Illegal and legal migration

The government is currently concentrating on illegal migration with its eye catching and contentious promise by the Prime Minister to stop the boats that bring many of the illegal entrants to the UK. The Opposition parties oppose him strongly, demanding more safe routes for migrants and asylum seekers to come, and easier processes to allow people to enter more rapidly.

Most Conservatives believe the UK should provide refuge for some people fleeing violence or oppression elsewhere. This should be an offer as part of a wider offer by many richer countries to spread the  responsibility and to provide geographical choice to those seeking a new home. Many of us also believe the UK has been offering too many economic migrants a home and a job here, seeking to perpetuate a model of growing the economy by recruiting plenty of lower paid labour from abroad. Instead we would prefer to see investment in machines, computing, training and higher standards to get more of the work done with fewer better paid people. We want more better paid and high quality jobs for people already living here, backed  by the investment it takes to raise productivity and therefore wages.

The low pay model is not a great one for the people coming nor for the taxpayers who need to foot much of the bill for so called cheap labour. Paying people too little means state subsidy to provide them with housing, income top ups, health and education provision and a range of infrastructure and other public service provision. Last year we added 500,000 more people to our totals. To ensure they have a decent life that will take a lot of new housing, public sector facilities, roadspace, electricity and water capacity and a range of other capital intensive service provision. The EU some years ago suggested it took Euro 250,000 to provide for a migrant family or individual coming to the EU to provide all the facilities needed.


  1. Javelin
    March 29, 2023

    I am now capping my salary at £100k. The rest will go into my pension and other benefits.

    1. Ashley
      March 29, 2023

      But once the funds are in the pension what will the rules be changed to next by prob. a Labour government who have already promised to revert back to the lifetime limit of £1,070K? What will the basic rate of tax be when you draw it. Will they apply NI to it too? How can one make sensible choice in a game where the goal posts keep being moved by idiots/thieves in government.

      JR says “Paying people too little means state subsidy to provide them with housing, income top ups, health and education provision and a range of infrastructure and other public service provision.” indeed but also the reverse. So paying them top up benefits for housing, council tax etc. means there is little point in employers paying any more as circa 90% gets lost in loss of benefits, tax and NI. Little point in them doing overtime for the same reason.

    2. Mickey Taking
      March 29, 2023

      Lucky you! Too much information. Spare a thought for young families wondering how to pay rent/mortgage, feed the family and pay the Council Tax, Heating /Lighting bills.

      1. Ashley
        March 29, 2023

        Some on benefits & with large families get the same as £100K after tax (Circa 60K) in rent and other benefits. Often “couples” live apart and even get two rents paid. What does a hotel for migrants with food etc. cost PA? £100K perhaps?

        1. Mickey Taking
          March 29, 2023

          ‘some’ – care to guess at what percentage out of the millions?

          1. Narrow Shoulders
            March 30, 2023

            Universal credit is a very generous benefit. I doubt there are many claimants with two or more children who receive an income less than the equivalent of £50K before tax in London and adjusted outside of London. Housing and childcare support bump this up greatly.

            Those not on genetics have to pay housing so claiming this all goes to landlords is spurious

        2. Lynn Atkinson
          March 29, 2023

          Exactly! Work out how much capital is dedicated to providing those ‘incomes and provision’ for those the capitalist in the country provide.
          And immigrants cost, as JR pointed out something like £250k each to start. Work out how much capital is set aside to provide for each immigrant – let’s be generous and say 4% return. £6,250,000 of capital has to be dedicated to providing for each immigrant.

      2. Javelin
        March 29, 2023

        My thoughts are they should have voted for a politician who put their country first. Importing cheap migrants have kept their neck on the minimum wage block. Outsourcing industry has reduced employment opportunities for them and their children. Allowing politicians to drive the counties energy costs up by pursing a climate “emergency” for the past 15 years that has not manifested itself and has in fact reversed itself so much that it’s not called global warming anymore. These impoverished individuals have had the wool pulled over their eyes and would have been in a much better place had they voted for parties who had their interests at heart. According to a survey 80% of politicians want more immigration whilst 80% of the public do not. The way to help these poor people is to campaign for a party who prioritises their needs.

        1. APL
          April 2, 2023

          Javelin: “My thoughts are they should have voted for a politician who put their country first. ”

          Made a mistake voting Tory then?

    3. Nottingham Lad Himself
      March 30, 2023

      Now I see it.

      The problem with you right wingers is that you are simply incapable of contentment.

  2. Mark B
    March 29, 2023

    Good morning.

    To ensure they have a decent life . . .

    Yes. And at the expense of the indigenous population who are sent to the back of the queue, if they are lucky, or ignored completely like are own homeless who have never been offered any shelter, let a lone a 4 Star hotel and spending money.

    Like Javelin above and from my post yesterday, I shall be arranging my tax affairs in such a way that the government gets as little as possible.

    You don’t deserve the sweat off my brow.

    1. Ashley
      March 29, 2023

      You say “I shall be arranging my tax affairs in such a way that the government gets as little as possible.” indeed that is surely the correct & moral thing to do given that you will almost certainly spend and invest the money far better than this dire government. Not a very high bar to jump. Witness Net Zero, the lockdowns, test and trace, the net harm vaccines, PPE procurement, the immigration costs, HS2, the absurd renewables subsidies (see T H E I N A D E Q U A C Y OF WIND POWER by the sensible physicist Prof. Wade Allison and insane policy)

      Others will just go black market, live off benefits, barter or just leave the country and who can blame them given the appalling & rotten system that pertains under this ConSocialist Government?

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        March 29, 2023

        I understand that the children in the City gambling with our pensions return 4%. They’re Evie a tax subsidy of course – guess how much? 4%.
        So they make no money whatsoever.
        Thank God I never paid into a pension. I control my own money and am a lot more successful than the gamblers, in spite of NOT receiving the tax subsidy.
        The rule of thumb is never to do what the Government bribes you to do. The bribe is because you would not otherwise do it. They can change the law overnight, and leave you high and dry.
        Always do what you think best and always stay legal!
        My grandfather thought it an honour to pay tax, he was proud to have earned enough to be able to help his nation. Our money no longer goes to help our nation.

        1. Ashley
          March 29, 2023

          You say “My grandfather thought it an honour to pay tax, he was proud to have earned enough to be able to help his nation.” It should be if only it were wisely spent but given how appallingly it is currently spend mainly on idiotic things like Net Zero, HS2, corruption, test and trace, dangerous vaccines best to starve them of taxes when ever you can and use it more efficiently yourself! Many Charities are just as bad too.

    2. Lynn Atkinson
      March 29, 2023

      I did that years ago. I invest as much as I can I. My business to ‘cap’ profit.
      We need to starve the government of money!
      Obvious really.

      1. Ashley
        March 29, 2023

        +1 certainly all recent governments.

    3. British Patriot
      March 29, 2023

      The government is deliberately ABUSING us and then wants us to pay for it!
      It’s like countries such as China and Iran where the government forces the family of an executed political prisoner to pay for the cost of the bullet they used to kill him. THE GOVERNMENT IS YOUR ENEMY.

  3. Mary M.
    March 29, 2023

    All sensible Reform UK thinking.

    1. jerry
      March 29, 2023

      @Mary M; More likely, sensible thinking that Reform UK will pinch, add some uncosted embellishments, and call it their own!

    2. Gabe
      March 29, 2023

      But alas reform UK will never be in a position to enact anything they will be lucky to get a single MP given the system that pertains. We are stuck with Socialist Tories and Socialist Labour/SNP/LibDims.

      1. Narrow Shoulders
        March 29, 2023

        Only while you vote for them.

        To make a change we must change our behaviours.

        None of the above or single issue parties. Use your vote and let it be seen.

        1. Ashley
          March 29, 2023

          I can change my vote but there are too “many always have always will” voters who never will move to give Reform any chance.

          1. jerry
            March 30, 2023

            @Ashley; All well and good, but were are the hoards of voters sympathetic to the alternate right -and don’t suggest Reform is not right-wing, you can’t assume they are behind the “Red Wall”, after all the clue is in the name and core Labour were always traditionally eurosceptic (Brexit is Brexit as someone once said), nor are they going to be in ‘Remain’ London and the Home Counties.

            Some people have suggested our host should cross the floor, join Reform UK, if he did and stood at the next election, along with a new Conservative candidate, the resultant split vote would only need to be 12%, ~7,500 votes, to allow the LDs a major victory based on 2019 figures. Smell the coffee for goodness sake, wake up…

            Change is needed, but that change has to come from within the Conservative party or it won’t come at all, and more to the point such change has to be electable, Reform UK policies are not electable, many of their current manifesto promises are simply not coherent, nor costed.

          2. Narrow Shoulders
            March 30, 2023

            And it is attitudes like that which keep everyone voting the same someone has to change first and lead the charge.

            Tell your friends. None of the above

  4. turboterrier
    March 29, 2023

    Your last sentence on the costing of supporting coming here €250k just confirms the untenable situation the government is creating by allowing such high numbers of immigrant illegal or otherwise into the country.
    We already have a hard core base of residents working on low wages obtaining benefits. Add to which the demands on all the other services that you have highlighted the country cannot really grow with such a heavy demand being made on the taxpayers.
    82% of the council charges raised in my area go to supporting social needs.
    In many countries unless you have proof of a large savings account, monthly income or enough to start up a business which will support 5 jobs access is refused. If you are fully qualified in the skills they are short of you can get a work permit and then after a period of time apply for residential status.
    Our Achilles heel is our benefit system which just compounds the problems.

    1. Javelin
      March 29, 2023

      The UK has gone from a managed decline to a managed collapse.

      1. Ian wragg
        March 29, 2023

        So a politician admitting what everyone else knew, half a million annually incoming. Still proclaiming a shortage of workers because as we all know, the gimmigrants are in the main unskilled and unemployable.
        Never mind the indigenous population cn be squeezed dry to pay for it all, until of course they can’t

      2. Mickey Taking
        March 29, 2023

        erase the word ‘managed’.

    2. Sir Joe Soap
      March 29, 2023

      Yes bizarrely here it’s preferable to bring nothing to the party, so to speak.
      More a Golden Passport than a Golden Visa, and free.
      They are laughing at us.

    3. Anselm
      March 29, 2023

      1. The White British birth rate is beneath sustainable. We are dying out!
      2. The Welfare system depends on people paying in through taxes and suchlike. It is designed as a safety net, no more, like the NHS. It has become a human right.
      3. The more people, from incredibly different economic, religious and cultural backgrounds, we allow to suck the Welfare teat, the less for everybody. And it corrupts the people who are simple enough to rely on it.
      4. It is obvious that the second and third generation immigrants who hold major offices in this country would roundly agree with all the above.

      1. Ashley
        March 29, 2023


    4. British Patriot
      March 29, 2023

      It’s not just the unbearable economic cost of all these migrants (we are actually a VERY POOR COUNTRY that cannot pay its way and has to tax and borrow more and more to survive!). Sir John is, I’m sorry to say, ABSOLUTELY WRONG when he says that we should “provide refuge for some people fleeing violence or oppression elsewhere … to spread the responsibility and to provide geographical choice to those seeking a new home”. NO, NO, NO. There is a CRUCIAL difference between the UK and all the other countries that provide refuge: we are the most HORRIFICALLY OVERCROWDED country of them all. I have pointed out before that for France (where all the migrants who come here start from) needs to take in 80 MILLION refugees before they reach our level of population density. 80 MILLION! Let them do that and then we can talk about ‘spreading the responsibility’!

      Sir John doesn’t seem to understand that his wish – Tweeted yestersday – to get “farmers to grow more at home” is in direct CONFLICT with his desire to accept refugees and thus increase our population. Just the other day the Telegraph reported that “a third of the 445 acres of Lea Valley glasshouses have been earmarked for redevelopment as housing estates and warehouses”. We already cannot feed our own people and are now building over our farms in order to house all these asylum seekers coming here! Because we all know that our domestic birth rate is NOT the cause for the need for more housing, it’s 100% immigration (in all its forms). I want a government that openly states that the UK is overcrowded and that our population must come DOWN. And that, as a result, we cannot take a single asylum seeker. NOT ONE.

  5. turboterrier
    March 29, 2023

    This country is like a massive vessel at sea in difficulties.
    The captain and crew charging around the massive decks firefighting and plugging small holes and repairing the internal infrastructure of power and water supplies.
    Ignoring all the holes beneath the water line being created by bad thought out policies and decisions. Net Zero, NHS, Infrastructure, Immigration, Housing and Education to name but a few.
    The fires will go out when the vessel sinks as the damage control facilities are overwhelmed.
    Irrespective of the politics a complete rethink of where we are and where we want to be has to be undertaken.
    The process is known as Force Field Analysis.
    Far too many of the existing population are living in very poor conditions with little chance of dragging themselves out of their life situation. Cheap subsidised labour is not the answer, never was, never will be.

    1. Peter Gardner
      March 29, 2023

      Isn’t that the same or similar to root cause analysis? If so it does not help deciding on strategy and direction. It merely solves current problems, which exist regardless of in what direction you wish to procede. Nevertheless I agree that the UK Government is neither addressing the most serious problems it faces nor clear about its direction and what sort of country it wants the UK to be. The reason for that (root cause) is that the party in government is such a broad church it is deeply divided on the main issues in economic and social domains. A cynic would say tat on illegal immigration, for example the Tory party is taking action only because it believes doing so might help it win the next election but many of them are not committed and not even supportive of the actual policies and and intended results. That won’t cut it with voters.
      The end result of your Force Field Analysis would be that we have the wrong party in government and need to throw it out or reform it. The latter might be possible by a strategy away day that focuses not on winning the election but setting a course for the country and fixing the problems. I wouldn’t hold my breath. It will have to do its away day when it is relaxed in opposition instead of fighting fires above decks!

    2. Peter Gardner
      March 29, 2023

      Isn’t that the same or similar to root cause analysis? If so it does not help deciding on strategy and direction. It merely solves current problems, which exist regardless of in what direction you wish to proceed. Nevertheless I agree that the UK Government is neither addressing the most serious problems it faces nor clear about its direction and what sort of country it wants the UK to be. The reason for that (root cause) is that the party in government is such a broad church it is deeply divided on the main issues in economic and social domains. A cynic would say tat on illegal immigration, for example the Tory party is taking action only because it believes doing so might help it win the next election but many of them are not committed and not even supportive of the actual policies and and intended results. That won’t cut it with voters.
      The end result of your Force Field Analysis would be that we have the wrong party in government and need to throw it out or reform it. The latter might be possible by a strategy away day that focuses not on winning the election but setting a course for the country and fixing the problems. I wouldn’t hold my breath. It will have to do its away day when it is relaxed in opposition instead of fighting fires above decks!

  6. Peter Gardner
    March 29, 2023

    A brilliant summary of a complex issue. But much can be improved by relatively simple measures. For example Australia in the 1990s set a target for employers to invest in training of their employees – can’t remember the figure but around 3% of sales – and took in tax what they didn’t spend on training. Employers could not fill a vacancy from overseas unless they could show there was no applicant from Australia with the required skills. The knowledge generated by these measure informed the broader points-based immigration system and the requirements placed on training establishments. The tax collected was used to boost funding of training colleges. The way I have descibed it makes it sound like a Stalinist planned economy but it was actually more a case of facilitating market forces once a single impetus was given at one point that made employers more long sighted in the interests of the country as a whole (this last might be difficult in the UK!).
    At that time, but I think to a lesser extent now, Australia would also include requirements for technology transfer (of which knowledge transfer is the major part) in public procurement contracts, particularly for defence. This again will be an important component of the AUKUS submarine project. I mention this not because technology transfer is needed in the UK (it isn’t) but because it illustrates a culture and political regime that really understood what investment was needed for the long term sustainable future of the country and a willingness and commitment to act on it, whether labour or conservatives were in power, all of which seems to be lacking in the UK.

    1. Michelle
      March 29, 2023

      I believe regarding your point on employers in Australia having to prove that they could not fill a vacancy from within is something the government here removed under their new points based system, while Patel was in office.
      This was something Migration Watch was watching very closely.

    2. Cuibono
      March 29, 2023

      So which country will be taking us in when we flee from this oppressive regime that steals our money and gives it away? ( And locks us up on a whim )
      Nary a one I’d warrant!

    3. Sir Joe Soap
      March 29, 2023

      I think we’re 2 steps away from all that.
      We’re housing people regardless of their ability to contribute to the prosperity of the country. Worse than that, we’re housing people who have wandered through numerous countries more prosperous than our own who have either thought them an economic disaster zone or at least where they haven’t, for whatever reason, found gainful employment.
      Until we can place some filter and control on whom we accept, it’s almost pointless having other elements of an immigration policy in place. As said above, when folk are scrambling on to a boat holed below the water line, the only way out is for the ship to sink and survival of those who can swim to rebuild and reset the rules.

    4. Timaction
      March 29, 2023

      Far tool sensible for our Consocilists. There broad church has shifted so far left as to think Blair/Mandelson and Brown are far right. The only solution is an election, get Labour and then Reform will get in as people will finally realise that Worstminster doesn’t represent them but all things minority and foreign.

    5. British Patriot
      March 29, 2023

      I have previously suggested that whenever an employer says that they cannot find a suitable recruit in the UK and need to bring in someone from abroad they be allowed to do so ONLY on condition that they train a UK resident ALONGSIDE the imported worker, so that he can take over once the work visa has expired and the foreign worker has gone home.

  7. Chris S
    March 29, 2023

    The problem with our net annual inward figure of 500,000 migrants is that in excess of 300,000 of them are supposed to be “students.” I wonder just how many are genuine students and how many are just here to work and disappear into the black economy when they arrive. Even more questions need to be asked over what happens to the genuine stydents when their courses end. Do they return home, or do they stay on ?

    We need answers to thse questions but the best way of keeping an eye on the numbers would be ID cards which show clearly who has the right to work and an end date to their stay.

    Why politician are so reluctant to go down the ID card route is a mystery to me. It is simple and the cards could use our existing driving licence technology, encoded with the necessary small amount of additional information. Non-UK citizens could be issued with cards of a different colour and, of course, it would give those UK citizens who don’t have a passport or proper driving licence a useful form of ID which could be in a third colour.

  8. BOF
    March 29, 2023

    At the risk of being a complete bore I will say it again. The only effective way to stop the criminals arriving in boats is to turn them around in the English Channel using the RN. It is the humane solution.

    Legal immigration is a travesty. The deliberate import of the low paid to the detriment of the indigenous population with all the unaffordable costs you list Sir John.

    1. Mickey Taking
      March 29, 2023


    2. glen cullen
      March 29, 2023

      Well Said BOF

  9. Tony Hart
    March 29, 2023

    and the UK is NOT a rich country. We have a huge trade deficit and owe the rest of the World hundreds of £billions. We cannot compete with lower GDP per capita countries. Most of the Western economies are in the same mess. We have to lay down that we cannot afford asylum seekers, nor any other immigrants. Likewise, we cannot afford to build nuclear submarines, nor HS2. We have to create our own energy resources.

  10. Narrow Shoulders
    March 29, 2023

    Your government is incapable of fighting a war on two fronts Sir John, especially one that there is little political will to actually win.

    I would prefer that your government spent its small amount of political capital on stemming the flow of illegals, a cohort of criminals and others whose providence we can not know. A dangerous clan and one who needs immediate financial and infrastructure support from the taxpayer and which attract emotive, hand wringing support from the “we must help” brigade. Stop the flow of these first and then tackle the overly high rates of legal immigration.

    A practical first step, which will stem the rate of both sources of population growth would be to limit all benefits, accommodation provision and access to free services like education and health provision (make them pay to use our public services) to anyone who is not paying at least £10K in direct taxes per year. As was suggested by several posters yesterday we should also remove access to legal aid.

  11. Mick
    March 29, 2023

    The government is currently concentrating on illegal migration with its eye catching and contentious promise by the Prime Minister to stop the boats that bring many of the illegal entrants to the UK.
    How flaming hard is it to stop these boats getting into our country, for a start destroy them on French soil , then there’s the matter of housing these illegal foreigners WHY just send them straight back and to hell will all these do gooders who want open door immigration as been seen by the last two days in Parliament by the opposition benches voting against the government on all immigration issues, now we in Lincolnshire see that the government will use the historic Scampton RAF site to house these illegal foreigners, if that happens and we loose the £350million leveling up money then the Tories can say good bye to the towns in Lincolnshire at the next General Election

  12. Michelle
    March 29, 2023

    A simple question to all in the House is who do you think you are supposed to be working for?
    The public have had enough, and immigration be it legal/illegal has always been high on the agenda but those lent their term in office continually spit in the face of the public.

    There is ample provision made for refugees, in fact there seems to be more on offer for them to ‘get on’ than there is for those whose roots are firmly in the ground here as centuries of records can show.
    In fact there has been much boasting of how we take in more than many other nations.
    It would be far better to help people stay closer to their own regions with their own culture etc. and according to past reports far cheaper.
    I flicked through a book compiled by teachers, showing the difficulties of children who have been uprooted and placed in what is to them a completely alien culture. These same people no doubt scream for everyone to be brought here. So lacking in self awareness, they cannot see it is their selfish ego that demands this, for their own feel good factor, thus creating these difficulties.
    Ditto that for the politicians.
    As for the excuse of shortages in the work force, that was blown out of the water in a debate way back when Blair was trying that one on. Even then as a true Conservative politician pointed out, mass immigration was not the answer. As for the skills shortage, that can only in my view have been a deliberate policy or chronic mismanagement. Either way it is completely unacceptable.
    What a large majority of the heritage population are witnessing now is a culture being ripped apart, their very sense of themselves and their place in what they thought had been built for them being eroded.
    A high trust society deeply connected, fast becoming a low trust society and one which will not survive.

    1. Diane
      March 30, 2023

      Very good points, passionately made & agree totally. Provision for refugees – The refugee minister last year called on councils to help house 10.000 Afghan refugees (BBC 03/08/22) With a dwindling housing stock & few properties at its disposal at this time, the government was then expecting 500 further arrivals each month. At the time, the minister stated that more than five hundred 4-bedroom homes were needed to house the larger families. A tall order although thousands have already been rehomed I believe. Overall, how is that coming along then ? Also stated that once housing found by councils the government gives the relevant council around £20.000 per person over 3 years to help them resettle and integrate into the local community. Not sure if that is still the case. And we’re constantly told we should feel ashamed.
      Now we have certain individuals calling for, nay demanding, otherwise they’ll put a spanner in the UKG’s plans, a further 20.000 a year, presumably from the rest of the world through new legal routes, managed how? from where exactly? under what criteria? Utter madness.

  13. Old Albion
    March 29, 2023

    Conservatives; concreting over England to provide homes for illegal immigrants, while dumping on our own needy.

  14. JayGee
    March 29, 2023

    “The low pay model is not a great one for the people coming nor for the taxpayers who need to foot much of the bill for so called cheap labour.”

    How I wish you had applied your logic to the low paid staff you all recruited from abroad to work in the care ‘industry’, often at the hands of gangmasters, while care homes fell into the hands of private equity and then failed miserably. Care home residents often paying £1700 per week for shabby, shoddy, sub-standard care, as their savings over a lifetime went to prop up the fat cats who just got fatter before exploding, and subsidising those local authorities who refused to pay the exorbitant fees charged to self-funders. The rise and fall of the fat cats while governments and regulators sat back and watched it happen. Those low paid immigrants were useful then, weren’t they, at the expense of residents. Shame on you all.

  15. George Sheard
    March 29, 2023

    Why are we not arresting the pilots of the illegal boat that are not properly licenced
    And safety aboard ? The pilots are then returning to smuggle more people on another boat, these pilots are part of the trafficking gangs, How many have been arrested ?

  16. Dave Andrews
    March 29, 2023

    You say the UK should provide refuge for those fleeing, but that should be only for a very narrow range of individuals, not the considerable numbers turning up on our beaches.
    Rather than lay the cost on the population as a whole, allow wealthy people (and I was hearing today about all those billionaires there are in this country) to sponsor and guarantee refugees according to their largesse. Don’t saddle the cost on ordinary people who are already struggling.
    Putting people in barges will serve to dissuade many from crossing the Channel openly – better to stay in France. If they want to apply for asylum, they can write a letter to the Home Office.

  17. Sakara Gold
    March 29, 2023

    Post Brexit, the British car industry is struggling to attract investment in new models from the foreign majors that own the brands and the plant.

    Opposition to the industry’s disruptive forced change to electric vehicles is being driven by the powerful fossil fuel lobby, who see the forthcoming end to ICE vehicles as an existential threat to their business model. In desperation, they are promoting their unproven carbon capture and storage scam and now hugely expensive “e-fuels”

    The government should grasp the nettle and force the car industry’s change to EVs through. A large fleet of EV’s will soak up overnight wind farm energy, storing huge amounts of electricity. Britain is a world leader in renewable energy and we should also lead the world in building electric vehicles and their batteries.

    1. EU fan
      March 29, 2023

      Very odd analysis of the current automotive industry SG, where billions are being invested in hybrid and electric vehicles technology in the biggest revolution of vehicle designs since horseless carriage were invented.

      1. Sakara Gold
        March 30, 2023

        @EU fan
        On an interesting political blog where our kind host allows many diverse opinions, there are actually very few posters here who support the transition to clean energy, EV’s, onshore wind/solar etc. So I’m just going to observe that the fossil fuel cartel is desperately fighting a rear-guard action to slow down and limit this major change and I appreciate your relatively positive comment.

  18. Donna
    March 29, 2023

    In the vast majority of cases, the only people mass immigration benefits are the migrant (and his/her extended family) and the business which is employing them on the cheap ….. because all the associated costs of importing cheap foreign labour are loaded onto the British taxpayer. It’s a class case of capitalising the profits and socialising the costs. But the longer-term costs aren’t just the obvious ones such as provision of housing, education and healthcare. It includes costs which can’t be monetised – breakdown of communities; dilution of our culture; loss of trust in individuals and institutions.

    Blair wanted mass immigration to “change the face of the UK forever, create a truly multicultural society and rub the Right’s nose in diversity.” Well he achieved his destructive aim: but the people whose noses were rubbed in diversity was the British working class who have paid the price for the influx. The Not-a-Conservative-Party has done nothing to stop it – importing 500,000 legal immigrants in 2022 alone.

    I don’t believe a word the Westminster Uni-Party says about immigration, legal or illegal. They will do nothing to stop the influx. Not one has the guts to say “we don’t owe the world and his wife a better life in the UK.”

    As for “refugees and/or asylum seekers” …. for the vast majority, offering them a place of safety should be temporary until it is safe for them to return to their own country.

    1. Sakara Gold
      March 30, 2023

      I don’t often find myself in agreement with you but I do on the issue of the boat people. However, I think the real problem are the (estimated) 2.5 million ILLEGAL migrants who have paid the people smugglers to get them in via lorries, shipping containers etc. The service these villiains can provide extend to false British passports, National Insurance numbers, HMRC tax codes, safe houses and even NHS numbers. Their sewage is overflowing into our rivers and they are clogging up our GP surgeries. How come our law enforcement has been unable to stem the tide?

  19. Richard1
    March 29, 2023

    Hats off to the EU for jacking the ridiculous 2030 ban on ICE engines, which is not remotely achievable. That’s one piece of dynamic alignment I assume we can all celebrate – the U.K. must of course follow the EU’s sensible lead. One slight tweak though – the EU says the ICEs will need to use non-petrol alternatives. Great let’s do that also, but let’s add a clause saying that rule comes in once such fuels been invented for use at scale, and doesn’t mean environmentally damaging ‘biofuels’.

    1. Atlas
      March 29, 2023

      EU stepping back on its ban eh. This must mean that the German car makers cannot compete on making electric only cars….

      As for immigration – I can only agree with many comments made by the contributors. I despair.

      1. Fedupsouthener
        March 29, 2023

        And yet we find companies like Land Rover have rolled over and accepted the electric rubbish ruling.

        1. glen cullen
          March 29, 2023

          For the taxpayer subsidy

    2. Berkshire Alan
      March 29, 2023

      Yes, the EU looking after its own German manufacturing giants, whereas we have, and continue to crucify ours with ongoing restrictions and the net Zero fiasco.
      Our manufacturing and heavy industries will either be forced to close or simply go abroad.
      All of our Political Party’s think the same, so no choice or alternative.
      When will this lunacy end ?

    3. hefner
      March 29, 2023

      R1, Certainly not at scale, far from it, but a e-fuel solution already exists and is about to be tested on the racing circuits. Porsche is planning to feed its 911 GT3 Cup cars participating in the SuperCup with the e-fuel presently produced by the prototype Chilean factory that has been financed by Porsche, Siemens Energy and Exxon Mobil (, 28/03/2023 ‘E-fuel: c’est quoi au juste ce carburant de synthese neutre en CO2?’).

  20. Nigl
    March 29, 2023

    Opposition parties that includes the centre left of your party, indeed they are the real problem because with them you would have a comfortable majority so being selective does you no favours.

    Three headlines today, the public let down constantly by the political class and satisfaction with the NHS at its lowest plus energy windfall tax results in a massive reduction in North Sea production increasing our reliance on imports.

    As ‘Rome’ burns let’s go for some cheap headlines about cracking down on Hippy Gas, yes let’s ignore the effects of alcohol, a zillion times worse overall.Noisy Airbnbs. Yes let’s hit the millions that use them responsibly because of the actions of a few.

    There is a bible story about walking past on the other side. If I saw a politician needing help you have reduced me, a reasonable person, to walking past. If someone organised people on the streets, I would be there. If it got ugly, so be it, ‘your’ fault lying and taking us for granted.

  21. jerry
    March 29, 2023

    But Sir John why do UK employers need to invest in expensive new machines, AI etc, assuming the task can be automated. Will our competitors have such expense, given their plentiful access to a cheap and willing labour force, if not will our next action have to be the pulling up of the drawbridge to such imports?!

    Migrant workers only became a full blown issue because the Blair govt created a vacuum of younger workers with its crazy politically correct policy of opening up higher education to all who want it, no matter what subject, no mater what level of compulsory educational attainment or ability. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Higher Education, just not continuous full-time (16+ hours) education, for as long as possible, whilst being swaddled in cotton wool.

  22. turboterrier
    March 29, 2023

    Peter Gardner
    Very well presented Peter.
    I find it rather sad when people like us can see the pitfalls their actions and know about other very workable solutions from other countries, that seem to be just ignored.
    Australia and Canada also load heavily the age factor when considering applications.
    Why try and reinvent the wheel if it works for them there must be areas where we are compatible? Basic benchmarking could be applied.
    A lot of the problems are that too many of our politicians are trying to work well above the limits of their capabilities.
    Already it is being reported that Rishi is doing a U turn on the timing of the Rwanda flights.

  23. Berkshire Alan.
    March 29, 2023

    It really does not take a genius mind to work out why we have a housing shortage, a need for expansion of the NHS and Education systems, a rising crime rate, bulging prisons, increasing traffic jams, disintegrating road surfaces, a criminal justice system that takes forever to work, when we have been importing an extra 500,000 people a year for decades, into our already densely populated Country.
    Do the clowns in charge not understand that more people require the provision of more services, eat more food, drink more water, require greater sewerage provision, require more electricity.
    That more houses require more land to be covered in concrete and tarmac, that more people means there will be a need for more doctors, nurses , hospitals, teachers, schools, all of which have to be funded by the taxpayer.
    Then we have our generous benefit system where immediate claims can be made and paid out for years, without any form of contribution being made.
    If you were starting from scratch would you set up the present chaotic system again.
    Answer No !
    So for goodness sake get on and change it for something more sensible. !.
    Governments talk about “man made” global warming, yet Governments continue to import more people, which is at the heart of the real problem, not the solution.

  24. Mickey Taking
    March 29, 2023

    The fact is that Merkel opened doors and borders without consultation wanting a sainthood, when in reality the flood needed to be controlled by helping to stabilise the living environment in several countries. The populations in several countries cannot be peacefully and economically spread over Europe even the dreaming lefties and financially out of touch elites will find themselves targetted by the incomers and downright poor of European societies.

    1. jerry
      March 29, 2023

      @MT; “when in reality the flood needed to be controlled by helping to stabilise the living environment in several countries.”

      Don’t blame Angela Merkel, she was only the leader of the CDU back in 2003, not even German Chancellor, when the USA and the UK chose to totally destabilise the middle east; and which party leader was all for further escalating the the civil war in Libya, who wanted to bomb Syria… Germany, as they had done since 1945 until last year, either stayed out of such matters or played only a humanitarian role, which is why Merkel offered Germany as a safe haven for the displaced people, not more bombs.

      But nice rant, typical of us Sun loving Brits (that’s the newspaper, by the way), blame the Germans or Germany as usual, but it has now gone from teasing about the sun loungers (that’s star, not the newspaper…) to personal insults, and as such it says far more about Britain as a nation than it does the Germans.

      1. EU fan
        March 29, 2023

        Very odd grasp of recent history there Jerry.

        1. hefner
          March 29, 2023

          1/ Was Merkel not the leader of the CDU in 2003? Was she the Kanzlerin?
          2/ Was Germany in the 2003 coalition led by the USA that went to Iraq?
          3/ and in the 2011 much smaller coalition that went to Libya?
          4/ Was Germany part of the group of countries that bombed Syria in 2018?
          For these four questions, the answer is no.

          So EU Fan where do you get your history insights from? I also want to get the proper grasp of recent history like you do … shoo be doo be doo …

          1. Martin in Bristol
            March 31, 2023

            You miss or avoid the original point made by MT, Hefner.

            Merkel opened Germany’s borders to a million new arrivals.
            She had the option not to make that policy.

            The situation in the Middle East is a red herring by Jerry.

          2. jerry
            March 31, 2023

            @Martin in Bristol; “The situation in the Middle East is a red herring

            Piffle-sticks on stilts! You do understand we are talking about 2015 don’t you, that the EU’s borders had already become breached to the south and south-east, the vast majority of refugees by and large came from Syria, fleeing civil war, with significant numbers also from Afghanistan & Iraq?

            What would have been the difference between say Hungary, Greece or Italy processing such people, because those countries had little other choice, or Germany processing significant numbers instead, whoever did the processing, the housing etc, the result would have been the same, Country or EU issued refugee papers, likely Country or EU residency, freedom of movement within the wider visa free European travel block.

      2. Mickey Taking
        March 29, 2023

        Calm down – you’ll get high blood pressure.
        I merely opined that the millions making their way across Europe did so at the encouragment of Frau Merkel.
        You disagree – fine.
        Where was an insult?
        Where was a comment about Germany or indeed the Germans?
        I’ve never bought the Sun, nor read it.

        If anyone was on a rant – it was you!

        1. jerry
          March 29, 2023

          @MT; “Where was an insult?”

          So referring to someone by a loaded, and now a derogatory, reference is not intended as an insult?

          “Where was a comment about Germany or indeed the Germans?”

          Oh right, you mean Angela Merkel is not German, she was not Chancellor of Germany, elected by the people of Germany!

          Nor did Merkel’s actions “unlock the floodgates” in any case, the refugees (no doubt you have another name for people fleeing war…) had already spilled over into EU States or other European countries from both Libya and Syria before Germany decided to accept them.

  25. Wanderer
    March 29, 2023

    Only the well-off Wokerati and progressive zealots would argue with today’s post. The rest of us have been thinking this for years.

    Other than an ISA, I can’t organise my tax affairs to reduce the government’s take. My vote is worthless, in terms of getting a government that would not throw our taxes away.

    I’m left wishing we were a little more like the French citizenry, when it comes to defying a political class that believes it has outgrown its electorate.

    1. glen cullen
      March 29, 2023

      I’ve never lived in such a time when our government has been activity acting against the wishes of the majority of its people, against its own manifesto, against its own membership

  26. agricola
    March 29, 2023

    For far too long politicians have seen immigrants, legal and illegal, as an easy answer to our labour and skill shortages. The influx only adds to our basic problem by increasing demand on services and infrastructure, while doing nothing to correct the basic problems which are twofold. Too many people out of work through lack of skills or a benefit system that encourages unemployment. A totally inadequate skills training programme for young people who would like for instance to enter medecin as trainee doctors and nurses, are qualified, but the places are not available and in any case lumber the person with a mountain of debt on graduation. Like most deficiencies, in this country of ours, the problems hit you in the face as you step off the plane, as do the solutions, but politicians are wrapped in politics, too heavily lobbied, or just well below the pay grade to correct the dive to the bottom. But for the wisdom of Boris in appointing a merchant banker to resolve the Covid crisis I hate to think where we might be now. Our politicians and civil servants are not problem solvers they are largely problem creators. The scribes as I call them are on strike next month. As half of them have ceased attending the office will we notice.

  27. Sir Joe Soap
    March 29, 2023

    OT the green bxll is starting to unravel, with the EU rolling back on the 2035 cars commitment. Of course we’ll follow, as “Follow the EU” trumps “Green stuff” with this government. Reform wouldn’t have wasted time and money on this rubbish in the first place. Ahead of EU, not behind it.

    1. Dave Andrews
      March 29, 2023

      No, follow the green stuff comes first. If we followed the EU we’d still have our coal fired power stations.

      1. glen cullen
        March 29, 2023

        But we only have one Green Party MP

  28. IanT
    March 29, 2023

    “A carbon border tax will boost inflation and make the UK less competitive by raising the cost of bought in materials and components. The government needs to cut its high taxes on UK domestic energy for business to offset the damage to UK jobs” (Sir John’s Twitter feed – lifted from this site as I don’t do Twitter)

    I agree Sir John but I would very much like a quarterly “carbon statement” from all large importers of goods and raw materials, including energy. I would then like the Government to add these externally created (but internally consumed) emmissions to the overall UK emmission statement.
    I believe this is vital, as currently these ‘external’ emmissions are completely transparent and therefore attractive to anybody tasked with reducing “UK” based emmisions. Under the current creative accounting – there is every incentive for Government and Industry to off-shore as much production as possible for all of the wrong reasons. By truely accounting for externally generated emmissions, we might finally see the fraudulent fallacy that “Net-Zero” really is.

  29. Bloke
    March 29, 2023

    National Govts exist to look after their own people.
    Some nations fail, just as ours does and many are worse.
    Enabling millions of outsiders to live better lives here has been kind.
    Kindness does not stretch to solving all world problems.
    Billions of animals are killed because humans eat too much.
    How many animal lives should the UK house here as refugees?
    There are sensible limits, although Govt idiocy is an exception.
    The UK needs a break to digest and absorb what it has swallowed.

    1. Mike Wilson
      March 29, 2023

      National Govts exist to look after their own people

      Good one.

      1. IanT
        March 29, 2023

        In Theory….

  30. beresford
    March 29, 2023

    Hasn’t Sunak just announced plans to bring in 20000 MORE immigrants per year from around the world? We are not fooled, George Osborne blew the whistle when he revealed that Tory governments have no intention of keeping promises to restrict immigration. The only reason there is a sudden emphasis on these schemes is the forthcoming election, just as Starmer has been told to pretend he knows what a woman is.

    Whichever member of the Uniparty gains the most seats we can expect a rapid amnesty for the illegals currently in the country, quiet shelving of deportation schemes and acceleration of the trans/woke and Net Stupid agendas, in line with WEF diktats.

    1. British Patriot
      March 29, 2023

      Yes, that the BIG CON. This government of liars and traitors claim to want to cut back on illegals but then plan to simply redefine them as legal asylum seekers! That’s also what is happening with all the bogus asylum seekers who are being fast-tracked through the system, without even an interview, so they can be granted asylum status and then, hey presto, the government has solved the asylum backlog! Not one of these asylum seekers is EVER asked to provide concrete PROOF of their claims. NOT ONE. They are all taken at face value and their applications are rubber stamped. The truth is that they have ALL passed through safe countries to get here, which PROVES they are NOT genuine. They are ALL BOGUS and should ALL be repatriated to their home countries – with the ‘non refoulement’ rule ABOLISHED.

      1. glen cullen
        March 29, 2023

        Our media has fallen for it ….hook, line and sinker

    2. jerry
      March 29, 2023

      @beresford; “[the] Tory governments have no intention of keeping promises to restrict immigration.”

      Genuine question, has the govt ever said that, I might well be wrong but their language always seems to be hedged, talking about net-migration and illegal migration?

      Anyway, whatever certain right wing media outlets or politicos say, 20 Thousand is not that many people IF PLANNED for when our population is counted in the tens of Millions (and was even back in the 1930s) but, as I understand it, our existing indigenous population is shrinking, the birth rate has not been enough for some years now to keep the future population ratio stable for the size of our economy. This is why the govt is attempting to cajole the baby-boomer generation, and telling those that were born after, to carry on working!

      What do you want, planned immigration or planned economic decline…

  31. Iago
    March 29, 2023

    The government don’t give a monkey’s for Britain or England. For instance they debauched the currency wihout hesitation in early 2020 (we are now going through the great devaluation) and a year later coerced the population into getting injected with the untested muck, which they did not take themselves and whose lethality they are trying to conceal. Now they are bringing the population of the world to this country.

  32. Original Richard
    March 29, 2023

    Firstly it makes no sense to allow unlimited immigration from a world of 8 billon people into a small country which has already one of the highest population densities in the world.

    Secondly economic migrants are not necessarily cultural migrants and many indigenous residents in the UK have no wish to see their culture and laws changed by large scale immigration.

    Thirdly there are very good reasons why the countries from which these illegal immigrants come have not been able over the last two centuries to take advantage of the economic benefits of the Industrial Revolution and remain poor.

    We have a controlling elite who wish to turn our laws and culture into a third world country through large scale immigration and the economy through Net Zero.

  33. Bert Young
    March 29, 2023

    Sir John , I totally agree with your post today ; you have summed up all of the issues of importance .We have been soft-soaped to immigrants in the past and this must stop . We first must priorities the difficulties that our own population faces before trying to address those of the wider world .

  34. Original Richard
    March 29, 2023

    To look good on the international stage, our political elites will continue to allow massive immigration, both legal and illegal, saying we are a “safe, welcoming and hospitable country”, until either such a serious event occurs that we are no longer “safe, welcoming or hospitable” or the country has descended to become indistinguishable from those nations the migrants are currently fleeing.

    Economic migrants are not necessarily cultural migrants nor even come with the intention of working.

  35. Chris S
    March 29, 2023

    No aspect of road transport has been properly thought through by the climate change fanatics, or our politicians, who have simply jumped on a bandwagon that is heading for a cliff edge. The unprecedented U turn just announced in Brussels allowing IC engined cars to continue after 2030/2035 is a triumph for common sense and a saviour for our politicians.

    No future government can afford the loss of duty from road fuels, yet none is being levied on charging points. This was going to have to be addressed if the EV roll out was to go as planned. The change in Brussels will 7ndoubtedly cause a seismic change in thinking by vehicle manufacturers.

    The carbon-neutral fuels that the EU has just endorsed will allow us to continue to use IC engined cars. Although it might be more expensive to buy, it will remove at a stroke, all the disadvantages of EVs : initial cost, poor range, the high emission costs of manufacturing and recycling batteries, and will remove the strategically-dangerous hold China has on rare earth materials used in their production.

    This is the one development that will get the politicians off the hook – but only if they embrace the development wholeheartedly.

  36. AJAX
    March 29, 2023

    The removal of the existential societal threat to England that is presented by economically driven mass foreign migration doesn’t lie within the Conservative Party, which has determinedly facilitated it since Attlee opened the gates, and will go on doing so in pursuance of short term Capitalist interests which, fundamentally, it exists governmentally to serve. As with the eu in 1992, there is no conceivable parliamentary arrangement that can be practically electorally assembled from the current national political paradigm that will even seriously intellectually address (as the article above does to an extent, rather surprisingly) the matter, let alone resolve it satisfactorily. As with cutting of the Gordian Knot of “getting out of the eu” that foxed us for four decades, the answer ultimately lies I suspect in the hands of the people themselves via a Referendum upon the issue, and a UKIP-type electoral battering ram needs to be fashioned for the task.

  37. Lynn Atkinson
    March 29, 2023

    So you will not be pleased that the PM has said the flights to Rwanda will ‘only take place if they are deemed to be legal’.
    I mean I thought our Parliament was elected and used our Sovereignty for the duration to ensure that all in its manifesto was made LEGAL. That is the power of Government – to make things legal,
    Do we really elect these people to lobby for us to some unknown, unelected, unsackable HIGHER AUTHORITY?
    Even after Brexit?
    The political class is very courageous to take on 66 million sovereign people head-on.

    1. glen cullen
      March 29, 2023

      The political class don’t see 66 million people, they see international treaty, the UN, the EU, the woke Media and their second careers outside and beyond the parliament ….and their knighthoods & peerage

  38. MWB
    March 29, 2023

    How many of the true English want to house another Leeds or Liverpool every year, year in year out. This in a country of 70 million people, almost the most densely populated country in the world. I demand that my culture and nationality is not submerged under a 3rd world deluge.
    I’m just litening to Matthew Goodwin on Talk Radio. We need many many more such people to speak out and to take direct action against the liberal left wing scum.
    The Conservative party is not the one to save out country, most of them belonging to the liberal left.

  39. forthurst
    March 29, 2023

    Should people fleeing violence etc also be able to use it as a springboard to better their economic circumstances at the expense of indigenous peoples? Is this a sustainable model or is it simply a means by which the first world slowly becomes the third world?
    We should help those abroad who are in genuine need in their own countries. Why does the Tory party, however believe in following the USA in creating the circumstances for political disruption and war abroad? Why support political parties that believe attacking foreigners simply because a group in the US State department hate them whilst the typical American is totally oblivious to what they are up to. Let us not be seen as hypocritical.

    1. rose
      March 29, 2023

      Cameron had the right idea and paid a lot to keep genuine refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. He understood most refugees want to be as near home as possible, and that we can pay for a lot more people there than here. He also understood the public didnt want a huge influx of extra people.

  40. Mark J
    March 29, 2023

    At the end of the day the majority of people in this country are not prepared to see the illegal migration situation carry unchecked forevermore.

    Either the Government acts on their words, or risks growing resentment and more protests outside Hotels, as people get increasingly fed up with the situation.

    I do not believe we should be housing people who are in the UK illegally. Why do we have a duty of care if someone isn’t supposed to be here in the first place and has broken immigration laws? By providing a raft of ‘freebies’ does nothing to deter others.

    All these people should be getting is a plane fare home, nothing more!

  41. Cuibono
    March 29, 2023

    Suddenly I have a little hope.
    Like a tiny seed in the watery sun.
    Two Bills proposed ( not sure how far they have gone).
    Stop noisy rental neighbours.
    Give water bill incentives for not paving over front garden.
    Can those sensible ideas really be coming from tories?
    Will the little seed blossom into full blown support?

    1. glen cullen
      March 29, 2023

      What ever next ….complying with their own manifesto

  42. agricola
    March 29, 2023

    Reading most of todays contributions, minus my own through lack of moderation, they suggest to me that the Reform Party have an open door. It will be a matter of timing and communication, get it right and the consocialists will be dust.

  43. formula57
    March 29, 2023

    Surely the impact upon the U.K. of new arrivals should heavily influence admission policy and numbers?

    The refuge model does not work in an era when whole populations opt to flee violence or oppression elsewhere, not just the few and often temporarily, like Lenin and his pals.

    As for the Government’s actions, it really is as if Mrs. Patel’s three years at the Home Office never happened. We will see if it delivers anything at this attempt.

  44. Berkshire Alan
    March 29, 2023

    So from the BBC News Broadcast this afternoon, we have in the UK 51,000 illegals in 396 hotels at a cost to the taxpayer of £6 million a day.
    Just think about those numbers which are increasing every day!
    Oh almost forgot the £200 million a year we are also giving France.
    Add to the above the nearly £1 Billion a year we are also spending funding refugee camps abroad.
    Then think how much better we could spend that money, if we were able to stop this population movement immediately, with a sensible, legal, and properly enforced and managed immigration policy, instead of the farcical situation we have at the moment, where illegal queue jumpers are given a free ride, free accommodation, and some sort of priority over the legal route.

    1. Chris S
      March 29, 2023

      Can somebody please confirm that the entire cost of maintaining all of these illegal migrants is coming out of the foreign aid budget. Not one pound should be taken from any other source.

      1. Berkshire Alan
        March 30, 2023

        Chris S

        Whilst I agree with you comment, does it really matter, it’s all taxpayers money !

    2. Berkshire Alan
      March 29, 2023

      Just to put 51,000 into context, that is nearly the size of our own Army !!!!!!

  45. Sharon
    March 29, 2023

    We’ve always had a trickle of people coming in from other parts of the world. Most of these have settled, integrated and seem as English as you or I. From personal experience and hearing callers on various radio platforms – the former immigrants feel the same way as the original indigenous with regards to most things; Brexit, excess immigration. I’ve heard people say they’ve lived here for 30 years and they are saddened at how it’s changed so much.

    Broadly, as a nation of individuals we are valued, but for a lot of the people flooding our shores, life is cheap… survival is a greater challenge than for us living here. So once they hear the streets are paved with gold, we could potentially have tens of millions attempting the journey.

    I cannot believe the twits who want open borders can’t see that ultimately we’ll end up the same as the countries many have escaped, poor and all struggling to survive…How is that helpful to anyone?

    1. Mickey Taking
      March 29, 2023

      define trickle?

  46. Iain Moore
    March 29, 2023

    Bob Seely MP was on the BBC’s Politics Live yesterday, here they (Labour MP, Green Co leader and BBC ) were discussing the shortage of housing , you don’t need to guess the subject they didn’t raise which has contributed to our chronic housing shortage, mass immigration and the 10 million immigrants the British establishment have stuffed into our country over the last 20 years or so . You can understand why the rest of them wanted to avoid mentioning immigration, but the Tory MP? It shows they are all part of the same uniparty, where all Pachyderms are to be ignored , even if there are 10 million of them.

    Today we learn from Jenrick the only consideration they are putting into effect is to accommodate migrants in old disused military bases in England , the cruise ships and barges was a bit of spin the media swallowed that had people talking, but was just a bit of deception to detract people from realising that more English towns and villages are going to be sacrificed to the British establishment’s no border policy.

  47. Mike Wilson
    March 29, 2023

    Is there any other country in the world where you can turn up on a boat, with no identity papers, and receive free board and lodging and free medical treatment?

    Please advise as I need to go there. I can’t get an appointment with my GP despite paying tax and national insurance for 48 years. If I have a dental issue I have to pay thousands of pounds. Do the people who rock up here in dinghies get free dental treatment.

    Why does my government treat me like a ****?

    1. rose
      March 29, 2023

      Another big draw which is never mentioned is free university education plus support from the university’s local authority, i.e free housing, allowance, etc. The major universities all advertise this munificence for “refugees” on the internet. Not only would you not get this in another country, but you wouldn’t get it here. None of our children get it – unless they are Scots or topped up Welsh.

  48. Mike Wilson
    March 29, 2023

    What happens to all the dinghies? Are they sent back to France to be used again?

    1. Berkshire Alan
      March 29, 2023


      Think they are being stored at Dover, I assume to be used as evidence for a never happening investigation. I wonder how much the taxpayer is forking out for storage/hardstanding at the docks ?

    2. The Prangwizard
      March 30, 2023

      They daren’t dispose of them in any way. They are afraid that people will come forward and claim to be owners. If they do destroy them they are afraid they will be sued.

      This country is defended by weakminded people. In other words we are not defended.

  49. Mike Wilson
    March 29, 2023

    Can I get hold of the used dinghies? I’d be happy to take them over to France and flog them.

  50. Pauline Baxter
    March 29, 2023

    For heavens sake Sir John. THE U.K. IS FULL UP.
    We just can not take in any more.

    1. Mike Wilson
      March 29, 2023

      THE U.K. IS FULL UP.

      There is plenty more room in the sweat box. According to the government the country is barely half full.

  51. Fedupsouthener
    March 29, 2023

    Quite simply Sir John, the indigenous British population have had more than enough of having the urine extracted. We have too many do gooders in all 3 parties who don’t give a damn about how their policies affect most ordinary hard working people. I just wish we had a system where we could vote the whole lot of you out.

  52. Mike Wilson
    March 29, 2023

    Biometric ID cards and a £10k fine for anyone employing someone without checking their ID.

  53. Derek
    March 29, 2023

    It seems totally incomprehensible for the Home Office to forcefully insist on FULL paperwork for those fleeing the devastation in the Ukraine while permitting ALL those coming to this country illegally in dinghies. Why are they making is so easy for the latter by actually collecting them at the 12 mile coastal limit but making it nigh impossible for genuine refugees from the Ukrainian warzone? Their reasoning? Too ensure that we get only bona fide refugees. This is much too serious for a joke from “Yes Minister”.
    It must be in their DNA for the same irrational logic is applied to Fracking in this country. We cannot extract our own gas with that method but we are quite happy paying much more for the same to be shipped in from the USA.
    Is it any wonder that in OUR country the economy has not yet recover to pre-Covid? Is it the reason we are bottom of the G7 league? Is it any wonder our inflation is running much worse than the USA and is it any wonder that we from the back streets of Britain are in a cost of living crisis?
    The Government and/or their civil service mandarins appear oblivious to the existence of OUR problems and proceed to punish us and our economy with it. The words “Fiddling Rome while Nero burns” come to mind.

  54. rose
    March 29, 2023

    Loughton and his chums on both sides of the House were having a whale of a time, inventing more and more loopholes when there are already quite enough. They never give a thought for their own people here who need looking after and aren’t being. Nor do they care about the underage girls put at risk by their self indulgent irresponsibility.

  55. rose
    March 29, 2023

    I hope you will remonstrate with Hunt for spreading Brownite propaganda against Miss Truss. We can do without that. Liam Halligan put the record straight on GB News in his understated way. Every time the Brownites and Goveites do this, it sets back the day when we might get some tax relief.

  56. Blazes
    March 29, 2023

    Putting them into old RAF and army barracks now is a bit like closing the stable gate after the horse has bolted – we should have been putting them into this type of accommodation years ago
    – unfortunately now word has gone out that the English are soft so get over here and book yourself a four star hotel – all found. We have been playing with words like illegal and legal for a long time now and it amounts to nothing – it’s nonsensical- let’s face it we are full up now and cannot take anymore – so then spit it out and let’s start from there – let the whole world know – no more migrants – we are full. And as someone said a few days ago get the ones we already have here involved in agriculture forestry mining etc etc wherever needed tell them they have to sign on for five years to earn their pay and a right to stay in UK ‘ otherwise Rwanda

  57. Steve
    March 29, 2023

    Putting thousands of them into old army barracks without shops and amenities or means for getting about to work jobs etc is only storing up trouble for the future – how long does she think people will live ghettoised for maybe two three four years before there will be trouble. instead they should be dispersed in smaller groups to remote areas so they can work and integrate – if home secretary cannot see the sense in this then she should resign. in my view she is in well over her head already and has caused enough confusion.

  58. Alan Paul Joyce
    March 29, 2023

    Dear Mr. Redwood,

    Today, Mr. Robert Jenrick, the immigration minister, gave us his take on the small boats crisis and how absolutely unacceptable it all was and how much it was costing the UK. Listening to him, you would think that the Conservative government had had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

    The government has seen this situation unfold for years, been warned about it and done nothing. Only now that a general election is on the horizon have MP’s, terrified of losing their seats, pressured the PM into doing something.

    You say that the government is currently concentrating on illegal migration with its eye catching and contentious promise by the Prime Minister to stop the boats that bring many of the illegal entrants to the UK.

    One could say “we don’t believe you”.

  59. glen cullen
    March 29, 2023


  60. margaret
    March 29, 2023

    GB’s defence once upon a time was the fact that we have waters surrounding us . Now little rubber dinghies are making a fool of us. Then of course there are the little people selling or hiring out dinghies taking a substantial amount of profit to push would be migrants into the English Channel. En masse we are a stupid people . There are the phone hackers and we all know when we phone a friend or a family member and their attitude changes or they don’t get a piece of information known to both parties that some other is poking their nose and mouth in. They try to get a profit by taking on the others identity , but fools they are as they won’t get money or power .Their act falls down .. it s not real. Corruption and trying to get information to use against people should they dissent in anyway is daily play. Some people want to bring the UK down and naively no one believes it .

  61. Lynn Atkinson
    March 29, 2023

    I see France has become the first western nation to buy (Russian) LNG from China and paying in Yuan. So the petro-dollar has gone.
    As the west gets poorer it becomes more and more imperative that we use what we have to provide for ourselves. It will be little enough.

  62. Paul Cuthbertson
    March 29, 2023

    Nothing will happen as the Globalist UK Establishment government is following the WEF, NWO, EU, UN narrative. It is all “waffalese” but change is coming and PANIC will ensue. Nothing can stop what is coming, NOTHING.

  63. Geoffrey Berg
    March 30, 2023

    I doubt whether the 250,000 Euro per immigrant household cost is actually accurate. If it were the 500,000 net immigration (which is much less than gross immigration which is the relevant figure in this context) would account for the majority of public expenditure (i.e. well over 500 billion pounds for the year). However even if, as seems likely, the cost is much less than 250,000 euro per household there are also other good reasons for restricting or temporarily stopping immigration.

    1. Geoffrey Berg
      April 1, 2023

      Apologies, I have recalculated the figures – and it seems if the 250,000 euros per migrant household calculation is the cost to Britain it is probably very, very roughly 100 billion pounds per year which still indicates that is a big overestimate. That however is clearer in the case of Poland which if those E.U. figures were accurate would be practically bankrupted by its Ukrainian refugees.
      Anyhow such statistics are very disputable and variable – immigrants replacing emigrants are clearly much less expensive for infrastructure than those who exceed emigration. Illegal migrants who are detained and go to endless tribunals are clearly far more expensive than legal migrants. I doubt whether building a private home at a profit for a building company to accommodate a migrant family is really a public expense and how does one offset costs with taxes migrants pay? I can’t see much prospect of coming to a reliable ‘cost’ figure for immigration!

  64. mancunius
    March 30, 2023

    “Most Conservatives believe the UK should provide refuge for some people fleeing violence or oppression elsewhere.”
    Actually, ‘most Conservatives’ believe that was a grave error based on fraudulent misrepresentation, and we need to reverse the process.
    But then ‘most Conservatives’ have now resigned their membership of the Conservative Party, at least since the SunakRemainerCoup.

  65. a-tracy
    April 6, 2023

    Carol Vorderman is tweeting to her 744.6k followers with nearly 10,000 retweets just how badly your government is doing on asylum numbers and says “Sunak caught lying about asylum numbers, Sunak claimed that Tories halved the number of outstanding cases since 2010. IT’S A LIE”
    “UK statistics agency confirms 2010 Asylum backlog was 19,000.
    NOW Backlog is 166,000. 8x higher under Tories.
    The comments:
    A liar for a PM, whats new?
    1st things the Tories did was cut the number of Border staff
    RS is another, corrupt lawbreaking PM.
    Assume everything that comes out of a conservative politicians mouth is now a lie.
    He is misleading parliament, he should be investigated for it.

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