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The 10 best past achievements of an independent UK/England

I am very positive about what the UK can achieve once we are an independent country again. I think we need to remind our fellow countrymen and women just what we have achieved in the past, when as a country we were both much smaller and poorer than today. This is my list. I would […]

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Bookstart in Wokingham Borough

I have received┬áthis news release from Wokingham Borough Council about the Bookstart scheme, run by Booktrust, an independent national charity which encourages people of all ages and cultures to engage with books. BOOKSTART IN WOKINGHAM BOROUGH In the past year around 4,500 children aged under five across the Wokingham Borough have received their Bookstart packs […]

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A puppet Parliament?

I made a speech a bit like this yesterday in parliament: Is this a puppet Parliament? Or does it have within it the ability to take back control? Is this puppet Parliament to remain a mere cipher for Brussels? Or can it take back control to make our own laws and levy our taxes? Was […]

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The collapse of the pound in the EU

Under the last Labour government the pound collapsed within the EU – far more than the latest ridiculous Treasury forecasts of possible future falls. In July 2008 the pound bought $2. By January 2009 it was under $1.40, a fall of 30%. In July 2007 the pound bought 250 yen. By January 2009 that was […]

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It’s the economy stupid – we will be better off out

The Remainians want it every which way. If economic figures disappoint, they claim that is the result of Brexit fears. If the numbers fail to disappoint, they claim that is because people think Remain will win! Their most consistent claim is the pound will go down if we leave. It’s as good a guess as […]

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TTIP and the NHS

A number of constituents have written to me urging me to support the Amendment tabled to the Queen’s speech to ensure that the government protects the NHS in any EU negotiations over the health sector within the planned EU Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). I can assure constituents I do support this amendment, […]

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The Conservative Manifesto and opposition to EU measures

The Conservative Manifesto in 2015 could not have been clearer. It said we will “reclaim power from Brussels on your behalf and safeguard British interests in the single market”. It went on to say “No to ever closer union. No to a constant flow of power to Brussels. No to unnecessary interference”. I agreed with […]

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Aircraft noise

I have received more noise complaints following some bad experiences for many constituents during the period of easterly operations recently. I am now organising a further meeting with NATs and Heathrow to urge them to do more to ensure flights are higher and less noisy, and more flights go direct into and out of the […]

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The EU, TTIP and the UK Parliament

A number of Conservative MPs tabled an Amendment to the Queen’s speech . This is an unusual but available means to require the government to do something that Parliament wants but the government has omitted from its programme. It could also be used to seek to drop something from the programme. The amendment Peter Lilley […]

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Taking up the case for local GPs

I now have thoughts from local GPs about the current and proposed funding settlement for our local GP services. I will be taking this up with Ministers, and stressing to them the fast growth in patient numbers we are currently experiencing as a result of new housing provision and new families coming to settle in […]

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