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Lords pass Brexit Bill unanimously

Parliament has now spoken. A large majority for Brexit in the Commons is now matched by a unanimous vote in the Lords. The Supreme Court has succeeded in delaying the letter but not in stopping it. As I thought at the time of the discussions on the Supreme Court decision it is the view of […]

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Design and use of UK airspace consultation

The Government is currently consulting on proposals to: • Support the reform of airspace, thereby maximising the economic and social benefits of aviation • Minimise the negative local impacts of aviation Ministers are seeking comment on proposals to update policy on the management of UK airspace including: • The role of an Independent Commission on […]

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UK public finances are OK

The latest figures for public spending, tax revenue and borrowing published yesterday showed more progress in reducing the running deficit.  Total state borrowing adjusted for the bonds the Bank of England has bought in remains at a moderate level, around 65% of GDP. The main reason new  borrowing is reducing is the continued good growth […]

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The Forest School

I was sad to receive a copy of the resignation  letter of the Head teacher of the Forest this week.  I wish her well in retirement and understand her wish to pass the leadership of the school on to someone else. In the letter she draws attention to the current level of the Forest budget. […]

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Night flight restrictions at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted

The Government is currently consulting on proposals for night flight restrictions at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted. The Government’s proposals relate to: • Environmental objectives • The length of the restrictions • The structure of the restrictions • Movement limits at each airport • Noise quota limits at each airport The consultation can be found here: […]

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The future of the High Street

The changes to rates has once again highlighted the rapid changes on UK High Streets. Large centres with numerous coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques and the main multiples are usually trading successfully. The Metro Centre, Oxford Street, Bicester Village, Meadowhall and the other well established shopping centres are flourishing. People want a good range of shops, […]

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Major problems with overseas aid for Eastern European countries

I was surprised to read in the Sunday press that some people think it a good idea to divert overseas aid to Eastern European members of the EU to “buy” a better  deal with that organisation. As I have explained before, there is no Treaty power to require a UK leaving payment above and beyond […]

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Business rates

The media have been running two popular causes in recent days. The campaigners want the government to spend more on social care. Campaigners also want no business rate rises in places where property prices have risen. This highlights the perpetual tension. How do you raise enough money for good purposes without overtaxing the people and […]

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How the world is changing

The advent of Mr Trump on the world diplomatic scene is making some big changes. Mr Trump has in many ways a very conventional US view of the world . He sees his main allies as the UK in Europe, Japan in the Far East, and Israel in the Middle East. He tells Israel he wants […]

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UK retail sales up 4.6% in volume and value (excluding motor fuel)

The figures for the last three months compared to a year earlier still show good growth and no retail price inflation, with both volume and value figures up 4.6%. Add in motor fuel where oil prices have soared and volume growth is 3.8%.

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