My Intervention on the Windsor Framework motion 1 – VAT

John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con):

If the Chancellor of the Exchequer wishes to lower the VAT rate or to take something out of VAT altogether, will that be a good law for Northern Ireland as well as for the rest of the UK, and can we now set taxes for the whole country?

Chris Heaton-Harris (Secretary of State for Northern Ireland):

On the example my right hon. Friend has given of VAT, that has just been done for a number of different things. I believe the latest one was solar panels, but I will check with those in the Box. There are various other products, and I will get an answer for my right hon. Friend. But, yes, is the answer for VAT, and also for tax.

The regulations address the concerns that have been expressed in parts of the Unionist community in Northern Ireland that its status has been diminished. Let me say from the outset of our discussions that what the Government wanted and the Democratic Unionist party wanted, and which we had, was our shared determination to strengthen our Union.


  1. Old Albion
    February 3, 2024

    Does this mean VAT can now be removed from domestic energy bills?

    1. Hope
      February 3, 2024

      I am still very unclear why idiotic Cameron leant RoI billions after the financial crash to stop its bank going bust. It curried no favours in return-ever! UK provides air security for RoI. A special deal on fishing etc etc. What does UK get back in return for all these favours?

      Stop buying RoI farmer produce, buy from UK or other parts of the world.

  2. agricola
    February 3, 2024

    Work on the premis that NI is part of the UK so what we do to VAT in the UK is law in NI. End of story, and no longer a concern for the EU. If citizens cross borders to buy advantageously accept that it has always been so and get on with life.

  3. Bloke
    February 3, 2024

    Why not take VAT out completely and replace it with a tax that the UK decides suits itself instead of keeping some nuisance remnant from the EU?

  4. glen cullen
    February 3, 2024

    A better question ”would we ever see a time when there are 2 different VAT rates across the UK”

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