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Traffic congestion in the Wokingham area

Yesterday during one of my sessions knocking on doors and listening to views, I was struck by the force and regularity of the view on a single issue – traffic congestion. I just ask people to tell me what is on their mind without prompting. In so many cases people said they thought the traffic […]

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The EU wants to hang on to our money

The UK is the EU’s Treasure Island. We run a £92bn current account deficit with them ( year to Q3 2016). That includes a huge deficit on trade in goods which come in tariff free to their advantage. It includes £7bn of annual remittances by EU citizens living in the UK but sending money back […]

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More money for West Berkshire and Wokingham road maintenance

There are too many potholes and fraying road edges around the area. I have been pressing the government for more cash to help our Councils repair and maintain the roads to a good standard. A stitch in time can also save nine, sparing us higher cost and more delay for bigger repairs later. Yesterday I […]

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Free trade or rigged trade?

Donald Trump has promised – or threatened –  to cancel the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, to pull out of Nafta, to take action against Mexico and to name China as a currency manipulator.  Markets and governments are now waiting to see how many of these he does in his first hundred days. He will be […]

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Length and frequency of postings

I have had a very busy week so far, and have only just  caught up with the postings on this site. Delays are created if individuals post often and at great length. Sometimes a long posting with expertise and new information is necessary and helpful but endless long postings saying similar things are not. I […]

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A housing White Paper

We are awaiting a government White Paper to set out ways to promote the construction of more homes. The government believes the UK build rate needs to be considerably higher than the current one, given the large number of people needing homes. I agree with those who write in to say that the government should […]

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Consultation on night flight restrictions at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted

I enclose a copy of a letter I have received from Lord Ahmad, the Aviation Minister: 170112 – Lord Ahmad – Dear Colleague MPs – Consultation on Night Flights Restrictions – 2017 to 2022. He explains that the Government has opened a consultation on night flight restrictions at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. The consultation is available […]

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The problem for the rest of the EU when discussing the UK’s exit from the EU

The rest of the EU clearly has a much bigger problem with Brexit than the UK does. They are the ones who lose our budget contributions, who need to keep access to our very lucrative market, who want full access to our successful jobs market to place more of their people who are unemployed or […]

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The UK economy and EU trade

I have long argued that we are unlikely to trade less with the EU after we have left than we do today, whether we have a special deal or not. Clearly the rest of the EU will want to keep on selling their goods to us, so they will not be able to impose big […]

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Winter and the NHS

Jeremy Hunt yesterday gave a honest and detailed account of the state of the NHS and its response to winter demand. He told us just how big the increase in demand for care and treatment has been. There are 9m more visits to A and E than in 2000; He reminded us that there are […]

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