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Reassurance to all EU citizens living and working in the Wokingham constituency

I have always said to those worried that I am sure all EU citizens living and working legally in Wokingham now will be free to stay if they wish after Brexit. The UK government has always indicated that is it wish, but pointed out we need the same assurance for our citizens living on the […]

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The President of the Commission gets it right at last

Mr Juncker in his recent interview at last acknowledges that granting the right to stay and to work on the continent for all those UK citizens who currently do so is “about respecting human dignity.” He now says  “This is not about bargaining”. I have been a sustained critic of the EU’s refusal to live […]

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What should be the age to receive your State pension?

We have received a couple of reports this week discussing the age at which people should be entitled to a State pension based on their NI contributions. Current policy is to raise the age from 65 to 66 in 2020, and to 67 in 2028. As people live longer, so the cost of their pensions […]

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The events at Westminster yesterday

I send my condolences to the family members of those killed by the assailant yesterday and my best wishes for a speedy recovery to all those injured. The death of a policeman  is especially sad. It reminds us of the risks some state employees run in the course of duty, and strengthens public gratitude for their service. It […]

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The Brexit opportunity – a new fishing policy

It is time for us to consider how the UK should use its new won powers of self government once the notification has been sent that we are leaving.  The Repeal Bill should more properly be called the Great Continuity Bill, as it will simply confirm all current EU laws and policies as good UK […]

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The extreme Centre

I see Mr Blair and others are out and about complaining that the centre is not strong enough. He thinks the centre ground needs reinforcing, as he dislikes the way it is assailed by Brexiteers of all persuasions, and by the Corbyn tendency in the Labour party. He still sees new Labour as ideal, as the […]

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UK inflation lags behind US and Spain and is close to Germany’s

The countries experiencing some reasonable recovery in demand are all experiencing an upturn in inflation of a similar magnitude. Slow growth economies have also experienced a rise thanks to oil and commodity prices, but less so than the faster growing ones. Spain leads the pack with 3% inflation, followed by the US with 2.7%. The […]

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BBC and Brexit

I signed the letter about BBC coverage of Brexit which was published today. On Radio 4 there is a never ending repeat of the same tired old story that some people think Brexit will damage the economy sometime soon, whilst ignoring all the evidence that the economy has been quite unaffected by the Brexit vote […]

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Digital radios

There are a few cases  of newer technology that is not as good as older technology. I need to mention digital radio. Like everyone I was made to go out and buy replacement digital radios when they changed the old broadcasting system. The fm service seemed to get fainter as they promoted digital.  They said they […]

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Another election?

I have seen no need for another election any time soon. The Conservative party has the endorsement of the electorate from 2015 for its Manifesto for a Parliament. All the time Mrs May is happy with that Manifesto, which she supported at the time, there is no lack of mandate. The government also has a […]

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