1. IanT
    March 21, 2023

    Reading through this summary it very hard not conclude that we are being taken for complete idiots by this Government.
    I still will vote for you at the next election Sir John, partly because you do mostly represent my views but also because the only alternative here is the Lib Dems. If I lived in any other place, I’m afraid my vote would almost certainly be going to Reform. I think many people will finally decide that voting Conservative “because the Labour alternative is worse” isn’t a sufficiently good reason to do so any more. If you should get re-elected Sir John, you will find yourself in opposition to the ‘Government’ but in reality that is also the case right now, so nothing much will change for you.

    1. Peter
      March 21, 2023


      ‘Reading through this summary it very hard not conclude that we are being taken for complete idiots by this Government.’

      Indeed. Brexiteers are well and truly being mugged off.

      The size of the protest is still important though.

      Remainers will still run with the tired ‘you all signed up for it’ response.

      We did not and we do not. Brexiteers have been undermined ever since May took charge.

    2. glen cullen
      March 21, 2023

      Boris got away with pushing through the Withdrawal Agreement back in 2019 at the last minute …Sunak is just trying the same tactic

    3. Nottingham Lad Himself
      March 21, 2023

      The “we” to whom you refer are precisely that for which you suspect that you are being taken.

  2. bill browm
    March 21, 2023

    Sir JR

    this is the ebst deal we can get after Johnson fatal mistake in signing the Protocal in the first place.

    There will always be EU legislation in the SIngle market and thinking anything else is naive. The fact taht you do not appreciate the actual incurred costs of Brexit is your problem.

    If, you wish to split the |Conservative party even futher by voting against a law which will still be implemented is of course up to you

    1. Peter
      March 21, 2023

      Bill Brown,

      The old ‘fait accompli’ ploy.

      The Samson in the temple response is the best answer to that.

      Unfortunately most MPs do not have the backbone for that.

  3. John McDonald
    March 21, 2023

    “Sovereignty. Northern Ireland remains subject to the power and control of EU law, the
    Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) and EU administrative organs (such as the
    European Commission) in respect of goods and ancillary matters. EU State aid law (below)
    continues to apply across the whole of the UK in respect of aid which may affect Northern
    You don’t have to read all the document, the above first few lines says it all.
    What a sell out. We say Putin is a Dictator. The UK voted to leave the EU. The UK Government is ignoring the wishes of the People. Are we in a Dictator State? Is the EU another USSR ?

    1. glen cullen
      March 21, 2023

      Spot On John

    2. Bill Smith
      March 21, 2023

      the UK government ignored the wish of the peole by coming with such a bad Braxit deal in the first place, this is the best we are going to get, blamed Johnson and his government and actually we got more than we could hope for

  4. John Pettit
    March 21, 2023

    Thank you for sending the full text of the legal review. As usual the EU has a diffeerent interpretation to what the PM has been telling both Parliement and the peoples of NI. This analysis makes it quite clear that the EU has every intention of keeping NI within the scope of all EU legislation. All who worked for and supported Brexit will be most concerned that the Windsor Agreement could be a first step by a Labour or Lib.Dem administration towards re-admittnance to the EU.

    1. glen cullen
      March 21, 2023

      Would things be different if Liz was still PM ….is it our PMs selling NI out, or the Government, or the party, or parliament

  5. Denis Cooper
    March 21, 2023

    It will take some time to read the whole thing, but searching for “Norway” immediately throws up:

    “The ‘brake’ is of very narrow application in theory and is likely to be useless in practice. It is a highly conditional version of a process contained in the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement, and allows the EU to take “remedial” countermeasures. There has only been one attempt to use the EEA version of the brake, by Norway in 2011, which was abandoned in 2013. Norway failed.”

    I would also point out this from an editorial in the Irish Times on November 11 2021:


    ” … there are fears that punitive actions confined to the protocol’s remit, notably NI-UK trade, will not represent … sufficient economic leverage on the British … “

    1. hefner
      March 21, 2023

      As you point out, Norway tried to use a similar brake in 2013 and failed. One could have hoped that the various Leave politicians had studied the twists and turns of the EU Commission before the 2016 referendum, and looked at how the EU had dealt with the Norwegian, then later the Swiss cases.
      Unfortunately the politicians pushing for Leave were very far from being ‘la creme de la creme’. They had not prepared beforehand any subsequent action apart the simplistic call to WTO rules. Then there were three and a half years of discussion with various Brexit Ministers on the UK side, all more second rate than the other, ending up with the ineffable David Frost.
      That’s what happens when you put UK MPs/Ministers in charge of important questions in front of EU civil servants with years of experience in the EU system, specially when the UK interlocutors come to the discussions largely unaware that the EU would put much effort to circumvent any possible contagion to other member states (Grexit, Frexit, Italexit, …) and these UK negotiators utterly convinced that 1/ the EU need us more than we need them, 2/ the other side will break up and not be able to offer a solid unified front, 3/ that being British will obviously make the other side bend to the British will, … and other similar stupid things that the British tabloids/newspapers have kept on to this day feeding their willingly gullible readership.

      One of the latest ridiculous comments by G.Gudgin or Briefings4Britain is that the citizens of RoI would be better off with the UK than staying within the EU: for Chr****ke, the GDP per capita PPP in Ireland is $131,034 (IMF) or $106,352 (World Bank) and $55,863 (IMF) $49,675 (WB) in the UK). And that’s why the citizens of RoI are not that keen on taking those from the NI with them in the near future. So the usual verbiage of some on this blog saying that what the EU want is NI to be swallowed by the ROI is utter b*ll*cks.

    2. Peter van LEEUWEN
      March 21, 2023

      I think that was the time that Norway decided to specially protect its own cheese produers ageianst the EU:
      Norway introduced a tax on certain goods imported from the EU. This meant, for example, that the price on cheese from EU producers went up by 277%.
      At the same time enjoying the benefits of the Single Market in other sectors . . . no surprise to me that that protection proved unsustainable. We don’t just want to import fish from Norway, we also like to export cheese.

  6. Lindsay McDougall
    March 21, 2023

    This document is a real shocker and reveals the full extent of the attempted deception by the Prime Minister. If Boris Johnson is to be prosecuted by Parliament for “reckless or deliberate deception over Partygate, should not Rushi Sunak not face similar charges over the much more serious matter of Northern Ireland?

    1. glen cullen
      March 21, 2023

      Where’s Gina Miller when you need her

  7. George Brooks.
    March 21, 2023

    Just before the Referendum in 2016, Cameron did a tour of EU governments and came back with nothing agreed but claiming the trip was a success.

    Rishi’s attempt and subsequent claims to have altered the NI Protocol is far worse and a direct mis-representation of the truth.

    It digs us into an even deeper hole and either he is hoping to do do so, or he is completely out of his depth and should be nowhere near No10

  8. Bert Young
    March 21, 2023

    The analysis of the report shows that we achieved nothing from the Windsor agreement . Sunak has been trying to hide the truth . It must not be voted through . The EU cannot and must not be put in any sort of driving seat .

  9. Derek
    March 21, 2023

    I despair that our Prime Minister would even think this distaster a “Good deal for us”.
    Why can he not put to the real test? Let us have a National Referendum on the subject!
    Let the people have their say. It’s called democracy.

  10. agricola
    March 21, 2023

    If the Conservative and Unionist Party do not invoke a 3 line whip on the vote to reject this assault on Northern Ireland, a full unequivocal member of the United Kingdom, then they should lose the word Unionist from their title. Not to vote against this is a treachurous act for which I for one will never forgive them. Sunak should hold his head in shame for even suggesting it as a way forward. It puts him alongside fellow traitor May.

    1. mancunius
      March 22, 2023

      Far worse than May: he has signed it without Parliament’s consultation, and will get it through deliberately relying on the Opposition and the remainers, who are looking forward to seeing Starmer sign up to the single market without a referendum. It is another attempt by Parliament to reverse the democratic results of the national vote.

      What is the point of MPs who consult only their own fleeting personal wishes?

  11. Bloke
    March 21, 2023

    Bill Cash is probably the finest Litmus Test for the legal worthiness of the terms to us.

  12. mancunius
    March 22, 2023

    Note above all the sly relative advantage that accrues to large cap CBI corporates – who love red tape that prevents SMEs and the self-employed from threatening their moats.
    The Prime Minister should recuse himself.

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