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The pound hits $1.35

When the pound was going down we had daily reports of how worrying this was, usually ascribed for no good reason to Brexit. The pound is now up by 12.5% from its recent low, but there is little comment. It does not normally feature on news broadcasts in the way it did when going down. […]

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The Irish border

I look forward to the government pressing ahead with a solution to the issues over the Irish border that preserves an open border on the UK side. The government has set out in papers how this can be done. It would be good if the EU bought into the Uk solution, or provided an acceptable […]

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UK Housebuilding and property is doing fine

One of the many wrong forecasts by official bodies before the referendum was a likely fall in house prices and in housebuilding after a No vote. Almost a year and half later, house prices are up modestly and housebuilding has expanded by around 15%. The latest house price survey from Nationwide shows prices up 2.5% […]

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More seats on trains on Reading to Waterloo line

I have been told by South Western trains that they are responding to our lobbying for more seats at peak times on the Reading-Waterloo line. They are planning to run 10 carriage trains instead of the present 8 carriage trains on the following services: Reading to Waterloo morning 06.12, 06.23, 06.42, 06.54, 07.12,07.24 Waterloo to […]

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Autism and Mental Health Services

Autism is a condition which affects around 700,000 children and adults. It can also be associated with mental health disorders. I have been a keen supporter of the Government’s wish to do more to improve our mental health services. The Government has made great strides with their Think Autism Strategy, and the accompanying statutory guidance. […]

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No deal is better than a bad deal

I attended the Urgent Question on the Brexit discussions yesterday. The government made clear that they still believe No deal is better than a bad deal. They confirmed to me that they are continuing to plan for a No Deal exit. They need to do this as No Deal is still a possible outcome. They […]

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Getting people out of poverty

The ambition of improving people’s living standards is shared across the UK political spectrum. Our debates are not about what we are trying to achieve. All sensible people want their neighbours, friends and relatives to do well, to find worthwhile jobs, and to earn a decent living. The arguments are in practice all about how […]

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More proof that the UK is a good place for inward investors

The news that two major pharmaceutical companies are to commit £1bn to investment in research in the UK is further proof that the UK is a good centre for knowledge based businesses. Investors can recruit a well educated workforce and can establish a good business presence in the UK. The UK also now has the […]

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Winter Carnival

I enjoyed my visit to the Wokingham Winter Carnival this year. The works in the Town Centre meant we had the pleasure of a laser light show set to music to replace the normal parade of carnival floats. The lasers conjured us Father Christmas, reindeers, presents, and much else that define the start of the […]

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The collapse of traditional parties on the continent

Mrs Merkel’s bad loss of votes and seats in the 2017 German election was part of a continental pattern. In practically every Euro member state there has been a similar collapse in support for the two traditional parties of the centre left and centre right that alternated in government in the last century. Their vote […]

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