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Lecture on The Future of Brexit

I have been asked to reissue this item       My lecture on The Future of Brexit, delivered on Tuesday 20th February 2018 at Speakers House: On 23rd June 2016 17.4 million voters told Parliament we should leave the EU. Leave voters voted to take back control. We voted to take back control of […]

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My speech during the debate on the Agriculture Bill, 10 October 2018

John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): There has been a big decline in our self-sufficiency as food producers during the 46 years in which we have been in the common agricultural policy. As a result, we are now net importers from the continent of Europe, to the tune of £20 billion a year—a very large part of […]

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School Funding

I have received a further update on School Funding: There has been considerable discussion of international comparisons of education spend. Following publication of the most recent volume of the definitive international guide to education, the OECD’s Education at a Glance. This was published on 11 September 2018, and includes the most recent comparable data available, […]

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The Treasury keeps the UK under the control of EU austerity policies.

The UK solemnly goes on complying with all requirements on a member state of the EU. This year they dutifully filed their “2018 National Reform Programme and their 2018 Convergence programme”. The Treasury has long accepted the EU’s demands that we keep throttling back the deficit and move to getting down the debt as a […]

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Let’s grow and rear our own great English breakfast

In my speech to Parliament on the Second Reading of the Agriculture Bill I will ask the Secretary of State to improve his Bill. It should have at its centre the provision of laws and government policies that support growing food at home, and promote more UK output. Mr Gove presents himself as a champion […]

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Why do so many in the media ignore the most important points about our economy?

The UK establishment media are usually slaves to Treasury spin and Bank of England error. Throughout the Osborne years as Chancellor we were told the main thrust of economic policy was to bring down the deficit. 80% would be achieved by spending cuts and 20% by tax increases. I set out regularly from the Treasury’s […]

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More money for social care

I have been lobbying for more money for social care for both West Berkshire and Wokingham. We are the bottom end of the grant levels and have a high cost area for making provision. I was therefore pleased to hear the Health Secretary offer an additional £240 million and have asked for details. He has […]

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Interest rates, savers and borrowers

Many people over 50 have money on deposit. They would like interest rates to go up. Some retired people think it is unfair that they have been prudent, not spent all they earned, and now find tiny returns on the cash they put by to supplement the pension. Their children and grandchildren may see it […]

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Heathrow and noise

I held a further meeting with Heathrow management last week at Conservative conference. I stressed that there are still many complaints about noise levels and concentrations of flights, particularly with easterly winds. People remain unhappy with the changes which were made to the flying routes and Compton gate in 2016. Heathrow promised me they are […]

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Beware the cold winds from Central Banks

The Bank of England has pursued an energetic monetary tightening since the spring of 2017. Two interest rate hikes,a withdrawal of credit facilities to commercial banks and a major FPC tightening on car loans, some mortgages and consumer credit have helped slow the economy markedly. This has reinforced the fiscal squeeze,with higher taxes and a […]

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