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NHS is not about to be privatised

  I have taken up the issue of NHS privatisation and today’s private members bill with Ministers, as some constituents have sent me copies of an  email expressing worries on the topic. The Minister tells me:   “This Bill seeks to prevent ‘privatisation’ that simply isn’t happening.   There are no new competition provisions in the […]

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The Eurosceptic split

Some will welcome the by election result this morning. I cannot, because it just reminds us how split the Eurosceptic movement is. UKIP want to deny that many Conservatives are good Eurosceptics, to diminish the Eurosceptic army. Their tests of purity make it impossible for them to unite the movement and gain a majority.Indeed, some […]

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Taxes can do damage

The Japanese economy is back in recession. One of the main reasons is the pattern of consumer spending. Ahead of the sales tax increase people made their purchases. Once the tax rise came in they cut back sharply, leading to a fall in demand and output. It was far less helpful in raising revenue to […]

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The government’s new proposals for pub tenants and small brewers

A number of constituents wrote to me seeking  changes to the law to make life easier for pub tenants.  The government Bill this week did take some steps to help, and I supported the government.  The Commons decided it did not go far enough and put through a further amendment based on some of the points many […]

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Mr Redwood’s contribution to the debate on EU Reform, 19 November

Mr John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): I rise to talk about two large European powers that are both, in their own ways, reluctant Europeans. It is well known that the United Kingdom made an historic and important decision, under the previous Labour Government, not to join the euro. Many of us campaigned actively for that decision. […]

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What happens if the SNP do well in the May 2015 Election?

Before the referendum I sought an assurance in the Commons from the SNP that they would accept the result of the Referendum either way, and regard the matter as settled. I pointed out that those backing the Union would facilitate Scottish separation if they won by just one vote, so would expect the SNP to […]

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Mr Redwood’s intervention during the Statement on the G20, 17 November

Mr John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): Given that the United States has been the fastest-growing advanced economy since 2009, based on the exploitation of cheap energy, was there any discussion about what we and others need to do to compete with America industrially? We will need to invest in a lot of cheap energy to keep […]

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Stumbling growth?

The government has drawn attention to the slowing German economy, recession ridden Italy, and the lack of upwards momentum in the French economy. Japan has also now suffered two more quarters of declines in output and incomes, so is back in recession. None of this helps the UK recovery, as that means bad news from […]

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Heathrow noise

I have had a number of complaints about noise levels from aircraft this weekend. The noise levels have been high despite the early end of the Heathrow flight path trials which many complained about previously. The airport did respond to our lobbying and decided to curtail the experiments. The airport was on easterly operations over […]

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Can I have two national identities?

Scottish nationalists argue that they and many of their fellow Scots are primarily Scottish. They see this as an exclusive identity, precluding them from happily also being British or UK citizens. Unionists in Scotland claim they are content to be Scottish and British. They wish to enjoy both identities, accepting the sovereignty of the Westminster […]

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