More money for Wokingham Borough

One of the many pots of cash for local government that Wokingham Borough is keen to raid is the Active travel fund. This is money for cycling and walking that government gives for plans and priorities of the Council”s own choosing. The Lib Dem Council choose badly, favouring schemes which make driving to work, school and the shops increasingly difficult.

In 2022-3 the Council spent £636,000 from these grants, and is negotiating for much more again this year and next. To make better use of these funds they should come up with helpful and popular schemes instead of using the money to attack drivers. It is yet more evidence too that they are in denial about how much the government sends them, always pleading poverty.

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  1. Alan Simpson
    January 26, 2024

    to support your point – I am in debate with Ian Bellinger (Head of Planning Policy) of WBC over the much talked about and long overdue cycle and pathway connecting Charvil and Twyford railway station (triggered by the appalling car park situation) – this is the current WBC view “The preparation of the emerging new local transport plan has involved engagement with parish councils. The new plan identifies an ambition to deliver a new pedestrian and cycling route between Charvil and Twyford station. The achievement of this would also benefit residents of Woodley. Unfortunately, we were not successful in a recent bid for government funding to deliver this, but it remains an ambition.” at least it is in the LTP but only as an ambition !!!!!!

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