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1932 public spending

In 1932  total UK public spending was £1 397 million. If you adjust for inflation that is £82 887 million. So as the UK government this year is spending £737 100 million, what is all this nonsense about returns to the 1930s?

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Meeting with Heathrow Airport management

  Dr Lee, MP for Bracknell, and I met with representatives of Heathrow airport on Wednesday 18th March to discuss airport noise. We had asked for the meeting on discovering that changes were made to flight routes last year without telling the local community. Readers of this site will know that I and others challenged […]

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Trends in public spending

The government has recently published more figures showing the real changes in public spending in recent years. These reveal that real spending has gone up in several large programmes, including health, social security and general public services. It has also risen in international services including overseas aid, EU contributions, science and technology and environmental protection. […]

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Meeting with Housing and Planning Minister

  I held a meeting with Brandon Lewis MP, Minister of State for Housing and Planning, in the Commons. His Parliamentary Private Secretary was also present. It was one of many such meetings I hold in Parliament with Ministers  to put Wokingham and West Berkshire’s  case to the government. I wanted to bring the Minister […]

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Carbon dioxide, jobs and the UK

Some green policies   really do destroy jobs, plunge people into fuel poverty and make our lives difficult. A recent report says that the UK should make its carbon dioxide targets even more taxing, to allow for all the CO2 emitted in places like China when making items to export to us. So let’s get this straight. The […]

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Mr Redwood’s Budget Speech, 18 March 2015

Mr John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): I rise to correct some of the myths emanating from the Opposition, who do not seem to read the figures. I hope they will catch up with the Budget detail from the Red Book now that it is more commonly available. We are talking about a set of plans for […]

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Mr Redwood’s intervention during the Budget Debate, 18 March 2015

Mr Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): I would just like to point out that although we have cut the planned spending increases of the previous Government, public spending has actually been going up. As the Red Book confirms, Government spending went up by 1.5% in real terms in 2014, and by another 1% this year. Mr Mark […]

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Budget speech

My budget intervention and speech are available as text in the “Debates” section of this site. Videos of each are available below: My intervention: My speech:

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Budget numbers

So the Chancellor shot a few of Labour’s foxes. First to go was the idea that the Conservatives will take the UK back to 1930s levels of spending. This is Labour’s favourite lie, based on confusing spending as a percentage of the economy with real levels of spending, which are currently nine times the 1930s! […]

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Budget boost for first time homebuyers

I have been pressing the case of first time homebuyers, who find our local house prices dear. The Conservatives promised a discount on  homes for first time buyers under a new scheme which will cut the costs for developers as long as they pass on the advantage to the buyers. Now the  budget adds help with […]

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