Visit to Luckley House school

On Friday 22 March I accepted an invitation to speak to the Six Form Politics and history students and staff at Luckley House.

As the only speaker I kept off current UK party politics in its pre election period. I gave them a talk about the US and European elections setting out the  main views of the different parties and groupings and discussing the constitutional background in a balanced way. I was asked some interesting questions about the usefulness of historical understanding in modern politics, about how the  machinery of government worked with advisers and electorates seeking to influence outcomes, and about the role of independent bodies .


  1. Keith Murray-Jenkins
    March 25, 2024

    I wish I remembered what you said in total, Sir John. Any chance of having it in front of us when we decide…or it’s decided on us…to comment. All I know is the following: That you take a lot of time and trouble to go to these schools and the rest and say your bit and do your bit. And how ‘noble’ it is of you to do so. Yet to you – and people like you – it’s hardly noble. It’s just ‘what ye do’. And Bravo, Sir John. You bother yourself. You take the trouble. You put yourself out in this way. If not in this way, then it’s another. How lucky the people of Wokingham are. And they have learnt what it is to have a MP who ‘does his job’. Does a good job too. Does his best for all concerned. Your constituency makes so many envious. (Well, it would if they knew what ye do). May we get lucky. Who get lucky? Constituencies around the country. People in those constituencies. This is who. Keep on keeping on, Sir John. (A big please…).

  2. Bloke
    March 25, 2024

    Personal contact with the Oracle is probably the highest point the students can reach in understanding their subject, shaping relevant plans for their future working for further success.

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