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Why we will be better off out

1 We will be able to spend £10bn a year on our priorities instead of sending that abroad and not getting it back. That adds 0.6% to our GDP. 2. We will regain control of our fishing grounds, which will enable us to rebuild our fishery and return to being net exporters instead of net […]

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Message to the Remain media: The referendum is not mainly about trade but about self government

Our trade is not at risk if we leave. The rest of the EU will want to continue to sell to us, so they will not want to impose new barriers. Yet we live with the double Remain lie every day in the media The first lie is we will lose our trade when we […]

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Winnersh worries

I have been out and about in Winnersh in the run up to the local elections. There is an understandable impatience to see the end of the roadworks for the new link to the Loddon roundabout to take pressure off the current main Reading to Wokingham road. There were also some concerns about the new […]

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President Obama confirms in the EU there is no US trade deal and outside we could negotiate one

What a load of fuss about nothing. The Remain side have got their lackeys in the media to repeat bitter nothings about Obama’s message. The facts are simple. Inside the EU for 43 years we have no US trade agreement. The EU has sole responsibility for negotiating one. Outside the EU we would start with […]

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Emmbrook matters

I have been out and about in Emmbrook prior to the local elections. I am well aware of the unease about construction traffic, the route of the new road and the issue of drainage and flood control. Yesterday I was in the Toutley Road area with a Councillor , to talk to him and residents […]

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Shakespeare’s writings: their modern relevance now 400 years young.

(from a speech made to Dorset and later to Wokingham Conservatives)   This week we celebrate England’s greatest writer. 400 years ago he died after a phenomenal written output.  He towers over the world literary stage four hundred years after his death. A replica of his theatre has risen on the South Bank where it stood […]

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Academies if we want them

I have been lobbying the government not to proceed with mandatory introduction of Academy status for all remaining Local Authority schools. A number of local people have written to me with objections. I do not think compulsion for all is the right approach. I will be having further meetings and conversations about this next week […]

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England The once and future country

Today and tomorrow I am reproducing a talk I have given to Wokingham Conservatives and in Dorset in recent days.   ENGLAND THE ONCE AND FUTURE COUNTRY   England is my country. Like many of my fellow citizens, I am at peace with its history. I understand its past struggles, take pride in its many […]

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St George’s day and Shakespeare in Swallowfield and Farley Hill

Last night at the Farley  Equestrian Centre we had a St George’s Day and Shakespeare evening.   I spoke about ideas of England, and how Shakespeare wrote about our country, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. I will be running the text as blogs tomorrow and Sunday. The first is about England and […]

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Questions for Mr Obama

Mr Obama is the creator of the conditions which have produced Mr Trump and Mr Sanders as serious  contenders in the US Presidential race. Their candidatures make much of the failure of modern America to lift the living standards of many hard working Americans. Mr Trump is unhappy with Mr Obama’s approach to both China and migration. […]

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