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John Redwood at Conference

I will be speaking at     Think Tent  (just inside secure zone by conference hall)     “Does caring about the poor require caring about inequality?”   IEA   14.45   Monday 5 October   Politeia  Arora Hotel Princess Street Manchester  M1 4LG    “Britain and the EU   To stay or go?    18.30  Monday 5 October  (outside security)   I will […]

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The west loses its way in the Middle East

Mr Obama dithers and changes his mind too often on foreign policy. He now watches as Russia moves in to fill the vacuum where the USA once was the dominant influence on  Syria and Middle East policy. The present situation is full of both danger and opportunity. Russia’s relationship with the Obama regime was badly damaged by […]

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Reply from Health Secretary about the use of the NHS by overseas visitors

In my blog of 11 August, I said I would write to Jeremy Hunt MP about the use of the NHS by overseas visitors. This is his reply, dated 3 September 2015. Dear John Thank you for your letter of 11 August about the use of the NHS by overseas visitors. There is no provision […]

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Carbon dioxide disasters

I have long argued it makes no sense to make energy so dear in the UK that the main industries that need energy leave our shores to burn cheaper fuel somewhere else. That was one of the reasons I did not support Labour’s Climate Change Act, and why I disagreed with the Lib Dem policies […]

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The UK recovery continues – with higher public spending, not austerity

Yesterday the government published the latest quarterly figures for output and earnings to June 30th 2015.   The UK economy is now producing 6% more than at the peak in early 2008 before the crash. The USA is producing 10% more, the EU just 1% more and Japan has the same output as Quarter 1 […]

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“A kinder politics, a more caring society”

Labour’s slogan from yesterday is one Conservatives can welcome as well. What was odd about the conference was the statement that Labour will not now stoop to personal abuse, and will debate in a grown up way. This was juxtaposed in the same speech with old anti Conservative rhetoric that was harsh and untrue. We had […]

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Labour discovers patriotism

Labour’s patriotism is said to be British. Labour does not know where England is, and has a suite of policies to split it up and deny us a voice. When this morning the BBC analyst linked Labour’s patriotism to England it must have been a mistake. Others called it British nationalism. No one seemed to […]

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Not so long ago the Coalition government wanted us to vote for a war against President Assad of Syria. They were right that he is an unpleasant dictator, using excess force against his own citizens and failing to unite his country behind him. Some of us declined to support, on the grounds that many of […]

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The failure of the pro EU side to engage

  On Saturday evening at the Cambridge Union 200th anniversary debate on the EU there were signs of things to come. The pro EU side was to comprise 2 former continental senior politicians, and one unelected UK pro European in the Lords, with just one MP.  One of the 2 continentals pulled out at the […]

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Vauxhall like investing in the UK

Hard on the heels of Nissan announcing a five year investment plan and a new model for Sunderland comes Vauxhall’s statement of its continued enthusiasm for plant and investment in the UK, with a new model here. The BBC Today programme made as little progress in trying to persuade Vauxhall they should leave the UK […]

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