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The Treasury short term forecasts are wrong again

The Treasury’s short term forecast said fear of Brexit and Brexit would raise the government borrowing rate, depress sterling, lower share prices and tip output and sales into recession. As the markets now rate the chances of Brexit at 35% compared with thinking it totally improbable earlier in the year you would expect around 35% […]

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A first step towards a referendum on the EU

  Yesterday in Parliament we voted for a referendum on the EU before 2017. No Labour of Lib Dem MPs opposed it, though their parties told them not to vote for it. During the debate the critics of a referendum trotted out the usual lies and false threats. They implied that the rest of the EU […]

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Letter from the Minister for Immigration, 28 February 2013

Dear Colleague The latest migration statistics were published today and I thought it would be helpful to pass on the details, which show the effect our reforms are having on net migration to the UK. The key points are: – Today’s statistics show another significant fall in net migration – down almost a third since […]

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Wokingham Times

I voted for a referendum on the EU when we decided to test Parliamentary opinion on the topic towards the end of 2011. At that juncture none of the three main parties wanted one, and we lost. However, we lit a flame for freedom that day. We have returned to the issue in meetings with […]

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Mr Grayling on work experience

Dear colleague I am writing firstly to thank those colleagues who have been so vociferous and helpful in the debate we have had over the past few days over the work experience scheme. I also wanted to give you a bit more information about where we have got to with the scheme. One of the […]

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All at sea in a sea of debt

              You cannot ignore the government debt markets for long. They have a way of muscling into the economies and the political stories of western Europe.              We need to get up to date with the interest costs each country faces for borrowing money for ten years: Greece   29.02% Portugal   11.28% Ireland    8.2% Italy    […]

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Deficit reduction delayed?

               The statement yesterday from Mr Cameron that cutting deficits was difficult was taken by the media as a sure sign that the government will report slippage in its programme of getting the deficit down. The FT led with the view that it will now take well into the next Parliament to eliminate the […]

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Bankers bonuses bashed

                I read last week that City bonuses reached a peak of £11.6 billion in 2007-8. The forecast for this year is  £4.2 billion.                Many will welcome this collapse. Some will say the bonuses are still too large. It is a fall of almost two thirds from the high.                 The Treasury will have very […]

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Welfare questions

  The  John Humphrys BBC welfare documentary on Thursday night was well made. It reminded us how Beveridge wished to slay the five dragons that included the dragon of Idleness. It told us that the public  overwhelmingly wants a safety net so no-one need be homeless or short of food. Voters  do not want a generous […]

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How do you turn 13 bn Euros into a trillion?

  Amidst all the talk of a Euro 1 trillion fund to bail out ailing Euro countries, it might help to look at what they done so far. They set up the European Financial Stabilisation Fund as a Luxembourg regulated Special Purpose Vehicle or company on 9 May 2010. It is  owned by the Euro […]

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