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Business intervenes in Scottish referendum

  I  am surprised at how many businesses have decided to intervene in a highly contentious referendum campaign when they have no need to do so.  These large businesses need to remember that they have many shareholders and customers who disagree with the stance they are taking, as well as many who agree. It may […]

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We need an English Parliament – a bit more power for some cities is not enough

Mr Clegg’s proposal to devolve a bit of power to some English cities is no answer to the pressing need for a fair settlement for England.  Nor has it been popular in the past. In 51 referenda to create more powerful elected mayors, 35 have resulted in a rejection of the proposal. 2 elected mayoralties […]

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Speak for England campaign

If you want England to have its own voice and home rule please write to your own MP asking them to speak for England. You could also copy in BBC News.

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MP expenses

  IPSA have just published the annual costs of each MP for the year 2013-14. As I have promised my constituents to keep my own costs of running an MP’s office down well below the average, I publish my figures below: Office costs budget        £22,750 J Redwood spend            £2716 Amount of budget unspent    88% Staff costs […]

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Who speaks for England?

  My question this week in the House is a fundamental one for government to answer in a few days time. If the Union survives the Scottish vote, we will immediately need the government to produce proposals to honour the three parties’ pledge (and UKIP’s) of more devolution for Scotland. As I have explained, we should […]

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Mr Redwood’s contribution to the backbench debate on the Select Committee on Governance of the House

Mr John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): This is a crucial decision and we need to make it in a timely and sensible way. We stand on the threshold of momentous constitutional events. We might even lose a country from our United Kingdom, or we might go into a period of fundamental constitutional change with a massive […]

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Mr Redwood’s intervention during Prime Minister’s Questions, 10 Sept

Mr John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): Assuming there is a no vote in the Scottish referendum, who in the Government will represent England in the new devolution settlement? Who speaks for England, because we need a voice and a new deal? The Leader of the House (Mr William Hague): Well, there are many of us. Having […]

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Government update on illegal migration and the port of Calais.

I thought you might appreciate an update on the Government’s work to respond to migrant pressures in Calais. The current situation is not a new one, nor does it originate in Calais. France – unlike the UK – is a member of the Schengen zone, so people are able to pass freely across its borders […]

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Meeting with Police Commissioner for Thames Valley

  I held a review meeting with Anthony Stansfeld this week. He had good news to report. Overall crime is at its lowest level for 25 years in the Thames Valley.  Over the last two years recorded crime is down by 14%. Last year domestic burglary fell by one fifth. TVP were able to deploy […]

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The Kiev government should undertake no more shelling of its own citizens

  It was good news that at last the Kiev government and the pro Russia separatists in east Ukraine agreed a ceasefire and decided they needed to talk to each other. Reports suggest at least 2500 people have been killed so far in this civil war, and many more have been cast out of their homes […]

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