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Creating a stable government

The current position in the Commons should allow a stable government to be formed. There are 650 MPs. If you take out the 7 Sinn Fein MPS who do not attend, and the Speaker and three Deputies who do not vote, there are 639 voting MPs. 320 is a majority. The Conservatives have 317 (and […]

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The BBC and devolution

The election coverage once again revealed the BBC’s disdain for England. We had many ¬†programmes and representations of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish viewpoint and their separate issues but nothing on England. England once again did not exist as a country of the Union in the BBC handling of questions, guests and subjects. The […]

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Let’s end austerity

Many readers will know that I was critical of Mr Osborne’s austerity policy. It was always more based on increased tax revenues than on cutting spending, but it ground on with the rhetoric of cuts. The growth in spending on overseas aid,¬† EU contributions, pensions and welfare placed more of a strain on some other […]

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Total votes cast under recent leaders

The Conservatives under Mrs May polled 13.667 m votes this time. This is more than Labour under Tony Blair at his peak in 1997 when he polled 13.518m, and more than he polled in 2001 when he had a landslide in seats – he polled just 10.724 m.votes Theresa May’s leadership at 13.667 m was […]

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How to govern in the new Parliament

The least bad option from here is for Mrs May to lead a Conservative government, commanding her 318 MPs. Assuming the 7 Sinn Fein MPs do not attend as before, and allowing for 1 Speaker and 3 Deputy Speakers, a party needs 320 MPs to have a majority. On most votes therefore Mrs May commanding […]

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How did I deal with the election? A candidate’s story.

Given the range of strong reactions to the campaigns and the results, I am writing today about how I responded to the national campaign and tried to run a sensible local campaign. In the months before the election was called the question of whether we needed an early election to bring the new PM her […]

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Government use of data

I was asked about government data in the election, so I thought today I would share with you my reply: I entirely agree that we need to improve the skills of our nation in handling and using data. The government is planning more emphasis on science, maths and data, which will be covered by new […]

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Time to govern

The Conservatives as the largest party will have enough seats to govern. After two major constitutional referendums and two General elections in recent years it is time for Parliament and government to make decisions and to see through the decisions UK voters have made. As expected here, Scottish voters signalled their impatience with the idea […]

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The election reduces uncertainty about the future of the UK

This election has seen most voters decide to support parties that accept Brexit. It looks likely that the Lib Dems who advocated a second referendum on EU membership will poll badly. Most people have seen that any such suggestion would undermine the UK’s negotiating position with the EU over our future relationship and leave us […]

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Election Day

Now it’s your turn. Today voters decide who should represent us in the next Parliament. I have had my say, so I will write about something unconnected to the UK election this morning. Last week Mr Trump announced he was pulling the USA out of the Paris climate Agreement of 2015. This met with substantial […]

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