Visit to Maiden Erlegh School autism hub

I was pleased to attend the opening of the new unit at Maiden Erlegh School on 29th September. The new unit offer staff and pupils a great new space for their activities and reflects the effort Maiden Erlegh puts into offering a good service and plenty of support for pupils with additional needs. I wish them all well in the new Centre as the school  expands, offering a good education to more pupils.

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  1. Peter D Gardner
    October 9, 2023

    I have recently been helping a young dyslexic girl to learn to play the piano. Her teacher seemd to have no understanding of dyslexia and she was therefore making no progress at all. The solution was fairly obvious to me even though I am neither a teacher nor professional pianist but seemingly beyond his comprehension or willingness. I was very surprised also to find that for her common entrance exam there is no provision to help pupils with this disability. Thanks to the support of her parents (one a GP) she passed (except for comprehension of a written text – wow, what a stupid test of someone with dyslexia!) and is just now starting a new grammar school. I have no idea what she will be when she grows up but she is intelligent, willing, of a bright disposition and hard working. She would be on the scrap heap but for more specialised help in her education. UK needs all the talent it can get yet it seems not to be very good at investing in its human capital. You can always hire someone from overseas for whose education, training and development someone else has paid. This is very short sighted of UK governments.

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