Please stop sending nasty nonsense

All the time I was an MP I posted critical comments of government, Conservatives and myself that were often misleading or inaccurate to show balance. I deleted attacks on any named individual of whatever party , offensive material and some multiple or over long postings. A few people used to write in criticising anything I wrote, often straining truth and twisting arguments to do so.

A few still do not seem to have understood I am no longer an MP and hold no Conservative  office or role. So stop writing in as if I did. One, for example , told me I had to carry on being an MP until Election Day. I explained I ceased to be an MP on dissolution. He then wanted me to post further criticism saying I should still act as an MP until the election. The rules are quite clear. I should not pretend to be an MP. I have cleared my Parliamentary office and handed in the key. My pass to Parliament has been cancelled. I must not use headed stationery saying I am an MP or use Parliament as my address. I no longer have access to send emails as if from Parliament.

If you want to post here add to the debate about policy. I will not post incessant vendetta contributions based on falsehoods.


  1. Graham Davies
    June 27, 2024

    How sad that you even have to state this.

    1. Cheshire Girl
      June 27, 2024

      Indeed. I have followed Sir John’s blog for several years, and have enjoyed reading and contributing. I have tried to follow the rules, and keep it brief unless I really needed to say more.

      I am hoping, Sir John, that you will continue to write this blog, and that those you refer to, will desist, and just enjoy the opportunity to contribute in a positive, and reasonable , way.

  2. Lifelogic
    June 27, 2024

    Thanks JR very much for all your many years excellent service to the nation. A great shame your now well left of centre party did not take far more notice of your wisdom over the years. It would have saved the nation many £ trillions and we would be in a far better economic position now.

    1. formula57
      June 27, 2024

      + 1

    2. Richard1
      June 27, 2024


    3. ChrisS
      June 28, 2024

      Hear ! hear !

  3. henry curteis
    June 27, 2024

    Join The Teds – the party of free speech where you can say exactly what you wish, and write.

  4. Bloke
    June 27, 2024

    This Bloke proposes a policy adjustment to assist the Diary:
    • Block known repeatedly-hostile offenders automatically at source.
    • Limit comments posted from readers to a set number of words or characters

    Some comments might offend, owing to the poster’s naivety or misunderstanding.
    They who send nastiness reveal intent, and it is those who deserve to lose access.
    Being a gentlemanly moderator supporting free speech to such extremes of tolerance is too kind. Even reading bad postings to assess each one adds a personal burden.
    Few of us who appreciate the site would object to sensible restriction, and would commend that will to the Diary.

  5. Martyn G
    June 27, 2024

    So sorry to read this John. I suppose that we out here can only guess at the amount of hassle you experience in managing this your important to many of us, diary.
    Please keep going!

    1. formula57
      June 27, 2024

      + 1

  6. Ukretired123
    June 27, 2024

    Today there are many people who have no idea what is “reasonable behaviour” and vent their spleen in totally inappropriate places, usually where their nonsense cannot be challenged, like the internet which gives asymmetric power to be outrageous.
    Soon after the web arrived years ago, a cartoon depicted 2 dogs on a pc computer saying “No one knows your a Dawg (Dog) on the internet” (with apologies to our furry friends).
    Neither do we know if they are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or whatever. Red mist can descend at any time as evidence from daily news around the world, especially when anyone who talks sense can only be challenged by sheer nonsense.
    Please keep going Sir John, you are valued by many of us around the world in these crazy, lazy thinking times.

  7. fairweather
    June 27, 2024

    We can only be glad that the football is on a the moment to help get our minds off things

    However since Sir John is a mere mortal again and not standing for election I would love to know when is he going to write the definitive book and tell all?

    1. ChrisS
      June 28, 2024

      Please write the definitive book on Brexit. There is nobody better equipped to do so.

  8. Linda Brown
    June 28, 2024

    Everyone who is bothered about the country is very edgy at present so you can expect to have some funny comments thrown at you. I am sure you of all people can cope. I was only an Independent Borough Councillor for 4 years and it nearly wore me out with the nastiness I had to put up with so I can quite understand you being tetchy about people not realising that you are no longer MP. Soon be over and people will get the message. Must be upsetting giving up after all those years of good work you put in. Still we carry on and find other ways to contribute.

  9. Ralph Corderoy
    June 28, 2024

    A form on a web page can provide a ‘placeholder’ value for a field, say to show an example in the expected format. As soon as I start to enter a value, the placeholder disappears. You’ll probably have experienced it. This big ‘textarea’ box I’m typing into can have a placeholder given too. I suggest you use that to put under the writer’s nose what they must consider, e.g. ‘I am no longer an MP. Please keep your text short as many may read it.’

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