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The modernising project

Towards the end of the John Major era a group emerged in the Conservative party who called themselves modernisers. My initial reaction was favourable, as I too thought we needed to modernise, to generate a new agenda for a new century. Some of what they wanted us to do made sense. They promoted a new […]

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The UK’s nuclear deterrent

Some people have written to me asking me to oppose the orders for four new submarines to carry the UK’s nuclear deterrent. Last night I voted with the government to approve the purchase of the vessels. I did so because I campaigned on the Conservative Manifesto without signalling my dispute with this measure in it. […]

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Tragedy in Turkey and Nice

The UK media seems to apply differing approaches to 84 dead in Nice and 200  plus  dead in Turkey. I mourn them all and send my condolences to their families and loved ones. That is so much human grief and sadness, so many ruined dreams and wrenched lives. 202 remain injured in Nice, and 1440 in […]

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Getting out of the EU can be quick and easy – the UK holds most of the cards in any negotiation

I want the full English Brexit. More accurately, without the word play, I want the full  UK  Brexit. Too many people in government and the professions seem to think the UK is a weak petitioner which has to be very careful in case we are expelled from the single market. They talk of bartering free movement […]

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National Citizens Service

Zoe Clark, the local organiser of the National Citizen Service for 16-17 year olds came to see me to tell me how well it is doing. Apparently 220 young people have enrolled for this summer to gain experience of independent living, networking and presenting. The aim is to do enjoyable things and to gain new […]

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An end to austerity?

I am glad the new government wishes to end the use of the “a” word.  It has been much used and abused over the last six years. It has been a rallying cry for the Opposition. It has been a misleading spin line used by the Cameron/Osborne government.  As a policy it has been lop […]

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Wokingham Theatre

I was visited by a Committee member from Wokingham Theatre at my surgery today to ask about the expansion of the Theatre and how more local people could get involved. I suggested the Theatre get in touch with the Planning Officers of Wokingham Borough about any planning application they might like to make. I gave […]

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Glimmers of hope in economic policy

Yesterday the Governor of the Bank of England thought better of the much touted idea that he would cut interest rates by a further 0.25%. I am glad he made this decision. I had argued here before the event  that another cut at these tiny levels could undermine  the value of sterling further without doing […]

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Good Europeans want an early Brexit

As I expected, the rhetoric on the continent is changing. Yesterday the President of the European  Parliament challenged the pre vote rhetoric of the Commission by saying ” The UK should not be treated as a deserter but as a family member who is still loved but has decided to go in another direction”. The […]

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Letter from the Ministry of Defence

I have received this letter from the Ministry of Defence about the Submarine Dismantling Project: 160707 MOD Letter re SDP.

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