Wokingham Borough digs a bigger hole over California Crossroads

The Lib Dem Councillors got the Borough to send out a “News release” to tell us what we already know, that the Crossroads are badly disrupted by roadworks they have imposed.Ā  The “news” they say is that the work is “on track”. Does that mean it will finish on time? What is the promised date to get the roads back? When will the nearby estates be spared the rat runs through to avoid the junction? How much are they spending on all the signs, traffic cones and temporary traffic lights that have sprung up?Ā  Is it on budget, large though that is, or will it overrun? This is a junction to the south of my current constituency used by my constituentsĀ  that comes into the new constituency of Wokingham at the next election.

We are told these improvements come “at no cost to local taxpayers”. Is the Council unaware that Borough taxpayers pay a lot of Income Tax and VAT and this money is being used to pay for these works? The Council designed and approvedĀ  the scheme despite local oppositi0n. The government provides grant from taxation for schemes Councils choose and undertake and does not seek to impose its own alternative view of what is wanted. This is part of the local road network, not part of national highways run by the government.Ā  Ā They revealĀ  a wanton approach to tax revenues in this throw away line.

It says the work will create “an appealing and safe centre “. We already had an appealing and safe centre before they dug it all up. The long works are doing grave damage to local businesses which many people have used in the past but now cannot get to owing to closed roads. The Council has failed to help or reimburse these important local businesses. Locals want to keep them and many need cars to get to them.

If instead of ignoring the consultation replies against the scheme the Council had been interested in how existing users would like improvements the number one ask would probably have been a larger car park. The present car park before road closures could just about handle the shops traffic, but could not handle all the cars needing access to the school at drop off or pick up times of day as well. The Council clearly ignores the needs of parents or believes they should all walk with theirĀ  children whatever the weather and the distance.

I have often used these shops and garage as a driver and as a pedestrian after parking. Cars went through the old junction at a slow speed so if anyone stepped onto the road to cross the car would stop. The junction allowed the flow of a large number of vehicles safely and successfully. The Councillor says this was “an unloved road junction, which has been dominated by traffic”. It was far from being unloved as the high volumes of car and pedestrian use and use of the shops and school showed. The Councillor implies that the new junction will take less traffic. If so it will make the local facilities less loved with fewer visitors and mean fewer people to keep them going.


  1. Bloke
    March 21, 2024

    ā€œOn trackā€ might mean it leads to somewhere in Wokingham instead of California as originally estimated.
    Lib Dems take liberties in being careless with other peopleā€™s interests and money.

  2. Margaret Campbell-White
    March 21, 2024

    This should all be going out to every resident in Wokingham. We are getting inundated with orange pamphlets making outrageous claims that Lib Dems are going to solve all our problem without saying how.

  3. Kayla
    March 21, 2024

    Maybe now people will wake up and realise that the Liberal Democrats should not be in office.

  4. George
    March 21, 2024

    Lib dems are in because local people voted for them democracy

    1. Berkshire Alan
      March 22, 2024

      Indeed that is true, but no real surprise given they flood every household with LibDem propaganda, both on line and with leaflets.
      They are certainly better by far than the Conservatives with self Promotion, and blaming everyone else for life’s problems.
      JR Doing his best with this excellent Website, but unfortunately few of the local population even aware of it.
      I often wonder who is paying for all of this LibDem promotion, as it must be costing them a fortune. ?

      1. Cliff. Wokingham
        March 23, 2024

        You are dead right about the amount of LidDem propaganda coming at us locally from all directions. It must be costing a fortune. What surprises me about it is that, so much of it is very personal and attacks Sir John, rather than attacking policies.
        I noticed that on one of the many flyers it stated that recycling levels were up, and I have concluded that all across the borough, people are doing what I am doing and putting all the LibDems flyers straight into the green bag.

        1. Berkshire Alan
          March 23, 2024

          Cliff indeed, the proposed LibDem Candidate for the next General Election has been promoting himself as the opposition to JR, with some very personal attacks on him for at least 6 months now, in virtually every LibDem leaflet distributed, and before an election date is even known.
          Thought there were rules, timescales, and costs about electioneering, and with General elections particular. But if so it seems they are not being enforced or are effective, as the mud slinging continues and will probably last until the General Election result is known.

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