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Dear Constituent

I am writing to update you on the virus crisis, and the  damage to jobs, incomes and lifestyles   that the virus response is causing. The government has taken advice from epidemiologists, based on worldwide work through the World Health Organisation. This work concludes that because there is no current cure nor vaccine to prevent […]

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Getting eggs into boxes

Today I joined the MP call to the Cabinet office to provide feedback on virus related problems. One of the issues I raised was the continued empty shelf problem for a few products. I took the case of eggs as an example. There are still the same number of eggs being produced as before the […]

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Help for the self employed

Yesterday I sent the letter beneath to the Chancellor: Dear Rishi Thank you for developing and announcing a scheme to ensure many people currently self employed will receive an income top up from the state during a period when many of them are not allowed to work or are experiencing a big decline in  activity over […]

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Cash shortages

Many self employed are worried that their business has dried up, removing their income. Many small companies are concerned that they have been closed down temporarily for an unspecified time period but still have to pay rent, other overheads and employees pay. They welcomed the government pledge to pay 80% of the wage bill up […]

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Further businesses and premises to close

I have just received the enclosed update from the Government: As a country, we all need to do what we can to reduce the spread of coronavirus. That is why the government has given clear guidance on self-isolation, staying at home and away from others, and asked that schools only remain open for those children […]

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Commonsense and rules

MPs and the government are flooded with calls wanting detailed answers to how people can live their lives under the new rules laid out in Parliament this week. This is understandable given the magnitude of the changes required. The rules themselves are fairly general and broad. The aim of cutting back sharply on person to […]

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The timing of these severe measures

The health policy says close more things down and stop people getting about unless it is essential to the NHS, basic utilities  and  the food supply that they do so. Keep them closed until the disease is tamed enough.  The economic policy says close less down, re-open as quickly as possible, try to limit the economic […]

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Letter to the Leader of Wokingham Borough Council proposing more volunteering

Whilst the reason for the immediate increase in funding is not one we welcome, the government has made £1.6bn available to Councils to handle the virus and boost social care, and a further £1.3bn to free hospital beds . I have been pressing for more social care funding for sometime, and trust Wokingham’s share of […]

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Food supply and home deliveries

There is plenty of food but still some problems getting enough into shops. There is a shortage of home delivery capacity for the elderly and ill needing that. I have put the issue to Ministers again and asked that they broker further talks between the catering and supermarket companies over diverting food from catering packs […]

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Food supply

Some constituents who need to self isolate or stay home tell me there are still problems getting home deliveries or shopping organised. I have asked Wokingham Borough to assist with organising volunteers who could help with shopping. Will those offering help and those in need of it please see I have also written again […]

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