The King’s speech 2

I repeat here some of my supply side measures to boost investment and increase the UK’s ability to grow, produce and make more at home. More domestic supply will boost tax revenue, lower the  deficit and help bring inflation down.

1. Postpone ban on new petrol and diesel cars to 2040  from 2030 to allow investment and continued use of existing factories.

2. Postpone the ban on new gas boilers for home heating

3. Cut Corporation tax to 12.5%

4. Switch wilding and sustainable farming grants to grants and loans to grow more food with more labour saving machinery

5. Issue licences to produce more oil and gas from known North Sea fields and reserves

6. Keep all existing fossil fuel power stations to help meet demand in periods of low wind and sun

7 End grants for anti motorist schemes that cause more delay and congestion on main roads

8. Put in more bypasses and roundabouts in place of more traffic lights and road restrictions

9. Amend Housing Bill to avoid losing more landlords

10. Remove 2017 and 2021 changes to IR 35 to foster more self employment

11 Raise VAT threshold for small business to £ 250,000

12.Get regulator to allow more reservoir capacity by water companies

13. Suspend carbon tax and emissions trading to cut energy costs for high energy using industries like steel

14. Auction government run rail franchises to get better service for lower subsidy

15. Sell Channel 4

16. Work with private sector  to complete roll out of fast broadband




  1. Bloke
    July 17, 2023

    Agreement here on all 16. A Conservative government doing many such things for the better could become worthy of support. Unfortunately, far too much badness has been going on for too long. The Reform Party seems a better option for election at the moment.

    1. Peter
      July 17, 2023

      14 ‘ Auction government run rail franchises to get better service for lower subsidy’

      No chance. At the moment government struggles to persuade existing franchises to continue. When one goes, often none come forward to replace it.

      Let’s face it the franchise model just ain’t working and never will do.

      Also what about scrapping inheritance tax as has been mentioned in the press? Perhaps getting the public to believe this would happen is the problem.

      1. Peter+Parsons
        July 17, 2023

        Why so much focus on a tax that over 95% don’t pay at all? (The Inheritence Tax paid by over 95% of estates is zero.)

        1. Lynn Atkinson
          July 18, 2023

          To stop the 5% who pay for all from departing.

          1. Peter Parsons
            July 18, 2023

            So your view is that people who receive unearned income or wealth due to an accident of birth or the stroke of a pen deserve to be able to receive that completely tax free?

            How about dealing with all the loopholes and exemptions that those at the very top (who aren’t the 5%) use to be part of the 95% who pay nothing?

    2. Peter
      July 17, 2023

      ‘Put in more bypasses and roundabouts in place of more traffic lights and road restrictions‘

      Sometimes traffic lights would be an asset at roundabouts. The A3 Ace of Spades roundabout heading south can be exceptionally slow at times. Traffic lights would even the flow. This happens one junction down at Tolworth.

      1. Peter
        July 17, 2023


        I see Sir John Redwood, Jacob Rees Mogg, Bill Cash etc in a committee meeting where Mark Francois used the term ‘bent’ to describe the removal of five MPs likely to oppose government pro EU measures relating to Northern Ireland. The chairman did not like the term ‘bent’.

        Probably more important than the Kings Speech.

    3. Everhopeful
      July 17, 2023

      Print money and make that money free to borrow.
      Erode the savings of the prudent.
      Free borrowed money used for house extensions, premium SUVs etc etc
      Things once unaffordable become affordable ..
      Encouraging a culture of excess and a decline in standards of social behaviour.
      Obesity, noise, anger….SPOILT CHILDREN, ruining their own lives!
      Improve assets with borrowed money and they become unaffordable.
      Inflation now embedded NOT a temp. blip.
      So the little pawns get punished! As ever.
      Think of all the stories about how low interests can go on forever…and the lies and the lies and the lies!

    4. Ian B
      July 17, 2023

      @Bloke first you need a Conservative Government, the Conservative Party wont permit that

    5. JoolsB
      July 17, 2023

      Yep, they’re the new Conservative Party now hopefully to replace the fake Conservative Party.

    6. Christopher Gill
      July 17, 2023

      My own list would be:
      1. Scrap Inheritance Tax.
      2. Exit the European Convention on Human Rights.
      3. Make tax thresholds subject to the same percentage increases as Social Security payments.
      4. Abandon involvement in PESCO and the European Defence Union in favour of 100% commitment to NATO.
      5. Exempt public sector workers from mandatory university degrees.
      6. Cut Corporation Tax by at least 20%.
      Any one of these measures could be implemented forthwith as a very necessary token of the Conservative Party’s good intent.

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        July 18, 2023

        I’m afraid NATO is defeated and done for, we need to have our own Defence Force and defend our own islands. A Navy – something that could be reviewed at Spithead rather than parade down the Thames, would be welcome.
        Love Nr 3!

    7. British Patriot
      July 17, 2023

      Yes, these are all excellent ideas from Sir John. But they’ve all been proposed before and ignored by the government, so why would any intelligent person expect the appalling Sunak & Hunt double-act to adopt them now? Of course they won’t. And what will Sir John do then? Declare that he has no confidence in these two clowns? Demand a new leadership contest? Or just express his mild disappointment and carry on as before, as the government heads towards electoral oblivion. In 1995 he rightly stood against John Major on a ‘No Change, No Chance’ platform. OK, he lost the vote, but he was proved absolutely right by history. The modern Sir John is far too emollient. He needs to be aggressively outspoken in his condemnation of the government’s policies.

      1. Jim+Whitehead
        July 18, 2023

        Hear! Hear! BritishPatriot

    8. a-tracy
      July 19, 2023

      I hope Reform aren’t standing in Redwood’s seat or any other ‘real’ conservatives, otherwise, they are simply gifting us all a Labour government, they should concentrate on fewer seats they could win with opponents who aren’t conservative at all.

  2. Lifelogic
    July 17, 2023

    I agree with all the above but replace “postpone” with “abandon”.

    Rishi Sunak has now finally realised that “Students are being ‘ripped off’ by bad degrees” well who is funding these with soft student loans (very often not repaid so actually grants (this especially for women who tax career breaks and do more part time work). But was he not the Chancellor for much of this time who funded all this waste? At least 70% of degrees are surely fairly worthless and certainly not worth the £75K they cost in fees living costs and loss of earnings. Start with PPE Oxon perhaps?

    Also Suella Braverman says Labour has “become the political wing of Just Stop Oil” well the Con-socialists gave us May’s moronic Net Zero (without even any vote) and the Police force under Suella very often seemed to be Just Stop Oil’s military wing.

    1. Lifelogic
      July 17, 2023

      No need to ban degrees just stop the student loans for most (mainly non stem) degrees and people whose A levels scores are not in the top 15% or so. Use the money saved to fund more builders, technicians, engineers, electricians, farmers and other practical skills on day release or night school courses while working and earning.

    2. Dave Andrews
      July 17, 2023

      I thought it was a bit rich for a man with a PPE degree to be campaigning to remove useless degrees.

      1. Donna
        July 18, 2023

        Yes, scrap PPE degrees ….. and we might get a better standard of MPs and then Ministers.

    3. Lifelogic
      July 17, 2023

      Just now on LBC. The rather dire lefty remainer Stephen Hammond says Sunak’s comments on duff university degrees are “very sensible” – well yes, but about 20 years too late mate he funded these with his soft student loans. He also goes on to attack junior doctors pay demands. Perhaps he has not worked out that new start F1 junior doctors after rent, taxes, student debt interest, commuting cost, food, heat, light, water, council tax actually have large negative disposable income left.

      Even the small boat arrivals get all this paid for plus £45 PW disposable income. But F1 doctors have typically perhaps minus £100 a week disposable. But they are being “unreasonable” asking for 35% it seems. Even 35% would leave them less than the boat people’s disposable income. So they are expected to work long hours in a high stress jobs and end the year poorer than when they started are they Stephen Hammond? Is it any wonder 50% rapidly leave.

      1. JoolsB
        July 17, 2023

        LL – the BMA have now said they would settle for somewhere in the region that Scottish Junior Doctors have been offered – 12.4% but it seems Sunak things that’s too much for English Junior Doctors, 6% is the top offer. Yet Sunak is happy to continue giving the ungrateful Scots £12 billion of English taxes every year via the skewed Barnett Formula to help fund their Junior Doctors pay rise and their free tuition fees, unlike English Junior Doctors who start their careers with eye watering debts hanging over them. John’s party, the anti English fake Conservative Party, obviously see England as nothing more than a cash cow for the benefit of everyone except the English.

        1. a-tracy
          July 19, 2023

          So England must operate to Scottish desires at a much lower cost to them than to us (they don’t even pay the additional true rates of extra taxes to pay for this collectively in Scotland); their Doctors don’t pay the 9% graduate tax for tuition fees, four years £38,000 + Interest for an English doctor.

          But do the Scottish also get the other NHS England FY1 bonuses £4,491 + Grant £1000?

          Do the Scottish students pay their tuition fees for FY1 and FY2, or does NHS Scotland pay it as NHS England does? The clinical years are confusing do they start at year 4 for English students or year 5, an overseas student pays £52,490 per year for those years (Years 4-6). All of this needs to come out during the negotiations and how many years we expect the student to serve the NHS if the British taxpayer pays this on their behalf.

          I’m curious if the NHS or the government has to pay English universities the top up to the fees charged to the students for a medical degree. At Warwick as just one example (Oxbridge more expensive) overseas students pay £170,030 for their first four years, does the British medical student have the government pay the extra £132,030?

    4. glen cullen
      July 17, 2023

      Don’t be misled, this tory government hasn’t changed its stance on net-zero, in fast they’re progressing their net-zero policy faster across all functions of business & society

    5. Lynn Atkinson
      July 17, 2023

      Yes I agree. It’s time these politicians understood for whom they work. Molly coddling them has done no good.
      It has come to my notice that there has apparently been a change to the gas supply over the last few years. This is apparently damaging the gas pipes which are being replaced in an ad hoc manner when gas leaks are reported.

      I’m afraid I have no technical detail, or cost detail, but it is substantial works. I wonder whether the proposed replacement of gas with a different substance will require yet another upgrade. Are these the costs that are driving up and maintaining high prices regardless of the spot price of the commodity (in addition of course to the mad taxes levied)?

    6. a-tracy
      July 19, 2023

      Lifelogic, women educate their children if they take child care responsibility in the family! The better educated the mother, the better outcomes for the children. They often take on important nursing, policing, social work, caring, cleaning, teaching and essential services roles on the days they do work outside the home. You sound like the men from the Taliban.

  3. Lifelogic
    July 17, 2023

    If they really do believe the CO2 devil gas religion they they should make King Charles say My Government will ban private jets and travel in planes other than economy class and in aircraft that are full or very nearly full. This as economy flight are many times more efficient in energy and CO2 terms per passenger mile. But perhaps he might choke on it.

    Or even My Government will chop all fully grown old trees and ancient forests down as they do not absorb net CO2 and replant with new growing frees that do. We will also stop moronically burning trees at Drax and revert to more efficient coal.

    Not that CO2 is a significant problem more a net good in reality.

    Iain Dale “Starmer could soon reap what Ulez has sowed
    This week’s by-elections could be just as painful for Labour as many expect it will be for the Tories”

    Except that Sunak’s Tories clearly support the road blocking the ULEZ new tax rip off as they choose not to stop this agenda but clearly could kill it at any time if they wanted to they have a good majority.

    1. MFD
      July 17, 2023

      The main thing is to scrap Climate Scientists who just work by computer modelling and start listening to Geologists who use facts and proven information.

      Three million years ago CO2 was 5% not 0.04% there were no cars then so man did not cause the “problem” IF THERE REALLY IS ONE!

      1. hefner
        July 21, 2023

        Three million years ago (mid-Pliocene) CO2 concentration was around 400 ppm, 04/04/2019, ‘CO2 levels are as high as they were three million years ago’.

  4. Lifelogic
    July 17, 2023

    Yes certainly abandon the mad wars on motorists, landlords (and thus tenants) and small businesses and the self employed. We need growth, and to get this we need tax cuts, far less government, abolition of net zero and a bonfire of red tape. In short a full U-turn on nearly all Sunak’s Tories mad current policies of tax, borrow, print, over regulate and waste.

    1. Mickey Taking
      July 17, 2023

      Re- that bonfire of red tape, an extensive search for the matches has never revealed where they are, while the proposed bonfire gets bigger every week.

    2. Everhopeful
      July 17, 2023

      Slowly but surely, shops ( except the appalling supermarkets) are being eradicated.
      It is already very difficult to park to get to any remaining smaller shops.
      I bet Post Offices are for the final chop.
      Banks are no more.
      And big online retailers are pushing for us to collect rather than get a delivery.
      The govt. is already 3/4 of the way to totally wrecking our lives. ( aka 15 minute cities)

      And yes I know ( oh how I long for and know) that effectively we used to have 15min cities..but they were organic and beloved not wrought from ideology and dragged out of the very depths of Hades.

    3. iain gill
      July 17, 2023

      I have had the pleasure of being in a small audience listening to relevant government ministers speak, they really do think their IR35 policies are correct. And that without them lots of freelancers would be paying too little tax. Complete lack of understanding of the real situation, complete disinterest in listening to people who actually know. They have taken the briefing from the big outsourcers at face value, with no critical analysis taking actual freelancers input on board. There is no government support for any legal framework for freelancing, they dont like sole trader, they dont like one man band limited companies, they dont like umbrella companies… all of this with no coherent view on how freelancers should be setup legally. At the moment they are making freelancers pay for business travel out of taxed income which makes them uncompetitive versus the employees of the consultancies and outsourcers who can get travel expenses tax free, the state has made the playing field very wonky. And the country needs freelancers, for peaks of work, for specialisms that one company is never going to justify having permanent staff for, etc, putting barriers in the way of them working just slows down the economy.

    4. Atlas
      July 17, 2023


    5. MFD
      July 17, 2023

      Vote Reform UK then, read their plans on their website

      1. JoolsB
        July 18, 2023

        + 1 They’re the only party with any Conservative policies.

  5. Old Albion
    July 17, 2023

    17) Remove VAT from energy bills.
    18) Scrap the TV licence fee (Tax)

    1. Lynn Atkinson
      July 17, 2023

      ….And don’t replace funding for the BBC by some other increased or hidden tax!

    2. Ex-Tory
      July 17, 2023

      19) Abandon the onerous and pointless extension of Making Tax Digital to businesses below the VAT threshold.

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        July 18, 2023

        And above the threshold!

    3. Peter Wood
      July 17, 2023

      Ref your (18) TOTALLY Correct. The ‘licence fee’ is akin to ‘demanding money with menaces for nothing’ for people who own a TV but don’t want anything to do with the an incompetent national propogandist. You don’t even have to have a TV, a laptop computer and watching Sky News live on Youtube is enough to get you a bill from the BBC mafiosi.
      It’s got to be changed to subscription, like all the rest.

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        July 18, 2023

        Owning a TV does not imply that you have to pay a BBC license. This is a website that explains details.

  6. DOM
    July 17, 2023

    If reducing carbon emissions is one of the government’s main objectives then why does it continually harass and accuse petrol retailers of running a price coercion racket in order to REDUCE petrol prices? Surely higher petrol prices would stifle demand and reduce emissions as drivers cut back on travel. It is this rank and two-faced feet in two camps policy that exposes the sheer bullshit tosh of the NZ and CC racket.

    I’d like to see the government whatever the colour target the public with higher taxes, more restrictions and more control to force them to comply. Only then will they wake up from Tory-Labour-SNP-LD slumber cos if these slime continue in power I have no doubt they will take us to a point from which there is no return

    Yes John, the party THAT YOU represent and campaign to return to power who then climbs into bed with the globalist, Socialist scammers

    John and his kind, who I still believe are repulsed by all the extremism we now see around us, must either leave the party they no longer trust and recognise or explain to their electorate that they themselves have ceased to be what they once were

    Labour = Tory = SNP.

    1. Everhopeful
      July 17, 2023

      If ( have they already?) sign up to the WH compact/treaty all discussion will be superfluous.
      Whatever we do/buy/eschew/set up…
      Once we get imprisoned (aka locked down) again that’ll be the end of the economy.
      For good!
      Or is the govt. using global clubs as scapegoats because they have screwed up so badly?

      It is worth looking at the “supply chain” of charity funding, Surprising who gives to what.

    2. miami.mode
      July 17, 2023

      Brilliant first paragraph, Dom. Guardian is reporting that Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Net Zero, is to meet supermarket bosses to complain about ‘sky high’ petrol prices. Does he actually understand what he is doing and what his job is?

    3. Lynn Atkinson
      July 17, 2023

      We need to grasp that we each vote for one MP – one representative. The Governing Party ‘emerges’ as a result of very many individual voting decisions on individual representatives. NOBODY VOTES FOR THE GOVERNMENT OR THE PM. (I hope Johnson is sitting down when he reads this, but only his own constituents barely gave him a majority. He did NOT win the country).
      On whatever bench he sits, we cannot do without the likes of John Redwood – these precious MPs are providing the wherewithall to hold the Government to account. That is the job of Parliament.
      Criticise the Government and the majority of this and previous supine parliaments all you like, but don’t campaign against John Redwood. Not that I think his own constituents on this blog will be swayed. They know what they are doing.

      1. Mickey Taking
        July 17, 2023

        Last GE we had a rejected neighbouring (faux)Tory trying to muscle in on Sir John’s patch, but as a Libdem.
        Big marketing campaign, over a dozen leaflet drops, door to door – the whole 9 yards. Luckily Corbyn alarmed the country and many continued to support who we knew and trusted.
        I admit I’d had enough of non-Tory politics and only kept loyalty to Sir John to stop the pathetic challenge.
        This time the campaign has started early, and Starmer will want to avoid frightening the children.
        Sir John can’t expect mere loyalty to provide the support.

        1. Lynn Atkinson
          July 18, 2023

          I think this blog is proof that Sir John does not expect mere loyalty to win votes. Read his proposed Kings Speech. Every single day John Redwood put up an argument supporting Conservatism, he is fighting for Conservatism. It would be MAD to deny him the platform to continue fighting for what we all, on this blog and most in the country, want and need!

          1. Mickey Taking
            July 18, 2023

            That works for me living in his constituency, but were I living anywhere else – not a chance.
            And it matters not a jot – talk is cheap – the pretend Tories will get decimated and Sir John will be a lonely figure across from the government benches saying to those who should have listened ‘I told you so!’

  7. Nigl
    July 17, 2023

    If hydrogen domestically is not going to be used, why the ban on new boilers?

    As for the rest, looks like a traditional Tory manifesto so with Mother Theresa May and her sell out mob, the Treasury and Michael ‘I’ll support anything that gives me a job’ Gove pushing back. No chance!

    1. Lifelogic
      July 17, 2023

      Seems not as Shapps (with his HND in finance Manchester Poly) has finally worked out or been told that we have no hydrogen mines anyway, it is vastly expensive, energy inefficient (and causes lots of CO2) to produce even “green” hydrogen and that H2 molecules are rather small which causes a few issues.

  8. DaveM
    July 17, 2023

    Thing is, sir John, that your party could put every good policy in the world into a King’s Speech or manifesto, and no one’s going to believe it anyway.

    We hear promise after promise related to popular policies but nothing ever happens. How many millions have we given to the French to stop illegal immigration? Nothing’s changed. How many times have we been told that woke teachers will stop indoctrinating children with lies? It’s still happening. Brexit still hasn’t been properly ‘done’. Where’s the British bill of rights?

    The lies and inaction have gone past the tipping point now; manifestos and King’s Speeches are just hot air and toilet paper as far as most people are concerned.

    I’m just hoping a new pro-British party turns up sometime in the next 12 months.

  9. Mark B
    July 17, 2023

    Good morning.

    Or alternatively, we can vote for a arty that is NOT part of the LibLabCON-trick.

  10. Lifelogic
    July 17, 2023

    Roger Bootle today “Forget debt – the real economic danger is a lack of growth”

    Indeed and not likely to get much growth as Sunak and Hunt’s policies are all clearly anti-growth. Rather too late now anyway only circa 12 months left.

    1. Lifelogic
      July 17, 2023

      The prospect of an even worse Starmer/SNP/LibDims also further deters inward investment, encourages people leaving and kills growth, this even before they gets in.

    2. hefner
      July 23, 2023

      Interestingly one of George Osborne’s main objectives over his period as Chancellor (mid-2010-mid-2016) was to reduce the debt. In June 2010 it was £1.08tn (66% of GDP), in spring 2016 £1.65tn (88%). Today it’s £2.5tn (100%).

  11. Donna
    July 17, 2023

    Why should petrol cars and gas boilers ever be banned if people want to buy one? Slowing down the pace of WEF authoritarianism doesn’t get my vote.

    No problem with the rest, although I very much doubt the Blue-Green Socialists will do any of it. But you forgot:

    17. Scrap the HS2 White Elephant and instead invest in re-opening lines which were closed under Beeching but will now be viable, and in improving the existing rail infrastructure.

    I now live in a west country town. The mainline from Waterloo to Exeter St Davids has stretches of single track where you can wait for anything up to 15 minutes for a train coming in the opposite direction to clear the line. It would cost a fraction of the £100 billion+ which they currently intend to squander on HS2 to provide a second track.

    1. miami.mode
      July 17, 2023

      Prompted me to re-read the details of the Salisbury rail crash in October 2021. What caught my eye in the explanation was “that the line was contaminated by the residue of fallen leaves between 80 miles 32 chains (129.39 km) and 82 miles 36 chains (132.69 km) (distances measured from London Waterloo)”.

      One has to assume that this was from the buffers at the relevant platform at Waterloo and whilst probably totally accurate it does not suggest that the railways are ready to move into the 21st century with one or two exceptions.

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        July 18, 2023

        I’m quite heartened by the exact measurement from Waterloo! Only countries defeated by Napoleon were forced to use his metric – which was calculated in error BTW. Napoleon wanted a measure that divided the equator into exactly equal parts and the meter was derived from that, but sadly the equator actually measures 40,075.017km. So the meter is old, a failure and enforced by brute force (Pascal’s lab was smashed because he refused to change to ‘the modern measure’), even in France.

        1. hefner
          July 19, 2023

          FYI, as you clearly need some update, one meter is
          (9192631770 * c) / (299792458 * Δν_Cs)
          where c is the speed of light in a vacuum and Δν_Cs is the unperturbed ground-state hyperfine transition frequency of the caesium-133 atom.

    2. Mickey Taking
      July 17, 2023

      Have you never used the St.Davids to Paddington route via Reading?
      Few stops, fast journey …. no single track!

      1. Donna
        July 18, 2023

        No, because I live between Salisbury and Exeter St Davids, so that route isn’t really an option. My point stands: Waterloo to Exeter is the mainline …. with a single track in places!

        1. Mickey Taking
          July 18, 2023

          I see what you mean — move?

      2. hefner
        July 19, 2023

        MT, +1. What Donna says (‘Waterloo to Exeter is the main line’) was correct from the 1860s to 1967. With the 1967 Beeching Report W to E stopped to be ‘the main line’.

  12. MPC
    July 17, 2023

    Shocking that these proposed measures are necessary to put to a Conservative government rather than a Green/ Libdem one!

  13. Mike Wilson
    July 17, 2023

    As usual when I read these articles, I find I can hear the Everly Brothers …
    Dreams, dreams, dreams,
    Dreams, dreams, dreams
    If I vote for you, hmm, hmm
    I am sure
    It won’t come true, hmm, hmm
    Cause all you ever do, hmm, hmm
    Is Dreeeaaaammmmm.

  14. The Prangwizard
    July 17, 2023

    That’s better, both in subjects and the directness and clarity. We need clear aims and targets like these so they can be progressed.

  15. Norman
    July 17, 2023

    Won’t the UN’s SDG Sept Conference override all this, in their efforts to drive their accelerated sustainable development goals? Time to look up – the world is in for a bumpy ride!

  16. BOF
    July 17, 2023

    Yes, one cannot disagree but your suggestions still contain the tacit acceptance of the anthropogenic climate change fraud.

    My current reading is Green Murder by Ian Plimer. I challenge all to read this book and come away with any belief in this scam, this semi religious scam that makes lots of money for many of the scammers.

    It should be compulsory reading for every MP and in every high school. Packed with facts that utterly destroys man made CC.

  17. Dave Andrews
    July 17, 2023

    Tinkering around the edges when you have a bloated state gobbling up far too many resources. Get rid of the useless bureaucratic jobs. We don’t need diversity managers and far too many people whose job it is just to collect data to protect against a spurious compensation claim. Then these bureaucratic jobs load up the useful people with paperwork as well.

  18. Sea_Warrior
    July 17, 2023

    A good list.
    Corporation tax? Yes, let’s reduce it. But first, let’s tell the fellow G7ers that making a commitment to keep it above a certain level – 15%? – was a massive mistake. Perhaps there’s some merit in looking at variable rates – whereby some sectors move more quickly to 12.5% than others?

  19. Berkshire Alan
    July 17, 2023

    A good list John.
    So far this year, members of our family have purchased:
    A newer secondhand diesel SUV to replace a 12 year old model.
    A nearly new diesel SUV to replace a 23 year old V6 petrol guzzling 4 x 4.
    A new gas c/heating boiler to replace a 35 year old model.
    About to purchase a new Freezer and Washer Dryer to replace 20 and 12 year old models
    Sadly all German makes, other than the UK made gas Boiler.
    Manufacturing Industry is important.
    Shame the Governments Net Zero scheme with high costs for such an industry, is forcing it all abroad.
    All of the above are much more efficient than the old they have replaced, and benefit from fully developed, designed, and proven products.
    I would suggest that this is the sensible policy to reduce emissions going forward, not by some un-costed, unproven, pie in the sky dream.

    1. Mickey Taking
      July 17, 2023

      I’m sorry to say, if you look closely you may find those distressing abbreviations ‘Made in PRC’.
      Having just bought a battery powered small lawnmower and cabled scarifier – both say in tiny print under boastful words about German Design – ‘Made in PRC’.

      1. Berkshire Alan
        July 18, 2023

        One car made in Mexico, the other in Germany.
        Not a clue where the Freezer and washer dryer will be made yet, but probably somewhere in Europe where many makes are produced on the same production line (badge engineering)
        The point is, they are not made in the UK.
        The bit that hurts is that the new more efficient gas Boiler and Cylinder installation has a £704.16 Vat element on the invoice, as with almost any new consumer product.

        1. Mickey Taking
          July 18, 2023

          Trump didn’t stop the one being built in Mexico? haha.

  20. Christine
    July 17, 2023

    A good list but rather than postpone the ban on fossil fuels, scrap the whole idea and let the free market decide how we run our lives. This whole con of climate change has gone too far. The Earth’s climate has always been changing and always will. Politicians playing God won’t help anybody. If these people really believed fossil fuels are so bad why are they travelling thousands of miles in private jets to preach to the rest of us?

    Top of your list I would add the need to cut the waste we see in government, councils, and the NHS. Second I would investigate charities and foundations. We see too many stories of charities paying six-figure salaries subsidised by the taxpayer and being allowed to spend donations on home extensions and swimming pools.

  21. Narrow Shoulders
    July 17, 2023

    Scary how many of these suggestions are a reversal of misguided policy from the last few years.

    And you haven’t mentioned increasing tax thresholds, culling identity politics and reducing immigration yet either.

  22. Sharon
    July 17, 2023

    I think there’s enough other scientific opinions finally creeping through all the dodgy data and scaremongering to say – ditch net zero. The banning and dismantling of modern civilisation is not a great idea if we don’t mind swapping the third world’s lifestyle for their’s.

  23. John Holloway
    July 17, 2023

    Why not totally privatise the railways, go back to the big 4 as in 1948.

  24. Kayla
    July 17, 2023

    I’m afraid that thus Government will never listen to reason.

  25. David Cooper
    July 17, 2023

    How very sad it is that a set of proposals such as this – which would all have been eagerly acted upon by Margaret Thatcher if the state of politics in 1979 had been as it is today – would be likely to lead to a ministerial reaction along the lines of “But, but, but…we can’t! The targets! The targets!” Therefore: –
    17. Repeal the Climate Change Act.

  26. James1
    July 17, 2023

    It is our great misfortune that the chance of such suggested supply measures being introduced by our current Con-socialist government is simply fiction.

  27. Stephen Holloway
    July 17, 2023

    It’s a shame that Messrs Sunak and Hunt are not able and willing to heed your sound advice. Your proposals are most definitely what the country needs right now and not the willing destruction of the UK by globalists.

  28. R.Grange
    July 17, 2023

    SJR, what your government is actually doing is none of the above, and it’s ramming through Parliament the so-called ‘online safety’ Bill, in reality the online censorship Bill. This will allow dissent from government policy to be suppressed even more effectively than now. Once the Green doctrine of saving life on the planet gains the same religious status of saving lives from Covid, it will be ‘Stay safe, stay in your 15-minute neighbourhood’. And we won’t be able to share our protests on social media, much less enjoy posting on web sites like this one.

    Starmer is preparing a full-on Germany-style Green energy plan which will destroy what’s left of our productive economy and lead to blackouts. You and like-minded Tories have 18 months at most to steer the country away from a Red-Green hell. You will not convince the public you’re serious by accepting the same objectives as the Red-Greens, but saying you want to get there rather more slowly.

  29. formula57
    July 17, 2023

    Were you Sir John to write the election manifesto I might well join the electoral roll to vote for a candidate supporting it.

  30. Sharon
    July 17, 2023

    Daily Sceptic reports today that GB is funding the The Stockholm environment institute in re-writing Wikipedia on climate change – presumably to ‘reinforce the green agenda!’ I, for one, shall remain highly sceptical when you can read so much that proves the agenda to be dis-honest reporting. But, as with the remainers and Brexit, the greenies have better funding and so louder voices and greater influence.

    It’s the why that puzzles me, why are so many people not able to see that the west is being slowly dis-mantled?

    1. hefner
      July 17, 2023

      So The Daily Sceptic is your ‘reference’.
      Maybe you could learn how Wikipedia works.
      This blog is becoming more and more entertaining.

      1. Martin in Bristol
        July 17, 2023

        Why not counter the argument hefer?
        Simply resorting to ” oh I don’t like the Daily Skeptic” is rather weak.
        In my opinion.
        Assuming you allow others to have a different one.

      2. Lynn Atkinson
        July 18, 2023

        More seriously Matt Ridley asserts that historical temperature measurements are being altered by the Met Office.

        1. hefner
          July 20, 2023

          Recent reference please, or is that your recent (re-)reading of M.Ridley’s 2013’s Times article or 2015’s Open University interview?
          Or is that Matt’s reaction to the MetOffice’s 14/07/2023 ‘How have daily temperatures shifted in the UK’s changing climate?’

      3. Clough
        July 18, 2023

        I know how Wikipedia works, Hefner, and that’s why I prefer the Daily Sceptic, when it comes to telling the truth about what’s going on.

    2. R.Grange
      July 17, 2023

      People can’t see it, Sharon, because other things are placed in the way to block the view. Soaps, celebrity scandals, hashtag campaigns on social media, and ‘good causes’ like Saving Granny and Saving Ukraine. That’s what the media are there for, and the trick works. As long as they were supplied with bread and circuses, most people probably couldn’t see the Roman Empire was slowly being dismantled, come to that. Same principle.

  31. Ian B
    July 17, 2023

    Good morning Sir John

    Like the majority of the UK and in particular all Conservatives I 100% agree with you.

    Unfortunately for all us like minded people we have a so-called Conservative Government that is a wreaking ball to conservatism and the Conservative Party. It would appear it is incapable of free thought, conservative thinking but instead is run yes by the ‘Blob’, the EU and their Socialist Marxists ruler in the WEF. There is nothing about this Conservative Government, that makes it Conservative, a Government for the UK and for serving the People of the UK. Everything they do gives priority to the unelected unaccountable elsewhere and unaffected dictating to them.

    So it a case of dream on Sir John….

  32. agricola
    July 17, 2023

    You have a problem SJR, these laudable ideas are Conservative policies and you have very few Conservatives left in Parliament to support them. I have pointed out where such Conservative thinking exists, the next move is up to you.
    Being specific about your proposals I would say this.
    1. and 2. Remove the ban entirely but strongly encourage the industries to achieve approaching zero emmissions of toxic material asap. Insist they report annually on progress. The solutions must be affordable and appealing to the market place, which EVs and Heat Pumps are definitely not.
    11. £500,000 would make more sense at current rates of inflation.
    12. Water authority areas that have a coastal profile should be driven to Desalination plants. Talk to the Israelis who have much experience in this area.
    15. I would add the News and Current Affairs department of the BBC to the sales menu. They have exceeded our tolerance for truth and lack of balance. I would let them keep the World Service. Call it a shot across the bows of the rest of the BBC to halt propaganda creep in programmes such as Country File.
    Other than the above tweaks your thinking is definitely Conservative. I fear the party will learn nothing until after the 2024 GE.

  33. RDM
    July 17, 2023

    Major Productivity increases to be had with Transport regulation reform!!

    Max Net Weight for specialised loads, 45 tonne?
    Remove the DofT £8k.
    Remove need for a Operators License if you only have one Truck.
    Councils to provide Overnight Parking, with a SME providing Maintenance services, for local Owner Drivers?
    Agency services for Continental loads (POD’s, CME: Insurance, Customs,… local loads?).
    Super Market trailer delivery (Logistics), suitable for extra work for Parents, with Kids in Cab, day and over night?

    Cheaper Fuel Duty, or reduce VAT on fuel.
    Combined with a Cheap Energy Strategy, steel making!

    Very close to what it was before the Customs Union!
    We had many many more Owner Drivers, then today, and a lot less State Dependency (aka Universal Credit)!


    PS: It looks like Reform is the only way to go! Conservative Party not listening!

  34. David Bunney
    July 17, 2023

    John, I am behind you on these proposals. We need a economic growth and self-sufficiency drive as well as a British people first drive. When I say economic growth I mean not in AI and biotech areas but traditional mining of fossil fules, in mining minerals, in refining and smelting and heavy as well as light industry and manufacturing. We must also support agricultural production from small farms. As for what is a dead cost and no benefit to anyone, not the planet and not to our economy, I would rather repeal everything from the Net Zero regulation altogether not just deal the pain they want to bring on the citizens of this country. You might also want to add something specific on the immigration issues and the immediate return of ALL persons who have not already had their asylum status agreed at a British Consulate abroad, and automatic return of persons entering our country without documentation when doing so from a safe country (ie like France). We should not be putting up with economic migrants (which is also polite given that they are in no way active in the economy and just sit in hotels being housed, fed and provided with entertainment at the tax payer’s expense).

  35. Rod Evans
    July 17, 2023

    Paraphrasing Andrew Bridgen’s recent speech at the EU
    ‘A society in fear of its leaders is a tyranny. Leaders in fear of society is a democracy.’
    How many of us now see out situation as a functioning tyranny rather than a functioning democracy?
    John Redwoods list could be reduced to simply,
    1. Let markets operate and remove all state impediments to trade. Market forces operate only, in free societies.

    1. Lynn Atkinson
      July 18, 2023

      More seriously Matt Ridley asserts that historical temperature measurements are being altered by the Met Office.yes!

  36. Original Richard
    July 17, 2023

    Rather than list measures 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, and 13 it would be simpler and far better to just cancel Net Zero, a communist device to destroy the West’s economies by attempting the known economically impossible task of net zeroing our CO2 emissions using the completely false narrative that there is a climate crisis.

    There is no climate crisis. We have a mild warming after the Little Ice Age, in fact after the last ice age which ended just 11,000 years ago, currently running at 0.13 degrees C per decade and it is insanity to believe that an increase of CO2 in the atmosphere from 3 molecules per 10,000 to 4 molecules per 10,000 will cause a climate catastrophe.

    I’m sorry Sir John, but having voted Conservative at every possible opportunity for the last 57 years I just cannot bring myself to vote for any party that supports the lunacy of Net Zero. If I cannot find a suitable candidate on the ballot paper I will spoil my ballot paper with a suitable message.

  37. Original Richard
    July 17, 2023

    A couple of weeks ago the King and the Mayor of London started the Cimate Countdown Clock demonstrating that unless the world net zeroed its CO2 emissions using renewables within the next 6 years (and 24 days) that the world would be heading for an inevitable climate catastrophe.

    No sane person believes that this is feasible and furthermore atmospheric CO2 emissions will increase as countries such as China and India alone continue to burn 8 billion tonnes of coal each year and this will only increase further from increasing fossil fuel CO2 emissions from other countries around the globe.

    So what’s the plan when in 6 years’ time CO2 levels are no lower, or even higher than they are today and bearing in mind that this predicted climate catastrophe will cause the end of life on the planet?

    Bomb all the world’s coal fired power stations?

    Or, can we then cancel our unilateral and economy destroying attempt to net zero our 1% contribution to global CO2 emissions, as we are already on the inevitable path to climate catastrophe and we might as well enjoy life while we can?

  38. glen cullen
    July 17, 2023

    I fully agree with all your tory points SirJ, however your own tory party doesn’t …its more than an impasse

  39. Chickpea
    July 17, 2023

    John, I can’t agree more. Just what is this government doing? These hideous policies are free falling power to Labour . The anti motorist schemes are making roads more dangerous because they make drivers confused.

    Nobody wants electric cars, they will never replace diesel and petrol.
    America is replacing traffic signals with roundabouts because they see how successful our are.

  40. Ian B
    July 17, 2023

    The inner rot of UK politics appears to have its roots in its Parliament that over the last 40 years has been subordinate to an unelected, unaccountable self-indulgent Bureaucrats.

    That has led to a number of flaws in the concept of democracy. It has been searching for a purpose. We now have a Parliament that has lost its way. They are used to and conditioned to implementing hand-me down diktats from Bureaucrats, as such they now have know concept of proper democratic Government. Which is why people have noticed the HoC has merged into being a Left Wing uniParty, the majority in the House are unable to think for themselves. The result is we have a chunk of guys micro-managing, micro-defining and then failing,continuously, because they are trying to find purpose, by doing the work that others are far better equipped to do.

    This Conservative Government needs to return all the freedoms it has robbed from the People of the UK in the last 13 years. It needs to start trusting and having faith in the People. Above all it needs to demonstrate it can get its own house in order, become efficiently, effectively managed working within its means before it even makes demands on others. Move away from ultra controlling socialism and find Conservativism

  41. iain gill
    July 17, 2023

    Re “Work with private sector to complete roll out of fast broadband” I would make it compulsory that all cabling to “new build properties” is done with optical fibre cable rather than copper. Same for any significant rewiring.

    Most of the cost of optical fibre roll-out is in the digging the holes in the ground, not the cost of the cable. Its a complete nonsense to be laying new copper connections.

    Without optical fibre connections there are hard reasons, from the science, why speeds available will not grow with demand if using copper.

    Good quality optical fibre on the other hand can scale.

    Rolling out “fast broadband” relying on copper to the end user premises will be limited, and what is called fast now will not be regarded as fast in a year or two.

  42. Lynn Atkinson
    July 17, 2023

    A couple of things concern me:
    1. Most MPs reading these suggestions for inclusion in The King’s Speech will think they are ‘giving us too much’. They need to comprehend that they have taken way too much for far too long and that we know this no matter how cunningly the taxes have been levied and how idiotically spent.
    2. John Redwood spoke in a previous blog ‘of having the responsibility for the Welsh administration’. I don’t see members of the Government feeling the weight of Responsibility. They give the impression of Delighting in Power rather like ‘duping delight’, they know they are ‘frauds’ and don’t know what to do but love barking orders.
    We have the wrong people in Government and in Parliament and it is critical that the Constituencies are released to choose the best that they can, preferably from their own constituents free if any influence of Central Office who delivered these underwhelming Parliaments which include truly stupid and mailable people.

  43. Bryan Harris
    July 17, 2023

    Yes, all very sensible……but we know the government is not in control, and net-zero is far more important to the people making the decisions than us dying of the cold or us having a real future.

    The question we should be asking is how do we resist the tyranny being unleashed against us?
    No commentators who recognize the problems have a real answer, except that the tyranny could last for decades, while the globalists expect it to last forever.
    Our only hope seems to be that such evil will eventually rip itself apart.

    Do the few remaining good guys in parliament have any sort of a plan to extricate the world from what has been foreseen?

  44. Alan Grant
    July 17, 2023

    Spot on. You should be PM. If the Tory party followed your common sense approach they would stay in power and our country would be a fine place to live.
    A struggling independent councillor

  45. James Freeman
    July 17, 2023

    Here are some more ideas:
    1. Ministers can now scrap EU legislation, so they should get on with it. Why do we still have cookie pop-ups, the Ports Directive and mandated product specifications (as opposed to voluntary product standards)?
    2. Labour now wants to reform the planning system to make it quicker to get approval both locally and for national schemes. Get on with it before they do it and mess it up.
    3. For imports via post, introduce a digital portal where the importer can pay duty and VAT before posting. This approach would avoid the £10 cost of the Post Office doing it for each delivery and the resulting problems for the importer.
    4. There is still a requirement to have all product safety and operating instructions in the official languages of the EU. These rules do not meet the needs of UK minorities who speak other languages like Welsh, Urdu and Arabic, which destroys the point. With smartphones, manufacturers can meet the safety needs of minorities by scanning bar codes to see the instructions in their languages in a multi-media format.

    Finally, what will you do if the government does not adopt these ideas? Create a caucus of similarly-minded MPs to convert these ideas into legislation. If the ideas are not in the King’s speech, start tagging them to legislation forcing the government to either vote them down or accept them. But I am sure it will not get this far.

  46. Bert+Young
    July 17, 2023

    All of the points made are worthy of support , but , who is likely to listen ?. The Sunak/Hunt partnership does not have the credibility and inspiration necessary for a turn around in public support and the bye elections will confirm this .

  47. IanT
    July 17, 2023

    ” 6. Keep all existing fossil fuel power stations to help meet demand in periods of low wind and sun ”

    But, I thought your Government has just agreed to the demolition of two of our three remaining coal-powered stations by the end of this year Sir John (and this may well have already started). So is your proposal to save our last remaining coal-fired power station Sir John?
    I’m afraid that’s beginning to sound a little desperate at this point

  48. XY
    July 17, 2023

    Plan to scrap Employers NI – if necessary, replace with other taxes in the short term.

    A knock-on effect is that removing ER NI would rather obviate the need for IR35 at all – rolling back the recent changes to it is not enough, it was a ridiculous measure to start with, based on green-eyed monster politics, pandering to the big-business consultancy lobby. They wanted to kill off self-employment and they’re succeeding.

    But… even if they PROMISED all of that in a manifesto, who would believe them?

    Sunak = sunk. You need a new leader and Chancellor. And you need to weed out the faux conservatives from your parliamentary party. How? Over to you…

    1. Donna
      July 18, 2023

      Reply to your final paragraph: I think the electorate is going to do that for them. The cowards on the conservative wing of the Not-a-Conservative-Party don’t have the numbers – or the guts.

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        July 18, 2023

        Well all the real conservatives have long since left. The real problem is the power of the gerrymandered Parliamentary Party. They must be stripped of the power to provide a shortlist. Of the last 3 they produced, Johnson was the best! Need I say more?

  49. Richard+Jenkins
    July 17, 2023

    All excellent proposals. A modification to item 12:
    12.Get regulator to require more reservoir capacity by water companies, and apply greater penalties if leaks not reduced.

  50. Keith from Leeds
    July 17, 2023

    Hello Sir John,
    Why bother? No one in government takes the slightest notice of you! All your measures are sensible & you have mentioned them before. But we have a government which seems to delight in upsetting voters & has no common sense!
    Now Sunak says he will sort out useless University degrees, a classic case of treating the effect & not the cause. The problem is the stupidity of Blair’s 50% of young people should go to University. Stop that & you will stop useless degrees.
    If we have a PM & Chancellor who are too thick to see that NetZero is nonsense and that cheap reliable energy is the key to a successful modern economy, then what hope is there for the UK? Why are not a majority of Conservative MPs agreeing with you & demanding change?

  51. Derek
    July 17, 2023

    Alas, our King will not be able to announce these measures. They are far too sensible and too logical to get this country back on track and such practice is apparently verboten within the very thick walls of Whitehall.
    Surely, it is obvious that to provide more disposable income to the citizens and to businesses, would provide more cash to spend in the high streets and allow for more investment in their own enterprises? Or are those ‘walls’ really too thick? God save the King and country from such people.

  52. Margaret
    July 17, 2023

    I agree that a lot of the degrees have very little value particularly science degrees.Most jobs which are science based need technical tuition.Facts and reasoning are very different approaches to Life.
    Most people saw the crises caused by immigration as preventable except for town planners,architects and those all to ready to close district hospitals in the 90,s
    It amazes me how so many with science degrees still cannot look deeply into cause and effect and go with the supposed facts they have been taught without having the personal power to think things through with a view to temporal likelihood.
    Degrees should be for thinkers who wish to be academic and influence, not for those which is most, including medicine who want to pursue a job.Exam results and degrees are simply worthless if at the end of the tuition staff working in the discipline still have to teach them.

    1. Derek
      July 17, 2023

      Science degrees have very little value? Do you actually mean that? Or do you prefer the unscientific PPE degrees?
      Albert Einstein must turn in his grave along with Frank Whittle and Tim Berners Lee, et al who throw their arms in the air in despair!

    2. Peter
      July 17, 2023


      Science and degree subjects in general is an obsession of one poster on here.

      In Victorian times, public schools and Oxbridge mainly offered Classics (which Boris Johnson also studied). However, the educational background of the politicians of the day had no real bearing on Britain’s standing in the world. It was in its pomp.

      I have noticed Mathematicians, in particular, often have some very strange and dogmatic views. I would not want these individuals running things.

      You have to pay attention with maths, it’s not something you can catch up on easily. So I often had to listen to all sorts of random views on other topics as well. On the other hand, the maths teaching itself was very good and the class was able to sit the exams a year early.

  53. Iain gill
    July 17, 2023

    I see that the government has added building workers to the “shortage occupation” list. A fantasy like Information technology workers being on the list. All this will do is discourage locals from training in these skills, as the people will see the government is determined to drive wages down to poverty levels.
    Absolutely shocking disgraceful shower of idiots in government. I hope the conservatives get wiped out.

  54. mancunius
    July 17, 2023

    Sir JR’s points (e.g. ditching the suicidal rewilding in favour of growing food, postponing the hare-brained ban on gas boilers) are so obviously commonsense conservatism that the Tory party’s refusal to adopt them indicates that they are deliberately seeking defeat at the polls – or are being advised by Labour Party plants.
    Just as so many Tory MPs under the incapable Major sought the amenable obscurity of opposition in 1997, the party seems now happy with the prospect of mass obliteration. I am curious to learn what they have been promised, bribed or threatened with, to be set on such irredeemable self-destruction.
    Or is it simply that MP’s pension arrangements are now too generous for the less-motivated to bother carrying on?

  55. Peter Gardner
    July 17, 2023

    Reading this long list – and no doubt there are many more things Sir John would like to change – I get the impression the Government is not doing much right.

    1. Mickey Taking
      July 17, 2023

      Most of the electorate are convinced already!

  56. forthurst
    July 17, 2023

    John Clauser, the 2022 Physics Nobel Laureate has stated that cumulus cloud which covers, on average, half the Earth, is the most important determinant of climate; that of CO2 is two orders of magnitude less. A reduction in cloud cover causes more light to impact the Earth’s surface causing more evaporation of water from the oceans which then forms cumulus, cutting 90% of the light reaching the surface, thereby causing it to cool again, in other words, in a thermostatic system.

    If the Tories want to keep wrecking the economy by their adherence to the Global Warming Hoax, it is up to them but they can be certain that ethical scientists are not on board.

    1. hefner
      July 17, 2023

      So tell me, how do you put together a 0.13C increase per decade with the present 53C in Death Valley and 52C in China, 40C in various Mediterranean countries, when temperatures in the same summer months at the same places ten years ago were 3 to 5 degrees lower. (se ERA5/Copernicus Reanalysis of meteorological observations).

      0.13C per decade is an increase in global average, which means that the actual local/instantaneous temperature can be much higher (or lower)
      (cf. the usual statistical definition of the standard deviation about the mean).
      And going from 3 per 10,000 to 4 per 10,000 molecules is a relative 33% increase in CO2 (you know … the same type of percentage calculation used by some on this blog to discuss the increase in capital gain).

      1. Martin in Bristol
        July 17, 2023

        Do you accept the IPCC figures for average global temperatures since records began hefner?
        Just getting all excited because a few areas have higher temperatures in one month in one year isn’t very academic is it?
        Other areas must have lower than average temperatures.
        That’s how averages work.
        It’s unusually cold and wet for the time of year where I live.

        1. hefner
          July 19, 2023

          The IPCC figures are for future climates as simulated by global atmospheric and oceanic climate models depending on scenarii of how much future growth of concentrations of greenhouse gases (and other parameters) are defined.
          Local, hourly, daily, monthly, global, annual temperatures measured at various places since the mid-nineteenth century, and global cover of temperature measurements from polar-orbiting and geostationary satellites since the 1980s show such an increase in temperature (0.13c per decade, as pointed out by Original Richard) with variations, local and temporal, around this steady increase.
          So not really IPCC stuff, just basic standard meteorological observations.

          1. Martin in Bristol
            July 19, 2023

            Your first sentence doesn’t make sense hefner
            Pure vauge waffle.
            You are unable to decide what is weather and what is climate.
            Average global temperatures have risen by 1.3 degrees since 1850
            According to your IPCC

          2. hefner
            July 20, 2023

            Sorry to realise that you don’t know what IPCC does. I just have to rewrite the above for your benefit:
            – IPCC collects results of simulations by climate models run with different scenarios (that’s the so-called socioeconomic pathways including different emission scenarios, aka A1T, B1, A1B, B2, A2, A1F1, see for more information).
            – Meteorological services around the world collect observations, which show a 1.3 C increase in global temperature since 1850.
            Met services are not parts of IPCC but if anything (after doing their own work, ie weather forecasts, with them) send their data to the World Met Organisation (WMO).
            I find curious that on a topic like climate people are not aware of the differences between meteorological services and IPCC, or between observations and climate projections.

            But it is clear from comments on this blog that you are not the only ignoramus here. But will you also be a ignorabimus.

      2. Lynn Atkinson
        July 18, 2023

        Have you ever heard of Continental weather. It’s always extreme because of the distance from the moderating oceans. Why do you think Death Valley is so called? Why do you think Greenland was so called? Do you not grasp that the weather changes and if it didn’t we would be in an unnatural situation? The fact is that nature, over long periods, balances change.
        The only genuine threat to life on earth is the proposal by Gates and Biden to ‘scatter reflective particles in the atmosphere which with block the sun! These people need to be sectioned and fast – they have the means to destroy the earth.

        1. hefner
          July 19, 2023

          Indeed, ‘balances change’, that’s why over the last 5-10-20 years, we have more frequently been hearing of ‘extreme weathers’, ‘heat domes’, ‘extreme flooding’, ‘Texas prolonged cold snap’, … and the like.
          And I would agree with you, Lynn, scattering reflective particles in the atmosphere sounds really dumb, which might be why, when Gates proposed that in 2021, there were ‘concerned scientists’ opposed to the idea. And as far as I could check (but you must have proper reference to the contrary) Biden has not commented about it, only the retired Jerry McNerney has been pushing the idea (, 18/07/2023).

          1. Martin in Bristol
            July 19, 2023

            We have heard at lot more hefner.
            That is because of the desires of the media.
            Extremes are being reported more.

    2. glen cullen
      July 17, 2023

      Net zero is still government policy …the targets haven’t reduced

  57. Mark
    July 17, 2023

    All good policy points . Pity we have no-one to vote for to actually deluver conservative policies.

    I told my (Tory) MP he is not getting my vote unless he agrees that the net-zero stuff has to stop. (He gets a Gold Star for at least admitting it’s a problem though…)

    If Reform stand , they get a vote – otherwise a spoiled paper …these get counted and reported so at least the politicians will get to hear how unpopular their self destructing policies are…

    1. glen cullen
      July 17, 2023

      A report that 100 electric buses ordered by Dublin Bus are sitting idle is symbolic of a wider electric vehicle charging infrastructure issue that is holding back EV adoption by public sector organisations and the business sector

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        July 18, 2023

        😂🤣Ireland is all for the Green! They thought they had a famine ….

  58. glen cullen
    July 17, 2023

    BBC reporting that the government is relaxing the visa regulations for workers visas in construction, capentry and fisheries (and they only get paid £23k (on paper)) ….though the idea was to reduce immigration ???

    1. glen cullen
      July 17, 2023

      I’ve just found out that this government is giving EU citizens living in the UK the automative right to extend

    2. glen cullen
      July 17, 2023

      why are illegal immigrants allowed to roam free ?

  59. Geoffrey Berg
    July 17, 2023

    There is now an international agreement for countries to charge a minimum of 15% in Corporation Tax (which even the Republic of Ireland has yielded to). How do you, Sir John, propose to deal with that to cut Corporation Tax to 12.5%?

    Reply Not sign up to the Treaty

    1. Lynn Atkinson
      July 18, 2023

      Reply to reply: Bravo!

  60. APL
    July 17, 2023

    17. Root out all the CIA financed NGOs that are operating in this country.
    18. Root out any other foreign financed NGOs
    19. Expel from the Lords, any members elevated to the Lords since the first term of Tony Blair’s administration.

    As a side note.
    Last September, Liz Truss’ administration collapsed – supposedly because her spending plans led to a spike in the cost of government debt, for a brief period, in September there were two spikes in the borrowing costs of the UK government 10 year bonds. This month, during the course of the last two weeks, the yield on the 10 year government bond has exceeded the highs of Sept 22. Did the Sunak administration topple ?

    No, because the ‘crisis’ in September ’22 was engineered to get rid of Truss, and install Sunak. Sunak the candidate who failed to get elected by Tory MPs during the vote on Tory leadership.

    Tories ought to get a grip, a grip on who runs the Party.

  61. paul cuthbertson
    July 17, 2023

    It is all irrelevant. The “King”!!!!!!!! is a fully fledged Globalist OPENLY promoting the UK Establishment WEF NWO agenda. Wake up people, your government does not care about YOU.

  62. Simon R
    July 17, 2023

    I can get behind most of these very sensible steps. However, I don’t really agree with selling Channel 4. It doesn’t cost the state a lot (does it not run at a profit?), and it is very useful for funding the creation of British films, many of which wouldn’t otherwise be made.

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