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English votes does not fuel the SNP

Mr Darling was wrong to say asking for English votes for English issues fuels the SNP. The SNP is the one Scottish party that sees the logic and justice of English votes for English issues. What fuels the SNP is understanding that every time they push hard for more devolution they are given it. The […]

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The collapse of the oil price

This year most forecasters assumed oil would stay around $110 a barrel. They correctly saw that US output would rise, but so would demand. Those who pondered more deeply reckoned Saudi would cut her production a little to offset any surplus that emerged. I did not myself expect to see a major price collapse, against […]

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Speaking for England – Labour and Lib Dems add insult to injury for England.

This week we expect the government’s White Paper on justice for England. Labour declined to attend the talks and failed to file a contribution stating its approach for the White Paper. It reminds us just how much Labour scorns England, and how Labour will fight to stop England having her own voice and her own […]

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Wokingham Choral Society at the Masonic Centre

Yesterday Wokingham Choral Society performed a great programme of Christmas music. Trying out the new venue for them in Winnersh, they sang us well known carols and more esoteric pieces of seasonal music. The choir trains hard and sings to a high standard. Some of the work was performed with the house lights turned down. […]

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Torture is wrong

The US contortions over how they treated suspects and prisoners post 9/11 are unfortunate for the leader of the western world. Republicans see the report into the CIA as partisan, partial and unhelpful. They both argue that the practices the US adopted were not torture, and that they needed to be tough to find out […]

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Postings to this site

I am being asked again why certain contributions have been deleted. I have explained before the posting policy. I delete references to external sites which I have not read or do not know, or delete the whole post if it depends on them. I delete posts which make unpleasant or inaccurate generalisations about named groups […]

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Lower interest charges help the government accounts

The biggest change to the government’s financial position announced in the Autumn Statement was the good news that the OBR now expects much lower debt interest payments in the years ahead. They lowered their forecast of likely debt interest from £52.1bn this year to just £35.9bn, a reduction of £16.2bn. Next year falls from £59.1bn […]

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Daniel Hannan sets out a good agenda for the UK’s new relationship with the EU

BRITAIN AND THE EU: A SOLUTION Reforming Britain’s relationship with the EU could boost trade, reveals Daniel Hannan MEP in a new report Britain and the EU: A Solution, published by the Centre for Policy Studies on Friday 12 December. Pointing to Switzerland, the MEP explains that despite the country not being a member, Swiss […]

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Loddon carol concert

I am looking forward to the annual primary schools carol concert at the Loddon Valley leisure centre. The Council has just sent out the details for those interested: Over 400 schoolchildren will be singing in the Christmas season at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre, Lower Earley at the annual Wokingham Borough primary schools’ carol concert this […]

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The Infrastructure Bill

  On Monday in Parliament we debated the government’s infrastructure Bill.  It sets out three main changes in the name of improving the country’s infrastructure. The first is to speed improved roads and get value for highways expenditure. The Highways Agency is being turned into a company owned by the taxpayer. It will be more […]

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