More money for Wokingham Borough in 2023-24

Settlement Funding Assessment       £ million 14.8
Compensation for under-indexing the business rates multiplier                                     £ million 2.5
Council Tax Requirement excluding parish precepts                                                   £ million 134.2
Improved Better Care Fund                £ million 0.5
New Homes Bonus                               £ million 1.9
Social Care Grant3                                       £  million 5.4
ASC Market Sustainability and Improvement Fund4                                                                  £ million 0.9
ASC Discharge Fund                             £  million 0.1
Services Grant5                                              £  million 0.6
Funding Guarantee                               £  million 1.1
Core Spending Power                    £  million 161.9

These additional figures summarise some of the various grants Wokingham Borough is getting this year. It does not include the large grant for schools or the funds for special purposes like transport and roads.  It reminds us that there is a grant for social care, a grant for discharge from hospital, and  a Better Care fund grant in response to lobbying for more money for social care beyond the general resources. It also sets out the funding guarantee top up and compensation for business rates as well as the main funding settlement spending capacity.


  1. Bloke
    February 5, 2024

    Local funds should be raised locally from those who live locally. Then they can decide how to spend it and share the benefits of what they contribute. National government should confine its expenditure to national issues instead of using monetary leverage to interfere like the EU does, pretending to be the donor: at someone else’s expense.

  2. Berkshire Alan
    February 6, 2024

    Just like the previous posting why so many different categories, why not a simple lump sum and let the Council decide their own priorities and where it goes, just imagine trying to keep track with all of these separate budgets, must cost a fortune in itself apart from the we must spend it or lose it attitude.
    As said many times before, I do not think local Authorities should fund Social Care, that should be covered by Central Government with the same rules applying Nationwide.

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