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Populist challenges to the Euro

There are waves of voters on the continent wanting substantial change to the Euro scheme which lies at the heart of Project EU. The endless austerity policies designed by Germany to avoid the need for substantial transfer payments from the richer parts of the zone to the poorer parts are universally unpopular in the south […]

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The government does need to allow change on the High Street

When I last wrote about shop closures some of you said the government should not intervene to help retailers. The market will sort it out. The problem is local and national government does intervene mightily with taxes, regulations, planning controls and town centre management in ways which can impede change or make things worse. The […]

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Drugs in and near schools

I spent part of Friday afternoon discussing the possible incidence of drug dealing and use near one of the secondary schools in my constituency. I was told that this is quite common and that the minority who get involved with drugs can start out on a course which leads them to other crimes and to […]

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Universities need endowments

I am surprised that some newspapers and politicians want to criticise Oxford and Cambridge Universities for having an estimated £21 bn collective endowment, including all the Colleges. They should be celebrating this success in fund raising and investing. These savings that come  from gifts and from wise investing allow the Universities to do more. Money […]

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How Brexit can give us a stronger economy

The recent slow growth of the UK economy still locked into the EU mirrors the slowdown in growth on the continent, with a special UK twist. The higher taxes on property and cars imposed in the 2016 and 2017 budgets have had a further adverse impact, reinforced by the monetary tightening carried out. You expect […]

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The EU doesn’t like democracy

The news from Italy takes my breath away. The President has vetoed one of the appointments to Ministerial office because he has expressed some Eurosceptic views, in line with the views of the winning parties in the election. He wishes to impose a government of unelected officials instead, which is unlikely to command the confidence […]

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New homes near Clayhill Road Burghfield

I attended the consultation and presentation of plans for a development of around 100  new homes in Burghfield Common. I encouraged them to increase the proportion of affordable homes for sale with the affordable section of the plans, and favoured styles and finishes for the houses that blend with local styles.

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Social care and the NHS

During the election the Conservatives launched some proposals for paying for social care in the future. These were very unpopular and were rightly withdrawn before people voted. In the correspondence which they generated it was clear some people did not understand the current system, and were surprised to learn that today under a policy approved […]

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Wokingham Fun Day Saturday 26 June

I joined the Mayor and various Town Councillors at the Fun Day.It was well attended in good sunshine. I am grateful to the Council for putting it on to provide family entertainment.

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Italy to challenge Euro austerity

The new 5 Star/Lega government agrees about more than its critics thought it would. The two parties both think Italy has faced too much austerity from the EU and needs to spend more and tax less. They both think there are too many migrants entering their country, and want to see tougher controls over migration. […]

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