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  1. Bloke
    February 13, 2024

    Reaching a wider audience with sensible ideas helps deliver better information for voters to judge and decide what to do. A cloth-eared Chancellor may choose to act differently until his power to decide is removed.

  2. Bloke
    February 13, 2024

    Comments on GB News website about the PM’s show ‘answers’ to his studio audience questions last night were near-universally scathing. His waffle destroyed far more voter support than his participation was intended to gain.
    A budget with issues he claims to support is likely to receive similar disgust.

    1. glen cullen
      February 13, 2024

      As Sunak said on the show, ”Labour are worse ….if you don’t vote for us you’ll get Labour” and thats his campaign message

  3. glen cullen
    February 13, 2024

    It doesn’t matter what budget your party/government produces, as it will be a handover budget …its too late …its just too late you don’t have any conservative policies

  4. Paula
    February 13, 2024

    If it doesn’t include mass immigration (the death of your party) then it’s for the fairies.

    1. glen cullen
      February 13, 2024

      Stopping illegal immigration and reducing legal migration is an issue ….but the biggest problem is that we can’t send any back !

  5. Ian B
    February 13, 2024

    “Former Conservative voters refusing to commit to Conservatives again” quite correct but it is not as suggested.
    Those in Government that suggest they are Conservatives keep demonstrating they are anything and everything – but!
    Conservative don’t run big States, Conservatives always control spending. Conservatives do not peruse as a policy big taxes and big borrowing, because they control spending. Conservatives defend all beliefs, they do not single out one sector or another for very special consideration – equality is just that, something built into every one, it is not about this Conservative party’s active positive discrimination just to send a ‘signal of virtue’. Conservatives do not dictate and manipulate, thoughts and for the most part don’t tell others how to live, but appreciate how the hot pot mixture that is a human being makes things better for all.
    Reverse all of the above collection and you get Socialism, then reflect on everything that this Conservative Government peruses and you get Socialism. There is no way back for this strange sort of pretend leadership, the have deserted every notion of being Conservative, they have deserted ALL of the Conservatives in this Country. So, it is not the voter that is refusing to commit to the Conservatives, it is those that have stolen control that have deserted all the good Conservatives in this Country.
    A tax cut here or there will not make one iota of difference, it will be seen as what it is ‘bribing’ the voter with their own money. It is now left to the voter to do what the Conservative Party, CCHQ refuse to do.

  6. Ian B
    February 13, 2024

    “They recognise they need to curb migration” A pledge made time and time again in the last 14 years, The reneged on by their lazy management style

  7. Ian B
    February 13, 2024

    “The government understand that winning people back is above all about the economy.” Do they? All the actions are the complete reverse, the increases in taxes and borrowing have caused the very inflation that is fighting against the UK. Just in terms of ‘fiscal drag’ the Sunak/Hunt duo will create a greater burden than the BoE has done on its own.
    This Conservative Government is still behind and in support of the way the BoE, the Treasury is run – the UKs problems all stem from their failure to manage

    1. oldwulf
      February 13, 2024

      @Ian B

      “The government understand that winning people back is above all about the economy.”

      I do not believe it is “all about the economy”
      I believe that of at least equal importance, is getting rid of the unelected Prime Minister

      1. formula57
        February 13, 2024

        @ oldwulf – does anyone really seriously care how Mr. Sunak came to be appointed when we all know it was within the rules? Ousting him for his own record may indeed drive some alongside those whose British constitutional law expertise rests upon their watching of The West Wing but no-one else, surely?

        1. oldwulf
          February 14, 2024

          Hi formula57

          The Conservative Party members rejected Sunak … but by hook or by crook, he got the job anyway.

          As a former Conservative Party member I
          “…..seriously care how Mr. Sunak came to be appointed ..”

          Having said that, I might have been converted had he been a Conservative Prime Minister.

          1. formula57
            February 14, 2024

            @ oldwulf – understood, although to make clear the UK constitution was not violated he might then be described as an unelected party leader (although the party’s MPs voted for him and the rules did not require a members’ vote).

    2. oldwulf
      February 14, 2024


      Thank you.

      I did not intend to imply that rules had been broken …… merely that that, perhaps, the rules were abused 😁

  8. Ian B
    February 13, 2024

    “Since 2010 have created 800 extra jobs every day they have been in office” we are expected to consider this Conservative Government as being capable ‘managing’? How many of these jobs are real jobs, how many of these jobs should have been privatised? How many of these jobs are just ‘woke’ virtue signalling?
    We now have MOD Staffing level that is greater than the Army’s own front-line forces.
    What happened to the small State the bonfire of the Quangos?
    Which ever way you shake it out this is NOT a Conservative Government. This is not a Conservative Government that grasps the need to ‘manage’ – That is the fault line.

    1. Ian B
      February 13, 2024

      “There is around a £30bn extra cost to deliver the same things as in 2019 before allowing for all the extra costs of inflation on top. Where is the stop to all external recruitment into the civil service and administration of other public services to start winning back lost productivity? Why has the explosion of managers and Directors in the public sector resulted in so much worse productivity?”
      Sir John – on and on we get this failure to even consider managing the basics – but they will tax, will borrow, will hit the media with another ‘green’ virtue signal, another discriminatory ‘woke’ virtue signal. What they refuse is being Conservative and quietly managing.

  9. Lifelogic
    February 13, 2024

    Horrendous reports of inept Army Recruitment obsessed with diversity over ability on Farage GBNews last night. I do not blame Capita they are just trying to make a fortune it is the Tory government and MoD who chose them instructed them on the diversity lunacy.

    Later on in the programme Mogg and Farage agree that Sunak is “very, very intelligent”. I am not convinced of this myself. But if they are right then when Sunak says very stupid and wrong things like “The economy has improved so we have been able to cut taxes” (when the economy is in a mess and taxes are still rising) and “let me be unequivocal, from this despatch box, that the Covid vaccines are safe” when they have been a medical disaster about 1,000+ times worse than the blood contamination scandal and he pushes ahead with the insanity of ever higher taxes, HS2 and the mad rip off energy net zero religion, closing Port Talbot and even says “we will win the general election”… then he must surely be lying as no one even reasonable intelligent would possible think these things?

  10. iain gill
    February 14, 2024

    I see Cameron is organising lots of sick people from Gaza be moved to the UK to be treated on the NHS.

    Like the NHS has plenty of spare capacity, and no waits, and no need of any money to spend on any improvements.

    And the track record of actually sending people home after such largess is poor, they will end up here forever, and of course we don’t have an immigration problem.

    Probably they will all get Nobel peace prizes, get to stay here forever, just like a certain violence victim allowed to come here and bypass all the NHS waiting lists, and waiting lists for the best schools, at Mr Browns say so. Given a grand lifestyle “campaigning”, undreamt of by the British working class they have queue jumped over the heads of.

    The government may as well put up flags telling people not to vote for it.

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