The World Health Organisation

I have called for the UK to refuse to sign a new WHO Treaty. They want us to give away powers to combat a future epidemic. They want rights to part of our output and stocks of medicines, vaccines and health supplies. Their power grab is unlikely to end there. If we sign then in future we could be circumscribed in how we responded to a health crisis. There would be lawyers controlling what government and the NHS could do.

There also needs to be a proper public enquiry into how the WHO responded to covid.  Where did the virus come  from? Why did it take so long to find which existing drugs could help?  Why were lockdowns so long and how much other damage did they do? Why were WHO numbers on deaths and cases based on different definitions and collection systems by different countries yet published as if comparable?


  1. Mark B
    April 30, 2024

    Good morning.

    Bodies such as the WHO and the UN in general should be advisory only. This is because, as we have seen with the EU, not all nations are the same, even ones closest geographically. Some nations have different healthcare needs based on the environmental conditions of that nation. They do not have unlimited resources to cope with one major disease and maintain the same levels for others. Witness what has happened here in the UK when, once all screening for other illnesses was stopped or curtailed due to lockdowns, these other illnesses have come back with avengence.

    There is also another dynamic. Who pays the piper gets to call the tune and, if an unfriendly government has undue influence in the WHO then such influence could be used negatively to undermine its economy. This we have not just seen, but are victims of it.

    1. Everhopeful
      April 30, 2024

      IMO such bodies should not be.
      End of.

      1. MFD
        April 30, 2024


    2. Peter Wood
      April 30, 2024

      Points well made; there is NO pressing cause to outsource our national management of healthcare to a trans-national body.
      I see this issue as a test for our national manager, will he go with the international, supra-governmental bodies, or will he take responsibility for and retain the freedom to act in our best interests.

    3. BOF
      April 30, 2024

      Mark B
      Not only government funding, but one of the largest contributions to WHO comes from a well know trust fund!

    4. Hat man
      April 30, 2024

      It’s worth checking out what the Director of the WHO Collaborating Center on National and Global Health Law, Lawrence Gostin, had to say last year about WHO funding. Because of the way donations are earmarked for specific projects, it has full control over only about a quarter of its budget, he said. Consequently, it “has had to do the bidding of rich donors, not only rich nations in Europe and North America, but also rich philanthropies such as the Gates Foundation”. And who pays the piper does indeed call the tune, as Mark B says.

    5. Bloke
      April 30, 2024

      International organisations can advise. Opinions vary. Sovereign nations can decide.

  2. Gordon Bray
    April 30, 2024

    And here we go again! We were told we have to get out of the EU to be free. Then the ECHR. Now the WHO. You are obsessed with finding scapegoats for 14 years of Conservative failure

    1. Bloke
      April 30, 2024

      Being free and having choice is better.

      1. glen cullen
        April 30, 2024

        Every time

    2. Wanderer
      April 30, 2024

      @Gordon Bray. At least our host voted against joining the WHO treaty. Good for him! So many others in parliament would welcome it.

      14 years of Tory rule have been a serious disappointment, they deserve to be throw into the wilderness at the next election never to return…but it could have been even worse, without a handful of conservative Conservatives in parliament.

      1. Mickey Taking
        May 1, 2024

        Brown and then Tories – lucky dip? Every one a winner?

      2. ChrisS
        May 1, 2024

        I agree that the lot running the government deserve to be thrown out BUT :

        Labour would be far, far worse.
        If we lose at the GE we will have at least a chance of getting rid of the “One Nation” Tories while in opposition, and going back to a proper Thatcherite Conservative Party ready to pick up the pieces after Starmer and Ginge screw up.
        Those continually posting “vote Reform” fail to appreciate that changing the Conservative Party is going to be much, much easier than trying to get Reform into a position where it can win an election. For a start, the constituency parties in the country are not of the “One Nation” faction.
        The first step needs to be to pursuade Nigel Farage to return to the Conservative party. Put him in the Lords and give him the role of Chairman.

    3. Walt
      April 30, 2024

      With respects, Gordon Bray, either you misunderstand or you wilfully misrepresent the issue here. I hope it is the former. Those who voted for Brexit did not want to be goverened by foreign officials in countries not our own, preferring to be goverened by our elected MPs in our parliament in our capital city. The same applies to the ECHR and to the WHO, to which latter we are not yet subject but the new treaty would make us so.

    4. Bryan Harris
      April 30, 2024

      What an incredibly mis-thought comment – read the alternative press to find out what a danger the WHO is, as well as other international quangos.

  3. Javelin
    April 30, 2024

    The WHO treaty is YET another major policy that the public didn’t vote for.

    Why has this ENTIRE Conservative sequence of terms been not only dominated by policies the public didn’t vote for and wouldn’t have voted for, but also EVERY ONE proven a political disaster from lockdowns, mass migration treaty, netzero, electric cars, heat pumps, hate speech, trans rights, DEI etc etc

    What on earth is going on ?!?

    At least this proves populist democracy is the best form Government.

    1. Everhopeful
      April 30, 2024

      Mucking around with the selection procedure did not help.
      The selected Libdems disguised as tories could not help but sign up to every woke global “treaty”.
      And Blair had created so many ( constitutional? ) bear traps that you’d have needed a true Churchill ( not a pound shop one) to cut through all the cr*p.
      And throughout…we have been lied to monstrously and undemocratically.

    2. Donna
      April 30, 2024

      Careful …. you might become a convert to “Conspiracy Theories.” (The timescale for a Conspiracy Theory turning into policy appears to have reduced to about 6 months.)

    3. glen cullen
      April 30, 2024

      Spot On Javelin ….and don’t forget the billions wasted on track’n trace, bank of england bail out and HS2 ….safe in their hands, my arse

      1. Mickey Taking
        May 1, 2024

        should be renamed ‘track and fleece’.

  4. Sakara Gold
    April 30, 2024

    On this one Sir John has my wholehearted support. The global response – and particularly that here in the UK – was a complete shambles. The WHO should have no more control over matters that concern us than the EU

    The effectiveness of the lockdowns, their timing and the rushing into use of experimental vaccines before adequate testing is a matter for the various inquiries, yet to report

    1. R.Grange
      April 30, 2024

      Do you seriously expect Hallett inquiry to report anything other than that the government didn’t lock down long enough or soon enough, SG? The way its terms of reference are set up (‘lessons for government in future’) biases the outcome in favour of calling for more government action next time the WHO declares a pandemic. The idea that a respiratory virus outbreak can be handled better by letting individuals take better care of themselves, and deciding for themselves what medical interventions they might want to take, is not on the table. It’s got to be more big government.

    2. Lemming
      April 30, 2024

      The WHO would have no control over us under this Treaty. You are – again, yet again – being distracted to think the problems our country faces come from abroad, when they come from more than 14 years of Tory mis-rule. Don’t fall for it

    3. Bloke
      April 30, 2024

      If the WHO is contaminated with idiocy and restrictive methods to regaining health, signing to accept being controlled by such risks is a dire prognosis. Alternative sources are available; even snake oil salesmen.

    4. IanT
      April 30, 2024

      More than happy to agree with you on this SG.

  5. Lifelogic
    April 30, 2024

    “THE NHS will today declare that sex is a matter of biology, in a significant shift against gender ideology.” Reported in the Telegraph today. So why on earth would the UK’s healthcare provider, that surely should be based on good and sound science, ever have thought and pushed for anything else & at great expense no doubt?

    Then again we have this government pushing the total insanity of net zero, thinking open door low skilled immigration is good for the economy, hiring vast numbers of diversity offices and running diversity over ability recruiting systems and still even claiming that the Covid Vaccines were “unequivocally” safe. Still pushing them into people too.

    1. glen cullen
      April 30, 2024

      What happened too ”follow the science”

      1. Lifelogic
        April 30, 2024

        Indeed still some encouraging news on following real science:-

        “Net zero policies risk crushing British businesses if imposed in the wrong way, the Energy Secretary will say on today. Claire Coutinho is set to warn against a green “leviathan of central planning” and argue that it should be the free market, instead of the state, that drives progress towards climate goals.”

        So Clare (who almost has a sensible degree with some maths in it) what is the “right” way? The wrong way is surely what we have suffered for 20+ years under mad Labour, Conservatives and Libdim coalitions. The right way (as I suspect she realises) it to ditch the whole net zero agenda and go for cheap reliable & on demand energy.

        As the market would do. A bit more CO2 plant food is a net good anyway certainly not pollution. We have a dearth of CO2 currently – in historic terms.

        Some Lord something or other a pollster on Talk Radio saying we should not ditch Sunak after the election. Why not? It clearly will not help very much – but absolutely nothing left to lose. A stuffed teddy in a T shirt saying we will ditch net zero, cut taxes and stop all immigration would do way better than Sunak!

        1. Lifelogic
          April 30, 2024

          Lord Hayward?

      2. Narrow Shoulders
        April 30, 2024

        It became follow my science

        1. glen cullen
          April 30, 2024


      3. Mickey Taking
        May 1, 2024

        sometimes what is called science is ‘hocus-pocus’.

    2. Dave Andrews
      April 30, 2024

      Diversity officers are needed because of the Equality Act. That needs changing, as well as resetting the judiciary’s compass.

  6. Peter
    April 30, 2024

    Well it certainly sounds as though this proposed treaty is yet another attack on the nation state. Many politicians seem happy to hand over control to various external organisations now. So I wonder how much resistance there will be.

    The second paragraph seems to invite the sort of discussions that might be described as conspiracy theories. I am not sure where or how you draw the line on this topic.

    1. Clough
      April 30, 2024

      I read Sir John’s second paragraph to say that the WHO did not do a very good job on Covid, so we should not be willing to give them more power over us, as his first paragraph says.

      The fact is that a lot of very reasonable questions about the handling of the Covid business have been left unanswered.

    2. IanT
      April 30, 2024

      Yes, I agree Peter. Ultimately, our population has to come first. When we have done sufficient to protect ourselves, then of course we can try to help others. But to submit to an outside authority in these matters is completely insane, as we have no idea what we might face in the future. Does anyone really beleive that other nations (such as China and the US) will give up vital medicines if their own citizens are in dire need. Get real for goodness sake

    3. Diane
      April 30, 2024

      Peter : Handing over control. We have been told repeatedly our leaders will not do that but actual trust on most things is at an all time low as we know. I support Sir John’s stance on this.
      There was a petition to parliament last year – Petition number 635904 ( closed 03/10/23 with 116.391 ‘signatures’ gathered ) where the UKG’s initial response can be seen on the official website. Also I noticed an article on 30/3/24 by Cabinet Minister Esther McVey in the Daily Telegraph on the subject of this treaty & its amendments which have been under negotiation, perhaps recognising that many people are not comfortable with all this. ( DT piece was ‘Minister pledges UK will ‘never’ sign away pandemic authority’ ) A few snippets:
      “A transfer of powers was not on the cards”
      ” … said Britain will not agree to anything that cedes sovereignty in ongoing negotiations over a World Health Organisation (WHO) ‘pandemic treaty’ … ”
      …. “My ministerial colleagues and I would never give any such powers to any organisation, including the WHO…”

  7. Lifelogic
    April 30, 2024

    When will this signing happen? I have heard nothing much from the Government on the topic, which suggests they appallingly intend to quietly sign up.

    1. BOF
      April 30, 2024

      Yes LL, a reply from my MP confirms this and says that it will NOT affect UK sovereignty! I replied that we appeared to have different interpretations of the English language.

      1. Lifelogic
        April 30, 2024

        Your MP is more likely just to be “unequivocally lying”. Just as Ted Heath did on the “Common Market”. Ask him if, like Sunak, he thinks the Covid Vaccines were & are “unequivocally safe” or that they have cut taxes, stopped the boats, grown the economy, cut NHS waiting list and reduced the government debt?

  8. David Andrews
    April 30, 2024


  9. David Andrews
    April 30, 2024

    I agree.

  10. Lifelogic
    April 30, 2024

    “a proper public enquiry into how the WHO responded to covid.”

    We know already how appalling and dishonest they were. A public enquiry like the £ multi millions sick joke Covid Enquiry we have currently (under the unimpressive Heather Hallett) does not inspire confidence. Sensible people have already concluded Covid came from a lab “leak?” after idiotic gain of function experimentation, and that the lockdowns and vaccines did far more harm than good. In health terms and economic terms (which also has huge secondary health impacts).

    1. Lifelogic
      April 30, 2024

      Lord Victor Adebowale Chair of the NHS Confederation on Question Time thinks 2 million people have “long Covid”, so where does he get this figure from? Does he perhaps mean long “Covid Vaccine” injury perhaps which seems to be the far larger problem. Certainly very many people are on waiting lists for NHS operations despite the vast sums pushed at the NHS.

  11. Lifelogic
    April 30, 2024

    Chris Philp on Question Time says that since Covid we have 850,000 more people on long term sick. Surely a damning inditement of the mad policies followed Cameron, May, Boris and Sunak Governments – net zero insanity, vastly high taxes, vast over regulation, vast government waste, v. poor healthcare, incompetent & grossly negligent, Covid handling, vast benefit fraud, few net incentives to work for many…

  12. Rod Evans
    April 30, 2024

    Good to hear you have rejected the demand from the globalist focused WHO to control our freedoms Sir John.
    I noticed my comment yesterday did not get past the moderator, stuck there all day for some reason?
    Oh well, freedom of speech comes in many forms as does freedom to act. The WHO and the UN via such agencies is attempting to use world wide treaties to block our freedoms.
    I am glad you are alive to that.

  13. MPC
    April 30, 2024

    Of course Sunak will sign it, it’s what he does. It doesn’t mean we have to comply with any behavioural mandates stemming from the treaty. We’d all have strong grounds for a breach in our human rights, especially if the treaty is not mandated via a new act of parliament.

  14. Jude
    April 30, 2024

    WHO are no longer working for the good of the people across the world. They are now a political body run by unelected non scientific personnel. This power grab as you quite rightly state is way above their remit. This agreement is totally unacceptable & WHO elites removed from posts. It’s time for the globalists to be silenced.

  15. Linda Brown
    April 30, 2024

    Quite right to disagree with this taking away of our rights to deal with pandemics in our own country. These people will just not stop trying to make this a global elite who dictate everything about our lives. We need to complete Brexit and act on it by not being half in and half out as seems to be the case at present. When you know that Ursula’s husband is high up in one of the COVID jab firms you know where this is coming from. Needs stopping right now.

  16. Jazz
    April 30, 2024

    Please win this one Sir John

  17. Donna
    April 30, 2024

    I’m glad you will be opposing the proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty, but that is only part of the problem. The other is their planned changes to the International Health Regulations: they too must be opposed. The WHO has missed its own legal deadline for changing the Regulations, but wants to proceed regardless. They must be stopped.

    IHR Working Group members are attempting to “bend the rules to the point of breaking them” in order to throw overboard the four-month requirement—which can only be achieved if the IHR regulations are ready for review in January 2024, four months before the May 2024 (77th) World Health Assembly. The four month period (between January and May 2024) is for public comment and comprehension.

    It is extremely concerning that several individuals who supported and participated in the Covid Tyranny in the UK have now transferred to the WHO: Jeremy Ferrar and the Communist Behavioural Psychologist Susan Michie, both former members of SAGE, to name just two. It doesn’t inspire confidence that the WHO will perform better “next time.”

    Sir John, on the question of the Genetically Modified Organisms marketed as vaccines, I too am not medically qualified. But I have found that watching Dr John Campbell’s almost daily podcasts on YouTube has educated me very effectively. I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the implications of Covid policy, including the jabs.

  18. Mike Wilson
    April 30, 2024

    When we have another global pandemic, who is going to manage things? In terms of survival – having enough food to eat – we are dependent on importing food. If global trade has to stop, because of a more serious pandemic than Covid 19, we are going to be in a right pickle. Surely we need some organisation to manage things.

    And I know Mr. Redwood thinks the Covid 19 vaccination is behind us, but I would like to see someone with authority investigate the new mRNA vaccines – as, clearly, the Covid 19 mRNA vaccines (may ed) have done ……….damage.

  19. Narrow Shoulders
    April 30, 2024

    I would have hoped that our civil service and government had learnt from our experience with the EU and the asylum treaties not to sign up to binding international treaties that sign away our ability to react.

  20. Donna
    April 30, 2024

    “Why did it take so long to find which existing drugs could help?”

    It didn’t take long, Sir John. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, both of which have been used safely for decades, were identified by experienced medical practitioners very quickly. But in order for a new medical treatment to be given Experimental Authorisation there must be no pre-existing treatments available. So information about them was suppressed by Big Tech and their use was prevented in the western, heavily jabbed, countries.

    India, which produces Ivermectin, did not jab its population.

    1. Cynic
      April 30, 2024

      Spot on, Donna, and our much touted human rights disappeared like a puff of smoke.

    2. Iago
      April 30, 2024

      The use of Ivermectin is still in reality prevented in the UK.
      There is from elsewhere evidence that it can counter the endless diseases caused by the covid 19 vaccine – let me emphasize that, diseases caused by the vaccine, not by the covid 19 virus which might not have existed except partially or indirectly as the spike protein produced by the mRNA in the vaccine vials.

    3. hefner
      April 30, 2024

      As of March 2023, India has administered 2.2 bn doses of COVID vaccines.

      At the end of October 2021, 95% of the population (12years old and older) had got one dose, 88% two doses., 29/10/2021.

  21. Sea_Warrior
    April 30, 2024

    Good. I’d suggest that Sunak makes a stand on this issue. It would be a vote-winner and places Starmer in a bad position.

  22. James1
    April 30, 2024

    “There also needs to be a proper public enquiry into how the WHO responded to covid.”

    There certainly does. The Hallett enquiry that is currently running appears to be little short of a shambles, with the main participants asking the wrong questions to further preconceived notions of “ nothing to see here gov, move on”

  23. Ian B
    April 30, 2024

    Sir John
    You have my support on that.
    The UN is a talking shop, that’s all it was intended to be, a place for people to talk in hope of reducing conflict. For the organisation to assume some sort of global power recognition for which it has no legitimate democratic over-site to even propose such things is – they have over reached themselves. Once more bureaucrats are wanting to rule the World and build personal empires.

  24. Ian B
    April 30, 2024

    The above includes the UN’s illegitimate child the WHO

  25. glen cullen
    April 30, 2024

    Behind everyones back, without a manifesto nor referendum, this tory government signed the UN global compact for migration in 2016 …you have form, no doubt the UN WHO treaty will be signed, without asking the people

  26. Stred
    April 30, 2024

    Thank goodness Sweden was not under WHO control and they avoided lockdown. Without the US refusal states and Sweden we could have been fooled into believing that it worked. It seems that this will be the incredibly expensive conclusion of the Hallet Inquiry. Any other opinions is quickly shut down.
    Nearly all Labour MPs are globalists and favour signing up for WHO control. Only Graham Stringer is his usual sensible self.

  27. Original Richard
    April 30, 2024

    Are the Government able to sign us up to this WHO Treaty without even a vote in Parliament, let alone a referendum?

    AS PM May did for the UN’s Global Compact for Migration and PM Cameron for the Net Zero Paris Agreement?

    I presume as a sovereign nation a future government can withdraw from any such previously signed UN or International Treaty, Compact or Agreement?

  28. Brian Tomkinson
    April 30, 2024

    The government can’t be trusted to look after our interests in such matters. Just like the net zero scam and much else they seem to have set a course for diminishing the role of the sovereign state leading in the direction of world government. We should not only refuse to sign this proposed Treaty but withdraw from membership of the WHO.

  29. Keith from Leeds
    April 30, 2024

    You have called for the UK not to sign the new WHO treaty, which is excellent. But why do you need to? Any half-competent PM and Government would refuse to have anything to do with it.
    It’s a widely held belief that the WHO has fallen under the influence of China, which is why it’s reluctant to initiate an inquiry into COVID-19 and its origins.
    We should withdraw from the WHO and save ourselves half a billion pounds a year, then reduce our contribution to the UN by 2/3rds, which is another corrupt organisation, saving another £1 billion a year. Why pay £1.5 billion a year to the UN, which then trashes the UK in its reports?
    You will only cut these organisations down to size by cutting off the money. The same applies to all the Quangos and Charities that also oppose the Government.

  30. The Prangwizard
    April 30, 2024

    No doubt our gutless and traitorous party in government led by a posturer who believes nothing will concede but claim he got some concession.

    But loyal MPs will stick with the party after saying a few words with no real determination or threat and say corrections can probably be made later. In the years of meantime we, the people, and country, England, will suffer as usual and continue to decline and rot.

  31. wab
    April 30, 2024

    If the “sovereignty” crowd were consistent: Let’s pull out of NATO as well, how dare Poland (etc.) tell us that we have to join a war just because the Russians decide to bomb them. Let’s pull out of every single international treaty, because how dare the foreigners tell us what to do.

    On the “I’m just asking questions” front (a rhetorical device beloved of certain people):

    “Where did the virus come from?” There is no 100% certainty about this yet (as any MP ought to know) but almost certainly it’s not the idea promulgated by the right-wing conspiracy theorists that it was bioengineered.

    “Why did it take so long to find which existing drugs could help?” Huh? Are Tory MPs now suggesting we push untested drugs onto the market? Seriously? The MRNA vaccine was innovated by January 2020, but then needed to be tested. Fortunately, it turned out to be a wonder drug. Hopefully Tory MPs will line up to volunteer to be subjects for every new drug being tested.

    “Why were lockdowns so long and how much other damage did they do?” Ask Boris, your hero. And the answer to the first question is well known, and the flip side to the second question is how much damage would have been caused without the lockdowns. (OK, we know that Tory MPs seem to be happy to kill off the old people and the teachers.)

    “Why were WHO numbers on deaths and cases based on different definitions and collection systems by different countries yet published as if comparable?” It’s called the real world, something which Tory MPs don’t seem to inhabit.

    Reply No NATO member is made to enter a war

  32. Stred
    April 30, 2024

    WHO mistakes.
    Injection without aspiration resulting in shots into bloodstream and quickly reaching all organs.
    Organising trials for cheap non patented drugs, which worked if given early, on hospitalised patients, using very high or low dosage and failure leading to lives being lost.
    Coordinator of lockdown.
    Diagnosis of covid when patients were terminal with other diseases.
    Recommended vaccines for young very unlikely to be badly affected.
    Adopted PCR testing at levels resulting in false positives.

    Perhaps WHO was influenced by Germany becoming by far the biggest donor after Gates and the USA. UK paid double most European countries.

    1. Lifelogic
      April 30, 2024


  33. Bryan Harris
    April 30, 2024

    Excellent comments – good to know that our host has recognized the dangers of the WHO, and their infamous treaty.

    The WHO is currently having trouble with some of the wording of the treaty – with so many signatories there were plenty of changes to agree with, or vote out.
    The wording is still incomplete, but to demonstrate some of the evil behind the treaty, the WHO wanted an unfinished treaty signed off by all concerned, and the WHO would fill in the blanks later, (in their favour).
    What an unscrupulous quango

    But not to worry – our government intends to sign the final treaty no matter the consequences.

    1. Lifelogic
      April 30, 2024

      +1 it is pure evil.

  34. Bert+Young
    April 30, 2024

    The WHO is purely an advisory body . The world is a very small place today and what occurs outside of the shores we control very quickly can effect us . Health control is very much an international affair and sensible countries attend to conditions that exist everywhere . The trouble is many countries ignore or are not aware of the problems that are within their territory ; some even allow dangerous infections to develop ; Covid is a typical situation .

    1. Mark
      April 30, 2024

      Via the treaty WHO is aiming to become a body with powers to dictate to governments. It does not have those powers now, but the treaty would enable them, and allow them to be extended on a whim without oversight. You may recall a previous Enabling Act with very unpleasant consequences.

    2. Lifelogic
      April 30, 2024

      They did not “allow” it Governments surely deliberately funded and engaged in this gain of function experimentation in Wuhan!

      The WHO seems to have tried to Cover this information up.

    3. Bryan Harris
      April 30, 2024

      If it were only that simple Bert.

      Our host has identified exactly what is going on, and it is not a harmless reorganisation of how we handle pandemics.

      If this treaty is signed, the WHO will have the power to call a pandemic at any time and our authorities will be forced to comply with any and all stipulations made by the WHO.
      It is far more than a transfer of power – it gives the WHO dictatorial powers over us in terms of anything medical, for just about any excuse.

  35. William Long
    April 30, 2024

    If the treaty is ready to be signed, that presumably means that the potential signatories, including our spineless government, have already agreed to it. Does Parliament have any means of preventing HMG from signing it?

  36. Kenneth
    April 30, 2024

    In a world full of diverse cultures where the moral compass is set in diferent positions, trying to hold everyone to narrow policies can never work.

    As such, organisations such as the WHO do more harm than good.

  37. Lynn Atkinson
    April 30, 2024

    Sir John I hope you will indulge me. The issue of the WHO is a symptom of a very deep, debilitating illness. A Carlson interview sheds light on the real problem.
    Here is a summary.

    ‘The United States cannot come to terms with the fact that traditional values ​​are being revived in Russia

    Philosopher Alexander Dugin stated this in an interview with Tucker Carlson . According to him, the basis of Russophobia is that Russia defends traditional values ​​that the West is trying to destroy.

    “This is not just an accident. These are not some irrational changes,” Dugin noted.

    Other statements of the philosopher:

    Putin is a traditional leader who has begun to take the country out of global influence

    The main task and goal of Western countries is to destroy traditional values, and someone who has nuclear weapons defends them

    Previously, democracy in Western countries meant the rule of the majority, but now we are talking exclusively about the rule of minorities’

    1. Mitchel
      May 1, 2024

      I’ve seen a numerous interviews with the ever interesting Mr Dugin over the past decade,though not yet the Tucker Carlson short.When you have finished digesting his philosophy move on to the works of the late Soviet era godfather of neo-Eurasianism,Lev Gumilev -although much of his writing is not available in English-it’s considered to be too dangerous!

      Russophobia goes back centuries,partly due to a view that the Russians are the successor to the Mongols who built the greatest and most dangerous of Eurasian empires although unlike Russia did not construct a civilisational state.

  38. Derek
    April 30, 2024

    Any non-British org must never, ever, have a legal hold over OUR country.
    To have any unelected body giving us orders is bad enough, but when they’re not even British – it’s anti-democratic to even consider. We left the EU to take back control, so it would be sacrilege to allow orgs like the WHO to dictate policy to us.
    As Mrs Thatcher once declared, No! No! No! And should this ever be passed, it will definitely signal the end of democracy in Britain.

  39. Christine
    April 30, 2024

    I understand the WHO wants countries to pay them a percentage of their GDP and they want any medical resources to be shared out with the rest of the world with equal access to medical care for all.

    So our NHS which has long since been the World NHS will be obliged to treat anyone but fails miserably to treat it’s own British people.

    It has already started. This is what our Government is doing for Gaza:

    “Under initial stages of the new plan, around 100 children will be taken back to a makeshift emergency treatment centre at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus , with the most serious flown back to the UK for surgery”

    And this is for people who hate us and will probably never return home! Meanwhile we go to the back of the ever lengthening queue.

    Our Government will sign the WHO treaty against our wishes just like they signed the Migration Compact. Nothing will stop them short of voting out all the main political parties.

  40. Keith Murray-Jenkins
    April 30, 2024

    This is just one more example of UK ‘leadership’ absurdity. Present insanity makes all of us very angry..namely that government weirdos can even envisage the idea of an outside organisation..with non-elected, dubious-looking and -sounding officials being given the right to rule over whatever capacity they would like to. This is not what nations – and their civilians voting in their representatives – are all about. Our government is full of fools and we know it. We know full well they need to go as soon as possible. But then we are faced with another bunch of treacherous twisted brains who will betray us {the regular people) as they allow their poor command of logic to sally forth into areas completely at odds with what we all want. What is wrong with our country? Nothing that could be righted with a bit (ok, a lot) of brave politicians of common sense actually behaving correctly and honourably. (Oo). The first thing is – for sure – to claim/enact that Sovereignty voted for all years ago..The rest will fall neatly into place.

  41. Ian B
    April 30, 2024

    Sir John
    A good item from yourself today in the Telegraph –
    The comments, as with the comments here tend to chime with your thoughts. The downside you have found yourself in a Socialist Government where the only concern is for their personal self-esteem on what they personally think is the World stage – they will always be ignored. What they are not concerned with is the UK, the people they are paid to serve.
    Democracy may not be perfect, but it is better than what these World Socialists want to force on us. Maybe that’s the point, they are looking for their next freeloading place as part of a new world order of bureaucracy. What they don’t see is a UK, as a free Sovereign Democracy able to make its own laws, rules and regulations – in practice the only reason to have a Parliament.
    We the electorate have been sold a ‘pup’. We are offered the choice Sunak or Starmer(the uni-party writ large), is that a choice? From just that proposition you can see they requirement for the ‘none of the above box’. There can now be no such thing as a good local MP, it has been taken away from us by those at the helm of the uni-Party(LabCons one and equal) that wish to fight the people and fight democracy.
    If none of what I have suggested is true, how did even the discussion of the WHO and the UN taking over the UK even get to raise its head?

  42. iain gill
    April 30, 2024

    Interesting that Ireland is sending the Gardaí to setup border checkpoints, and facilitate returning illegal immigrants back to the UK across the border, and to stop any new ones entering.

    Sounds like the hard border Ireland always said it didn’t want.

    Presumably they will be happy to take illegal immigrants who entered the UK via Dublin airport then land border?

  43. Vic sarin
    April 30, 2024

    Agreed 100%

  44. Sir Joe Soap
    April 30, 2024

    What??? Make sure it’s raised in the GE.

  45. paul cuthbertson
    April 30, 2024

    Come on JR. the WHO along with many other global institutions is a corrupt organisation, YOU know it, the people know it so please stop playing politics.

  46. Robert Thomas
    April 30, 2024

    Totally agree; the UK must not sign this proposed WHO treaty.

    1. Fleur
      May 4, 2024

      Totally agree either you, Robert Thomas, we must not sign this WHO Treaty for all the reasons Sir John has expressed.

  47. mancunius
    April 30, 2024

    JR is absolutely right about the WHO Treaty, and for precisely the reasons he gives – authoritarian demands, poor communications and ineffective performance.
    My own view is that the ‘epidemic’ was caused by the stupid way it was initially handled, and lockdown caused far-reaching economic, social and psychological effects from which the country may never recover. We should never repeat that malign experiment.

    1. Lynn Atkinson
      May 1, 2024

      +1 – my thoughts and experience too. I have never known so many people and families in crisis.

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