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Preparing for No deal

The EU’s comment yesterday that it will take a miracle to get early trade talks with the UK is not an accurate statement of the position. It would apparently take the UK offering them shed loads of money to get trade talks going. I am glad the UK is not doing so. We should pay […]

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Balance of trade improves, government gives more money to foreigners

The balance of payments figures for the second quarter sum up the UK problem on the balance of payments. The deficit widened by £1.9bn from additional sums the government sent abroad, and from  a £1.4bn deterioration in the net figure for interest and dividends. As we sell more and more of our assets to overseas […]

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The Bank of England is not independent and has presided over a major banking crash and recession

Spare us the false argument that the Bank has been independent for the last 20 years, and spare us the idea that it has done well over that period. Gordon Brown’s Treasury clearly influenced the Bank’s approach to interest rates, and on one occasion set it a new inflation target to remind it who was […]

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Loves Labour lost

Under Blair and Brown Labour claimed to love rich people, to hug business and to be warm towards the private sector. To win and retain power they pledged to keep the top rate of Income Tax at 40%, to avoid new nationalisations, to privatise some more and to engage the private sector in public services […]

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There’s merit in the gig economy

There are two main ways people can choose to earn a living. You can sell your time to an employer, or you can sell goods and services to customers. Traditional employment – having a job – entails agreeing to be at your employer’s place of work, or in other places at his request, during stated […]

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The UK should stop the fiscal and monetary tightening

The UK economy has slowed a bit this year. This is the direct result of Treasury and Bank policy, which has been tightening. In 2016 the then Chancellor decided to slow the housing market by hitting Buy to let hard with new taxes, and by imposing higher Stamp Duties on the high priced end. This […]

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Dealing with the deficits

The UK has been running a substantial balance of payments deficit for many years. The main origin of this is the large balance of payments deficit on trade account with the EU, which has persisted throughout our time in the single market and is partly related to its asymmetric construction in ways favourable to continental […]

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The German election and the collapse in support for Mrs Merkel

Mrs Merkel lost a lot of ground in the German election, plunging from 41.5 % to 33% .  She lost around 65 seats. In her place the anti Euro AFD soared to 13% to give it  94 seats, where it had none before. This is a contrast to the UK Conservatives rising from 36% to […]

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Wokingham schools funding

Last week I received from Ministers the government figures for Wokingham schools money once the fairer funding scheme is fully brought in. According to these central figures the Holt will gain 4.8%, Bohunt 6.7%, St Crispins 5.8%, Emmbrook 6% and Forest 5.8%. That is more than £200,000 a year extra  in each case. I am […]

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Water management

On a recent visit to environmental and  river works in my constituency, I was asked if I knew about total water catchment management.  It was presented as some new breakthrough, based on understandings of the patterns of water movement. Apparently it includes the perceptions that you need to manage water on a water basin basis, and that […]

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