions, preferably open-ended.

  3. Peter Wood
    December 26, 2022

    Quite so. I’m very disappointed Sir John had this experience.
    Being prepared to listen politely, and honest, respectful discourse is all that’s required.

  4. Julia Jameson
    December 26, 2022

    What is the position when an allegation is made against a named individual supported by evidence which shows that it’s true?

    Reply I advise those with allegations against individuals to send the evidence in to the relevant authorities and to offer the story to media who have legal advisors and capacity to research the allegations.

  5. rose
    December 26, 2022

    May you continue to enjoy Christmas, right up to Candlemas.

    Your blog is always educating, enlightening, uplifting. Thank you for all the trouble you take to inform us in what can feel like a little dark age. It is greatly valued.

  6. Narrow Shoulders
    December 26, 2022

    I noted a certain egg nog flavour in some of the comments you did post Sir John.

    One of the benefits of this site is an element of courtesy in disagreement .

  7. Fedupsoutherner
    December 26, 2022

    Thank you John. Anyone with an ounce of respect would understand this without having to be told. I sincerely hope you had an enjoyable Christmas day.

  8. formula57
    December 26, 2022

    Good. You are indeed very tolerant within the sensible limits you set out and I wish there was better recognition of what a marvellous resource is this diary and what a privilege it is to submit comments at all.

    1. SM
      December 26, 2022


  9. Zorro
    December 26, 2022

    Absolutely JR – this site is to highlight issues and try and find solutions, or explore as to why on earth a nominally Tory government is doing so little to advance a free society but would rather introduce restrictive legislation to stop free speech and soon Rishi will be introducing his ‘programmable’ CBDC. Any thoughts on that proposition?

    I recently saw a tweet as follows –

    We need wider ownership. Policy should actively support self employment, expansion of small business, wider share and home ownership. Free enterprise delivers. It need more people to have savings, shares and homes they own and more to see they too can acquire them.

    Why is this government so abjectly useless at fulfilling this agenda? Why should I lend it my vote next time after the horlicks of the last few years?

    By the way, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sorry not to have posted for a while although I read the blog whenever possible, as I have been engaged on pressing matters.


  10. ukretired123
    December 26, 2022

    Hope you had good Christmas too Sir John, a giant amongst many lesser souls who can only scratch at straws in their desperation and resort to “tackling the player and not the ball”. This happens so often in life too:
    When my young grandson was learning junior football he mentioned someone swore at him embarrassed and I told him he must be improving and keep going. Soon after they won their league after losing many games at first.

  11. Mike Wilson
    December 26, 2022

    I haven’t looked at this site for at least a few days, maybe a week. What did I miss? I wonder who has been banned? I’ll have to keep looking and see if I can work out who is missing.

  12. Mike Wilson
    December 26, 2022

    There’s a lot of appeals on the box at the moment for help for homeless people. Talking of the Christmas message of goodwill, how is that anyone who comes over the Channel in a boat is put up in a 4 star hotel whereas ex soldiers are living in the street? I think your government has odd priorities.

  13. Ray Hamer
    December 27, 2022

    Could you please ask your colleague’s why they have squandered the brexit bonuses ! And done nothing of any consequence as I can see.
    Come the next opportunity I will be voting for the Reform party. Like my late father used to say ” your promises are like pie crusts…made to be broken”

  14. ChrisS
    December 27, 2022

    Almost everyone posting here is respectful and makes sound points, that are well-argued. It is a privilege to be permitted to be a member of this group for which we all thank you.wq=e3cvf
    /We at least know that our thoughts are read and taken in by one of our most respected politicians from the governing party. It is even possible that on some occasions and in some small way, things that are posted here might just influence government policy a degree or two in the right direction.

    Wishing our host and everyone posting here a better 2023, and especially, to our friends in Ukraine, who I hope will finally get the A10 and F16 aircraft they desperately need to turn the tide in the war decisively in their favour.

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