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Swallowfield village store and new housing

I officially opened the modernised and improved Post Office and Village stores in Swallowfield today. I also was invited in to see one of the new and renovated  houses and one of the remodelled flats. They are delightful new homes finished to a good standard. Swallowfield Parish Council has taken advantage of a government initiative […]

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Reply to a letter from the Prime Minister

Along with the rest of the Conservative party I have received a letter from the Prime Minister about  her Chequers proposal for a  deal between  the UK with the EU. I agree with much of the content of her letter. In it she assured me “We will take back control of our money, our laws, and  borders, and […]

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The government should not sign the draft Withdrawal Agreement with the EU

I have advised the government not to sign a one sided Withdrawal Agreement. They have always confirmed they will not sign it unless and until it is balanced by a good Future Partnership Agreement, which is still nowhere to be seen. I need to remind them why the present draft Withdrawal Agreement is thoroughly unsuitable […]

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Tax rises do economic and political damage

Let me have another go at persauding this government to turn away fom raising tax rates and finding new things to tax.  Their own record should tell them that such proposals are usually unpopular with many voters. Where they have gone for higher taxes they have proved to be economically damaging. Even the government now […]

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Iran and a conflict of laws

The US President brought sanctions against Iran into effect on 7 August, with more to come in November. UK and EU companies are warned that they need to comply with the bans on automotive, oil trading and other goods with Iran being introduced in two phases. The US Executive Order  takes powers to enforce this against […]

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The Barkham petition

I will make sure the strength of feeling in Barkham against further large scale housing development is well understood at Wokingham Borough. I am trying to get the government to agree that Wokingham has more than enough planning permissions outstanding to take care of needs for considerably more than the next 5 years. I wish to […]

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Spending the £39 bn – cutting VAT

Once we take back control of our money and laws we can review the incidence and level of VAT. It becomes a UK tax on 29 March next year, after years of it being an EU imposition. I have set out before my wishes. Surely most can agree we should abolish VAT on green products. […]

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Government tightens fiscal policy more to help slow the economy

The latest figures for borrowing show a further reduction in additional borrowing in the first quarter of the new financial year, as forecast here. Tax revenues are well up on a year ago, by more than the rise in spending, so additional borrowing falls again. The authorities just need to be careful lest they slow […]

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More lies about second referendums

I have never supported two referendums on whether to Leave or Stay within the EU, contrary to some misleading stories. Years ago before the Conservative party agreed a simple Remain/Stay referendum there was a proposal to ask the people if they wanted to renegotiate our relationship, to be followed by an In/Out referendum. In the […]

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A spending cut for the Treasury – stop sending money to the dead

Every day government sends out pension money and benefits to people who have died.  It then employs other staff to work out where there has happened, and to seek to reclaim it from relatives of the deceased. This process takes time and effort, and is not always successful. It is also upsetting to family members […]

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