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Popular and unpopular greenery

               I am all in favour of saving energy, of promoting fuel efficiency, saving the greenfields and the  best heritage of England. Much of the green agenda is popular. Many are happy to recyle, to insulate, to buy more fuel efficient vehicles when money permits. No-one wants to see the Green Belt concreted over or […]

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The problem of the EU in Parliament

  Many Conservative MPs want a new relationship with the EU. They fought the last General Election saying they wanted powers back. They value a relationship based on trade and co-operation, but think the EU regulates, taxes and interferes too much. They were pleased that the Coalition Agreement, despite Lib Dem enthusiasm for the EU, […]

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High inflation undermines growth

             The Bank of England and some commentators seem to think the higher rate of inflation we now have was a necessary side effect of action to boost the growth rate. They do not apologise for almost two years of inflation above the   2%  target, or for the very high level of 5.2%/5.6%  (CPI/RPI)  it […]

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The UK's deficit plan – third revision?

           I have been asking a few Ministers to tell me how much current public spending  has gone up by so far under this government. So far no-one has been able to tell me it has gone up by £56 billion or 9.3%, 2011-12 compared to 2009-10.  They have seemed rather suprised by the […]

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Saving the world?

              We hear that the EU is working away at a solution to the Euro crisis. It comprises three main elements – more capital for banks, bigger write-offs on Greek debts, and a huge support fund to bail out any other country or bank that needs subsidy.              If the package lives up to […]

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Anatomy of the "right"

              The liberal media tends to call anyone “right” as a term of abuse for people they disagree with.  The “right” within the Conservative party is a term used  to describe a wide range of people, often with very different views on issues.             There are, for example, right wing  liberals, and right wing […]

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The balance of the Cabinet

                       The Prime Minister was correct to seek the facts on Dr Fox before making a judgement. Dr Fox himself decided to resign as he reflected on the facts that were emerging about his case. The Prime Minister need not worry about the “backlash from the right” that the media have been trying to […]

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Uk foreign policy and the continent of Europe

             I have written before that for centuries one of the main aims of UK foreign policy has been to avoid one single power dominating the continent of Europe. The question today is why has the modern Foreign Office changed its mind on this fundamental issue? Why is it now UK government policy to […]

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The quality of care

           The Care Quality Commission Report yesterday was shocking.  I would be interested to hear comments on other experiences of the quality of care in hospitals, especially for the elderly. Why have there been such serious lapses in nursing standards?

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The UK establishment thinks we need to help save the Euro and thinks the Euro can be saved

The UK government – Coalition Ministers, senior officials, the Bank, the FSA and the rest – buy the argument that a collapse of the Euro would do untold damage to Euroland, and therefore to us, given the trade we do with Europe. Their predecessors took a similar view of the Exchange Rate Mechanism. They spent […]

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