Time to ease the cost of living squeeze

One of the official and Bank of England forecasts that might prove to be right is that people face a cost of living squeeze, predicted to be at its worst in April next year. People will face home heating cost rises, a  National Insurance tax hike and Council tax rises. General inflation is likely to reach its peak before subsiding around the same time. Supply shortages around the world including microprocessors, shipping containers and various manufactured goods add to the price pressures.

The government should take some action to ease the squeeze. On energy I have set out at some length how the U.K. could produce more of its own gas and electricity to start to reduce its dependence on dear and volatile imports and improve the contract costs of its longer term energy mix. On tax I still call for the NI increase to be scrapped. In a wide range of areas where supplies are short at home and abroad we need to be looking to put in more UK capacity to cut our import dependence. The higher spending Councils need to review their budgets to concentrate the spending on the essential services and to limit tax rises.

In some cases people will enjoy wages rises above inflation where there is a shortage of their skill. It is highly likely truck drivers, chefs, hotel staff and other constrained areas will see decent real wage growth. Many other people will be asked to accept wage rises that do not keep pace with the cost of living when tax and price rises are taken into account.

The UK market feels short of a wide range of services, There are good business opportunities for those willing and able to train to work in hospitality, leisure, care, building and a wide range of other areas. There is plenty of scope for people to set up their own businesses and to get orders from a public struggling to find the help they wish to buy in.

The UK government should do more to encourage self employment and the establishment of small business. Instead of taxing it too much and in too complex a way it needs to be easier to set up and get started, as we need the extra capacity. Many of the price rise are owing to shortages, so we do need more supply to solve the problems. The official machine is too ready to rely on imports.


  1. Ted Trim
    November 8, 2021

    Of course we are short of services, your failed Brexit has cut supply of labour leading to damaging contraction of our economy. As every expert economist predicted would happen

    1. Dave Andrews
      November 8, 2021

      Yes, it’s much more difficult to exploit eastern Europeans on low wages.
      Damn that Brexit. Looks like industry will have to pay employees enough to support their spiralling housing, tax and energy costs.

      1. Ian Wragg
        November 8, 2021

        It’s all part of the great reset.
        Inflate away our savings, take away our assets to pay for our elderly care.
        The state will own everything and we will have nothing.
        Digitise the currency then they have total control.
        Problem is the public are awakening from their slumber and are ready to retaliate.

      2. Gary Megson
        November 8, 2021

        You Brexiters really don’t get economics, do you? Cut off labour supply, our economy shrinks, less tax paid, less money for public services, everyone loses. Wages go up in some sectors, and therefore so do prices, no one gains. Brexit is economically stupid. Stupid, full stop, unless your aim is to main Britain poorer and weaker

        1. Micky Taking
          November 9, 2021

          everything we wanted, and increasingly needed came from China or EU.
          Time to stop that deadly progression, economic death and become independent.
          Strike out for survival.

      3. X-Tory
        November 8, 2021

        Or even – and here’s a radical idea – businesses could abandon the lazy 19th century business model of cheap labour and join the modern world of AUTOMATION. In 2016, before the Brexit vote, UK businesses had 71 industrial robots per 10,000 employees – compared to South Korea with 631!!! When governments and media constantly bewail Britain’s lack of productivity THIS is the reason! I actively WANT a labour shortage so that stupid, lazy exploitative employers are forced to (a) pay employees sufficiently so that the taxpayer does not need to subsidise them through benefits, and (b) mechanise their businesses.

      4. Andy
        November 8, 2021

        Plenty of EU countries pay high wages. The reason we haven’t paid such high wage is nothing to do with the EU – and everything to do with the Conservative Party, repeatedly elected by a minority.

        The Tories exploit the poor and vulnerable to make their rich mates richer. Most of you live on pension handouts so are beneficiaries of the system to steal money. It doesn’t make your position any less morally bankrupt.

        1. SM
          November 9, 2021

          ‘Plenty of EU countries pay high wages’ – so why has the UK played host to so many Europeans flocking here for jobs over decades?

          ‘Most of you live on pension handouts’ – how do you know this, and what about all those who receive both private employment and Civil Service etc salary-related pensions?

          Pres Macron attempted to raise the French retirement age, and failed. Why did he try to do this?

        2. Peter2
          November 9, 2021

          Complete rubbish as usual Andy.
          Only a few EU members match the UK’S minimum wage levels.
          Why do you think hundreds of thousands of Poles came here?

          1. Micky Taking
            November 9, 2021

            and the EU millions and millions of unemployed live on what?

      5. DavidJ
        November 8, 2021


      6. bigneil - newer comp
        November 8, 2021

        DAVE ANDREWS – – We arent just supporting the employees that actually work – and contribute – – 0ur taxes are ALSO keeping THOUSANDS – increasing monthly – soon adding their familes too – – that arrive – – and do NOTHING, but use and get everything – – FREE – – and Patel has done NOTHING — – NEVER WILL.

    2. Narrow Shoulders
      November 8, 2021

      There is plenty of labour in the UK. Employers need to train, encourage and performance manage those unwilling to work and the benefits system needs an overhaul so that long term shirkers struggle.

      More positively if employers are prepared to and learn how to make simple adjustments there are huge numbers of capable and talented disabled candidates who can fill the void. Just needs the will from employers.

      1. a-tracy
        November 9, 2021

        Employer’s do train.
        Employer’s do employ disabled workers.

    3. Nottingham Lad Himself
      November 8, 2021

      Yes, Ted, that is it.

      Also, if Sir John were serious about easing ordinary people’s money troubles, then he could press for a more redistributive tax system, for rent controls, for a revision of CT banding burdens, and so on.

      I somehow doubt that he will though.

    4. matthu
      November 8, 2021

      Expert economists were wildly wrong and discredited in nearly every aspect of what would happen as a result of the Brexit vote.

    5. Lester_Cynic
      November 8, 2021

      Ted Trim

      Not another remoaner!

    6. No Longer Anonymous
      November 8, 2021

      Thus proving EU membership WAS depressing wages.

    7. Mike Wilson
      November 8, 2021

      your failed Brexit has cut supply of labour leading to damaging contraction of our economy.

      That is excellent news. What better way to reduce our carbon footprint than reducing the size of the economy. And, if theee is a shortage of labour, wages will go up. Trebles all round.

    8. Original Richard
      November 8, 2021

      Ted Trim : “Of course we are short of services, your failed Brexit has cut supply of labour leading to damaging contraction of our economy.”

      Firstly I gather you are concerned about the size of our GDP and not at all about our GDP/capita which defines our cost of living, the purpose of this article?

      Secondly I’m afraid you have missed the whole point of Brexit in that because we are no longer under the control of unelected and un-removable elites we can set our own immigration rules.

      We have already 300K+ net immigration each and every year. So do you feel we need to increase this quantity?

      Do you have a figure in mind or do you agree with the former Labour Home Secretary who said in 2003 that there was no obvious limit to the number of legal immigrants who could settle in the UK?

      If you are looking for immigrants to fill every services position in the UK and boost our GDP then there are very large numbers, running into billions, of possible immigrants from Eastern Europe, the ME, Africa, the FE and even South America who would be willing to come to the UK.

      But do you think that it is morally acceptable to take these people out of their own cultures and subject them to our progressive Alphabet culture or denude undeveloped countries of the trained and skilled people they so desperately need?

  2. Mark B
    November 8, 2021

    Good morning.

    Many of the things you call for, Sir John cannot be delivered on by the government in the time scale we need. The NIC rises are a good example of what the government can do but, will it do it ? Is this Chancellor for turning ?

    I fear next year massive Council Tax rises. These rises will absorb what little money people have put further pressure on the economy. The last thing we need is a Weimar Republic style inflation. Do not make the mistake of thinking it cannot happen here.

    1. Nottingham Lad Himself
      November 8, 2021

      The UK has an ageing population.

      Old people do not start up businesses to deliver the services which the country now lacks as a result of Sir John’s brexit.

      Our fellow Europeans who used to work here were, on the other hand, generally young, healthy, ready-trained and educated, motivated and productive.

      It’s a bit of an ask, and not realistic.

      We’re in big trouble.

      1. Fedupsoutherner
        November 9, 2021

        Nottingham lad. We’ve already got one biased idiot on this site and we don’t need another. Cardiff beckons. Older people are the generation that set up many businesses that are still going. It’s a fact that once many of these businesses are handed over to younger members they go to the wall. My husband set up a business when he was 60 and 15 years later has only just retired. Many older workers are far more reliable and have more common sense than the younger generation so don’t generalise against the older population all the time or you will become a tedious bore like Andy. It’s not a crime to be ignorant but it is to show it.

        1. Nottingham Lad Himself
          November 9, 2021

          OK, well where are all these start-ups or expansions run by Leave voters then?

          I’m old. I’m comfortably off. I don’t need to start a haulage business or set up an abattoir, and if I did, from where would I get the workers?

      2. Peter2
        November 9, 2021

        Odd use of statistics NHL
        The UK’s population has risen by 5 or 6 million since 2020.
        The percentages may show an ageing population but there are still plenty more young people around to do the things you mention.

      3. Micky Taking
        November 9, 2021

        almost all countries have an ageing population.
        Resulting from vaccines eradicating killer diseases, generally better health care – an exception in UK!, often improvement in food availability and quality. Finally fewer wars killing people – but obvious exceptions.

      4. a-tracy
        November 9, 2021

        NLH – you are wrong.
        “In fact, nearly 10,000 businesses have been started by entrepreneurs aged 60 and above.26 Apr 2021” the circularboard
        The average age of business owners in the UK is 40.
        “Most small business employer owners and co-owners fall into the 35 to 44 (25%), 45 to 54 (31%) and 55 to 64 (26%) age categories… Well, latest available statistics on business start-ups reveal that the majority of entrepreneurs are white males, in their forties, who live in the South East.” startupuk “survey findings, which show that just 9% of small business employer owners and co-owners are aged under 35.”

    2. Hope
      November 8, 2021


      Forgets the substantial point: All of the socialist Tory own making. 11 years in govt.

      Implementing “Red Ed’s” ‘Marxist’ (according to Cameron) policies was an informed choice, not accident or mistake. The ones they warned us about!! Building on Blaire’s Equality Act to stop dissent and free speech and accept mass immigration. Police now enforcing what the govt decides can or cannot be protested about. Politicisation of all public services with left wing heads from the chumocracy.

      Monitoring of the public on scale not thought possible: computers, mobiles, CCTV, ANPR of vehicles, use of energy by smart metres, children brainwashed at school, parent consent taken away, money is next on Johnson’s list.

      JR needs to explain why he and his colleagues are helping this agenda while pretending they are conservative.

    3. No Longer Anonymous
      November 8, 2021

      Well. We’ve got the Tory sleaze – couldn’t we at least have a Tory government ???

      (What is the matter with this party ?)

  3. Shirley M
    November 8, 2021

    So many opportunities to be more self sufficient in power, all squandered by this government. It is as if Boris cannot wait to shovel our money into France and make us hostage to that hostile country for power. Come to that, any country can have our money, just not the UK (unless it’s for some wasteful vanity project such as HS2).

    I won’t ask how much of our tax is being used to look after illegal invaders as I doubt my blood pressure would benefit from the answer!

    1. Bill brown
      November 8, 2021


      Interesting perspective but rather negative and very parochial, we have lots of things we work we the French on and will have to continue as well including our defence

      1. Peter2
        November 9, 2021

        Would you tell the French as well bill because they seem to be rather awkward towards the UK at the moment.

        1. Micky Taking
          November 9, 2021

          delete ‘at the moment’.

          1. Peter2
            November 9, 2021

            Very good MT !

    2. Hope
      November 8, 2021

      There are no excuses. This mess is of the socialist Tory own making. Johnson tries to pass the blame to anyone. The reality is, Brexit, immigration, economy, taxation, lack of law and order, politicisation of police and all public services are all of the Govt making over 11 years.

      JR, fails to say how his party and govt created the mess in the first place and then passed a budget to make sure we are all worse off. Johnson recently said, no cars, no cash etc etc. He forgot, no boilers, no heating, no food, mass immigration and giving away billions of borrowed money will make us all feel so much better!

    3. X-Tory
      November 8, 2021

      And HS2 is being built with French steel – so yet more betrayal of Britiain there!! We are truly governed by traitors.

    4. Peter Wood
      November 8, 2021

      Bunter Boris needs an epiphany; an almost superhuman change in character and understanding of society. Listening to him today, interviewed live, that, sadly, appears unlikely- he thinks it’s all about Paterson, it’s not, it’s about how he and his fellow incompetents responded to the issue. The fact that he’s not appearing in the house today tells us he’s just not going to face up to the problems he has, and is, causing the country and his party. It will get worse.
      Our nation deserves better. Where is the Tory party of old that, finding it’s leader is a dunderhead and liability, swiftly wealded the knife and removed the offending cancer.

    5. APL
      November 8, 2021

      “I won’t ask how much of our tax is being used to look after illegal invaders as I doubt my blood pressure would benefit from the answer!”

      Actual questions for Redwood.

      If I could hop into a boat in France and float across the channel to Dover, get the red carpet treatment from the Royal Navy half way across, be housed and accommodated at the government expense ( that is tax payers, expense ). Why have I just paid a total of £88 for a pointless British Passport renewal*.

      By the way, if I sneaked into Pakistan and rolled up at the local authority ( such as they are ) and demanded free food and accommodation and medical care ( for ever ), what response do you think I’d receive ?

    6. DavidJ
      November 8, 2021


    7. bigneil - newer comp
      November 8, 2021

      SHIRLEY M – – SPOT ON SHIRLEY – – AND THEY WILL STILL KEEP COMING – PP doing nothing – – did BJ sack her???

  4. Lifelogic
    November 8, 2021

    Time to ease the cost of living squeeze – indeed and very simple it is to do.

    Just cut taxes, cut government waste, cut red tape, cancel HS2, cull net zero, simplify taxes, fire those in the state sector that deliver no value or do positive harm (at least 50%), cull soft loans for almost worthless degrees (at least 75% are), scrap the committee for climate change, scrap subsidies for EVs, heat pumps, solar and wind, get fracking, stop paying health people not to work… in short undo all the damage governments have done for the past 40+ years.

    1. Lifelogic
      November 8, 2021

      In 1914 taxes were about 8% of national income. Surely 20% is more than enough? But we are surely going to be hitting 50% government spending (largely waste) soon with the Boris & Rishi agenda.

      1. Ed M
        November 8, 2021

        You can’t suddenly cut tax from 50% to 20%. Would result in civil unrest – armageddon.

        Sorry, but your economics here is way to spread-sheety.

        I want tax down to 20%. But most of that drop can only come from changing cultural values of people overall (i.e. returning to the cultural values of our Judaeo/Chrisitan, and best of Greco-Roman, past – 1. work ethic, 2. personal responsibility for self and family, 3. strong family life 4. depending on family not state in hard times, 5. sense of patriotism and public duty, and so on).

        1. Ed M
          November 8, 2021

          ‘to’: too

      2. Ed M
        November 9, 2021

        I believe you’re over-theorising leading you to 2 big traps

        1) Thinking the country wouldn’t fall into immediate chaos if you reduced tax from 50% to 20%
        2) Falling into modern man seeing economic policy as being able to solve the great problems of civilisation. Wrong (I strongly believe). A strong economy allows for a strong civilisation but you cannot have a strong economy (in the long run) without a strong civilisation. So by a strong civilisation, I mean a civilisation which believes in work ethic, depending on self instead of state, strong family life, patriotism and so on. These values are partly created by politics. But only in a small way. They’re also created by the family / education, the Church, the arts and media, the military, and so on. All of these affect the values and goals of those who create and work in the economy.

        Which is why Conservatism has to be a movement which incorporates politics – yes, of course – but far, far more. And that bringing taxation down to 20% (which I agree should be a goal) can only happen if you do this – not solely by the economic policy of the PM and Chancellor (nor even of a few – it would take years to get tax down from 50% to 20% but it IS possible but just have to be realistic about it).

    2. Cheshire Girl
      November 8, 2021

      You missed one out.

      Stop illegal immigration – NOW!

      1. Andy
        November 8, 2021

        Illegal immigration is illegal.

        Pretty much half of my taxes are spent on pensioners -pensions, social care, extra health care, heating handout and all the other pensioner perks.

        A negligible amount of my tax goes to help asylum seekers.

        Make pensioners pay their way – NOW!

        1. APL
          November 9, 2021

          Andy: “Make pensioners pay their way – NOW!”

          Kindly breakdown the pension costs between those paid out in the civil service, MPs, MSPs, MWAs, NGOs etc, etc.

          And pensioners in the private sector.

          I’d be the first to admit that National Insurance is a fraud*.

          But many people who are now pensioners have been paying it for decades.

          *Many people would do far better arranging their own pension provision without government intermediation.

        2. Peter2
          November 9, 2021

          And under 21 year olds too Andy.

        3. Peter2
          November 9, 2021

          Half my taxes go on pensions says your Andy.
          Nonsense as usual.
          Total tax revenues approx 800 billion
          State pension cost approx 100 billion

      2. lifelogic
        November 8, 2021

        Indeed quality, skilled, selective and legal immigration only.

      3. Timaction
        November 8, 2021

        Indeed. £1.4 billions for illegals over 4 years and rising. £3000 for every legal immigrant in health, education and other public services and housing. Plus in and out of work benefits. Makes you realise the very special kind of stupid the legacy politicos are.

        1. Timaction
          November 8, 2021

          Indeed. £1.4 billions for illegals over 4 years and rising. £3000 for every legal immigrant in health, education and other public services and housing. Plus in and out of work benefits. Makes you realise the very special kind of stupid the legacy politicos are.Its also reported that not one illegal immigrant has been deported this year. Total shambles.

    3. Fedupsoutherner
      November 8, 2021

      Thank you L/L for summing up everything that’s wrong with this country abd where Boris could save an absolute firth ne if he so desired. It’s obvious to us all that he simply doesn’t want the best for this country abd her people. I do believe the public are losing faith with this government. I see the Reform party are putting up a candidate in North Shropshire. I hope she does well. We are becoming poorer while giving away our money.

      1. X-Tory
        November 8, 2021

        “It’s obvious to us all that [Boris] simply doesn’t want the best for this country [and] her people.” Yes, that is clearly right. The majority of the problems that we are facing are actually being CREATED by the government! While some problems are difficult to solve, most can be fixed by the stroke of a pen. With a large majority in parliament the government can do whatever it wants, but it seems that all it wants to do is make life worse for the British people, while helping all our foreign enemies. We are a country ruled by traitors.

      2. JoolsB
        November 8, 2021

        +1 spot on FuS. Old Bexley and Sidcup are also putting up a Reform candidate, Richard Tice no less. Let’s hope they do well otherwise we’re stuck with all socialist parties, Conservative, Labour or Lib Dums. Otherwise we Tory voters have no one to vote for as we’ve been abandoned by the fake Tories.

    4. Sharon
      November 8, 2021


      + 1 So you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t happen and probably the exact opposite, will!

    5. Narrow Shoulders
      November 8, 2021

      Everything you write above will just be absorbed in housing costs if they come to pass. We need less demand, we need less money printing and we need higher interest rates to halt the inexorable rise in housing costs.

      We also need better housing to be built, not the boxes that currently pass for new builds.

    6. Donna
      November 8, 2021

      It’ll never happen. We need a Thatcher to even start promoting that kind of agenda. We haven’t got one and there is no hope of ever having one from this left-wing pretendy-Conservative Government or from the backbenches. Thanks to Cameron, most Conservative MPs are now LibCONs.

    7. DavidJ
      November 8, 2021

      Excellent LL.

    8. bigneil - newer comp
      November 8, 2021


      1. Micky Taking
        November 9, 2021

        press the Caps Lock key.

  5. Newmania
    November 8, 2021

    Many of the shortages by caused by you in the first place or at least exacerbated . The inflation that is going to bear down on real wage increases is certainly your fault. Its no good asking for asup0er indebted hot economy for three years and then when inflation arrives hastily cobbling together an alibi… ” I have been calling for the end of money printing for 5 minutes “….
    On protectionism, if ” The Good Life ” UK , could really a good idea , then we would have done it. In real life Tom and Barbara and just poor.
    Might I remind everyone by the way that this is the very man who has been criticising Bank of England Independence . Even his most energetically nodding dog surely blanches at the thought of Boris Johnson running the Bank of England for his personal pleasure and profit . What could possibly go wrong ? ….

    1. Everhopeful
      November 8, 2021

      We did live “The Good Life” until industrialisation subsumed us.
      A VERY hard life to be sure.
      But we have given up so much, tricked by government promises of ease and convenience while they rob us blind.
      We have lost everything. Even bodily autonomy.

  6. Sea_Warrior
    November 8, 2021

    The UK’s environment for setting-up businesses is, I would suggest, very favourable. It just takes a few clicks. But the minimum wage has, predictably, become a monster – the result of government not being able to resist the temptation to bribe swathes of the electorate. Are we heading in the same direction as France? It looks like it.

    1. jerry
      November 8, 2021

      @S_W; So you expect the State to top-up the wages you would prefer not be paid, but would you not then complain about the level of taxes, or perhaps you just think some just need to live in the sort of destitution not seen in the UK for at least 100 years…

      If someone can not run a business that has employees and pay the NMW perhaps they need to question if their business model is actually viable or not?

    2. X-Tory
      November 8, 2021

      Outside the EU, and with employers no longer able to import cheap foreign workers, there is no longer a need for a minimum wage, as employers will now have to pay a good salary to get good workers (as it should be). But the minimum wage is the least of the problems for employers. The main reasons why it is not worth setting up or expanding a business are partly economic – such as the increase in employers’ NICs – and partly all the laws that treat employers as criminals that must prove themselves innocent: anti-slavery statements, reporting on male/female pay disparities, environmental reporting, anti-discrimination laws that place the onus on employers to prove their innocence, etc, etc. Frankly, who’d want to be an employer in Britain today?

  7. DOM
    November 8, 2021

    I decide my standard of living, not the parasitic British State. I don’t need anyone to ease anything. If prices go up then I work harder or cut my costs. I never, ever look to the State except in exceptional circumstances. It is a natural state of affairs.

    Labour’s sinister drive to encourage State dependency appears to have become Tory policy. State dependency is a cancer. Socialism unleashed to take back control from the civil world

    We need massive reform of the now destructive British State with all of its attendant deficiencies. It is costing each private person an intolerable cost in many ways

    To see Biden and Bowles smiling and chatting as though all is well with the west is so beyond grotesque that I can barely find the words to describe my emotions

    Never look to the now Socialist Tory-Labour State, it’ll take your soul

    1. Everhopeful
      November 8, 2021

      And eventually everything one owns no doubt!

  8. SM
    November 8, 2021

    Sir John, I agree with everything you say in this post.

    I think pretty well everyone in the current Government has gone completely crazy.

    1. Andy
      November 8, 2021

      Not true. They were crazy before you elected them.

      1. Nottingham Lad Himself
        November 8, 2021

        Yes, for people to prove to you just how mad they actually are you must first give them the power to do so.

        Our warnings failed.

      2. Micky Taking
        November 8, 2021

        correct – the analysts didn’t ask the right questions.

      3. jerry
        November 8, 2021

        @Andy; We, assuming you mean traditional Tory voters, did not elected this govt, those behind your Red Wall did….

      4. No Longer Anonymous
        November 8, 2021


        I fell for the “Labour bogeyman” trick at the last election. The candidate I really wanted to vote for was removed from the campaign by some pact to spare us the risk of the Labour Bogeyman and to clear the way for the Tories.

        Well I’m not scared of the Labour Bogeyman anymore.

        At least he hasn’t tried to hide what he really is.

        1. Micky Taking
          November 9, 2021

          The bogeyman lives in Downing St.

    2. Everhopeful
      November 8, 2021

      Totally agree.
      Bizarre and distressing.

  9. jerry
    November 8, 2021

    “In some cases people will enjoy wages rises above inflation where there is a shortage of their skill. “

    Which adds to the inflationary pressures, just as those old inflation (control) busting pay raises of the 1970s did, much condemned at the time by the conservative party when both in govt and opposition, so is it time for another “Prices and Incomes policy” perhaps – if not, is it not an admission that some industries have been paying well below what the business/sector could have paid, despite the denials?

    I agree with our hosts final two paragraphs, but it assumes such business ventures can obtain supplies, and are not crippled by the many other over burdensome red-tape, planning for example.

  10. Christine
    November 8, 2021

    All sensible ideas but this government doesn’t do sensible. I can only think they are being controlled by a higher power with an agenda to wipe out the middle classes. Our only hope is that the good people voting in the upcoming by elections kick some sense into the Conservatives before it’s too late and our country has been irreparably damaged.

    1. Hope
      November 8, 2021

      This govt has no plan or strategy that is obvious, whether it be Brexit, Economy, Covid, immigration, taxation, environment. No plan, no direction just sounds bites. It will be alright mentality.

    2. DavidJ
      November 8, 2021

      Indeed the “higher power” is the UN and WEF members.

  11. alan jutson
    November 8, 2021

    So massive price rises expected in April next year, the very month when pensioners will loose the triple lock, is anyone surprised.?
    I see Boris has found another £260 million to pledge to be spent abroad, to help the least well of Nations cope with Climate change, not being taken from the existing Foreign Aid budget though, this is in addition to Foreign Aid, is anyone surprised.?
    Meanwhile thousands still pour in across the channel helped by the Royal Navy taxi service, no one sent back yet, is anyone surprised ?
    NHS to get more £Billions but not a clue where it is going to be spent, Is anyone surprised.?
    Dentists, Private physio’s, Pharmacists, all seeing patients Face-Face (in order to get an income) but GP’s resist, perhaps because they are being paid full whack for keeping a list of patient numbers, is anyone surprised ?
    This is not Government managing, this is a bloody shambles. !

    1. formula57
      November 8, 2021

      @ alan jutson – no, not surprised now, just annoyed and increasingly angry. Sir John has offered us a vision that shows things do not have to be this way.

    2. Shirley M
      November 8, 2021

      +1 Alan. The only hope remaining for the country, is that we get a early GE.

      1. Shirley M
        November 8, 2021

        *an early GE. Apologies for the typo.

    3. majorfrustration
      November 8, 2021


    4. SM
      November 8, 2021


    5. Hope
      November 8, 2021

      As above, no plan, no strategy no direction. Just go with what the civil service say. It will be alright.

    6. Fedupsoutherner
      November 8, 2021

      Alan. “This is not government managing, this is a bloody shambles! “.

      Is anyone surprised?

    7. Cheshire Girl
      November 8, 2021


      Agreed, and there was an emotive piece of the mid day News about potential starvation in Afghanistan, unless the ‘International Community’ steps in.

      That always includes us, and I await to see how much money will be found, on top of what we give in Foreign Aid.

      The way things are going on, it will be the UK who needs Foreign Aid! I don’t wish to joke, but the amount of money we give away seems almost endless. Sigh……

    8. DavidJ
      November 8, 2021

      We cannot afford foreign aid; it needs to be stopped. Real disaster assistance is a different matter.

  12. Andy
    November 8, 2021

    Obviously the pandemic hasn’t helped but the primary reason for the massive price rises we are experiencing is Tory pensioner Brexit.

    You don’t erect pointless massive trade barriers with your biggest trade partner – as the Brexitists have done – without pushing prices up. You don’t impose masses of pointless extra red tape – as the Brexitists have done – without consumers having to pay for it.

    The Brexitists said Brexit would lead to prices going down. Their claim was always economically illiterate and so it has proven.

    When your constituents contact you Mr Redwood to ask whether they should pay to eat or heat their home as a result of your Brexit – will you tell them to sing Rule Britannia?

    Reply The inflation is all to do with policy responses to the pandemic. It is higher in the USA than the U.K. They did not have a Brexit.

    1. Roy Grainger
      November 8, 2021

      The usual Little Englander view from Andy who knows about no other country than UK and is particularly blind when it comes to EU countries. Euro areas inflation is currently 3.4%, higher than in UK.

    2. Newmania
      November 8, 2021

      We printed another £80bn or so of monopoly money to avert recession caused by the referendum result – that is inflationary
      Our supplies are being stalled by Brexit – that is inflationary ….
      HGV drivers Nurses Mid wives Hospitality workers …all of these and many more and short and the Conservatives response has been to say they have to be paid more
      That is called inflation
      You have consistently wanted more borrowing , claiming money printing did not count as debt – that is also inflationary
      I felt overall your estimation of how worried we should be was reasonable given the Brexit recession is also a danger and inflation has arguably been too low .Nonetheless the OBR estimate the long term economic damage of Brexit is twice that of Covid . When growth is low the risk of stagflation grows and you have increased that risk .
      Your colleagues by the way have abandoned the Nelson`s eye approach you are sticking with and claiming people knew Brexit had a cost .Not true .

    3. Nottingham Lad Himself
      November 8, 2021

      Well, Sir John tries to exploit the fact that it is impossible to quantify the respective contributions of covid19 and of his brexit to inflation to claim – I think implausibly, however – that it is all the former.

      How could the fact that meat producers are now having to export their carcasses to the European Union and then re-import the products – with all the transport and new brexit red tape – owing to an absence of workers in this field not have increased costs? Or the need to pay higher wages to everyone from warehouse operatives to lorry drivers simply to attract them not have done alike?

      I’m sorry, Sir John, we can debate relative amounts but not the principle.

    4. No Longer Anonymous
      November 8, 2021

      Nothing to do with greenism then, Andy ?

      And Tory Pensioner Brexit.

      Please do the maths. The tipping point for the vote started to come over the age of 35 and increased with age, maturity, experience and wisdom.

      You may say that youngsters have degrees but degrees are no longer respected. They are ten a penny these days. Totally debased by Blairism. What are respected are qualifications that you can look up in Yellow Pages and you demonstrate that respect by payment of hard cash.

    5. a-tracy
      November 8, 2021

      “The rules for importing from the EU to GB change under the UK-EU TCA?
      Zero tariffs and quotas on goods
      The UK and the EU agreed to zero tariff and zero quota trade on goods, meaning that businesses will not face costly tariffs. However, to qualify for tariff-free access, firms will need to ensure goods meet Rules of Origin requirements as set out in the treaty, ensuring these goods meet the ‘local’ qualification criteria.” Source CBI
      “Rules of Origin
      Access to the zero tariffs and quotas will however depend on whether the goods meet the Rules of Origin required in the agreement to qualify as ‘local’. This will mean that businesses will have to identify the full origin of their goods as well as provide additional paperwork in order to qualify.
      However, the EU and UK have jointly agreed additional flexibility in the following ways:
      The UK’s staged import controls under the Border Operating Model mean that full declarations for goods that are not on the controlled list do not need to be made for the first six months.
      For UK-EU trade, until 31 December 2021, businesses do not need supplier’s declarations from business suppliers in place when the goods are exported. Businesses may be asked to retrospectively provide a supplier’s declaration after this date.”

    6. lifelogic
      November 8, 2021

      Clearly better to eat, wear an extra jumper and only heat one room. The wood you chop youself warms you twice as they say. It is not that cold in England anyway very often. Buy an electric blanket for the bed!

      1. Iago
        November 9, 2021

        Bought an electric blanket a year ago. It used to become slightly warm, was made by the Chinese communist party. By way of contrast, an electric immersion heater timer, made by the same bunch, gets somewhat too warm, but not yet alarmingly warm. I feel it every so often and will bin it in the end, at least that’s the plan.

    7. Mike Wilson
      November 8, 2021

      Nah. It’s all to do with the Labour voting working (or unemployed because they have been displaced by people willing to work for lower wages) class Brexiteers.

      Tory pensioners love their holidays in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece far too much to vote for Brexit.

      No matter how many times you say it, the facts don’t change. It was a Labour Brexit. The Tories did everything to try to get people to vote to remain and, when Labour voters won the referendum, did ever they could to thwart it.

      1. ukretired123
        November 9, 2021

        So true that traditional Labour voters distrusted Cameron and Whatzisname Osborne after being humiliated in EU Brussels and yet sending everyone an expensive booklet telling us the benefits unlike life down here on the ground.

      2. BOF
        November 9, 2021

        Indeed! The mighty midlands and the North, the Red Wall, all ready to vote against LibLabCon now.

    8. ukretired123
      November 8, 2021

      I can’t understand why the moderator allows Andy to air his infantile dross like ageism. Where’s the moderator cutting out this bilge?

      1. Cheshire Girl
        November 9, 2021

        Agreed. I agree with freedom of speech, but Andy is allowed to insult pensioners(very often the backbone of this Country) on a daily basis.

        It isn’t racism, but its certainly an ‘ism’.

        1. Micky Taking
          November 9, 2021

          hate ends in an e not ism.

  13. Everhopeful
    November 8, 2021

    How about the £5.5 billion “lost” to organised crime during the ludicrous “furlough” cash bash?
    We can all reflect on that as we freeze this winter.
    And on all the waste on test and trace etc etc etc.
    WAS the IMF instructing countries to bankrupt themselves in order to Build Back Bonkers?
    Is that what it was?
    Taxation hot on the heels of the bonfire of our currency??
    Does ANYONE in government actually know what they are doing?

  14. J Bush
    November 8, 2021

    Re: Council Tax rises.

    I work for a small parish council and it gets reams of emails from the borough and the county council about climate change, covid, diversity and other wokery garbage. What is also frustrating is that they give over £50,000 to a charity p.a., who also sends out emails about how we should be “Delivering Kindness”.

    Can you imagine how much could be saved if all this stopped and they just concentrated on delivering the usual services like bin emptying, fixing street lights and cutting verges etc.

  15. Nig l
    November 8, 2021

    We are led by a PM who believes in nothing, apart from from saying to everyone what they want to hear and jingoistic spluttering when reality/truth gets too close.

    His private life excesses including gold wallpaper, dubiously declared ‘free’ holidays etc are a metaphor for his approach to public finance. He would appear to be a person who has never thought through/been worried by the consequences of his actions.

    Why should anything change now. Ministers/MPs too concerned with their own careers to speak up. It needs a groundswell of public opinion to get them to think that these careers are under threat and then maybe things might change.

  16. Brian Tomkinson
    November 8, 2021

    This is government is unfit for office and unworthy of support.

  17. John
    November 8, 2021

    A perfect storm of rising costs, shortages, tax rises, debt, epic political stupidity and tyranny. Possibly one of the worst times in history to invest your money into a new business.

  18. Nig l
    November 8, 2021

    Ps Snake hips Gove has gone very quiet. Breathless from all that dancing or on manoeuvres?

  19. JoolsB
    November 8, 2021

    John, as an English constituency MP, could you please tell us how it squares with you and your colleagues’ conscience that the Chancellor could find extra billions in the budget to give/bribe the devolved nations who already receive thousands more per head than England whilst at the same time starving councils and social care in England of cash. A result of which means the already hard pressed people of England are going to see a massive hike in their council tax bills next spring. A punitive tax which takes no account of their constituents’ incomes or ability to pay. Are millionaires Johnson or Sunak and the party masquerading as Conservatives even aware of the hardship they are causing? Somehow I doubt it.

  20. Bryan Harris
    November 8, 2021

    Many other people will be asked to accept wage rises that do not keep pace with the cost of living….

    While many more be pushed deeper into poverty thanks to government policies.

    But the government is not willing to take on your sensible suggestions. They intend to squeeze us from several directions while reducing our quality of life, and this is a deliberate policy that has nothing to do with economics.

  21. acorn
    November 8, 2021

    Do you remember, back in the old days, if a government got itself and the economy, so deep into the soft and brown; it would resign and call a general election (GE). Frankly, I don’t think a GE; assuming we have one sometime, wouldn’t make a ha’p’orth of difference. The same lot would be voted back again possibly with more of a Belorussian management style. On the fun side, you can get 8 to 1 on Lizzy for the top job. She needs to be revving up her campaign team soon as. An extended knockabout with Macron and Co., would be good.

  22. Micky Taking
    November 8, 2021

    Yes it going to be a hard and miserable winter. Get out those woollies, find the candles, buy canned soups because the price of fresh food is going to make you wince. Refuse to buy imported food and avoid Euro transactions. Don’t take that flight, and turn off the news broadcasts showing all those young men from dinghies with their top of range mobiles are being taken to hotels you couldn’t book when you desperately tried to have a break from the misery. Take a leaf from the N.Koreans plant potatoes in your flower beds.

  23. turboterrier
    November 8, 2021

    Did it really have to come to this?
    Tax his land,
    Tax his bed,
    Tax the table
    At which he’s fed.

    Tax his work,
    Tax his pay,
    He works for peanuts

    Tax his cow,
    Tax his goat,
    Tax his pants,
    Tax his coat.

    Tax his tobacco,
    Tax his drink,
    Tax him if he
    Tries to think.

    Tax his car,
    Tax his gas,
    Find other ways
    To tax his ass.

    Tax all he has
    Then let him know
    That you won’t be done
    Till he has no dough.

    When he screams and hollers;
    Then tax him some more,
    Tax him till
    He’s good and sore.

    Then tax his coffin,
    Tax his grave,
    Tax the sod in
    Which he’s laid.

    When he’s gone,
    Do not relax,
    It’s time to apply
    The inheritance tax.

    Accounts Receivable Tax
    Airline surcharge tax
    Airline Fuel Tax
    Airport Maintenance Tax
    Building Permit Tax
    Cigarette Tax
    Climate Change Tax
    Cooking Tax
    Corporate Income Tax
    Goods and Services Tax (GST)
    Death Tax
    Driving Permit Tax
    Environmental Tax (Fee)
    Excise Taxes
    Income Tax
    Fishing License Tax
    Food License Tax
    Petrol Tax (too much per litre)
    Gross Receipts Tax
    Health Tax
    Heating Tax
    Inheritance Tax
    Interest Tax
    Lighting Tax
    Liquor Tax
    Luxury Taxes
    Marriage License Tax
    Medicare Tax
    Mortgage Tax
    Pension Tax
    Personal Income Tax
    Property Tax
    Poverty Tax
    Prescription Drug Tax
    Real Estate Tax
    Recreational Vehicle Tax
    Retail Sales Tax
    Service Charge Tax
    School Tax
    Telephone Tax
    Value Added Tax
    Vehicle License Registration Tax
    Vehicle Sales Tax
    Water Tax
    Workers Compensation Tax
    Tax (VAT) on Tax.
    And Now they want a blooming Carbon Tax.

    Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, & our nation was one of the most prosperous in the world… We had absolutely no national debt, had a large middle class,a huge manufacturing base, and Mum stayed home to raise the kids.

    What in the Hell happened? Could it be the politicians wasting our money?
    Oh, and don’t forget the relatively new bank charges….
    And we all know what we think of Bankers.

    1. Fedupsoutherner
      November 9, 2021

      Bloody brilliant post Turbo

    2. Donna
      November 9, 2021

      Fabulous post, which I’ve taken the liberty of copying.

    3. glen cullen
      November 9, 2021


    4. glen cullen
      November 9, 2021

      And don’t forget taxes that are disguised as ‘duty’

    5. BOF
      November 9, 2021

      Love it Turbo. Your last word,0 did you mean ‘merchant bankers’?

  24. beresford
    November 8, 2021

    I have criticised the Government in the past for its rush towards so-called vaccine passports, but compared to the shocking totalitarianism elsewhere in the world where restaurant owners are being arrested for not checking passports (Switzerland), internment camps are being built for the unjabbed (Australia) and the President seems intent on reigniting the Civil War (America), we are moderate. This is despite the illogical quarantine rules for reentry of the UK and the vaccine mandate for care home workers, when data is now showing that the jabbed are more likely to be infected than the unjabbed. The mendacious pressure from the BBC and Sky News to increase restrictions when cases are actually falling is being resisted. As the tide turns, our politicians could be among the few to avoid being hung out to dry. In your opinion is this canny judgement or a blind rabbit finding a carrot?

  25. turboterrier
    November 8, 2021

    It is not only about the money and how you raise it . It is how it is spent/wasted.
    When my local Tory Councillor tells me 80% of their budget is allocated to Social Services something is wrong around here. Forget teaching kids in school how to save the world, teach them about having a work ethic. Too many are taking and doing nothing in return and that’s our own, never mind the 20k that paddle to the nearest taxi point.

  26. No Longer Anonymous
    November 8, 2021

    Relying on those imports has left us unable to control the disposal of plastics, the gases released into the atmosphere and working conditions because our dirty work has been outsourced to countries that don’t care about them.

    We then prop up our own with welfare. An entirely false economy. Those that do get wage rises will be merely treading water.

    The Green revolution that xxxx Greta Xxxx has helped force upon us has merely caused yet more loss of control in manufacturing to countries that don’t care. And when will she be taking a sail boat to China where the protests are most needed ?

    * Do your worst, Andy. She’s playing big girl’s politics, needs to be challenged and is a human shield for her (supporters Ed)I am not a climate change denier – I am a climate change adaptor, and that is what we should be working towards right now. With nuclear proliferation, bio weaponry and communism in the ascendant we’d better not be caught with all our guns facing in one direction. (To quote Trevor Cavanah)

  27. The PrangWizard of England
    November 8, 2021

    The economy must must be encouraged and this is done best by reducing costs. Sir John mentions the building of smaller businesses and this is again welcome, but we have a fundamental fault in the system here. Where these businesses are helped by the City organisations it must be recognised that their aim is to profit for themselves – they, the City spivs, will provide funds but as soon as the business they have supported gets to a certain level the spivs want their profit money. Short term profit is their philosophy and belief.

    They therefore do whatever they can and this almost invariably means the selling of the business. Given government policy is to get as much foreign money as they can to plug the vast trade and business deficits they invite foreign buyers. We therefore never build our own businesses to international size and thus remain endlessly under foreign control. Government does not understand sovereignty – it has and continues to sell out to globalist beliefs, and indeed to their own rich friends, probably in the City.

  28. oldwulf
    November 8, 2021

    The base interest rate is currently 0.1%. There has been talk of it being increased to 0.25%. Historically, the base rate has moved by 0.25% or more.

    It is not immediately obvious to me why base rate movements cannot be 0.1% in future.

  29. Donna
    November 8, 2021

    Who on earth (who has a choice) would want to work in the hospitality, leisure or care sectors, after the destruction the Government has inflicted on them during the past 18 months over a virus they had already identified as a Low Consequence Infectious Disease with low mortality rates?

    As for becoming self-employed or starting a small business ….. why? To be ordered by a Government (with no mandate and no prior vote from Parliament) to stay at home and not work, with no furlough money to cover you for months on end …… or to have that business driven to the wall by a bunch of Lockdown Extremist left-wing/Communist “Scientists” and a Government which is too weak and cowardly to stand up to them.

    I’m sorry Sir John, but your Government is not Conservative (or even conservative) so expecting it to implement Conservative/conservative policies is for the birds. Whoever we vote for, we get Socialism – now with a nasty, dictatorial “green” streak running through it.

  30. ChrisS
    November 8, 2021

    The old remedy for inflation – increasing interest rates – is no longer a sensible solution.
    Since the advent of online shopping, pricing is almost universally competitive. My car even tells me the price of fuel at all the nearby garages so I’m free to go to the cheapest station. I buy almost nothing without comparing prices online. Over the weekend I bought something costing £399 almost everywhere, in shops and online, for £299 through an internet price comparison site.
    I therefore think that inflation will remain under control through old fashioned capitalist competition and there is little that government needs to do to keep it there. Of course, there is nothing short term that they can do about the current biggest drivers of inflation – labour shortages and utility prices. They do need to prepare school leavers for careers that are both useful and well paid – that means not going to second rate universities to do expensive third rate degrees. They can influence utility prices by removing VAT, provide gas storage and allow Shell to increase their North Sea gas production

  31. X-Tory
    November 8, 2021

    Other governments – *sensible and patriotic* governments – are tackling some of these problems through their domestic policies. Japan, for instance, has announced that it will provide grants to companies to manufacture semiconductors there. Why doesn’t the British government do the same? Oh yes, the answer is simple: Boris’s government is neither sensible nor patriotic. It is made up of cretins and traitors.

    1. dixie
      November 9, 2021

      Japan starts from a base of industries and companies that are patriotic whereas it seems the UK has had all it’s primary industries taken over, sold off and shipped overseas, all helped along by the rapacious city barrow boys, smiling politicians and civil servants.

  32. a-tracy
    November 8, 2021

    M&S was reported in the Guardian saying they were having problems importing Percy Pigs from Germany due to the rules of origin. I wonder if the situation has eased now that Percy Pigs seems to form the basis of M&S Christmas advertising this month.
    I would suggest there are a lot of sweet and confectionary manufacturers in the UK that could tender for the work, so why don’t they?
    Does the Dept of Trade identify which products we are having problems with and ask UK manufacturers to advertise alternatives for free on a Promote UK business website? What items are we short of John, sorry but I haven’t had any shortages for more than a week and I’ve had building work, landscaping, work on our offices and new IT.

    I did see in the papers that a well known British crisp manufacturer was having difficulties delivering their products into supermarkets and bottled water (but isn’t that what the globalists want less bottled water)? I wonder if this is because the supermarket logistics want to use the bulky space Crisps and bottled water for higher value items or because they’re pushing their own line of crisps?

  33. a-tracy
    November 8, 2021

    It is not difficult to set up a business in the UK?

    It is difficult to get funding unless you can give securities or guarantees. Does the UK government now offer any guarantees (cover) for the banks and if so where do new entrepreneurs go for them?

    It is not difficult to hire staff. The difficulty is in having sufficient money to cover their SSP and Sick holiday pay if they can’t work, the new business can’t let go whilst the new employee is on sick because they would then risk a tribunal for discrimination on any protected characteristics of which there are lots and you need to learn them. Then you have to be able to cover the Employer’s NI, the Employer’s NEST, Employee’s insurance cover, holidays, and you must learn all the rules of employment before you begin to hire someone.

    Can’t your government stop police commissioners and save the money of that newish role and their department spending. Who knows what identifiable improvements there have been since this role was created. Shouldn’t there be some reviews on government spending, a % of people attending the local leisure centres and libraries and if there isn’t a review because there is no local support. No one seems to monitor outcomes. We are taxed for compulsory services and if levels drop too low there is nothing done about it, even when you complain.

  34. Bb
    November 8, 2021

    Restrictions due to a global pandemic may have something to do with it?
    It’s our Brexit, it was decided democratically and other expert economists issued favourable long-term predictions before Jan 2020.

  35. Nelson
    November 8, 2021

    Sir John is right about inflation, the pandemic and cost of living. US inflation at 5.4% this year, for example, up from 1.4% in 2020, follows a lockdown surge in demand for products ordered online by millions of Americans stuck at home who snapped the supply chain and caused the steepest rise ever in the consumer price index — compounded by a staggering labour shortage in Christmas shipping to retailers from New York to San Francisco. Where is any correlation linking Brexit to a global economy trounced by the pandemic?

  36. X-Tory
    November 8, 2021

    On the perennial issue of the NI Protocol, I read in the Telegraph (which is usually very well-informed on matters of government thinking) that if the UK and EU do not reach agreement in the current talks the government will NOT scrap the protocol, or even suspend it (under article 16, as can legitimately be done) but merely “*scale back* the current customs checks”, thereby “*reducing* the amount of customs forms”. And this will not take effect until January – a full YEAR after the problems began.

    So that’s it: after a year of companies suffering, of government whingeing and whining, of ministerial bluff and bluster, all we are going to get is a slight reduction in the problem, and NOT a full solution. Customs checks will NOT be abolished, but merely scaled back, and customs forms will NOT be discarded, merely reduced. What an absolute effing disgrace! I would say it is unbelievable but sadly it is all *too* believable, given the coward, cretin and traitor currently masquerading as British prime minister. Unionists have always made it clear that Northern Ireland should be treated the same as every other part of the UK. There are no checks or forms of any kind for movement from Kent to Sussex, and there should therefore be no checks or forms of any kind for movement from GB to NI. When will Conservative and UNIONIST members of parliament stand up to Boris the Betrayer?

  37. Michael Herriott
    November 8, 2021

    If the Tories like you all left the party and highlighted to the electorate just how bad the rump was, and you created a new alternative, a true choice might present itself to voters. As it is now there’s really no choice. Bad or very bad.

    1. Shirley M
      November 9, 2021

      +100 – we desperately need a new GE and for people to avoid voting for the LibLabCon cartel, who are all singing from the same hymnbook. We need a party that puts the UK first, and not at the bottom of their priorities. I sincerely hope that Reform, Reclaim, UKIP, For Britain, and all the other patriotic parties work together to defeat the FPTP cartel. This government is so bad that even the possibility of a Labour government is no threat. Also, let’s have more direct democracy. Politicians now routinely ignore the electorates wishes and this needs to be addressed.

      1. Nottingham Lad Himself
        November 9, 2021

        So do I 🤣

  38. Peter
    November 8, 2021

    You could – er – abolish the BBC Licence Fee. That would put £159 back in the wallet of every UK household, and would be a real boost to the poorest. (Or at least remove BBC Licence Fee enforcement from the criminal justice system.)

  39. X-Tory
    November 8, 2021

    Hahaha – I see the public is finally beginning to tire of the useless blob of green jelly at number 10, and the Tories have now fallen behind Labour in the polls. Boris has only himself to blame and it would take a heart of stone not to laugh at him. He has delivered NOTHING to those on the ‘Right’ of politics (you know, the ones who might actually vote for him) while bending over backwards to placate his enemies on the Left who will NEVER vote for him. What an imbecile!

    Meanwhile, his climate warming hysteria has boosted the Green Party, while alienating all sensible Conservatives. Before anyone claims that the loss of support is due to the Paterson affair, the poll was taken *before* this broke, but his weaselly U-turn will certainly not have helped him recover in popularity. Instead of standing up for a man who did NO wrong, the PM stabbed him in the back (the Commissioner accepted that Paterson’s argument about the public interest was initially valid, but then said he should not have continued to pursue it – which is madness! Of course an MP should keep pressing on an issue in the public interest! Boris should have openly stated he had no confidence in the Commissioner). The PM simply doesn’t have the backbone to stand up for those people and things he should be defending, whether Paterson, or Northern Ireland, or British fishermen, or British border controls, or individual freedom, or low taxes, or national security, or traditional cultural values, or anything else. Boris just doesn’t have the stomach for the fight against the liberal-left establishment and media. That’s why he is losing the support of his erstwhile voters and the sooner he goes the better.

  40. Denis Cooper
    November 8, 2021

    Off topic, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney warns that if the UK invokes Article 16 to suspend the Irish protocol then the EU could shelve its entire Trade and Co-operation Agreement with the UK:


    Leave aside that retaliation on that kind of scale would be somewhat disproportionate given that the dispute is over whether the EU or the UK should exercise control over parts of the UK economy in Northern Ireland, which economy is in total less than 3% of the overall UK economy, and that any such punitive action by the EU would actually do nothing at all to counter the carriage of illicit goods across Irish land border into the Republic and the rest of the EU Single Market, which is supposed to be the reason for having the protocol, and that such excessive and ill-directed action could well contravene both the EU’s own treaties and the WTO treaties, and simply ask: “How much it would actually matter if the trade deal was suspended?”

    The Guardian, which previously saw little value in this trade deal, now reports that its loss “would have a devastating impact on British business”, an exaggeration worthy of Boris Johnson himself:


    “According to Boris Johnson we have got a trade deal worth £660 billion a year, or 30% of GDP … According to others it might be worth £3 billion a year, about 0.15% of GDP, to the UK, while according to the EU it might be 0.75% of GDP, and according to George Osborne five years ago it could be 1.3% of GDP.”

  41. glen cullen
    November 8, 2021

    All the thousands of illegal immigrants crossing from Belarus to Poland today will be crossing the English Channel in a week….no doubt to be welcomed by the home secretary

    1. Fedupsoutherner
      November 9, 2021

      Glen. Just what I was thinking. Still, it should please Andy. He might want to give his keys to them fir hus second home in France. He could drive his Tesla over there and deliver them in person.

      1. dixie
        November 9, 2021

        It has claimed to have two homes in France.

    2. Cheshire Girl
      November 9, 2021

      They say they want to go to Germany, but I’m suspicious. Whats the betting some(most) of them, make their way here.

  42. glen cullen
    November 8, 2021

    Is Owen Paterson entitled to severance pay

  43. turboterrier
    November 8, 2021

    The squeeze doesn’t seem to be affecting the financial institutions and pension funds as they pour millions in the Net Zero process. Speaking to high ranking bankers as far as they are concerned it is unstoppable and its going to be another Klondyke moment for them and their shareholders. But then it was only ever about money.

  44. Andy
    November 8, 2021

    A Commons debate on Tory corruption – as shown to full effect last week – and more than 300 Conservatives stay away.

    The contempt this bent party of the minority have for our country, our people and our democracy is staggering.

    1. Fedupsoutherner
      November 9, 2021

      Not as staggering as your contempt for pensioners Andy.

    2. Mike Wilson
      November 9, 2021

      Well, it is a strange day. I agree with something the normally deranged Andy has said.

    3. Micky Taking
      November 9, 2021

      MPs ‘stay away’ from most things debated in the Commons. Have you never noticed Andy?

  45. Mike Wilson
    November 8, 2021

    Mr. Redwood, how much will you allow councils to put up council tax next year. ANOTHER 5%? More? What happened to the promise to only allow councils to put up council tax by the rate of inflation? Is that why you are allowing inflation to rip?

    5% every year means council tax will take the whole of the state pension to pay within 20 years or so. It is time the government got a grip of council tax.

    1. dixie
      November 9, 2021

      Particularly galling considering the withdrawal of so many services in Wolkingham over the last 18 months and the excessive borrowings to redevelop chunks of Wokingham town centre that many borough residents don’t even visit.
      We have a bus into Reading every 20 minutes, it takes longer than that to get to the bus stop for an hourly Wokingham bus, what possible attraction would Wokingham have to justify the increased costs and taxes?

  46. Sir Joe Soap
    November 8, 2021

    There is a good deal of incentive NOT to set up a business at the moment, and if so, not here.

    Unreliable supplies and prices, not just here.

    Big companies still playing the Covid card stopping their employees from working to the full.
    Corporation tax, lack of ability to save for a pension and NI/minimum wage rises, also what has your government done to increase competitiveness vesus EU companies? Any gain there for employers? None.

  47. Hazlet
    November 8, 2021

    What if Saudia Arabia or some other Middle East country found that it had no oil left anymore – if it had all dried up – but instead found that they had a deadly poison coming from the earth and would have only one way to save themselves that is by getting a large donation of emergency aid from the west that would cost a lot – question is – would you be the first in line to help?

    1. Micky Taking
      November 9, 2021

      We’ve had a deadly poison coming from China, yes really, and from Arabia being relient on their oil.

  48. Peter2
    November 9, 2021

    A triplevhypothetical question hazlet
    Well done.

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