Visit to Barclays Bank in Bradbury Centre Wokingham

I recently visited the centre and spoke to the Barclays staff member present. I renewed the  case for Wokingham based arrangements for banking services in person. I was told few people are visiting the Bradbury facility, which is mainly designed to offer help for those who have had problems accessing services on line. Barclays does not offer paying in or cash withdrawal services at the Centre.


  1. John Holloway
    September 22, 2023

    No wonder not many people are using Bradbury centre if it doesn’t offer paying-in or cash withdrawl services! Typical Barclays.

  2. Joan Sawyers
    September 22, 2023

    No I tried to pay my Barclaycard there and the very pleasant lady said she couldn’t take cheques, she could go on line and use my Lloyds debit card, so my husband went to Lloyds and paid by cheque over the counter. O.k. until they also close.

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