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More lies about second referendums

I have never supported two referendums on whether to Leave or Stay within the EU, contrary to some misleading stories. Years ago before the Conservative party agreed a simple Remain/Stay referendum there was a proposal to ask the people if they wanted to renegotiate our relationship, to be followed by an In/Out referendum. In the […]

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A spending cut for the Treasury – stop sending money to the dead

Every day government sends out pension money and benefits to people who have died.  It then employs other staff to work out where there has happened, and to seek to reclaim it from relatives of the deceased. This process takes time and effort, and is not always successful. It is also upsetting to family members […]

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How more EU damages political parties

The traditional parties like the Christian Democrats and Social democrats in most continental countries, and Labour and Conservative in the UK, have a history of changing leaders and changing policies whenever their popularity falls or their electoral success is threatened. That is the nature of democratic politics. Parties that want to govern have to please […]

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Stamp Duty receipts fall

As forecast here, Stamp Duty receipts are now lower than before Mr Osborne’s big increases in the rate of Stamp Duty on second homes, and dearer properties. Other tax receipts will also have fallen from the sharp reduction in transactions that has resulted. It means less income and corporation tax from estate agents, removal firms, […]

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Beware the draft Withdrawal Agreement

It is difficult to see why some in government are so keen for us to complete negotiating a Withdrawal Agreement. The one the EU has in mind is a one sided grab of powers and money. Some in government seem to think we need another 21 months in limbo, technically out of the EU but […]

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The Bank of England tightens money further

Over a year ago the Bank of England decided to tighten money policy considerably. It removed all the special credit lines for commercial banks designed to encourage lending. It issued stricter guidance over car loans, mortgages and consumer credit. It went on to raise interest rates from 0.25% to 0.5%. It achieved its aim, with […]

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What happened to the record temperature?

A week or two ago the media was full of stories of an exceptional heat wave that would take temperatures to new records.  We were told that we should expect drought and intense heat. A few days on and temperatures  slumped, with plenty of rain over the weekend. There has been little news reporting of […]

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Project Fear from the EU is just absurd

I guess much of the latest round of Project Fear, now in its extreme phase, comes from EU sources. They are clearly worried that we might just leave without making them a large payment and without staying in their system for another 21 months. They seem to be  trying to shock UK public opinion into […]

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Let’s spend the EU exit tax on ourselves instead – that’s a £39bn boost to us all

Here’s a paradox. Ask the UK Treasury for money for schools or social care or defence and they say there isn’t any. Ask the Treasury for more money for the EU, and they say how much would the EU like? Here’s a popular policy. The PM should tell the Treasury that the £39 billion they […]

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Going for faster growth – how the government can help

Growth mainly happens thanks to free enterprise and the opportunities of the market. Governments can help at the margin, and can hinder in so many ways if they follow anti enterprise policies. I have been arguing in recent posts for two straightforward ways the government can help. It can spend more on items like transport […]

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