There is some good Brexit news

We are just past the  half way point in this election. The two main parties, Labour and Conservative have both seen at times modest declines in polling support as they have unveiled their plans. The average poll rating is now 22% for the Conservatives and 42%  for Labour. Some polls have put Labour below 40% and Conservative below 20%.

The polls usually exclude the large numbers of Don’t Knows and Won’t says. The polls will be right if they stay at home or vote in the same proportions as those who have said what they will do. If there is a disproportionately large number of former Conservatives amongst that group then they could decide in the end to vote Conservative because they do not want a Labour government, changing the outlook. Some could decide to vote Reform, helping  confirm the poll predictions for Labour to do well.

Higher taxes, high migration levels, a failure to use Brexit freedoms sufficiently, an acceptance of bad Treasury and Bank economic policy would all get worse under Labour.It would  be a perverse outcome if former Conservative voters ended up voting or not voting in a way which gave Labour a large majority with under 40 % of the vote. Usually a party needs around 43% to secure a decent majority. Only if the Opposition is badly split do you get big majorities at lower levels of vote. Most of of those undecided or angry voters do not want a Labour government. The more we hear and see the Labour Opposition the clearer it becomes they will not tackle the tax, growth,  and migration issues successfully.

The Conservatives need to explain some of things that have gone right. Brexit has protected us from a big or any  share of the 800 billion Euros of new debt the EU is borrowing, We have quite enough debt of our own without needing loads more from the EU. At last after too dear a transition we are now saving billions  a year on contributions to the  EU and have increased NHS spending by far more than the promise on the bus. Our trade with the EU has expanded  since we left against so many gloomy forecasts, Trade with the rest of the world has expanded even faster as we have expanded old trade agreements and added new ones thanks to Brexit freedom.

Educational standards have risen well in England with big improvements in reading and maths. This augurs well for more young people to better paid jobs. Unemployment has come well down since 2010.



  1. Mark B
    June 17, 2024

    Good morning.

    I do not believe that MASS IMMIGRATION levels will be that much different between the LibLabCON. If anything, under Labour it might actually be lower as they clearly see that the levels imposed by the Tories are having a clear destabilizing effect on the country with the population beginning to push back.

    With hopefully a more right wing EU we will also see a tougher stance on illegal immigration which, hopefully, may reduce those coming here.

    BREXIT has been an absolute failure. Not the concept itself, I would still vote to LEAVE, but the implementation. This is because the LibLabCON did not want to LEAVE the EU. For this betrayal the voters have become sceptical that any party will deliver on anything, especially the Conservatives as they have been in office (not power) for the last 14 years.

    I think it is time for change. But that change will, alas, not come in the form I would like. I see the devolved nations getting more powers and more money whilst England slowly sinks into the abyss.

    And finally. One always got a sense of expectation when a GE was held. This one, to me at least, has turned into a damp squib. Must be something to do with those running the show.

    1. Lifelogic
      June 17, 2024

      Not just a damp squib but hugely depressing. The last thing the country needs after the
      Con-socialist’s failed policies of open door immigration, vast government waste, net zero lunacy, economic incompetence, inflation, high interest rates, botched Brexit, the lockdowns and net harm vaccines is more of the same but worse.

      “Reject Farage’s inflammatory language and hopeless polices” says Lord Cameron of Greenshill, Libya. Well Cameron his policies are right and it was you who promised less than 100,000 net immigration and ratted on it as you did on you IHT promise, your promise to stay on, you cast iron promise… you even claimed to be a low tax, Eurosceptic, Conservative at Heart when you are nothing of the sort.

      So which of he policies are hopeless Cameron? They are largely right. Ditch the net zero con trick, control immigration properly for quality and numbers, deregulate, cut the size of government hugely, cut taxes, investigate the vast vaccine harms, cut taxes, ditch the vast woke lunancy…
      Anyway Reform in England are the best way to defeat Labour in most of England now so get lost Cameron. It is you who killed the Tories by stuffing it with dire Green Crap pushing lefties and your endless lies.

    2. Peter
      June 17, 2024

      I don’t think many people think things ‘would get worse under a Labour government’. Perhaps they don’t think they would get sufficiently bad to change their voting intentions.

      Prime driver for many voters is to administer a punishment beating to a Conservative Party that has failed and misled people for so long. One step at a time. They can worry about Labour later. A Labour government may collapse due to infighting in time.

    3. PeteB
      June 17, 2024

      Agreed Mark. Tories have been poor, Labour will be equally poor. Sir J has summed this up well and noted that Starmer is likely to get a large majority with the support of just 40% of those voting (perhaps 30% of total votes cast?). SNP will get under 3% of the votes but tens of MPs. Reform 10%+ of the votes and 1 or 2 MPs. Is this democracy?

      Why can we not adopt the MEP model of regional PR for UK general elections? I know we won’t, as the 2 main parties will lose out – Turkeys and Christmas. Still… the current voting model is broken.

      1. Mark
        June 18, 2024

        I don’t think that the voting model is broken. It’s the party system that contrives to offer voters little real choice. All the major parties now select candidates on the basis that they will toe the line of the leadership clique. We have seen Labour culling Corbynistas (although you may wonder which way up Starmerites hang), and the Tories installing Wets as they were once known, all over the heads of their local constituencies. The long years of being in the EU have hollowed out real expertise among politicians, who have subcontracted the business of devising law elsewhere (quangos, EU, civil service).

        We need the return to real responsibility that was meant to be the benefit of Brexit, and with that the ability to understand the state of the nation and craft policy to match. Instead we have the ability to dominate the media message by setting the rules to exclude competing sensible thought. You have only to look at how often JR has been denied a broadcasting slot because he was trying to inject common sense into debate.

        1. Berkshire Alan
          June 18, 2024


        2. Lynn Atkinson
          June 18, 2024


    4. Ian Wraggg
      June 17, 2024

      How can you say that it’ll be worse under labour after the absolute pigs ear the present government has left.
      We have been betrayed on Brexit because the government and civil Serpents didn’t and still don’t want to leave
      The whole of western Europe needs a clean out of the failed political class that has done so much damage
      This is happening as people realise the con that net zero is and won’t stand idly by whilst their way of life is destroyed.
      The likes of Millipede are outliers who will be brought to heel.

    5. Hope
      June 17, 2024


    6. Ian B
      June 17, 2024

      @Mark B – to leave the EU a Conservative Manifesto promised signed by all Conservative Candidates at the last election. It is one of the mainstays that gave us 365 Conservative MPs the biggest majority in a generation. They turned up in Parliament and the majority reneged on that promise, they kept the UK aligned and under the EU’s control – it was and is a remain Parliament. As a EU representative Stated at the time of the WA agreement, the UK is a EU colony now.
      The nub of it all can anyone believe what the Conservatives tell them, what their manifesto says – even the real Conservatives have their hands tied

      1. Narrow Shoulders
        June 18, 2024

        To be fair to those Conservative MPs all they did was ratify the agreement that their party leaders agreed (twice).

        They were assured by their leadership twice, that this agreement was good for us.

        The quality of (and their willingness to use) their investigatory and research skills might be more under scrutiny than their attitude.

    7. beresford
      June 17, 2024

      Most of the illegals coming here have explicitly set out for the North coast of France rather than starting off in the EU and deciding to come to Britain. Worse still, if the new right wing governments clamp down on migrants who won’t integrate those migrants may up sticks and ‘flee’ across the Channel to the land of free stuff.

    8. JoolsB
      June 17, 2024

      Makes me sick to the stomach how this so called Tory Government have neglected England over the last fourteen years. Let’s not forget it was Cameron who gave our kids alone £9,000 tuition fees and now Labour refuse to rule out hiking our already exorbitant council tax bands but of course they can only hike them in England. I see newly enobled Brown (for selling off our gold and destroying our pensions) is rearing his ugly head again advocating more powers and money for his beloved Scotland whilst of course further balkanisation of England and John’s lot have done diddly squat about it.
      Another reason to vote Reform. At least they acknowledge both the WLQ and the Barnett Formula are grossly unfair to England.

      1. Old Albion
        June 18, 2024

        Reform should go one step further and promise an English parliament to finally remove the huge democratic defecit.

    9. a-tracy
      June 17, 2024

      You have got to be joking Mark, do you live in Labour borough, because I’m seeing lots of new homes built with Homes England support (by the way it takes 3x longer to built them and they end up costing more) and the private builders ‘affordable housing stock 10%’ going to migrants locally and people not from our area. Labour accepts people with open arms, there will be an amnesty, and the waiting list for applicants will disappear because those that are here, even those off dinghies without paperwork with goodness knows what convictions in their home nations, will be given the right to be here, social housing priority as they arrive with nothing and benefits to bring over their families. I have no doubts about that at all.

      1. Mark B
        June 18, 2024


        As I said here many times, my MP is a so called Conservative. Well that is what he thinks he is anyway.

        You site many grievances, none of which I disagree, but what are the solutions ?

        To give you a hand, try NOT starting with the LibLabCON.

  2. Donna
    June 17, 2024

    I think there will be a lot of abstentions. No branch of the Westminster Uni-Party deserves a vote. They have all failed and betrayed the country.

    After 14 years of so-called Conservative Government we have £3 trillion debt; collapsing public services; inadequate infrastructure; uncontrolled mass immigration; a refusal to defend our borders from criminals; 9.2 million aged between 16 and 64 not working; and every institution has been captured by “woke” left-wing activists who have been given free rein to impose cultural Marxism on us.

    The Covid Tyranny wrecked the economy and millions of lives. The Net Zero lunacy has destroyed our energy security, traditional manufacturing and has given us the most expensive energy in the western industrialised nations. Inflation was caused by these policies and the Government meekly went along with the Bank of England’s policy to smother the economy and for taxpayers to under-write £billions of debt (capitalise the profits and socialise the costs …. again).

    Bragging about slightly improved education standards, when you’ve just wrecked the education of an entire generation, isn’t very tactful Sir John. And we Brexit-supporters all know that the Government has stitched us up with a Brino and has refused to take advantage of the limited freedoms we gained from “officially leaving” the EU. Sunak told us that “we don’t compete with friends.”

    1. Lifelogic
      June 17, 2024

      Exactly right.

      “9.2 million aged between 16 and 64 not working; and every institution has been captured by “woke” left-wing activists who have been given free rein to impose cultural Marxism on us.”

      Sunak has some talent to be about to lose to the dire Labour partly led by the tedious wrong headed Starmer. Their only selling points are:- Bragging about slightly improved education standards, halving the inflation he caused, claiming it was all due to Covid and Ukraine (It was not it was your net harm lockdowns & net harm vaccines and vast government waste and you net zero lunacy), plus saying Labour will be even worse (as they will be).

      They could of course improve English spelling standards by not making children use totally irrational spelling and homophones allowing them to evolve. Things like Write, right, rite, wright, Knight, night, ghost, yacht, their, their, program/programme or perhaps even using K as a hard C and C as a soft one consistently.

      Then the pupils might usefully learn other more useful things in the time released. How to actually think for example. How to question the lunacy of the endless climate alarmist propaganda for example. Is Co2 a vital harmless gas tree, crop and plant food vital for life and a net good or poisonous evil pollution for example? Do EV cars even save any CO2 compared to keeping your old ICU one or does walking save much or any CO2 (answer is no in general).

      1. Lifelogic
        June 17, 2024

        “The two main parties” – well Reform are now well ahead of the Con-socialists in England (outside London). So if you want to stop Labour as you should do vote reform in general.

    2. Bloke
      June 17, 2024

      With Reform matching or exceeding Conservative’s poll percentage, it will often be a vote for Conservative that allows Labour into power.
      The publishing of Reform’s ‘Contract’ today in contrast to other’s manifestos appears to contain and reveal several of the proposals SJR favours on tax and other issues.
      It arrives at a key time and may provide an even greater boost to Reform’s prospects. Farage is a formidable opponent in debates; Tice is less persuasive personally, although his words are similarly sensible.
      Other party leaders avoid debating with Farage, in fear of being exposed as spouting nonsense and being so easily defeated by his powerful use of sharp-stated facts.

    3. PeteB
      June 17, 2024

      Well said Donna. Second paragraph covers it all. Simple truth is that our State offers too much to too many. The income tax paying workers of the country are being taken for fools. Incidentally there are only 32m who pay income tax in a population of 68m. They can only be squeezed so far.

    4. Hope
      June 17, 2024


    5. Berkshire Alan
      June 17, 2024


      Many of us feel exactly the same as you outline.
      John, the Conservatives have had an 80 seat majority for nearly 5 years, yes fully aware of Covid and Ukraine, but that should not have stopped progress on everything,
      If the Prime Minister was so sure It was going to get better, why go for an election early. He has a big enough majority to almost do as he pleases since Covid, after all the cost of Covid was because of his decisions during Covid.
      We all know the NHS is inefficient because of management and administration failure, the front line people seem to work very hard from my experience, and the experience of others.
      Net Zero policy is just a bloody farce, as is the attempt at stopping Migration, both legal and illegal.
      As for pot holes, what could be more simple than filling in a hole in the road correctly, everyone can see them, and everyone has felt the cost in the pocket with MOT failures on tyres and suspension dramatically increasing.
      Quite simply the Conservatives have failed to move the Country forward, have failed to reap the benefits that Brexit could have given us, and have weakened our armed forces with more and more cuts.
      Why on earth should anyone vote for this nonsense to continue ?
      We need a proper Conservative Party with proper Conservative policies, not the present excuse for an expensive Social Democrat type mess.
      Just to say the others will be worse is simply not good enough any more !

      1. Berkshire Alan
        June 17, 2024

        Just viewed a recording of the Reform Party Launch of their “Contract” what a breath of fresh air in both thought, presentation, and policy content, especially when compared to the so called big three.
        I can only hope enough people view it in full, and do not fall for the Media’s usual cut and paste hatchet job.
        Can be viewed on Guido Fawkes web site.

        1. glen cullen
          June 17, 2024


    6. Kathy
      June 17, 2024

      I was going to comment but you have said it all. I totally agree with your every word.

    7. Rod Evans
      June 17, 2024

      Well said. A perfect summary of the present situation Donna.

    8. Ian B
      June 17, 2024

      @Donna +1 , but we do have a growing State, ever more unaccountable Quango’s, more money going into pits with never a hope of a return. They have found ways to tax more, even the likes of hiking parking, more speed traps, ULEZ are Conservative Government inspired money grabs. Money stolen from us has nothing to do with creating a future

    9. MFD
      June 17, 2024

      Yes , I thought dont turn your back on these so- called Friends, Donna!

      The eu are bitter about our leaving as they used to look on Britain as a convenient cash cow!

    10. RichardP
      June 17, 2024

      +1 Donna
      Sums up 14 years of “Conservative” incompetence very well.

    11. Sharon
      June 17, 2024

      @ Donna

      Well put, Donna!

    12. a-tracy
      June 17, 2024

      “wrecked the education of an entire generation”,

      that is quite a big exaggeration Donna. We are talking six months close down away from school at the most (lots of schools claimed they sent material home and online so that kids didn’t fully miss out); kids have been forced since 2007 to stay in school an extra two years, in Scotland they finish High School at 17 what is England doing with that extra year if you think they’re ‘wrecked’. How are we rising up he Pisa ranking compared to other nations if education was ‘wrecked’? There has been some amazing work since Gove and Boles changed the way children learnt to read with more phonics and extra support for pupils struggling in KS2 and KS3.

      The problem is some parents do nothing at all to help their offspring, they can’t even be bothered to clean their teeth, now we’re being told by Labour school is going to have to do that job and feed them for free. The problem isn’t with the kids its with some of the parents (not all of them) we need to find out who those parents are, which schools, concentrate on the failing instead Labour will spend a fortune trying to resolve the needs of the few.

      1. Donna
        June 18, 2024

        Their education was disrupted for about 2 years. When classrooms were re-opened, they were forced to sit ALL DAY in masks (which is has now been admitted were useless in preventing transmission of the virus). If one child got covid, the whole class had to stay at home for two weeks.

        Children from deprived homes or who were unfortunate enough to attend poor schools had little or no access to online tuition. Or they may have been sharing one computer between several children. Parents who were working from home were supposed to supervise their children whilst doing their jobs …. have you ever tried to supervise several children/teenagers whilst working? It’s impossible. Other parents (ie supermarket workers) had to work and leave their children unattended ….. do you think those children were assiduously doing their schoolwork?

        Pre-schoolers have delayed development; they couldn’t interact with other children and learn social skills. Babies have delayed speech since they weren’t able to watch the lips of adults talking to them …. IF they were in a position to meet any adults other than their parent/s.

        It has already been admitted that very many from an entire generation of children will have reduced life chances because of the Covid Tyranny.

        1. a-tracy
          June 19, 2024

          Key workers’ children were allowed in schools after Easter? I know teachers who worked throughout the day looking after the children of nurses and supermarket workers etc.

          I’ve just re-checked with the people I work with children in school, they say about six months (inc school holidays) of disruption and a couple of weeks around Christmas time. Which area of the Country are you in where your children were kept out of school for two years?

          I hated the wearing of fabric masks, FP2 or nothing; now, it’s said it was completely unnecessary, but it made older teachers feel better that they weren’t getting the overload, and the unions won out.

          I never supported the levels of lockdown, but I do remember public sector workers not wanting to go back to work, I remember nurses saying people sat on grass outside the hospital on hot days were trying to kill them. People got quite hysterical, but the children I know I don’t agree have got reduced life chances from the experience.

          You do have to wonder why infants and schoolchildren can’t brush their teeth. Although that’s always been a home task.

      2. Narrow Shoulders
        June 18, 2024

        concentrate on the failing instead Labour will spend a fortune trying to resolve the needs of the few.

        Chillingly accurate and a frightening insight into our immediate future. Minority rule is coming, more so that the Conservatives managed with their pandering.

    13. Mark
      June 18, 2024

      I will believe education standards have improved when I see some tougher GCSE and A level papers. With the current curriculum many children see no point in trying to learn: what is the application of gender questioning, climate propaganda, criticial race theory? It is merely an attempt at indoctrination. Reports suggest that children are reacting against it: they don’t bother, or they oppose what they are taught outside of school.

  3. Michelle
    June 17, 2024

    We’ve been repeatedly told things would get worse under Labour over the last few elections, but they all became progressively worse under Conservatives!!!
    The last time I had someone to vote for was back in the days of Cameron.
    I trusted him when he talked of telling the truth, such as ‘multi-culture isn’t working’ and the ‘tens of 1000’s’ not hundreds of 1000’s’ on the immigration issue.
    I believed there’d be a bonfire of the quango’s too.
    Fooled me once.
    From Cameron onward all we’ve seen is as an escalation of immigration, chipping away at our culture, our freedom of speech and under Johnson literally our freedom of movement. Patel virtually handed a blank cheque to Indian immigration, and removed the Resident Labour Market Test.
    May signed the UN Migration Compact.
    They as good as ‘took the knee’ to BLM with all their diversity, equality nonsense, if not physically in front of the cameras.
    More laws issued instead of using the ones we have.
    Failed to instruct the Civil Service that they serve the Ministers and the public.
    I could go on, but for me a vote for Conservative is a vote for Labour.

    1. Peter Wood
      June 17, 2024

      I’ve just read the previous 3, very well written, comments. When I read Sir J’s post today I thought, first, Sir J. is in for a beating on this one, and, second, didn’t Sir J, in effect, say he’s free now of PCP regulations and can speak the truth, whole truth…..
      Looks like being a tough day Sir J….

    2. Lifelogic
      June 17, 2024

      I too voted for Cast Iron ratter Cameron there was no other choice but the dire Gordon Brown just honoured by the King for destroying private pensions, selling our gold at the bottom of the marked 25 years back, making the BoE independent with disastrous result and many other moronic disasters.

      But I never fell for Cameron’s climate alarmist lunacy, his IHT threshold ratting, his hug a hoody or was it a husky(?), his absurd thin gruel, his dire A list candidates and dire choices such as Chairman Baroness Warsi.

      1. Lifelogic
        June 17, 2024

        Nor his choice of Osborne who was another IHT ratting, pro EU, landlord robbing, tax to death disaster.

    3. Lifelogic
      June 17, 2024

      “a vote for Conservatives is a vote for Labour indeed” – but without the evil absurdity of VAT on private school fees – but labour might even backtrack on that when they get someone sensible to do the sums. This as it will clearly cost far more than it raises and do huge harm to education.

      Anyway Labour is what you will getting in a couple of weeks regardless.

      1. Lifelogic
        June 17, 2024

        Sunak talking in a school to some maths students “you need maths for everything” well not quite everything but it often helps. You do not need much maths to see that the vaccines did huge net harm Sunak just to take a little look at the appalling and depressing abundant stats. No do you need that much maths & physics to see that net zero is pointless and hugely damaging or to see that large low skilled and poor immigration will lower living standards per head. Just look and think a little. Perhaps you should try it Sunak?

        1. Lifelogic
          June 17, 2024

          Nor do you need much maths to work out that printing money debases the currency and causes inflation and that lockdowns and net zero makes people far poorer. Also that the young and people who had had covid already did not have any need (on balance of risks) for new tech. Covid “Vaccines”.

    4. Hope
      June 17, 2024

      Excellent. Sex and Relationship Act implemented by Tories to brainwash 4 year olds a man can be a woman or cat!! May introduced identity rot!
      Mass immigration was a choice after several public electoral promises to cut it! Deliberate blatant lies.

      Betrayed Brexit after being given 85 seat majority to deliver Brexit! Gave away N.Ireland and fishing grounds!
      Highest taxes in 75 years and public services on its knees!

      1. Lifelogic
        June 18, 2024


    5. Ian B
      June 17, 2024

      @Michelle – exactly ‘Fooled me once’

    6. formula57
      June 17, 2024

      @ Michelle “I could go on, but for me a vote for Conservative is a vote for Labour” – indeed, and why vote for continuity Labour when one could have the real thing?

    7. Lifelogic
      June 17, 2024

      How much further ahead still would Reform be in England if we had had fair debates with Starmer, Farage, Sunak and with or without Ed Davey? I suspect there are more even more shy Reform voters than shy Tory voters too.

      1. Kathy
        June 18, 2024

        I agree. Reform would be much further ahead if we had fair leadership debates that included Nigel Farage. It would also be much further ahead if we had a decent mainstream media.

    8. a-tracy
      June 17, 2024

      And you will soon see the real difference between the two parties, Michelle, although a lot of it will be off-book hidden PFI.

    9. glen cullen
      June 17, 2024

      I agree with every single word ….trust is lost

  4. agricola
    June 17, 2024

    You seem to offer continued failure or catastrophy. In terms of Brexit, our last goverrnmenti made a pigs ear of it because they did not want it. They left NI in No Mans Land and in the process disunited the United Kingdom. A fitting epitaph for a failed Conservative and Unionist Party. Any export success I put down to the survival instincts of entrepreneurs. Labour are guaranteed to try and worm their way back into the EU’s super king size bed of socialism.

    I see a modest number of Reform MPs in the Commons, not advising governments deaf ears, but holding their feet to the fire. UK governments of all colours, in bowing to the lobbying and funding bribes of vested interests, have failed the UK electorate for too long. Reform has a chance to begin to redress this inbalance and put democracy back on its feet again. On those grounds alone they get my vote, I see no point in supporting either main parties history of failure.

  5. Mickey Taking
    June 17, 2024

    ‘The Conservatives need to explain some of things that have gone right.’
    A very short speech.
    Will they explain why so many things have gone wrong?

  6. Sea_Warrior
    June 17, 2024

    ‘Educational standards have risen well in England with big improvements in reading and maths.’ Yes – and the Labour PPC in my constituency, a teacher, will try to paint a false narrative on that point. (The Conservative candidate is fighting back, hard!)
    Anyways, my postal-vote arrives soon. I’ve decided to give it to whichever of the Conservative or Reform candidates is best placed to beat Labour. I’ll be going to a hustings on Wednesday to check my assessment that Reform isn’t trying hard here and that Penny Mordaunt should therefore get the vote.
    Broader point: I am spitting blood that Sunak did not cut a deal with Reform when he perhaps had the chance. On July 5th, the Conservatives will have, what, a hundred seats – and Reform, by one estimate, just seven. This is, as Bush Jr might have put it, a failure of strategery.

  7. DOM
    June 17, 2024

    Policy content is now irrelevant as no one is listening. They’re all watching football and therefore completely distracted. No wonder Sunak called the GE when he did, for precisely the aforementioned reason.

    Where’s the anger from Sunak? Absent. He doesn’t feel it because he doesn’t give a toss.

    The option left is to attack the head of the snake, invoke Starmer’s history and those issues most of us cannot talk about for fear of prosecution under laws passed BY THE TORY PARTY under pressure from Labour and the Left. There is the selling out of the nation by the Tory party. They endorsed the progressive agenda to save party and careers and now the public will pay the price

  8. Dave Andrews
    June 17, 2024

    The best way to avoid a Labour landslide is for people not to vote Labour. Beats me why they are riding so high in the polls. To quote Enoch Powell – “A country gets the government it deserves.”

    1. Lifelogic
      June 18, 2024

      Powell was totally wrong on this. Most countries get zero choice, the others get very little influence at all.

  9. Old Albion
    June 17, 2024

    Good try Sir JR, but too late. The Conservatives are sun(a)k.

  10. Sakara Gold
    June 17, 2024

    There are “don’t knows” at every election. Mostly they are folk who do not ever engage with the democratic process. Others hail from countries where answering a polling request the wrong way would result in incarceration or worse. Yet more are renters who cannot vote because their regular no-fault eviction moves have made registering to vote impractical. There are millions of Brits who have chosen to retire to countries in the sun and who can’t be bothered to register for a postal vote.

    Regardless, it seems that the election is Labour’s to lose. Farage and his ilk are doing their best to make sure that Labour’s majority will be of historic proportions

    1. Mark
      June 18, 2024

      You can register to vote from a new address very easily. Just go to your council website. The Council is always keen to hear about potential taxpayers 😉

  11. Richard
    June 17, 2024

    Make the most of it in the final days. There will be no acknowledgment at all from the coming Labour govt of any success from Brexit. On the contrary they will blame anything that doesn’t go wrong or doesn’t improve on Brexit. It is quite clear they will seek to re-join the single market in all but name. They will do nothing to develop any new trade deals and will probably let those which have been signed atrophy. With a majority as they are likely to get they will be there for 2 or 3 terms (unless Starmer starts to behave like Boris Johnson and shoots himself in the foot, which seems unlikely). So it will be many years before we have a govt again which does anything to try to take advantage of the potential of Brexit, or even talks about it in a positive way.

    That being the case I actually think for the Country, re-joining the single market might be the best option in the circumstances. There would be some benefits to EU trade, we could probably get the EU to lift the (deliberately) irritating travel restrictions and frictions, and all it would do would be to formalise what Labour will try to do anyway. But the main thing is it would make it more difficult for Labour to do some of the really dumb socialist stuff which many of them have talked about in the past. Stopping a Labour govt take us half way to communism was the Thatcherite justification for EEC membership in the 70s and 80s. It’s applicable again now.

    1. Richard
      June 17, 2024

      Anything that does go wrong

  12. Philip P.
    June 17, 2024

    I suspect people are not much interested in comparisons with 2010, Sir John. We live in the present, and what matters in 2024 are job opportunities and career prospects. Employment prospects are not good. The Work Foundation finds that job vacancies have ‘fallen for the 22nd consecutive period, which reflects employer uncertainty about the future health of the economy’. It also notes that among the the 25-49 age group long-term unemployment has increased, with nearly one in four out of work for over 12 months. In this age-group, lifetime voting patterns haven’t yet been established, so a party is judged on performance.

    The Conservative governments under Cameron, May, Johnson and their successors all failed to create a ‘feelgood factor’, so it’s no surprise the voters no longer trust the Tories on the economy.

  13. Mike Wilson
    June 17, 2024

    I’ve given this a great deal of thought over the years to the way we are governed and our political and voting system. I’m beginning to think that good government is impossible. Regardless of the voting system, once you give a government the power to spend other people’s money, and to borrow to spend – that is the beginning of a slippery slope.
    Government – the state – is now out of control. Spending up, borrowing up, ever increasing laws and regulations – sooner or later either the government will consume the economy (debt crisis, financial collapse, hyperinflation etc.) or the people will revolt. Either way, we seem to be reaching the end game of this few hundred years old ‘democracy’. And not just here. All the Western democracies seem to be on the same path – with unpopular governments and huge debt.

  14. Sir Joe Soap
    June 17, 2024

    Talk about clutching at straws!

  15. Rod Evans
    June 17, 2024

    What was that about migration John? Oh, you didn’t mention migration, sorry I thought you might….

    1. glen cullen
      June 17, 2024

      I read this comment today on London South East
      ”I am still amazed at the number of people who can not equate mass -Uncontrolled immigration with the lack of housing, over crowded hospitals , the rise in crime, our over crowded schools etc etc. ” …..seems about right

  16. Bill Smith
    June 17, 2024

    Sir John,
    Your constant optimism about what has been achieved with Brexit or not is of course interesting and priceworthy.

    The fact is that 2/3 of the population (Source You gov.)believe it has been a failure and they are unfortunately right.

  17. Clough
    June 17, 2024

    SJR, I would like to change just one word in your post of today, if you don’t mind:

    Higher taxes, high migration levels, a failure to use Brexit freedoms sufficiently, an acceptance of bad Treasury and Bank economic policy WILL all get worse under Labour.

    The election result is a foregone conclusion, Labour will win and it will have at least a comfortable majority, certainly large enough to ensure all its policies pass in the House of Commons.

    The key issue now is who comes second in terms of the popular vote. Suppose the centre-left Tories avoid a wipeout and manage to cling on to nominally representing the political right. Then a huge opportunity will have been lost for conservatism to re-restablish itself on the political landscape, rather than as now being marginalised by the BBC and their ilk as being ‘far right’. That will not be achieved by voting for CCHQ’s place-men and women. Only a very large vote for Reform will make a difference in this election.

  18. Steve
    June 17, 2024

    The election will be on the 4th July nothing to do with being at the half point –
    and grabbing at straws won’t help either

  19. Tim Payne
    June 17, 2024

    A barrage of untruths. Our veto would have protected us from any share of the debt. Trade with the EU has fallen hugely once you account for inflation. We have no – not one – new trade deal better than we had before. Brexit has been a disaster. A Conservative disaster. Along with Conservative disasters on legal migration, on cost of living, on illegal migration, on sewage in rivers, etc etc

  20. Ian B
    June 17, 2024

    Sir John
    Continuing your generalization theme, traditionally no more than 6% of the voters switch teams, political viewpoint is a religion and it takes a lot to change beliefs. 6% may not sound a lot but on the ground that makes a 12% difference.
    The however, we have 14 years of Conservative Governments proving they are not Conservative, they have become big spenders, high borrows and high tax Party. That mirrors the worst of the worst you get from the hardline left of Socialism. There is no business acumen, no management, and no interest in an economy the pays for our future as with Labour it is just about more and ever-increasing taxes.
    Given the state and perceived promised doctrine of Starmers Labour grouping no Conservative could ever lose an election to them. That says it all about the Sunak/Hunt’group that is about to lose it ‘all’ on their personal ego, miss-management, disregard of the people and the Country.

  21. Bryan Harris
    June 17, 2024

    At least some of the Tory pledges look realistic, but what is the justification for national service – are we at war?
    Are there plans for us to go and fight Putin?

    Labour’s pledges are mainly rehashed Tory plans. It’s impossible to believe they will achieve anything worthwhile.

    But there again, what is the value of such pledges? We know both parties will do what they want if they assume power. From past experience it is not possible to expect election manifestos to be implemented to help the masses. There will be excuses, reasons why little of value is achieved.
    Why isn’t Starmer talking about his plans to reunite us with the EU?

    Election promises are one thing – It’s what we are not being told that will drive the next government.

  22. beresford
    June 17, 2024

    The voters haven’t abandoned the Conservatives, the Conservatives have abandoned the voters. We want a genuine right-wing alternative as seen in the rest of Europe, not Hobson’s Choice between parties of left-of-centre globalists.

    1. ChrisS
      June 18, 2024

      Absolutely right !

  23. Ralph Corderoy
    June 17, 2024

    ‘It would be a perverse outcome if former Conservative voters ended up voting or not voting in a way which gave Labour a large majority with under 40 % of the vote.’

    Perhaps they think it will be worth short-term suffering for the longer-term gain of a reformed Conservative party which moves away from the centre. ’Elections are won in the centre’ is a truism for Labour who always lose from the left, but history shows Conservatives tend to win when on the right. Short-termism is endemic due to the lack of moral teaching, typically from religion, about its perils, but perhaps there are some who can still play the long game.

  24. Ian B
    June 17, 2024

    Speaking to the Telegraph
    Grant Shapps has agreed a Tory general election victory is “unlikely but possible”.
    With people like this trying to kill the Tory Party is there any surprise

    1. Ian B
      June 17, 2024

      UK elections becoming more like the US, says Farage
      UK elections are shifting to an almost “presidential-style”, Nigel Farage said this morning.
      The Reform leader told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: “We have almost got a presidential-style now. People are voting for or against Keir Starmer, Rishi Sunak, Ed Davey or me.
      “They are the names that are really on the ballot paper.”

      That’s the problem lame ego getting in the way of Democratic accountability & responsibility. You no longer vote for someone to serve the electorate and the Country, you get an appointed agent of a gang leader that does the bidding of their master. Their master is no longer the electorate.

    2. Ian B
      June 17, 2024

      More media observations…
      ‘Cameron, not Farage, destroyed the Conservatives – The former prime minister uprooted conservatism for short-term gain on issues from immigration to Brexit ‘
      ‘Labour’s secret tax hikes will be merciless’
      Sir Liam Fox warned Reform UK’s “clear objective” is to “destroy the Conservative Party”

      Me – who destroyed the Conservatives? It certainly wasn’t the middle ground deserting them, the Countries Conservatives; it was they them selves that ‘done it’ – they deserted every part of conservatism with false promises that became lies. Then factor in just how bad, very bad Labour would be – it would be unrealistic to conceive how they could win. But when you have the hard-left trying to out do the hard-left everything is possible.

  25. FrankH
    June 17, 2024

    “Most of of those undecided or angry voters do not want a Labour government…”

    But they really, really don’t want a Conservative government. Especially a continuation of the Conservative government that has spent 14 years not doing conservative things.

  26. glen cullen
    June 17, 2024

    I like your positive approach today, however we still pay into the EU, we still haven’t repealed any EU laws, the EU still controls NI, we still have VAT, we still have the level-playing field clause, they still fish in our waters and we still abide to the european courts, we’re scared of annoying the French/EU ….it doesn’t feel like we’ve left

  27. J+M
    June 17, 2024

    People need to remember that every Labour government has left office with unemployment higher, inflation higher and the public finances debauched. That said, this so-called Conservative government has not exactly been careful with the public finances.

  28. formula57
    June 17, 2024

    A valiant effort today Sir John at fashioning a silk purse from a sow’s ear on behalf of a Party that does not deserve you.

  29. Chris S
    June 17, 2024

    With our host and others no longer in parliament, it is getting difficult to see who could win a leadership election and would be prepared to return the party to its proper centre-right position of politics. After all, despite clear evidence from the leadership election that installed Liz Truss rather than Sunak, that the voting members reject the wet, one nation group, we ended up with Sunak anyway, thanks to an establishment coup facilitated, at least in part, by the Treasury and Bank of England.

    After the carnage on 4th July, Sunak cannot possibly survive as leader, but who from the right will be left in the Parliamentary Party to lead it?
    The problem will be made more difficult because for Conservative supporters to return from Reform, or simply be persuaded to come out and vote at a future election, they will have to genuinely believe that the new leader will reduce immigration and taxes, be pro-business, and restore our armed forces.

    Perhaps Nigel Farage is right ? If he is elected in Clacton, he could cross the floor and fold Reform into the Conservative Party. He may be somewhat of a Marmite figure in the Country, but with thousands of new ex-Reform members joining the party, he could easily be elected leader. Voters would certainly believe he would do what he promises, and he would make mincemeat of Starmer and Labour at PMQs.

    To have any chance in 2029, we have to re-unite the centre-right under one leader.

  30. Original Richard
    June 17, 2024

    Whilst good Brexit news is always welcome of course my primary purpose for voting for Brexit was to retain the ability to vote for and remove those who make our policies and laws.

    The Conservative Party is going to lose the election because of its twin main policies of mass immigration and Net Zero and if the next administration doesn’t learn this lesson quickly it too will find itself out of office.

    The Conservative Party can overcome a big electoral loss because it has the organisation to do so but only if both its policies and those at the top are changed.

  31. Gully Foyle
    June 17, 2024

    Hi John,

    You can see these and many more benefits of leaving the EU, detailed in my megathread on X – of you think I have missed any off please let me know, and also please do feel free to distribute the list to your followers who will no doubt be interested.

    Kind Regards,


  32. Sea_Warrior
    June 17, 2024

    Some time ago, I suggested that Sunak needed to give a ‘State of Brexit’ speech. He didn’t listen. But he can still squeeze one in, at a podium, in front of the Press pack. And with postal votes going out, he needs to do it THIS WEEK.

  33. Bert+Young
    June 17, 2024

    It is difficult to see what else the Conservatives can dig up to improve their position apart from some sort of a deal with Reform . There may be a lot of “undeciders ” but they are unlikely to vote unless a miracle is pulled out of the hat .

  34. Lynn Atkinson
    June 17, 2024

    If we accept the thrashing that the Tories have given us, and ask for more, they will deliver more.
    They are liars, incompetent, anti-democratic and ‘Banker Sunak’ agreed to stealing the interest from frozen Russian Assets. This has caused the start of the removal of foreign assets. We have been at war – U.K. troops north inside Ukraine and in the U.K. have aimed and fired our Storm Shadow missiles at civil infrastructure. We are now under a warning from the worlds biggest nuclear power that they will strike at our ‘decision centres’.

    If we don’t destroy this feral ‘tory’ Party, we will NEVER be able to replace it. So the downward spiral will continue until there is nothing left. Imagine Sunak waving triumphantly on the doorstep of Nr 10 in 3 weeks time, having secured a majority of 1 and that MP having won by 1 vote – YOURS. Don’t do it!

    Time to upset the applecart.

  35. Kenneth
    June 17, 2024

    The British People are getting sick of socialism and so I reckon that the next Labour (or “Conservative”) government will not last long anyway.

    The important thing now is to build up a proper centre-right opposiiton (whataver its label) to challenge the Left and to get into government as soon as possible after the next administration.

    There is no point into trying to cajole the current “conservatives” to campaign sensibly. They are hopeless and cannot be trsuted anyway.

  36. jerry
    June 17, 2024

    For many, I suspect, both the Brexit and education glasses, whilst containing fluid, are still an unknown potion, wine or is it poison, nor if the glass is half full or now just half empty! For me Brexit has many promises, but little real action, many MOUs, but few FTAs, not least with the USA. Formal academic achievement is great, whichever test matrix is used, but if someone upon leaving statutory education can’t change a fuse or light bulb, still thinks milk comes from a factory, or need obvious acronyms pointed out…

    I see the Conservatives are trying to accuse the Labour party of planning a massive future Council Tax raid, a bit rich coming from a party that has over-seen massive rises in CT year-on-year for ever less services since coming back into to govt 14 years ago, the only relief for most was the hand-back during Covid. Who in hells name within CCHQ thinks up these attack-dogs [1], has there been a day they have not shot their own party in at least one foot; to much time thinking about Reform I suspect, rather than the real opponents. 😡

    [1] probably ‘young, very bright’, grad’s who have zero experience life outside of studying PPE and working in the Westminster village

  37. Keith from Leeds
    June 17, 2024

    It is sad when the choice is the lesser of two evils! The last four years of Conservative government have been exactly the opposite of what their supporters wanted. They deserve to do badly at this GE.
    But sadly, we know Labour will be worse in every area.
    Regarding Brexit, the conservatives have not utilized it or advocated for it effectively. However, we can expect Labour to further dilute it and attempt to rejoin the struggling EU.
    As to yesterday’s post on why we have the GE now, it is again an example of Sunak’s poor judgement.
    Neither party has much of a vision for the future to inspire and enthuse us, but I will reluctantly vote conservative as the lesser of two evils. I pray that many will do the same!

    1. Clough
      June 18, 2024

      You accept that Labour will be in power. So then your real choice is whether you want the Tory party to continue as it is, the opposite of conservatism, as you say, or else whether you want a right-wing party. By voting Tory you go for the first option. Why not vote for what you want?

  38. Ian B
    June 17, 2024

    Great parties have been all but destroyed as election winning forces as new movements and people sweep them aside
    The sensible elites adjust and respond to new moods and new ideas instead of confronting or denying them.
    In too many cases a rigid and unhappy elite just keeps shouting back the same things people do not want to hear.
    Those parties and institutions which listen and change can survive.
    We Don’t Believe You: 2019
    Which just about sums up today’s mood of being forced to vote for a Hard-Left Socialist Party or a Hard-Left Socialist Party, and why voting or not voting for more punishment is one and the same thing

    Hearing and working with was always the clue, ego and self-gratification was destruction

  39. Ian B
    June 17, 2024

    Wokingham today, 3 lots of post received from the Liberal Democrats all different all pushing hard. Even down to looking for a pact with Labour to remove the Conservatives.
    Big unrestricted campaign money being spent

  40. Robert Thomas
    June 17, 2024

    The Tories must get on their front foot; people have very short memories. Voters need to be reminded of what went right:
    – we extracted ourselves from Europe
    – we have come through the enormous cost and disruption of Covid reasonably well and saved many jobs at great expense
    – we took a decisive lead in supporting Ukraine against the Russian invasion
    – in England school standards have been improved whereas in Wales and Scotland they have deteriorated
    And , yes, some things have gone wrong:
    – increase in immigration
    – increase in civil servants
    – failure to free up a sclerotic planning system
    But theses are more likely to be improved by the Tories than the other parties.

    1. Lynn Atkinson
      June 18, 2024

      Your whole list looks like a list of ‘gone wrong’ to me. And you forgot to mention the first time in history that British people were denied the right to earn a living! The Johnson lockdown of the private sector.

    2. Hat man
      June 18, 2024

      The phenomenal cost and disruption were created by the government’s lockdowns, not by the cold virus. Sweden did much better than us on every count, without lockdowns: lower deaths pro rata, no GDP collapse, children still went to school, no hospital closures to non-Covid cases, no business closures, no fines, police violence against protesters. Where was our success, please, Robert?

  41. a-tracy
    June 17, 2024

    I thought the recovery plan in the EU was 2 TRILLION euros in a stimulus package, with mainly Spain and Italy benefitting from the 700 to 900 expected recovery and resilience facility.

    The trouble is, John, your party has spent so long hiding the benefits of not taking on all this debt for the other nations in the EU that everyone thinks there are no benefits of Brexit. This is too little too late. It’s no wonder the Germans are upset and the French are upset they’re waking up to the indebtidness of their offspring

    1. Peter VAN LEEUWEN
      June 18, 2024

      @ Tracy, please note that between 2020 and now the UK public debt has risen with €800 billion, from which the EU has been protected. You could argue that in various ways Brexit has protected us from you! 🙂 The EU has moved on.

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        June 18, 2024

        Let’s hope you fight to maintain that ‘protection’ from the U.K. Pieter – and don’t allow us to return to any EU institution. I would be grateful if you could throw us out of the UN and NATO too please?

      2. a-tracy
        June 18, 2024

        I know Peter and we’d have EU debt ON TOP of that!!

      3. A-tracy
        June 18, 2024

        PVL I wonder if you could also tell us how much public debt the top ten EU countries paying in to the EU have borrowed in comparison to the UK over the same period.

        I’m glad the EU has moved on, I hope the UK has too unfortunately I think this whole change of government is to get us aligned and paying in again because all your top 3 are struggling and getting antsy.

        1. Peter+van+LEEUWEN
          June 19, 2024

          @Tracy: I cannot, but if on tradingeconomics dot com you click on the figure for Euro Area Debt/GDP (88.60) you see that it has decreased from about 97 in 2020. Then you do the same for the UK, which has not moved down but up since 2020.

          1. a-tracy
            June 19, 2024

            Not the Euro Area I’m interested in. I’m interested in comparable Countries in the EU such as France, Germany, the Netherlands those that are contributors. So I went to take a look:

            “Statistics Netherlands provides Government Debt in EUR and Nominal GDP in EUR. In the latest reports, Netherlands National Government Debt reached 531.7 USD bn in Dec 2023. The country’s Nominal GDP reached 272.1 USD bn in Mar 2023.” “15 May 2024 — The new government wants to reduce payments by the Netherlands to the EU.” There’s room to take on more debt there.

            France warned by EU about ‘Excessive’ Deficit: 51 minutes ago — France is in debt to the tune of around €3 trillion, or more than 110 percent of gross domestic product, and a deficit of €154 billion. NY Times. In the latest reports, “France National Government Debt reached 3,430.5 USD bn in Dec 2023.”
            “In reality, a French debt crisis has been simmering for years. Its credit rating has been downgraded twice in the last six months. The overall debt burden has soared to 112pc of GDP.5 days ago” Telegraph

            Germany – “Germany National Government Debt reached 2,901.2 USD bn in Dec 2023, compared with 2,780.7 USD bn in the previous quarter.” “The 2024 budget was delayed after Germany’s constitutional court in November blew a €60 billion hole into the country’s finances, forcing the ruling coalition of Social Democrats (SPD), Free Democrats (FDP) and Greens to cut spending, triggering infighting among parties.2 Feb 2024”

            UK “ONS gov UK Main points. UK general government gross debt was £2,720.8 billion at the end of Quarter 4 (Oct to Dec) 2023, equivalent to 101.3% of gross domestic product (GDP). UK general government deficit (or net borrowing) was £40.8 billion in Quarter 4 2023, equivalent to 6.0% of GDP.30 Apr 2024”
            ****BUT the UK hasn’t taken on the EU debt on top of that ridiculous amount.

  42. The Prangwizard
    June 17, 2024

    The billions we don’t give to the EU any more should go into a Sovereign fund. It should have been started when we left but it’s not to late. It would been seen as savings and it would not be long before it had big money in it.

    Start it now.

    1. Lynn Atkinson
      June 18, 2024

      When you have not even got control of the deficit – much less reduced the debt, you have no real ‘savings’ which is what a ‘Sovereign fund’ is – a surplus!

  43. JoolsB
    June 17, 2024

    “Higher taxes, high migration levels, a failure to use Brexit freedoms sufficiently, an acceptance of bad Treasury and Bank economic policy would all get worse under Labour.“

    We know it will get worse under Labour but it’s pretty diabolical now under a so called Conservative Government. This argument will no long wash with this lifelong Tory voter John. Time for the one nation wets and Consocialists to stand aside and give Reform a go. They will show you how it’s done.

    1. JoolsB
      June 17, 2024

      Meant to say, a vote for the fake Conservatives is a vote for Labour.

  44. Original Richard
    June 17, 2024

    The reason the PM has called an unexpected and unplanned snap election is because he has been instructed to call a GE in order to halt any de-banking legislation. Such legislation would stifle the main purpose of CBDCs and hence neither the communists nor the WEF feudalists want to it to exist.

  45. Ian B
    June 17, 2024

    “Rachel Reeves pledges to ‘boost EU ties’ by striking trade deals in various sectors and increasing foreign policy cooperation”
    There is nothing wrong with working with your neighbours for mutual benefit. But as soon as one of those neighbours says it our rules only, that is them fighting you to gain an advantage. In practice you get to take orders, and laws, rules and regulations – but not make them. That disadvantages us all both at Home and in the wider World.

    Rachel Reeves, based on utterances is looking for a way to become a taker of the unelected, unaccountable diktats, presumably to let her and her party of the hook when things go wrong. Sir Kier has already stated he would sooner take orders from WEF than Parliment

    1. Ian B
      June 17, 2024

      If only Sunak/Hunt and the residue of BoJo’s disastrous Cabinet along with CCHQ had moved on joined their natural home in Labour leaving the Conservative Party the real Tories to it, 90% of this election discussions would not be needed – all the hard-left failures would be in one camp. The UK’s middle ground could recapture the Country, the economy and move us forward

  46. Derek
    June 17, 2024

    Our Nation cannot afford another government like those of the past 30 years. They’ve seemingly followed the Blair mantra , the “Third Way”. SJ in 13/7/2022 you wrote –
    “Margaret Thatcher cut Income tax from 33% to 25%, top rate tax from 98% to 40% and Corporation tax from 52% to 34%.
    Rishi Sunak raised Corporation Tax from 19% to 25%, increased the National Insurance rate and imposed new taxes. Rishi Sunak is no Margaret Thatcher”.
    And most us knows what happened next under a Thatcher Government. Our country went from being the “Sick man of Europe” to a global phenomenon. Amazing, it worked. So why did the MO have to change.
    And old tech saying, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”, should have applied to all of those PMs and Parties who followed on from the Iron Lady in Number 10. But they did not they went off on a tangent – and just look what mess that “has gotten us into, Stanley”, with a nod to Oli!
    If only we had had a clean Brexit and followed Mrs T principles. If only.

  47. Roy Grainger
    June 17, 2024

    In addition to the Don’t Knows and Won’t Says there are probably quite a few Daren’t Says who will be voting Reform but telling pollsters they’re voting for someone else.

  48. Derek Henry
    June 17, 2024

    And yet the lies continue John, as they role out Liz’s Truss budget as propaganda.

    Reform ‘s tax cuts and increased spending are a) Unfunded and b) uncosted and thus nobody can afford to do anything. The issuer of the £ is broke and the issuer of the £ has run out of £’s so Tory, Labour and Reform are hamstrung. Can’t as they say do anything.

    It is quite frankly absurd John. Alas, why anybody who wants to implement tax cuts can’t get them, or increase investment where needed- The tax payer money myth strikes again at the heart of the deception of both the OBR and IFS.

    What a tragic state this country is in, acting as if we use the Euro and hamstrung. As if HM Treasury ( An issuer of the currency) is like that of a household ( a user of the currency ). The architects of this propaganda have gone completely mad. Convinced the public the issuer of the currency has to earn £’s. Thus the narratives and framing around this election is a complete joke.

    Of course, why unelected think tanks like the OBR and IFS are rolled out as final judicator, judge and jury of complete nonsense to try and fool the public. They act like Brussels within our very own country with their tax and then spend rhetoric based on fairy tales. That DOES NOT APPLY to the British who are a fully sovereign nation state. They are traitors of the British public.

    When is any sane person going to refute their claims and tell the truth John ? Explain in great detail like MMT economists have, why UK fiscal policy is absolutely nothing like Euro using countries fiscal policy and explain why ? Unchain tax cuts and spending from tax revenue once and for all.

    Or no matter who wins elections in our country, they will be hamstrung by these unelected think tanks that serve no purpose, other than by pass our democracy. To control future government by proxy, using propaganda that DOES NOT APPLY to our nation.

  49. Lynn Atkinson
    June 17, 2024

    My neighbour has a Vote Labour sign on their gate! He was seriously impeded by the idiot lockdowns. I have never known so many steamingly furious Tories in my life.
    Even I am shocked! I mean I have voted Labour to sack the sitting Tory a few times, but I have never sported a Labour poster!

    1. Sea_Warrior
      June 18, 2024

      The lockdowns were supported by Labour. If I remember correctly, Labour’s one deviation from government policy is wanting to shackle us to the EU’s vaccine plan rather than for us to go our own way. Sunak needs to remind people of this.

  50. glen cullen
    June 17, 2024

    Reform announces their manifesto contract that the Tories shouldn’t have written

  51. A-tracy
    June 17, 2024

    Without Brexit I think everyone forgets we’d have all the costs we have now, extra funding going into the NHS that wants even more, the loans for the UK as well as the loans on behalf of the EU, we’d have all the desperate people arriving by dinghy as well as free movement.

    We’d be still paying for:
    Erasmus and the student loans,
    Tax on prostitution and drugs that we don’t collect tax on,
    The membership fee,
    80% of the import tax from the rest of the world we used to send to the EU,
    EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) we keep 100% of the revenue, it would now be nearly £6bn pa to the EU.

    The Tories haven’t defended Brexit – why? Why not tell us what these amounts that we are no longer paying amount to in 2024 real terms? WHY>?

  52. glen cullen
    June 17, 2024

    I couldn’t care less if there was zero (0) benefit to brexit …so long as we had brexit in full ie no deal with the EU

    1. Derek Henry
      June 18, 2024

      Exactly Glen !

      Well said. John has spoken about this at length.

      But now we have the OBR and IFS, unelected think tanks and the unelected BOE acting as judge and Jury – Using the tax payer money myth, deficit myth and debt myth of gold standard, fixed exchange thinking and propaganda to rule any future government we vote for by proxy.

      They have taken over from Brussels within our own country to stop any change, wether you like it or not from happening. This is an assault on our democracy from within. We vote to leave Brussels then these unelected bodies have taken their place. Impose Brussels spending and tax, deficit and debt rules upon us. As if we use the Euro and are in the Eurozone and part of an EU convergence program.

      Case in point and shows what is going on right now in front of all our faces as we speak today. Simon Wren-Lewis is emeritus professor of economics and fellow of Merton College, Oxford. A member of the EU uber alles brigade and behind the type of thinking within the OBR and IFS. Will play a central role in Labour ‘s manifesto.

      In 2019 in the Guardian he wrote a piece called – The Tories can’t offer tax cuts – there will be no money left after Brexit.

      This is OBR, IFS propaganda par excellence. Read it and look at what has happened since then. See the lies for what they were – Propaganda.

      Just think how absurd that was then, after how much currency the issuer of the currency has issued since then. To help with covid, help with the supply side constraints and what we have spent on war since then. £ trillions we have issued since 2019. There’s no such thing as no money left, we issue our own currency. It has HM King head on it, that’s whose money it is.

      Yet, we were spoon fed propaganda saying there is no money left after Brexit. This is the framing and narratives being used during this election. Lies, lies and even more lies. Using the tax payer money myth, deficit myth and debt myth of gold standard, fixed exchange thinking and propaganda to rule any future government we vote for by proxy.

      The media are 100% behind it and allowing them to get away with it. It is an attack from the inside on our sovereignty and democracy. We voted to leave and this allows them to still trap us inside a Brussels framework. Nothing will change until these unelected institutions are dealt with. They have entrapped us again. Every election season will be the same until something is done about it.

  53. ChrisS
    June 18, 2024

    I believe that voters get the political manifestos they deserve.
    Huge amounts are spent on market research and the results are pretty much what we have been lumbered with by the ConLabLibDim coalition. Three main parties competing to spend even more of our money !

    I have said here before. The electorate, now with many fewer voters who remember previous Labour governments, has gone soft. This is why the Wets, or One Nation Tories in today’s parlance, have been in the ascendancy. I am not sure that even the late great Margaret Thatcher could win a majority today, let alone be selected by MPs to lead the Parliamentary party.

    The Reform Manifesto, sorry, Contract, shows the way forward. Drastic changes are needed starting with decimating the left leaning civil servants and rebuilding the Service to do what it is told by ministers, without argument. The NHS certainly needs to be rebuilt primarily with insurance-based funding with Trusts being kept under tight financial control by the insurers who will have a vested interest in keeping costs under control by limiting what they will pay for procedures.

    We will have to see what kind of disaster Starmer creates, hope that voters regain their senses, and that constituency committees pick proper Conservative candidates for 2029

  54. Linda Brown
    June 19, 2024

    I really do not agree with your comment on education improving. I never hear young adults speaking correctly or not including the F word which I hate. We need to get back to the system I was educated under which was wanting to achieve a pass to grammar school or technical college. It was a big mistake to bring comprehensive schooling into the picture as it does not encourage students to aspire for something extra they have in themselves. Children are not all the same and the more academic/technical ones need separating and being put with their own so that they compete against one another and achieve their best.

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