Too many wars


  1. Bloke
    May 20, 2024

    Governments should keep our country’s protection constant, foreseeing and preparing for what can happen. The analysis itself is well-prepared yet reveals so many areas which have been lax and need urgent remedy to keep us safe.

    1. Ian B
      May 20, 2024

      @Bloke +1

  2. a-tracy
    May 20, 2024

    I like the colour charts and the easy reading; formatting could be improved on the control boxes on the side merging. Otherwise, I enjoyed reading your shared information this way.

  3. Bryan Harris
    May 20, 2024

    Comprehensive and sensible.

    The thing that is missing is diplomacy and willingness to actually look at the reasons for wars.

    The USA has for decades assumed the role of Earth’s policeman, while at the same time not only looking after its own interests but allowing certain elements to grow rich in the process. They have interfered in countries affairs, all too often, deposing elected leaders and imposing others.
    All of this is done to enrich a small American elite.

    The war machines demand that there are wars, and that profits some, at the expense of lives. Without this pressure from the weapon makers wars would not erupt so easily, but that is only a part of the problem.

    How many terrorist organisations has the USA funded, armed or created? Sometime they were meant to aid peace, but all too often they turned against the West because they could see that conflicts are often created by those seeking influence and rewards.

    Before we prepare for WW3 we should really look at what is going on in our world and why it is prone to hostilities and trouble spots breaking out.
    It seems there are far too many reasons to fight and not enough to pursue a peaceful coexistence.

    1. Mickey Taking
      May 20, 2024

      ‘it is prone to hostilities and trouble spots’.
      Starting with living standards envy, avarice, density of population seeks bigger territory, religious intolerance, and of course insane leaders chasing personal glory at any cost!

  4. Ian wragg
    May 20, 2024

    And absolutely nothing has been learned by this and previous governments about preparation for war
    Offshoring industry in the name of net zero, providing China with technology to use against us and in the case of the EU expanding to include much of the old Soviet Union who don’t understand democracy

    As I said in the previous post, Holland making screeching U turn on Net Zero because the voters can see the blind alley it’s leading us down.

    1. Berkshire Alan
      May 20, 2024


    2. Ian B
      May 20, 2024

      @Ian wragg +1

      Who invented Net-Zero, oh yes, the enemies of the UK, those that want to be its masters. Who invented the Net-Zero laws that do not exist in 189 out of the 195 Countries of the World – this Conservative Government!. That means more than 95% of the Worlds Population is not being punished, not having their future robbed.

  5. IanT
    May 20, 2024

    Not much to disagree with Sir John but quite a lot that should worry us all.
    Now tell us why this Government is often acting counter to these basic security concerns, most particularly in energy, manufacturing and food production. Why have they allowed key defense/strategic businesses to be acquired and plundered? Royal Mail is the latest example of this nonsense. Does anyone think the French or Germans would allow this predator to sieze a key national service?

    I’,m sorry Sir John, even faced with likely annihilation at the next election (and with immigration high on the list of voter issues) you still have Cabinet Ministers resisting sensible changes to Overseas Student visas. Our Universities used to be pinnacles of learning and now they are simply factories churning out worthless degrees – often in exchange for free entry to this country. The economy might be turning but (frankly) this seems to be in spite of Mr Hunt, not because of him. If you were not my local MP, the Conservative Party would not be getting my vote this year I’m afraid.

    1. Ian B
      May 20, 2024

      @IanT +1
      There is a war being fought against the People of this Country and it is this Conservative Government that is fighting it.
      They are not a UK Government, they are not a Conservative Government, their actions show them to be agents of the foreign powers that want to put everyone of us down.
      Now they want the turkeys to vote for Christmas

      1. IanT
        May 21, 2024

        I’d like to think that you are right in some ways IanB – but frankly your theory would suggest a level of competance that doesn’t seem to exist. With a few honourable exceptions, many of the current batch of Tory MPs don’t have that much talent. Many are now jumping the boat and seeking employement elsewhere (and good riddance).
        I hope that Conservative HQ will now stop recruiting failed Lib Dem hopefuls but I suspect that is where the rot lies, rather than out in the country. A damned good purge is now the only solution I suspect and that’s what we are almost certinly going to get. Unfortunately the incoming Government looks even more lacklustre in terms of talent. I was struck how miserable all the would-be Ministers looked, when Starmer was parading in his shirt sleeves the other day. It seems they already know full well that life isn’t going to get better any time soon – most especially with them in charge.

        1. Ian B
          May 22, 2024

          @IanT – you probably have it more right than me, but then you access is neglect of the duty to serve those that voted, empower and pay you not the same as declaring war on them? CCHQ with advice from the Leadership appears to be looking for obedient servants to their ruler and not those that would be good MPs – the opposite to the needs of democracy.
          All MPs that are not in the executive should be their to challenge it( the excitative/government) on behalf of their constituents and the Country, they are not the slaves of the monster running the Country.
          There needs to a a clear out top to bottom of the whole lot on all sides. One idea would be that only constituents get to select who would best represent them in elections

  6. Lifelogic
    May 20, 2024

    “A mix of technologies to store wind and solar power”. Plenty of ways to do this but very few are cost effective and much energy is wasted in the process. Perhaps the best is to use the unwanted electricity to charge EV cars. Not that EV cars make much sense anyway. Or better still only generate when needed and store as gas, oil, coal. Solar is very problematic in the UK as you get it in summer in the middle of the day when not really wanted so storage rarely practical or cost effective. Battery depreciation and capital costs

    “Control of energy is crucial” indeed cheap reliable & on demand energy is vital for everything defence, jobs, health, the economy… so ditch the insanity of net zero now.

    1. Ian B
      May 20, 2024

      @Lifelogic +1

    2. James Freeman
      May 21, 2024

      You have pointed out the obvious flaw in the government’s energy strategy. No technology exists to store enough solar and wind energy economically for when the country is in the doldrums. Even if you use gas, the backup power plant is in use so infrequently that it is also prohibitively expensive.

      The obvious solution is to increase the mix of energy sources that do not have this problem. For example, tidal and nuclear. But no doubt, like now, with other idiotic policies like quantitative easing, everybody will be blaming each other, not their total lack of foresight when the bill comes in.

  7. Joan Sawyers
    May 20, 2024

    Agree 100% but nobody in government will take a blind bit of notice until it’s too late, then the cry will go up “all hands to the pump” as they always do. I really feel for my children and grandchildren’s future.

    1. Ian B
      May 20, 2024

      Joan Sawyers +1 – but the means and resources will be off-shored and in the hands of our enemies

  8. formula57
    May 20, 2024

    Lessons from the World Wars also include the vital advantage of a united, committed home front.

    Good luck wth conscripting and training Generation Z or anyone whose arrival is more recent than a generation or two ago.

    Let us face the truth that between all out nuclear war or some localized police action undertaken by present forces we have no real capability and no capacity, not least in terms of popular will, to fight for much more than a week at best.

  9. formula57
    May 20, 2024

    Also, let a new realism see us relinquish our UN Security Council seat so we do not have to involve ourselves in all the events with which that council has to contend, maintaining military capabilities to help preserve internatioal peace and security.

    1. formula57
      May 20, 2024

      I am not unmindful of MacMillan’s words, uttered with the full vulgarity of the upper class, that possession of nuclear weapons buys us a seat at the top table. In leaving the top table we should still keep the nuclear weapons so we can barge our way back as needs must.

      1. Ian B
        May 20, 2024

        @formula57 – In a similar vein, who’s ‘top table?’ that is Mickey Mouse talk from an inadequate leadership. It has no bearing on anything. All our Politico’s seem to fall into the trap of looking to polish their own personal self-esteem while neglecting those that really did empower and actually pay them.

        To me, trusting the people, letting them drive the economy, create the wealth that has deserted or been forced out in recent years is the most important bit of our defence, our resilience, therefore our security. Money tends to be the fundamental element that allows us all to respond to situations as they are presented. This Conservative Government seems hell bent on ensuring that not only can’t the Country respond but neither can the individual. They have a phobia on tax and control, then demonstrate that they cant ‘manage’ anything

  10. Everhopeful
    May 20, 2024

    “All wars are started by angry old men, but they are fought by young men who die for reasons that are beyond them. In the end, the same old men sit around tables and the war ends. Nothing is achieved. Nothing is gained. New faces move into old castles, and the sons of the dead build families ready to feed new battleground graveyards.”

    — David Gemmell

  11. Everhopeful
    May 20, 2024

    The U.K. needs to stop being such a flipping basket case.
    Stop poking noses into our affairs and stop with the mind manipulation.
    We are never going to want even more newcomers and even those protesting in favour of some sort of Middle Eastern “Exodus” ( wrong folk…similar situation ) will soon get fed up with it and understand how they have been fooled!
    I have absolutely no interest in any of it.

  12. Bill B.
    May 20, 2024

    Very nice graphics, and some extremely important points re self-sufficiency if we are to maintain any kind of warlike posture in the world. Excellent work, whoever put this together. You yourself, Sir John?


    Yes I did that!

    1. Bloke
      May 20, 2024

      Fine presentation. Logical, efficient and well-structured. Much clearer to receive and easier to communicate than what would otherwise occupy lengthy paragraphs of text.

  13. Donna
    May 20, 2024

    Very good graphic Sir John.

    However, I venture to suggest that there is one section missing which needs to be urgently addressed: a willingness to fight.

    Patriotism has been sneered at for several decades now; our history, culture and “values” have all been trashed. Why should the despised white working class fight at the behest of an arrogant Establishment which makes it very clear it despises them and has actively destroyed their communities and life chances with mass immigration?

    And I very much doubt that many of the recent arrivals or their children (ie the last 20 years) would be willing to fight for the UK – and particularly not if it was against a Muslim country.

    It’s no wonder the Armed Services find it extremely difficult to recruit.

  14. iain gill
    May 20, 2024

    Peter de la Billière made it all the way to General without ever having a staff review in the army, because he HR records were stamped “officer in combat unable to attend staff review” every single year of his career. That the UK has an appetite for fighting like that, where individuals are able to spend decade after decade constantly in combat is ridiculous.
    We should be a lot more like Switzerland. And we should be protecting the home territory a lot more, and worrying about the rest of the world far less.

  15. Ian B
    May 20, 2024

    Sir John

    All very good, but to keep repeating the problem – we need a strong resilient economy to create the wealth to support what we need to do to keep the UK safe and secure. To that end we need a Government preferably a real Conservative Government that will simply ‘Manage!’, spending for – ‘well the hell of it’ isn’t managing, controlling expenditure is managing. Just creating more and more, higher and higher taxes isn’t managing that is just ineptitude. Causing growth in the economy by good management causes more taxes to be available, the current wave of punishment does not, it cause more legitimate avoidance.

    The high spend, high tax Socialist doctrine as practised, is not management that is the Blair/Brown continuation of tearing up society.

    Trusting the People, listening, hearing and working with them is good management, – attacking, fighting and punishing is just weak inept bullies that are clueless and this Conservative Government has that attitude in bucket loads.

  16. Ian B
    May 20, 2024

    Sir John
    Cyber & Intelligence. This Conservative Government exposes the UK to the threat. It is so concerned with its own ability to monitor the nation – fear of the People, that is removes basic security we need on the Internet.
    As such the UK’s foes have easy unrestricted access to the UK’s Internet whether it is with criminal intent for money or manipulation of those that are on the drug of social media.
    Un-restricted amounts of data are removed from the UK every second of the day. The UKs’ authorities have no idea where it goes or who it is sold too, that don’t even ask for copies of what is being taken. What the authorities do, do is spy and monitor the UK Citizen on fishing trips on a just in case something comes up situation – there is no legal over-site or just cause presented.

  17. Ian B
    May 20, 2024

    Sir John
    As you say, energy is vital to the safety and security of the Country. Without it, not are we plunged into darkness our ability to respond to even the basic threat is removed.
    So much of today’s energy supply is in the hands and at the whims of Foreign Governments. That is at the UK’s end a government that has neglected its first job, keeping us safe and secure.
    No economy, no energy, equals no ability to respond. A lot of us coming to the view is that is the intention and aim of the Conservative Government – they certainly do not demonstrate anything different.

    1. Ian B
      May 20, 2024

      Fingers crossed and living in hope that someone will come to our aid is a luxury that isn’t there in practice. If a friend is fighting a similar battle, what spare capacity do they have to come to our aid? Then why should they when we have brought this situation on ourselves.

  18. Berkshire Alan
    May 20, 2024

    Well put together, simple and easy to understand, but it does not mention the very important aspect of human nature.
    Conscription will not be as easy as in the past, as far too many people do not have this Counties old DNA, Patriotism, or interest at heart any more, many may even try to leave, rather than fight.
    As usual it will be the private companies that will need to produce all of the equipment and arms with which to fight, and we do not have the massive amount of industry (or semi skilled and skilled labour) as in past decades to switch rapidly to arms production.
    If anything has been learnt in Ukraine, it is that cheap drones are far more readily manufactured and replaced than expensive aircraft, which take years to develop and produce.
    Lessons never learn’t from history, hence why politicians have hollowed out our armed forces.

    1. iain gill
      May 20, 2024

      many will actively want to fight on the other side, and many will do so from within the UK

      1. Berkshire Alan
        May 21, 2024

        Sadly I have to agree with you Iain, some are already, but without using armed force, but by attacking and using the systems we already have in place.

  19. forthurst
    May 20, 2024

    Why not keep out of wars caused by the United States: why do we have to join in every time? In what way is Ukraine a candidate when a) is involved in a war in which its borders are disputed and b) it is a gangster state run by ‘oligarchs’ c) Should the US win, they will steal all its agricultural land. Application is not the same as qualification.
    No mention of our fish which are currently being stolen by the EU whilst the Department of Useless Arts Graduates fret about the water temperatures caused by the Global Warming Hoax.

  20. Rita
    May 20, 2024

    Excellent graphics and content highlighting so many issues and much food for thought.

    Am decidedly stating the obvious by saying good governance policies have been lacking for many a year.
    Hence the lack of self-sufficiency on so many fronts. Key areas being safety & security of the population & country’s borders, self-sufficiency in food production, housing, health care, education, and all attendant basic services required to run the country properly.

    I read a report (2015?) which estimated England alone was overpopulated by 19 million people in the event of a world event requiring her to be self-sufficient in food supplies. Much of it due to uncontrolled immigration which has persisted since the ’90s.

    I don’t know what gave rise to the decline in standards of good governance, but more importantly has this issue been recognised and if so is it being addressed on a national scale, Sir John?

    Finally, with reference to the headline of this blog, there have simply been too many (in my view unnecessary) wars/serious conflicts in my lifetime. The most peaceful time in our world that I remember was during President Trump’s term in office – a fact which shows peace is possible. Peace ensures countries and their people can thrive and prosper. I trust we’ve learnt the lessons to achieve a lasting peaceful cycle in our world.

    Reply The government is now taking action to cut legal migration.

    1. Lynn Atkinson
      May 21, 2024

      They need to repatriate on a large scale at this disastrous point. Stopping more is no longer acceptable.

    2. Donna
      May 21, 2024

      Does the Not-a-Conservative-Party really expect to gain any credibility now for slightly reducing immigration when, in the last 14 years, it has orchestrated and overseen the largest influx in our history – particularly the last 4 – when it had “promised” to significantly reduce it? 3 million+ in just two years and the vast majority of them are low-skilled and low-wage, or not working and claiming from the welfare state.

      Why should “the frogs” trust your Party when you’ve proved beyond doubt that it’s a scorpion?

  21. Ian B
    May 20, 2024

    To sum up this discussion – “Lord Cameron has admitted European Union border guards would have the power to bar British citizens from Gibraltar under a new post-Brexit treaty, reports Chief Political Correspondent Nick Gutteridge.”

  22. glen cullen
    May 20, 2024

    68 illegal aliens /boat people arrived yesterday from the safe country of France

  23. RDM
    May 21, 2024

    Well done, lots of points of agreement!

    A few minor points are;

    Strike Aircraft? UK does not have a specific Aircraft, like the Tornado, any more!

    It has a good multi-role aircraft; Typhoo! But, it we meet the Russians in War, it would meet the SU57!

    It’s only the Meteor Air to Air missile that would allow it to compete!

    The same with China JA7, …

    The rest of British Aircraft (F35B) are crap, and not ft for purpose! Total waste of money! We should build our own, building a A10 type Ground attack Aircraft, for the Carriers, but fitted with Meteor! Build it in the UK, but under License?

    Hopefully, the Tempest is a good Air Superiority Fighter, which would complement the A10 Ground Attack Aircraft!

    British Army standard issue rifle; Currently SA80 5.56mm, fine to easy carry around, and use if needed, but for front-line troops, it has been left behind! The 5.56mm round is very poor, by today’s standards, even if it can be bought cheap! Recently, the RMC started using the Creedmore 6.5mm and KS1 (Etc), which is one of the best combinations in existence! The Creedmore is a Proven round!

    Please Note: SF might prefer the 5.56mm, in some operations (because it lack of recoil and easy of use), but it’s still a very poor round on a Battle field!

    The USA has started moving to the Sig Fury 6.8mm and a new Sig standard issue weapon and machine-gun!

    So, if we entered a war, with the USA (Taiwan, say?) how would we supply the old 5.56mm round and would it compare? No, it couldn’t hit a barn door at 600M!

    We need to move our front-line troops to the Creedmore 6.5mm, ASAP!

    We need to manufacture millions of Creedmore, here within the UK, under License?

    Energy; Gas, and Fracking, ASAP, and we will need to for many years ahead! Russia has been drilling for Oil&Gas in the British Antarctic territory’s, and has found billions of litres of Oil&Gas! We can’t defend it, and they know it!

    Cyber: The UK government has weakened our Security, with the Government trying to Spy and Track everyone, but failing badly, externally! We could move, from Microsoft, to a Linux (Fedora/Redhat) based systems, already built within the UK, and increase Security, for individuals, massively! There would be a Learning Curve, moving the general public off MS!

    Not perfect, but a good start! There is generational rigidity, but if we built Linux into schools, we would benefit from being far more Secure!

    The take up of Linux based systems in Russia, North Korea, and China, is why they, now, have a real advantage over us, and our People/Businesses in particular!

    Another move would be to allow End to End Encryption, PGP, and other Privacy tools.

    There are others, but will let other People inform you!


  24. Iago
    May 21, 2024

    I cannot imagine someone like David Cameron acting in the interests of the UK or the Judeo-Christian West.

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