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A new fiscal rule

A sensible boost to our economy is affordable whilst having a balanced budget rule for all current spending. Labour’s massive spending plans would plunge us into debt on a huge scale, damaging confidence and squeezing the private sector. It would lead to higher taxes for the many.

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What do free trade agreements add?

There are so many misconceptions in current debate about the nature and value of a Free Trade Agreement. The first is, you do not need a Free Trade Agreement in order to trade with other countries. The UK in the EU has no free trade agreement with either the USA or China, the two largest […]

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It’s the economy

After the bogus forecasts that the economy would plunge immediately after the referendum vote, with major job losses and house price falls, we are now told from the same sources there will be a Remain bonus if we give up on Brexit! There’s not a hint of apology for the wildly pessimistic and wrong forecasts […]

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FreeTrade Agreements cut prices

What a bizarre idea that if we gave a Free Trade agreement with the USA drug prices will go up. The whole point of an FTA is it takes tariffs and barriers off to make things cheaper. If it didn’t why would you sign it? The government has made clear it will not put the […]

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MP service to the Wokingham constituency

Along with all other MPs my job as an MP ends with the dissolution of Parliament just after midnight on 5th November. All outstanding cases will continue to be handled, and I will work on them as needed  in my new role after that date as Conservative candidate. Anyone wanting help can of course contact me […]

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Constitutional reform?

The UK has a written constitution. It is recorded in a range of documents including various Acts of Parliament, the Standing Orders of Parliament and the law. It is more flexible than countries that have a single written constitutional document that usually is difficult to amend or change. The supremacy of Parliament is such that […]

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Probate fees – a successful consultation

The government issued a Statutory Instrument to increase fees for probate considerably, based on the value of the estate being wound up. There were many objections to these proposals including my submission on behalf of constituents. The government has listened to these concerns. The Lord Chancellor has now written to me to say he has […]

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The Royal Berkshire Hospital to receive two new CT scanners

As a result of new Government funding to upgrade cancer detection technology The Royal Berkshire Hospital will receive two new CT scanners with advanced capabilities. This is most welcome news for patients and their families as early diagnosis is vital to saving lives.

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Government consults on new police powers over unauthorised encampments

The Home Secretary is consulting on giving the police new powers “to arrest and seize the property and vehicles of trespassers who set up unauthorised caravan sites”. The idea is to have something similar in our law to that used in the Republic of Ireland. The Home Secretary said “The public want their communities protected […]

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Speaker election

As this Parliament struggles its way to a premature close making a further mockery of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act it has decided on one last decision to carry its waning power into the next Parliament. It has decided to persevere with the election of a new Speaker on Monday. Whilst the new Parliament could choose a […]

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