You cannot have capitalism without capital.

History and geography teaches us that societies that  back free enterprise, freedom and private property more deliver higher living standards. Societies where government regulates, taxes and nationalises on a grand scale deliver lower incomes and less freedom.

The great east-west communism against more free enterprise systems in post war Europe delivered much higher living standards to the west of the Iron curtain. In today’s world the most socialist or communist states like North  Korea, Venezuela and Cuba have much lower living standards than western countries. China is still a long way behind the USA in GDP per head.

Socialists argue  against more free enterprise, claiming it creates unacceptable inequalities. In communist societies the luxuries of the elite who govern are often extreme compared to the average worker.

Essential to a more free enterprise democratic system is equality of opportunity. To work well these societies need to offer a number of routes to prosperity for the many, and need to be generous to those who cannot walk those routes.

The government needs to revisit pathways to home ownership, to self employment, to personalised pensions saving, to building small businesses , developing co ops and partnerships, and gaining shares in a company you work for. I will be looking at all of these in the days ahead. Wider ownership is important campaign. Everyone an owner is the way to embed free enterprise and higher living standards and greater freedoms.


  1. Mark B
    August 9, 2023

    Good morning.

    Essential to a more free enterprise democratic system is equality of opportunity.

    Which is the direct opposite to Socialism which is ‘equality of outcome.’ Which begs the question – Why did so called Conservative governments’ over the past 13 years essentially pursue Socialist policies and create laws designed to do just that ? ie Mandate so many women and ethnic minorities must be employed regardless of their ability.

    The government needs to revisit pathways to . . .

    The governments needs to do nothing of the sort. That is the core reason we are in a right mess. It just needs to make sure that markets are – Free, fair, honest and open to all. No subsidies like BEV drivers get. Let things stand or fall on their own.

    Everyone an owner is the way to embed free enterprise and higher living standards and greater freedoms.

    We tried this in the 80’s and 90’s. People just sold up and large corporates, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds or foreign owned companies, some owned by a foreign government, hoovering them all up, asset stripping and / or sucking the cash out of the country and no reinvesting.

    We need to limit the amount by which many of the aforementioned can own a company, and limit the amount they can withdraw.

    Need must be put before greed.

    1. Lynn Atkinson
      August 9, 2023

      I said something similar on Punchbag in the ‘90s and was told by the BBC Comrade that ‘they had never heard any political philosophy like it’. Honest, I have a recording of that live show.

      The active state intervention of excessive taxation, inflation (dishonest money) and the import of workers willing to work for low wages in U.K. terms (high wages in their own country’s terms) stops our own people from saving and investing. That is how our own people have been stripped of capital. Without capital you can do nothing – it’s a hopeless, aimless, frustrating life. Governments think this does not apply to them but the USA has started the downgrade and unless there is a vault face will end up like Zimbabwe. Bankrupt and starving.

      The Golden years of the 80’s, when people accumulated capital and could afford the dignity of caring for their own, when Kinnock had to complain that his mantra of ‘fighting for your rights Comrade’ fell on deaf ears even in the valleys was a horror story for both the far left and far right in politics.

      ‘Conservatives’ unpicked that good work not over the last 13 years but over the last 33 years, instead of building upon it. There was plenty to do in 1990s, leaving the EU and regaining our Sovereignty to push the Capitalist state and entrench it. But Central Office had control of the Selection Process and they nullified the Party membership. I remember Heath saying ‘you think you have elected a (Conservative?) – wait till we get hold of him’.

      Mr Gorbachev came and saw that the standard of living of those in the Zills did not equal the average standard of living in the U.K. One day one of these self-appointed globalist elites will travel east and find that Harrods cannot equal the co-operatives in Russia. I hope they are as bright as Gorbachev and comprehend why this is. A cohesive nation, proud of its heritage, language, and traditions and defensive of its people is holding out and bursting the Globalist bubble.

      1. IanB
        August 9, 2023

        Lynn , thank you, needs saying over and over

    2. Everhopeful
      August 9, 2023

      Agree with every point.
      All the rubbish has ensured that nothing works in this country anymore.
      How pray can a person be chosen for a job or academic course except by talent?
      Well the politicians did not understand what the two wars did to people and over decades they have been refusing to recognise the dangers of the philosophies absorbed through an utter hatred of the ruling classes. And that has not stood us in good stead because communism is seen as the solution.

    3. PeteB
      August 9, 2023

      Mark,the core of the arguement from Sir John is sound: Capitalism creates more wealth than socialism /communism. Agree one has to wonder why successive Tory governments have failed to follow this principle.

      Even the BBC news last night reported on the budget surplus in the Irish Republic. Noting this was driven by low corporation tax rates that have led to a massive influx of international businesses.

      Economics can be simple, a shame our Government’s collective brainpower still seems insufficient.

    4. BOF
      August 9, 2023

      Well said Mark B.

    5. Walt
      August 9, 2023

      Well said, Mark B.

    6. Hope
      August 9, 2023

      14 years of following and building on Blaire’s policies!! Socialist selection procedures throughout public sector reinforced by inspectorate bodies to ensure compliance of socialist direction. This includes selection throughout judiciary. JR’s party still has Cameron’s quota selection policy where members given the choice 3 clones from Headquarters!!

      Scrap Equality Act, ESG and All Race For Equality schemes! Get rid of level EU playing fields, they are nothing of the sort. They are to prevent our country flourishing! Yes, Su am we should be in competition with EU countries not giving them national contracts to build our warships in Spain!! Reduce dependence on Chinese goods. Get real and support jobs and industry in our country. No wonder they hate Trump.

    7. Cynic
      August 9, 2023

      The essence of a free market system is that it is free. Buyers and sellers make decisions on what they perceive to be in their best interests.

    8. glen cullen
      August 9, 2023

      ”It just needs to make sure that markets are – Free, fair, honest and open to all”
      Spot on Mark B

    9. Ian B
      August 9, 2023

      @Mark B +1

    10. MFD
      August 9, 2023

      I agree with all you say today, government need to take a step back, Mark.
      There will always be those that have and those that dont! Look after number one is my policy.

    11. Peter
      August 9, 2023

      This is a rather abstract discussion. The current government does not offer unfettered capitalism and some of the communist countries, like China, now have significant elements of capitalism.

      Neither is the choice either / or. Many Western countries operate with a mixed economy.

      I cannot see the government embracing the changes recommended. The major figures are probably looking to further their careers post politics with a role facilitated by the WEF.

  2. Robert Thomas
    August 9, 2023

    …and so say all of us. And the first step is to encourage, not discourage, self employment.

    1. Everhopeful
      August 9, 2023

      Oh no…they can’t do that!
      It might upset the “Big Boys”.
      Plandemic sooooo useful for handing over all trade to them.

    2. Hope
      August 9, 2023

      Guido points out today under Tories Whitehall increase number in 7 years by 100,000, 60% increase in salaries and total bill £15.5 billion!!

      Now what could be done for these work home lazy arses? Cut number by 100,000 and cut pay. This would increase pool for private sector and cut the need for mass immigration of low skilled unwanted welfare claimants.

      The uni party definitely Not conservative in any way shape or form.

      1. Berkshire Alan
        August 9, 2023

        Indeed, what are all those extra 100,000 people doing, does anyone know, does anyone care ?
        In the 19th century we ran a quarter of the world and the UK with 20,000 civil servants and no computers, how on earth did we manage to do that ?
        More non productive overheads loaded onto the taxpayer !

        1. glen cullen
          August 9, 2023


    3. agricola
      August 9, 2023

      While I agree with you on self employment, all the runes from this government, the banks and the establishment are stacked against it. Consider the cashless society, bank cancellations, static VAT levels, IHT and tax levels in general. From self employment comes the seedcorn of larger enterprises but consocialism would not see it if it kicked their cohones.
      At the other end of self employment is the civil service that ever growing sea anchor to enterprise. Perhaps our host could help by telling us who recruits and employs them and more importantly who writes their contracts and who can get rid of them. I suspect the answer is the civil service. If true there lies the problem.

  3. hefner
    August 9, 2023

    Are you really convinced that in the present state of the UK there is an equality of outcome and an equalitarian society?
    Do you really think that equality of opportunities is what nowadays is driving British society?
    As so often some people, whether politicians or not, get drunk on this type of ´intellectual’ dichotomy without actually looking at the world as it is.

    Reply. Are you incapable of agreeing with anything I write? Why do you misrepresent my blogs? Indeed why do you bother to come onto my site when you have such a low view of it?

    1. Stred
      August 9, 2023

      Here you have the university/education ethos, which is directly against the free enterprise capitalist ideas which you promote SJR. The communist revolutionary agenda is now throughout our universities and schools. I suggest reading the article written by an anonymous teacher in yesterday’s Daily Sceptic. He or she has to remain anonymous because to be identified would mean losing a professional job.

      1. hefner
        August 9, 2023

        Thanks, but I wrote ‘equality of outcome and egalitarianism’.

        1. Mark B
          August 9, 2023

          . . . equality of outcome . . .

          From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs. This is how you achieve ‘equality of outcome’. The problem here of course is, what do you do if those who have, do not want to give to those who have not ?

          Egalitarianism is a political philosophy that prioritizes social equality for all people, based on the idea that all humans are equal . . .

          But are we all ‘equal’ ?I argue that we are not and that to try and make those who have skills and qualities stand at the back whilst those with little or no ability get to be placed above them in the name of ‘equality’ and to fill some quota to be a regressive philosophy.

    2. Richard1
      August 9, 2023

      Equality of opportunity is very different from egalitarianism. Socialism attempts to enforce equality of outcomes. That’s why it’s always and everywhere a disaster. Odd that this message has to be repeated in the face of a century of evidence from around the world.

      1. Mark B
        August 9, 2023

        I disagree. See above.

    3. Everhopeful
      August 9, 2023

      My understanding is that equality of outcome means that someone who is lacking in some way is given a wholly unfair leg up to make them equal with someone who is naturally talented.
      ie…the talented, strong, able, beautiful, clever etc are DEPRIVED of their abilities/attributes.
      That is what our govt. does.
      Equality of opportunity is when people are valued and employed and educated etc for their natural talents and attributes. Without help. Like we used to know that only tall, strong men with plenty of testosterone are capable of jobs that require strength, courage and sheer muscle weight.
      If you think about it the vast majority of our troubles stem from the equality ( bleat 🐑) of outcome rubbish our “leaders” have swallowed.
      But it is all so barmy it makes your brain spin just trying to understand it.

      1. hefner
        August 9, 2023

        Question is therefore: do you consider the UK a country where equality of opportunities prevails?
        Look at the number of privately educated people in Government, Parliament, Civil Service, in most of the ‘professions’. How many CEOs and company directors got their education in the state sector?

        I’m sorry (to have) to tell you
        (if you didn’t know already) but the UK is one of the countries where people’s chances later in life is directly linked to where they got their primary and secondary education.

        1. Mark B
          August 9, 2023

          To answer your question – No !

          Why ? Because we have created a system bey where people are selected on attributes unique to them ie race, gender, sexuality. These are the modern equivalents of the ‘Old school tie’.

          If access is solely based on ability and nothing else, you will get the best for the job.

          Theresa May MP was selected from an ‘all woman’ short list. Why ? Why should private parts determine whether or not someone should be an MP ? But that is the Tory Party.

        2. Everhopeful
          August 9, 2023

          I think you are rehashing old socialist moans.
          Things have moved on a bit since then and are even worse.
          People are now hand picked for education/jobs at high ranking establishments and not just for money or brains. ( But maybe that sort of discrimination is what you approve of?)
          Equality of opportunity is what the govt. SHOULD be striving for but isn’t.
          What it has imposed is equality of OUTCOME.
          Equality of outcome actually totally removes opportunity from many because it destroys any idea of a system based on merit.

    4. hefner
      August 9, 2023

      First I was commenting on Mark_B’s first paragraph of his comments. If you take it for you, what can I do?

      Give me Bagehot’s view (Economist) 27/07/2023 ´No, really, Rishi Sunak is a right-winger’ instead of pandering to the contributors’ view that the PM is a ´socialist’ and I’ll show you a bit more respect.

      And finally I am not commenting here every day, so do not oppose everything you write.

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        August 9, 2023

        You comment is not subordinate to Mark B’s comment. It stands on its own, the computer does not lie. If you have no concept of whether you are commenting or replying to a comment, perhaps it’s time to accept that the computer age is too complex for you, and give up.
        You not only oppose everything JR writes but everything that espouses Capitalism and Conservatism. And you present no rational arguments to support your stand.
        It’s tiresome.

        1. Mark B
          August 9, 2023


          He might be commenting from a smart phone. I no longer read Sir John’s site from my phone as it is just one long single list and you cannot make out who is replying to who.

        2. IanB
          August 9, 2023

          Lynn +1

    5. Timaction
      August 9, 2023

      Not just your site Sir John but everyone who writes on it.
      We need to return to a meritocracy where people can advance by talent and contribution. Not numbers, diversity and minority bean counting. Your Parties Equality, ESG rules have the reverse effect and perverse outcomes, where the best people for the job are left on the shelf. Perhaps that’s why nothing works anymore as the wring people are in charge. Like promotes like in equalities world.

    6. Hope
      August 9, 2023

      You failed to make your case. Try backing up with examples.

      JR’s blog is not about agreeing with his view, quite the contrary, it is about a mixture of opinion, I read others blogs with as much interest as JR’s view.

      1. glen cullen
        August 9, 2023


    7. Geoffrey Berg
      August 9, 2023

      Actually I think hefner has made some reasonable points here.
      Though I agree with Sir John about free enterprise producing more prosperous societies and his plea for wider ownership (especially home ownership), hefner is correct that one should look at the world as it is very carefully before pronouncing intellectualised conclusions. Here a careful examination would show ‘equality of opportunity’ is not actually essential for capitalism – there is much capitalism in India though the caste system prevents equality of opportunity, as did the old nepotistic trade guild system in Britain.
      In fact you can have some capitalism without capital or with minimal capital. You can set up business as a barber (from home) or repairing bicycles or computers without capital or with minimal capital and indeed stock can sometimes be obtained on a sale or return basis. Anyhow some people have an ability for trade while others do not. Indeed though I want wider ownership many people sell their assets quickly and end up with none again.
      Perhaps most significant, Capitalism is the natural human fallback system that exists without government intervention. The biggest problem Socialist and Communist governments have on their fantastical road to ‘equality’ is to suppress the capitalistic black market which is so extensive and entrenched that it has to be done with great force. Indeed to a milder extent tax systems in general, including ours, also face extensive black market resistance.

      1. Mark B
        August 9, 2023

        With respect the examples you give are reminiscent of a woman claiming to be semi-pregnant. The fact is, you either are, or are not ! There is no in-between.

        For a market to be free, fair, honest and open, it has to be for everyone regardless. Yes some may have more capital than others, but those others may have more ability and can seek those with capital to invest. That is how much of our world such as mass transportation and communication have been achieved. Governments did not invent the light bulb etc – brilliant people did. If Indians are discriminating against other Indians then locking them out that is not a FREE Market and there is no equality of opportunity.

        1. Geoffrey Berg
          August 10, 2023

          Capitalism does not require an ideal starting point. Unlike pregnancy Capitalism can exist and operate in in-betweens, degrees or parts (e.g. the ‘mixed’ economy). Indeed it is a great strength of Capitalism that it can and does and indeed must (as particular markets, its basis, change over time) accommodate itself to an imperfect world as it actually is.

    8. Ian+wragg
      August 9, 2023

      I agree with most things you say bur you regularly bin my posts on the governments stance on SMRs.
      We are about tobe stitched up again by the non dynamic duo
      It’s starting to be discussed in the MSM but you avoid it. Why.

  4. Lynn Atkinson
    August 9, 2023

    Reply to reply:
    + many!

  5. Lifelogic
    August 9, 2023

    “You cannot have capitalism without capital” indeed, so why do we have taxes so high that people cannot easily accumulate any capital. Why do we have so many rigged markets (energy, broadcasting, health care, education, employment, banking, transport…) that prevent any real freedom of choice as to how we spend or invest our own money? Why for 13 years of Tory government have we had nothing but tax to death socialism with a bit of worthless lies and hot air pretending, occasionally, not to be socialists.

    1. Mark B
      August 9, 2023


  6. DOM
    August 9, 2023

    We’ve lost the battle to those who seek to politicise and weaponise humanity in all its forms. Call it woke, call it identity politics. I call it Soviet Communism or National Socialism for the C21st in which the State asserts ownership over humanity itself. Terms such as equality, diversity, equity, egalitarianism etc etc are mere fig leafs to conceal the cancerous intent of the fascist Left. It is the Left who are the racists, the bigots and the extremists with their hate, their anger and their sense of revenge

    Marx’s Das Kapital and its forebears like Mao, Hitler (hated US capitalism and an Anti-Semite), Stalin, Sartre, Gramsci, Castro are the true face of Left and share one fundamental love, A LOVE OF THE TOTALITARIAN STATE.

    I believe MT, John Redwood and others like them are sincere human beings who seek true equality and liberation FROM THE STATE and have more compassion and respect in their little finger than the evil Left.

  7. Bloke
    August 9, 2023

    Those with a stake in society tend to maintain and protect its values.

  8. Lifelogic
    August 9, 2023

    Please look at the sensible Andrew Bridgen Letter sent to Rishi Sunak with all the evidence available on Twitter.

    Awaiting a reply. @RishiSunak @Conservatives

  9. Everhopeful
    August 9, 2023

    Husband had to travel into the West Country for a funeral.
    Roads too terrible now so he took the train.
    Bought ticket on line.
    Ticket refused 5 times so he had to find staff (!) to open barriers etc.
    Ghastly new station ( Elizabeth line or some such?) totally “down” no power.
    Entire trip to Plymouth he had NO WINDOW!! ( I think there used to be luggage holders in those spaces).
    Next day his passport renewal refused because photo taken by Post Office ( the usual home-taken and booth ones had been rejected) was also rejected.
    Oh then he broke a tooth and no dentist appt. can be had.
    Our Brave New World just don’t work!

    1. glen cullen
      August 9, 2023

      but its not ‘our’ brave new world …its ‘their’ brave new world, we’re just plebs with barcodes

  10. Wokinghamite
    August 9, 2023

    ” … and gaining shares in a company you work for.”

    Why not wider share ownership in general, and not just ” … in a company you work for”?

  11. Donna
    August 9, 2023

    Another excellent blog in Sir John’s series “Teaching Conservatism to Dummies” and I look forward to reading the follow-up chapters.

    Unfortunately, since a majority of the Parliamentary members of the Not-a-Conservative-Party are not just Dummies, they aren’t actually Conservatives, I fear he will be casting his pearls of wisdom before swine.

    Since the Blair Wannabe became Party Leader, the Parliamentary Party has been stuffed with poorly disguised Blairites, LibDem and Green Carpetbaggers and that, in turn, is why 13 years of a so-called Conservative Government has resulted in nothing but socialist policies being imposed on us.

    I therefore suggest his next article should be “How to Rid the Parliamentary Conservative Party of Carpetbaggers.”

    1. Mark B
      August 9, 2023


  12. Rod Evans
    August 9, 2023

    More importantly. you can’t have capitalism without energy.
    Without energy there is no civilised society. Without energy you can not build capital.

    1. glen cullen
      August 9, 2023

      correct – (capitalist = capital + energy)

  13. BOF
    August 9, 2023

    Benefits, Sir John, need slashing in every direction. Benefits remove incentive and increase state control. Yes, they are necessary for those in extreme need but they are out of control and allow people to sit at home rather than work.

    Next up is UBI. Together with digital currency this gives the state a stranglehold on citizens lives and they are on the way.

    So much for the fallacy that we have a conservative government.

  14. Barrie Emmett
    August 9, 2023

    Sir John, I look forward to seeing how you articulate your views and wonder if you can bring your fellow MPs along with you. Any encouragement towards enterprise is welcome.

  15. Berkshire Alan
    August 9, 2023

    To get what you want John is impossible whilst we have politicians who simply do not understand, or want to understand how a free economy should work.
    Most of our Politicians seem to want more control and higher taxes on everyone and everything, so they can decide how we should live our lives.
    The Tax and Regulation war against the self employed and small businesses are proof, if any was needed, that most Politicians do not like free thinkers, instead they want people to work harder for someone else’s benefit. Most of those people who give something back to society in some way or another, usually want to look after their own families first, that is simply human nature.
    Life is not fair, it never will be fair, but most of us try and make the best of it that we can by working harder, longer, or smarter.
    Yes of course in a caring Society we should have safety nets for those who through no fault of their own (perhaps health problems) get help and assistance, but that safety net should not be so large that it allows a lifestyle choice free of any work at all.

  16. Everhopeful
    August 9, 2023

    I see that the terminally stupid, idiotic and hateful govt**. is poking its nose into compulsory cat chipping again.
    Does it NEVER just stop and think? Does it not understand the ramifications of this??
    **And extremely cruel.

    I daresay it is all a precursor to a cull of pets…so no worries. We will just have to accept an animal free world. Except for all the rewilded ones!

  17. Lifelogic
    August 9, 2023

    Tories are trapped by net zero the Telegraph Leader today.

    Now MPs need to explain the huge costs and zero benefits of their idiotic decisions to their constituents. The whole legally binding net zero religion need to be abandoned. But they cannot do so as so most MPs are scientifically totally ignorant & are deluded virtue signallers hooked on the insane net zero religion.

    1. glen cullen
      August 9, 2023

      ‘’ Demand for heat pumps has slumped in Germany as a fierce debate about government plans to decarbonise the heating sector unnerved many citizens’’ net zero watch

      Its looks like the UK will be the only country in the world to ban ice cars and gas boilers in 2030 ….they’re destroying the country and they’ll expect the traditional voter to back them up next year

    2. Donna
      August 9, 2023

      About a year ago I wrote to my (pathetic) LibCON MP and said “do you seriously think people are going to vote to be made colder, poorer and less mobile?”

      He didn’t reply.

      I’m very tempted to send a follow up saying “Have you understood yet that I was right.”

  18. Narrow Shoulders
    August 9, 2023

    Capitalism is undermined by socialising losses and privatising profits and other government imposed barriers to entry. Then the green eyed state can not resit increasing the tax on successful businesses to pay for further intervention.

    True capitalism can not exist while politicians seek votes for the unsuccessful masses.

  19. Mike Wilson
    August 9, 2023

    The government needs to revisit pathways to home ownership,

    Let’s hope you don’t come up with another way to inflate the housing market in your desire for ‘growth’. We have had astronomical house price growth throughout my life and, although Labour are just as guilty as your party, your party has been in power for 39 of the last 60 years.

    Why did you allow endless credit booms? (‘Growth’, of course.) If the rule of 2.5 times a single salary had never been changed, think how cheap houses would be compared to today’s lunacy. Think how the demand for endless wage growth would have not happened. Think how internationally competitive we would be.

    All house price growth does is transfer money borrowed by the young to older people.

    So, whatever you come up with, please do not inflate the market further. Whenever there are economic circumstances where house prices fall, politicians always come up with some new scheme. Help to Buy was the last one and, now, after the 5 years is up, you are ripping off young people. Same with student loans.

    Why don’t you regulate mortgage lenders to limit what they can lend? Or, better, create government mortgages at fixed rates of, say, 3% for 25 years.

    Councils used to give mortgages.

  20. Javelin
    August 9, 2023

    Capitalism is plagued by weak regulators and watchdogs. Having a good theory (and implementation) on the scope, role and goals of regulators and watchdogs is needed to make capitalism dominant again.

  21. Fishknife
    August 9, 2023

    “China is still a long way behind the USA in GDP per head.” and so are we after 50 years of the EU, 10 of SocCon & the current farce after the Referendum.
    We, well most of us, are with you, but don’t see much light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. glen cullen
      August 9, 2023

      ‘If you don’t like china’s GDP numbers….they can produce others’

  22. David Cooper
    August 9, 2023

    Sir John: “In communist societies the luxuries of the elite who govern are often extreme compared to the average worker.”
    Indeed, and if we substitute “communist” with “Net Zero aspirant” in a future tense setting, the observation will be just as sound. In the context of the present discussion upon capital and capitalism, it would be far from unfair to observe that political environmentalism is stealth communism.

  23. Timaction
    August 9, 2023

    Wrong not wrong!

  24. Walt
    August 9, 2023

    Sir John, I favour free enterprise and small government with one exception : essential infrastructure, privatisation of which has demonstrably failed our country and most of its people whilst enriching a few executives and non-UK owners. Our water industry is the prime example, sold off with no debt and acquired by people who loaded it with debt, asset-stripped it, under-invested and were allowed to do so by UK governments and their supine regulators. Our rivers and beaches are a disgrace. Fining the companies for pollution does nothing. The executives responsible should have been personally liable.

  25. Everhopeful
    August 9, 2023

    Hasn’t our capitalism, which did deliver a kind of freedom for a while, turned into crony capitalism which delivers none?
    I have no idea what would actually be the best sort of society in terms of human happiness because the human condition seems to always be destructive but I’d settle for something like the first 20 or so years after the war.

  26. David Bunney
    August 9, 2023

    John, there is an ever growing culture push towards socialism. Tony Blair corrupted free enterprise when he brought the first elements of this Environmental Social Governances (ESG) principle into the UK for businesses and government. Today all corporations have to worry about mandated stakeholders rather than just customers, investors, debtors, tax man and regulators. Now they have to have an ESG compliance statement and worry about social justice principles and environmental carbon targets etc. Within the large corporations there is a lot “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” taking priority over training, developing and employing the most skilled and performing person to do a job. There is much confusion over the meaning of words in these woke, cultural marxist policies as well. What exactly is equity. It isn’t equality of opportunity. Is it equality of outcome or even going further to have quotas for numbers of blacks, gays, women etc. in roles, especially senior ones? This is not a fair and even society. I think the 2010 Equalities act is being polluted and harmed by these ESG/DEI post-modern developments. They are making companies disfunctional and making society more worried about microaggressions than making stuff that works and makes peoples’ lives better.

    As for the government forcing society in specific directions with strong regulation, taxes, subsidies etc. based on ideologies. Well you know what I think about that as we are often posting about all the made up climate emergency rubbish and the government tight control of private capital flows to direct us down a particular path in areas of energy, industry and agriculture. e.g. as a farmer you struggle to make money growing food, but can make ends meet by producing biofuels, rewilding or planting solar panels etc. absolute nonsense driven by ideologues in gov departments and those in the bubbles they mix with. All you end up with is a whole sector that is disfunctional, generally the destruction of small business, innovation and enterprise, the publics’ needs not met and big foreign corporations moving into spaces. High regulation environments can only be survived by very large monopoly corporations working closely with government, with their workers going through revolving doors between gov, regulator and company – it’s the definition of economic faciscm.

    You can do leveling up across the country with negative tax zones and various initiatives or givernment working to make infrastructure as good in say the N. England as near London and moving government departments to other cities to create work and a trickle down economic effect. I support that.

    The last topic that comes up under this topic is freedom to have cash, to hold cash and property and freedom to spend it as you will. The whole idea of a centralised transaction ledger controlled by a computer enforcing corporate and/or government policies on how much money people can hold, whether it time expires and what they can spend it on is very very scary. We need cash, we need banks that anyone can bank with, that don’t track transactions or put limits on how much you can invest or withdraw and which don’t control what goods and services you are allowed to buy in any way, let alone because of some social or carbon scoring.

    We are losing freedoms in all these areas.

    We need a government which allows people to accumulate wealth. We need it to allow people to work hard delivering benefits to others, encouraging the setting up of small businesses. We need a government that supports all sectors of the economy. We need farmers who make a good living, we need mining and refining, as well as manufacturing sectors to be strong in this country. We need heavy industry. Do this and we can get GDP up, more importantly GDP per capita and lower social divide. We mustn’t just focus on top tech jobs that only employ a small % of the population. We need opportunities for evey citizen to work hard, gain wealth and improve themselves and the community around them. All of westminster has lost this vision of what a working economy is.

    Let’s have less centralised control and regulation of everything and more freedoms back again.

    David Bunney

    1. Donna
      August 10, 2023

      Very well said.

    2. Mike Wilson
      August 10, 2023

      @David Bunney

      Who wants to ‘work hard’? I’d say the ambition should be to ‘work easy’. To let machines do the work wherever possible and to share the necessary work out so that everyone has lots of leisure.

  27. a-tracy
    August 9, 2023

    “and need to be generous to those who cannot walk those routes”.

    Do we need to be so generous to those who downright refuse to ‘walk’ those routes and opt out of society at our expense?

    Too many of the younger generations have been taught so much fear of risk; they don’t want the responsibility for others their parents took on, they don’t want three weeks holiday a year whilst building businesses, only taking a few weeks off on maternity leave. The State is doing just what Blair and the gang started; they want their public sector pensions, and they don’t want to have what they worked and saved stolen. They want full sick pay, duvet days, working from home, no pressure on targets, no pressure to sell, no worries about collecting in what people owe you. I don’t blame them.

    My husband and I were trying to remember an old black-and-white film we watched once about a man who got elected on a promise of giving all the public a say on everything, referendums for everything until voter fatigue quickly ensued, and they voted for him to take responsibility. Our modern parents want the state to not only provide school and healthcare they want the State to feed their children, will they be bothered when the State feeds them insects ground into manufactured meat? I don’t think so. Will they be bothered by what additives the State put in their drinks? I don’t think so; it has been ingrained into them to take on low personal responsibility.

  28. agricola
    August 9, 2023

    You make a most eloquent arguement for Conservatism. Where can the electorate find it, when will we get it. After13 years of consocialism it is too late to expect it from this government, and they are not minded to give it. Rhetoric comes daily from their bottom draw , but little happens. Many out in the real world have a boxful of fixes, but they fall into black treacle, no movement on our disappearing advice. We await salvation over the horrizon of an election and hope and pray that Reform are up to the challenge.

  29. glen cullen
    August 9, 2023

    SirJ I agree with your fine & noble words today ….however we need a capitalist government with capitalist policies to promote your conservative views

  30. Mike Stallard
    August 9, 2023

    The problem is that there is no work. In the middle ages, the main output was agricultural and our village grew rich on wool. In Tudor times it was international exploration and piracy on the high seas. Then came the building of our superb Empire culminating in two disastrous world wars. After that, we lost our Empire and sank into a socialist hand-out state based on the City of London. Today?

    So people sleep on Oxford Street, nothing much works as middle class people mimic the working class strikes of the last century. So there are a million of people being paid to be idle. And very few children being born as people huddle waiting for the end of the world.

    Into the vacuum step the Sea People, the Have Nots, the illegals and legal immigrants as our society changes into something new.

    1. Mike Wilson
      August 10, 2023

      @ Mike Stallard

      Our ‘superb empire’?

      We didn’t seem to keen on allowing Germany to invade so we could become part of her ‘superb empire’. You do realise we took over countries by force and with lots of bloodshed. Don’t tell me, we ‘civilised’ them.

  31. glen cullen
    August 9, 2023

    National Grid as at 08:30hrs today
    Europe Interconnectors – 12.4%

    The energy isn’t a capitalist market it’s a socialist rigged market; coal is banned, shale gas is banned, futures north-sea oil & gas will be banned – we only allow subsidised wind, biomass and import LPG gas and electricity from Europe

    1. glen cullen
      August 9, 2023

      Update : as at 18:00hrs, europe interconnectors – 17.3%

  32. hefner
    August 9, 2023

    ‘Hopes of turning Cambridge into
    ‘Science capital of Europe’ collide with reality’, FT, 08/08/2023.

  33. William Long
    August 9, 2023

    It has always seemed to me that the only ‘Equality’ which is in any way deliverable is equality of opportunity, and for that you need an education system that works for all. The Government (of whatever hue) should make its first priority to provide this, and also work to instil the attitude of mind in all classes, colours and creeds, that sees it value and wants to use it.
    But our Government makes its priority the delivery of useless things like ‘Net zero’ which will help no-one, but satisfies ministers’ egos..
    Equality of outcome is impossible and no-one should pretend that it is.

  34. Nigl
    August 9, 2023

    And in other news wage costs in Whitehall have increased by 60% over the past 7 years with an additional 100,000 people and more than ever, Mandarins earning over 100k.

    Another example of this incompetent administration talking the talk (headcount reduction/efficiency improvements) and totally failing.

    As with their frenzied announcements on Net Zero, illegal immigration etc, from Sunak down, I do not believe a word they say.

  35. Roy Grainger
    August 9, 2023

    It is not just China that is far behind USA in GDP per capita. UK is behind every single USA state in GDP per capita including Mississippi which is the poorest state. We should look at how some countries have rapidly increased GDP per capita over the past couple of decades to bring them up to and surpass UK. Poland for example.

  36. The Prangwizard
    August 9, 2023

    I presume Sir John your valuable words are addressed principally to your party’s government cabinet and large numbers of fake Conservative MPs in the main. The cabinet’s view of the subject rests only in global corporatism and the freedom true capitalism provides to individuals is currently denied.

    Co-operation with the leadership is pointless, they are not listening and will not take any serious notice. Revolutionary change is needed – a New Conservative party needs to be formed. How many would join – would 25 as a start sign up. It is urgent. The country is currently being destroyed – it is has been ungoverned for years and is now consequently becoming ungovernable.

  37. Ian B
    August 9, 2023

    “History and geography teaches us that societies that  back free enterprise, freedom and private property”

    That sounds like what is meant by being a Conservative, a pity these guys that weren’t elected by the Conservative Party spend so much time and energy fighting Conservatism.

    The Socialist WEF doctrine with its ‘great-reset’ is anti the very essence of free enterprise and freedoms. Yet our Political Class along with the ‘Blob’ turn up at their evangelistic cult events with extreme regularity. Hence we have a ‘core’ at the centre of our Society that do what they can to rubbish the very nature of human endevour to move ever forward together.

  38. IanT
    August 9, 2023

    I agree with the broad sentiment of your blog today Sir John but you really started to lose me towards the end. The way to achieve what you describe is for Government to get out of the way and stop meddling in peoples affairs. Smaller government, focused on key services (and their efficient delivery) would allow lower taxation and less regulation. Leaving the EU should have allowed us to start dismantling their “what you are allowed to do” attitude to regulation and let us get back to a simpler “what you can’t do” approach.

    Unfortunately, your Government seems incapable of any sensible long term strategy, preferring sound bites and virtue signalling. The Civil Service is now substantially larger than it was in 2019 and seemingly delivers less. You’ve buried us in high minded but ill thought out laws and have proved completely inept at negotiating with Brussels. You’ve also allowed a (so-called) independent BoE to print far too much money and ignore rising inflation. Mr Hunt appears to think you can tax your way out of recession (which we will soon be in) rather than balancing the books by looking at expenditure and cutting ruthlessly. Every businessman knows that in tough times it’s wiser to cut expense rather than just trying to increase revenues. We have a huge debt problem and any commercial organisation would be cutting headcount right now as a matter of urgency. So it might make more sense to get your own issues sorted before trying to fix ours, especially when in so many ways, Government is now our biggest problem.

    1. IanB
      August 9, 2023

      @IanT – a Government that fights the people instead of engaging and working with them is a Fraudulent Government in fear

    2. gregory martin
      August 10, 2023

      Ian T
      Smack on target

  39. iain gill
    August 9, 2023

    The NEST pension arrangements are certainly not helping.

    For one admin has been subcontracted to the lowest cost organisation available.

    For two funds are invested in little other than a deposit account, which is never going to be a long term bet.

    I dont actually think investing in a house planning to downsize at retirement is such a bad pension planning approach, something I would probably do if I had my time again.

    Far too much is wrong simply because the public sector workers are insulated from problems by the state. Public sector pensions are far too good compared to private sector etc, there needs to be some levelling up there.

  40. Original Richard
    August 9, 2023

    Freedom and prosperity requires freedom of speech, meritocracy and access to cheap, reliable and abundant energy.

    The communists in Parliament, the Civil Service, quangos, institutions and elsewhere are trying to close down free speech, which started with “political correctness” and now has become cancellations, sackings and de-banking, to replace meritocracy with diversity and to force the transition from cheap, reliable and abundant fossil fuels/nuclear to expensive and intermittent energy from weather dependent sources.

    1. Original Richard
      August 9, 2023

      PS :

      You cannot have capitalism without cheap, reliable and abundant energy.

      As I write (19:07 hrs) the 28 GW of installed wind power is providing just 1.18 GW.

      This is why we have the transition to expensive and unreliable renewables whilst nuclear, the only low CO2 emission source of energy which is affordable, reliable and abundant, is being closed down.

      Further proof that anthropogenic emissions of CO2 (plant food) is not considered an existential threat to life on the planet.

  41. Ian B
    August 9, 2023

    Sir John as always you are correct, but then again you speak as a Conservative.

    It all falls down when States try to manipulate the ’Markets’ and they do this big time. Whilst it is human nature to protect what you have gained and achieved, Socialism plays at being engaged by talking of freedoms when in their mind that means if you agree with me you have freedoms as I interpret them.

    It also starts with protecting ‘free speech’. That doesn’t appear to be concern in some peoples minds, but if you are denied the right to listen(and actually hear) the opposing view, you fail as a human being. Just as important is to be able to challenge the views of others. Otherwise you become a mere clone, pawn, a socialist one at that, someone that is indoctrinated.

    The majority UniParty in the House of commons and in particular those that say they are the Government are as one, with the concept of deny, ban, cancel with the sole aim to manipulate and control – primarily they are in fear of the people. They don’t know what ‘working’ with others, particularly those that ‘do’ means. What is lost is the freedom of Conservatism, the opportunity to get the best from and work with all people to achieve mutually beneficial aims. In ‘Sales’ there is a phrase ‘telling is not selling’ meaning if you are not listening and above all hearing you have already lost the conversation.

    To many frauds of all complexions in Parliament, they pretend to be one thing or another, the UniParty, but they are just ‘free loading’ on the backs of others

  42. David Andrews
    August 9, 2023

    The UK has failed to generate capital since WW2. Instead it has relied on “the kindness of strangers” to fund it’s perennial deficits often by selling off “the family silver” as MacMillan so aptly put it. Capital generation depends on thriving, cash generating businesses which in turn depends in part on a regulatory, legislative, tax and political environment that is not actively hostile to free enterprise. Ireland, for example,is doing much better, because it’s tax regime is attractive to business. So long as the political class continue to make promises it has no chance of meeting in the future, investors will give the UK a wide berth. That is all too evident from the narrowing investment choices on the London Stock Exchange and the flight of UK companies to US listings. The failure to persuade the owners of ARM to list in London is a current high profile example.

    1. Dave Andrews
      August 9, 2023

      No worries, they’ll just blame it on Brexit and argue to rejoin.
      Good name by the way.

  43. RDM
    August 9, 2023

    Which is all very fine words, but we have learnt that it has to work for everyone, open to all, a Free Market! One in which all of society can enter, Freely, taking whatever opportunity is afforded them! Access to Capital, at many levels is key! And, this would mean being far wider then any commercial opportunity, given the requirements Society places on us! Taxes, Education, Cost of Living, Savings/Deposits, ….

    A Free Market that serves the UK, with managed externalises (Geopolitics), maintaining Competitiveness relative to ALL others!

    Market forces well regulated, allowing legal competition, disallowing any illegal Monopoly or restrictive practises!

    So, from where we are, stuck in a Customs Union, and with Resistance to leaving the Single Market, there needs to be a movement away from the EU, and acceptance of Free Market Economic’s!? This will require a Strategic initiative (Cheap Energy/Food/Fish/Fuel), Supply-side Reforms, and de-regulation, and it requires Growth to absorb the shock! But, also, we still need to be driving our Competitiveness, after! An on going Strategy!

    Not all Markets Can be as Free as others! Global Finance or Services, are very Free, and Mobile! Easily matched to those who occupy it! To allow access

    But, for example; The Poor, Working Poor, and Blue Collar Workers, can be said to occupy either the High Valued Manufacturing domain, or consumer focused Markets; Restaurants, Cafe! Not the same Strategy’s, all with different Regulations, and level of competition!

    We need a working Price Mechanism, Economic Flexibility, and Open access to other Markets, and Geopolitics?

    A well functioning Free Market would NOT have imbalances, especially those caused by Asset Prices, or a Lack of Supply! Homes (Planning?)! It would not restrict access to Capital, and Incomes, generally, must more then match the Cost of Living! People (ALL) must be able to Save, and make a deposit!

    Not having a flexible Money Supply (a Competitive Banking System, not just M2 – Mortgages), one that matches Opportunity’s, and not just one following Assets (houses) prices, or we’ll end up with imbalanced Markets, again!

    In my opinion; To make this work, you will need to avoid Idealism! The World is NOT one big Free Market, and neither can it be!

    Hope this helps?



  44. Ian B
    August 9, 2023

    Many free trading States are anything but.

    In some Countries they manipulate free trade with the use of mealiness compliance and standards, primarily because the WTO frowns up on restrictive tariffs.
    Then there is the use of taxpayer funding to protect the small guys against the giants, that might be OK internally and strategically to protect a Country, but if they then export the resulting end product they have weaponised trade.
    Then we have, ‘you can set up in a Country if at least 50% of the business is locally owned’. Transfer technology

    What is need is the word reciprocity, made bigger, made to play an important part in the definition of ‘free trade’

    This Conservative Government literally gives hard earned UK taxpayer money to those that also hide behind protected home markets. That’s not ‘free trade’ that is reckless endangerment and one of the reason the UK tax take is at a 70 year high, our interest rates and inflation is so high. This Conservative Government is in refusal mode and is maliciously wreaking the UK.

  45. Donna
    August 9, 2023

    This is a comment from the Daily Telegraph on Lee Anderson’s admission that the Government has completely failed on the criminal migrant issue:

    “Take a good look at our country, Mr Anderson, after the years and years of Tory rule, and what you will see is an absolute tragedy of decline and shabbiness that also seems ‘out of control’.
    It’s difficult to understand or recognise the UK nowadays, from the point of view of a person who remembers tough, but at least, comprehensible times.
    Your party has broken us.”

    Ain’t that the truth.

    1. glen cullen
      August 9, 2023

      Ain’t that the truth – indeed

  46. Original Richard
    August 9, 2023

    The Civil Service is slowly ensuring that we all work for the state to end capitalism and hence freedom and prosperity.

    To quote an item today in Guido Fawkes :

    “The civil service’s salary bill has risen by 60%, or £5.8 billion, in just seven years, with most of this extra cash going straight into the pockets of the highest earning mandarins. This brings Whitehall’s total pay bill to, take a deep breath, £15.5 billion pounds. Similarly, the total number of civil servants has risen by 101,440 over the same period. It’s the largest increase in over half a century.”

  47. agricola
    August 9, 2023

    Question for you SJR.
    What is to stop illegal immigrants travelling from Roscoff ( France) to either Cork or Rosslaire in Southern Ireland, catching a train to a ferry port in Ireland or Northern Ireland and then a ferry to Liverpool , Holyhead, or Fishguard . Are there passport controls prior to departure from anywhere in Ireland. If that is a problem they can always claim asylum in Northern Ireland. Please clarify.

  48. Bert+Young
    August 9, 2023

    Success in any situation depends on a free enterprise society . Those with ability and foresight should never be held back ; they are the natural leaders of a community and they will always forge pathways that the followers can and will willingly follow . If a society imposes restriction natural stimulation is held back ; development and opportunity then stagnates . Intelligent leadership will always be respected providing the method of communication is straightforward and realistic . This basic condition is sadly not being oiled in the way it should be today and the resulting lack of trust exists .

  49. Michael+Cawood
    August 9, 2023

    I believe the present government is slowly taking Britain into a socialist “paradise” similar to North Korea.

    1. Mark B
      August 9, 2023

      Yes. But at least N. Korea has a rocket industry where as we . . . ?

  50. Mickey Taking
    August 9, 2023

    Off Topic. – from BBC website.
    Senior Conservatives – including a cabinet minister – say their party is likely to campaign to leave the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) at the next election, if Rwanda flights continue to be blocked.
    There is frustration at the role of a European court in stopping flights for asylum seekers taking off last year.
    The minister told the BBC the UK was “probably” being punished for Brexit. (shock horor).
    The government’s official position is that the UK will remain in the ECHR.
    A spokesperson said: “The government has been clear that it will abide by its international treaty obligations.
    Just do it – leave.

    1. glen cullen
      August 9, 2023

      gets my vote

    2. IanB
      August 9, 2023

      @Mickey Taking. Even if that was true, they will change their mind when it comes to delivery their WEF leadership will dictate the opposite

      1. glen cullen
        August 10, 2023

        I’d forgot about the all powerful UN WEF

  51. Atlas
    August 9, 2023

    Sir John,

    ….best of luck getting your message across to the Treasury-mentality dominated Cabinet…

  52. Mark+Thomas
    August 9, 2023

    Sir John,
    This is obvious to anyone who remembers the cold war. Not just the much lower living standards of those unlucky enough to live in a communist country, but also the brutal repression of anyone who questioned the status quo. It seemed like it would never end, with the added threat of nuclear conflict.

    More than three decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a whole new generation has grown up with little knowledge or understanding of how the world used to be. I have noticed among young people, especially those from an affluent, middle-class background, that it is now fashionable to be anti-capitalist, socialist, marxist. Charities, universities, NGOs, activist groups and green politics are full of them. Ask any of these people what is the greatest threat the world faces today, nuclear war or climate change. I think we know what they’ll say.

  53. forthurst
    August 9, 2023

    China is a capitalist country. It is true they only have one political party. However, if all our political parties have policies designed to destroy our economies and to import vast numbers of unassimilables, there is no benefit in pluralism. Perhaps there needs to be true competition in the electoral system so that we don’t always finish up with the same outcomes?
    To what extent do these statistics really reflect the living standards of the peoples?
    For example, our GDP per capita is lower than Germany’s but they also have a health system run by doctors which works whilst we have one run by Arts graduates that doesn’t.
    In the ten years from 2012, China’s urban population increased from 53% to 65% as the country is still changing from a rural economy to an urban industrial one. These massive movements of people with all the disruption involved will not necessary be immediately reflected in the GDP figures. The easy gains for China was in the immediate post Mao era.
    Our living standard is going down as we are invaded by more and more aliens and the expectations of our young for housing are dashed as services also decline.

    1. glen cullen
      August 9, 2023

      ”China is a capitalist country” …with a command economy with all profits going to the party leadership

      1. Mark B
        August 9, 2023

        To me they, the CCP, are more like mobsters. They let the ‘little to big people’ make all the wealth, and then just skim of some of the profit for themselves. True parasites.

      2. forthurst
        August 10, 2023

        Ignorant comment. Do a bit of research before posting. Chinese companies are mainly financed by share capital with borrowing only used for short term debt finance.
        The Chinese do not have political freedom but they do have economic freedom unconstrained by the Shibboleths that hamstring brainwashed Western politicians who actually restrict our freedoms far more.

  54. Keith from Leeds
    August 9, 2023

    Once again, you are right, Sir John, but as I asked yesterday, who in Government or the Conservative Party is listening? The last few years have been the exact opposite of what you write. No one in Government is seriously trying to move the UK as you suggest. We are overtaxed, over-governed, over-regulated. Policies are being imposed like Net Zero, banning petrol/diesel cars, inefficient heat pumps, ULEZ, Civil service numbers are going up, not down, legal & illegal immigration is out of control, yet nobody in Government seems to want to get a grip. There is lots of talk but no effective action!
    Obviously, the PM, Chancellor, Cabinet Ministers & Conservative MPs are not listening to the voters, & have no desire to win the next General Election.

    1. glen cullen
      August 9, 2023

      If it walks like a capitalist & talks like a capitalist, nine times out of ten its a capitalist …not so with this government

    2. IanB
      August 9, 2023

      @Keith from Leeds – the Conservative Party were denied the right to choose a Conservative Government. Conservative campaign HQ denied them the opportunity. It will be interesting at the GE when the same people are asked to get out on the door and campaign, who would they be slaves to.

  55. Kenneth
    August 9, 2023

    When it comes to inequalities, competition is the great leveller.

    Unfortunately our socialist government/civil service have created non-markets or rigged markets which have eliminated much of the competition and created too much inequality (and lead to inefficiencies).

    1. Kenneth
      August 9, 2023

      This link shows that our civil service is emulating China-style inequality:

  56. Berkshire Alan
    August 9, 2023

    If you are starting a new business or becoming self employed for the first time then either you have earn’t that capital out of your past taxed income, or your investors have, or you borrow it, and that usually means you have to put your house on the line to get it.
    Thus it is a huge personal financial risk, and with todays taxation rates which are many and varied, and all of the Regulations you need to satisfy, Health and Safety, Public, Product, Third party, and Employees Liability insurance, Employment law, VAT, Business rates, National Insurance, Wages, Rent, Heat, Light and Power, etc, etc, you actually start to wonder if it is all worth the risk involved.

    1. glen cullen
      August 9, 2023

      …and at every step the council want to curtail your trade and government wants more net-zero compliance, it was difficult 20 years ago when I started a business, today its almost impossible

  57. hefner
    August 9, 2023

    O/T but useful to people travelling to France: 09/08/2023 ´Crit’Air: How France’s vehicle stickers work’.
    Please note 1/ this applies to any vehicle wherever they come from, and 2/ it costs €4.51 for a year. The site has pages in English.

    1. Berkshire Alan
      August 9, 2023

      Already got ours, but just to correct you, the cost of £4.00 covers the vehicle for it’s lifetime, not just a year.
      At least this French Scheme is honest, it is about clean air, and you are simply not allowed to pollute if you can afford it, unlike the differing regional ULEX schemes in the UK, which are simply about fund raising/taxation.

      1. hefner
        August 9, 2023

        BA, thanks for the correction.

  58. Everhopeful
    August 9, 2023

    I do hope some liberal leaders are doing their shopping in Oxford Street this afternoon.

  59. Margaret
    August 9, 2023

    It has been said by many that ownership including business ownership gives people a chance to have more respect in their ventures.To this end , a creative personality advantages society.I look at my local town and wonder why abandoned land has become a desolate eye sore in the centre .There are many sproutings of Buddlea Daviddi and grasses mixed in with plastic cartons and food papers.This could be classed as modern art representative of today’s lack of respect for nature , love of concrete and fools gold yet it ultimately works against nature and a more natural design In the centre , for instance making a feature of the shrubs planting a couple of trees and placing a bench encompasses nature and progress working together.we need thinkers, creative minds and eyes to become more generally prosperous.

  60. IanB
    August 9, 2023

    Incredible passion for freedom, real freedom and real democracy shown in the comments here today. Now we need a Government that can stand for those same freedoms.

  61. mancunius
    August 10, 2023

    Borrowing money from a bank and repaying it for 25 years is not ownership, and certainly not ‘freedom’. Particularly when – if living in a city – the property that is ‘owned’ is a leasehold property.
    The illusion of wealth after two and a half decades (when the property – having cost a multiple of its nominal value at ‘purchase’ – is finally owned) is based on little more than monetary inflation, and the illusion of freedom on no longer having to feed greedy bankers. Meantime, the stress of keeping buildings in repair (particularly stressful in this country) and coping with council and government regulations: this is the opposite of freedom.
    Nor is it ‘capitalism’ – it is rather what Hayek called ‘serfdom’.

    1. graham1946
      August 10, 2023

      Not quite. Buying freehold and being sensible (not trading up ever higher every few years, or using interest only loans) ) does eventually result in ownership and, most importantly, when paid off, in retirement you can actually retire fairly comfortably and even if necessary get some equity release if needed. If you retire and live for 20 years, think of all the wasted money saved on rent, and of course all the wasted money prior to retirement, all gone to buy someone else a house. For instance, my sister is in her seventies and has rented all her life, has nothing to show for it and continues working as her pension does not cover the rent. Governments must encourage ownership, or face big housing support on the welfare state in later life when working is impossible.

      1. mancunius
        August 11, 2023

        My point was about freedom and capitalism, not about making the least worst choices currently available. 25 years of debt slavery at the whim of inflation in the optimistic hope of a few years of subsequent release in old age is not freedom. A reliance on borrowing from banks who create money at will is not genuine capitalism. The picture has been skewed by the public sector, whose stability of continuous, well-salaried employment and location well suits the mortgage model, out of which the banks have made a lot of money.
        As to ‘buying a house’ – that was an option for our generation, way back when property was cheaper in relation to our income. Quite challenging now to buy in any decent area for any but the best-paid young professionals: and their families need to be wealthy enough to afford the large deposits.

  62. Lindsay McDougall
    August 10, 2023

    Indeed. And if the public sector is shelling out capital on HS2, on loss making railways, on free at the point of consumption health (and other) services, it has to keep taxes artificially high. This has resulted in less capital being available to private enterprise, the sector of the economy that can deliver on new export markets and import substitution.

  63. Ed M
    August 10, 2023

    Perhaps, 95% of young people today are capitalists (most young people today aspire to a comfortable living etc with high quality experience which they understand can only be achieved by working for it / earning money).

    Things are very different from the 1980’s. Socialism is dead. The question now for Conservatives is what type of capitalism do we want?

    However, many of these 95% of young people appear ‘left-wing’ when it comes to WOKE issues (gender issues and all that) and the environment. And so rather than focusing on socialism which is dead in the water, we need to focus on how to challenge WOKE values (without turning into ranting, red-faced gammons …) whilst also focus on how to embrace Green Tech and Tech in general, such as helping to establish the UK as Europe’s Silicon Valley, as a way of boosting our economy.

  64. Linda Brown
    August 14, 2023

    Totally agree with your comments. However, the one thing holding us back is welfare payments. These need to be phased out as they encourage laziness and reliance on others to do the work for you. Nothing like doing something you do not like and finding out you actually have enjoyed it! I have had this happen to me on many occasions, eg filing in the office … ugh!

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