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Network Rail’s ability to destroy investment capital

Last year our equity value of Network Rail fell from £8.18 billion to just £6.39 billion. It is a very small sum for all that land, all those buildings, all that track and signal investment. Worse still, our equity value went down despite the railway spending another £6.47 bn on investment that year. I say […]

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Cycle Lanes

In response to criticisms of the Earley peripheral and the A 329 cycleways Wokingham has installed, I have investigated and taken them up with the Council. I was worried about possible conflict between pedestrians and cycles along the A 329 route, as the cycleway diverts cycles from the old highway to the pavement at several […]

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Germany leading or tiring of the EU?

German enthusiasm for a United States of Europe has been a given of the European project. Mrs Merkel is probably allowing herself a little private celebration that once again she has quelled rebels over lending money to Greece and has persuaded her anti bail out Finance Minister to back her and refrain from playing to […]

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Security on trains

Should anything more be done to promote and encourage safety and security on trains? Today’s worrying news makes this a topical question which I would be interested to hear about.

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Network Rail loses £982 million on derivatives

I have pointed out in past years that Network Rail, our nationalised railway industry, is very good at losing large sums of money on trading and owning derivatives. Yesterday I looked at charities close to the state and in receipt of large grants that have made a financial success out of it. Today I want […]

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What can you expect from this Conservative government?

Yesterday I made a speech to the Wokingham Constituency Conservative Lunch Club who invited me to their event. I reminded them that together we campaigned for tax cuts for all. The government has promised to cut income tax for everyone by raising both the threshold before you pay tax, and raising the threshold at which […]

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Housing Association riches

It is good to see a group of charities which are closely linked to the public sector doing well financially. The Housing Association movement has a successful business model. They invest in residential property, often with grant aid for the investment. They let most of the homes out to people who usually need Housing Benefit […]

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Buying British

The government has set an ambitious target to double UK exports by 2020. That would certainly boost growth and transform the balance of payments. Equally helpful would be reducing imports by making and providing more of the things we want for ourselves instead of importing them. The Environment Secretary has recently said she would like […]

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The economic impact of cutting the deficit

Some people write to this site or in other publications to tell us that as sector balances in an economy have to sum to zero, attempts to cut the public sector deficit are damaging to output and activity as something else has to give to keep the sector balance. Let me explain why their view […]

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Labour and democracy

One of the ironies of the Labour leadership contest is the dislike of democracy amongst the Labour establishment. We read of rumours that a senior figure wanted to terminate the contest prematurely because it might produce the wrong answer. We hear of conversations between Labour establishment advisers and others over whether they could have a […]

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