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Posters in Parliament

I visited the exhibition of posters in Parliament displayed by undergraduates from UK universities concerning their research. Two undergraduates from Reading were present, showing outlines of their work. Thomas Rawson showed details of his work on plant choice to achieve best results and Laura Armstrong talked about her studies of multilingualism. It was good to […]

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The death of democracy in Greece?

It is one of those ironies of history that democracy should be under such pressure in the European country commonly claimed to be its birthplace. The most recent Greek election and the battles over Greek policy within the Euro have been about whether national democracy is compatible with the single currency. It appears it is […]

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Germany and Greece both lose

As expected, Germany blinked and Homer nodded. The Germans had to agree to more money being lent to Greece whilst they have the proper argument about what the future should hold. The European Central Bank continues to bail out Greece via emergency assistance to its banking system. There is a delay in implementing all the […]

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45p income rate brings in much more revenue

The Treasury official figures said putting the 50p tax rate down to 45p would entail a loss of £100m of tax revenue. Instead, as some of us forecast, it has led to a surge in additional tax. Self assessed income tax reached £22.5bn in 2008-9 when the top rate was 40%. In 2011-12 it was […]

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The decline of Capital Gains Tax

London property prices are at new highs. UK share prices have been hitting new decade long highs. Property and unquoted shares around the country have risen in value considerably. It is curious therefore to see a further slump in Capital Gains Tax receipts in the latest January figures. January is the big month for the […]

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The Euro shatters the old politics

The gripping drama being played out between Syriza and the rest of the Euro area is not just a struggle between creditors and debtors, or between countries who will play by the rules and one who thinks the rules are absurd. It is also an enthralling battle over the future of democratic parties in a […]

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Tomorrow can be better

You do not make the poor rich by trying to make the rich poor. High tax societies do less well than sensible tax societies. Societies that welcome in rich people and companies and give them some freedom do better than societies that let jealousy rule. Cuba and Venezuela show what poverty socialism can breed. France […]

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Everyone an owner?

The UK debate has been depressing during and after the deep recession of the last decade. There has been much discussion of how to share the diminished income and output, with rather less talk of how more people can own more and participate more fully in the economic life of our country. Recently there has […]

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The politics of donors

Sensible people want to hear from their politicians during an election about the plans and intentions they have for the next five years, if chosen to govern. People are quite interested in examining the record of leading parties in power, so there does have to be some discussion of the past to help form impressions […]

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Greece and Germany blink – who is winning?

Greece said she could not proceed with a new version of the loan agreement, but seems now to be negotiating over its terms. She has conceded she accepts 70% of the old conditions. Greece refused to sit down with the troika of the EU, the ECB and the IMF, but Greek officials have held exploratory […]

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