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Charity Volunteers

I recently visited the Charity Volunteers recruitment fair in Wokingham. I met many good charities, and thanked them all for their work for our local community. It was good to see them recruiting more volunteers, explaining to them the range of roles. Every little helps. Charities need your time, your efforts or your financial support. […]

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The SNP should admit there is no single market to belong to for non EU members – the issue is access

It may suit the SNP to spin the myth that the UK can stay in the single market whilst leaving the EU, but we know that is wrong. The Single European Act which helped create the EU’s version of a more regulated and coordinated market has long since been folded into the Treaty of European […]

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A new settlement at Grazeley?

I was told the Council is considering proposing a new major development at Grazeley. This is an internal Council proposal. I understand that an early draft said I supported it. I made clear to the Council I had not offered support, and have been assured they have taken my name off it. I would be […]

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My speech to the Commons during Wednesday’s Brexit debate

Some colleagues have already said that it must be our duty now to try to knit our nation together, to put the heat and fury of the referendum campaign behind us and to see how together we can build a prosperous and successful future for the United Kingdom as the country leaves the European Union. […]

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Road and railway capacity in the Wokingham area

Reading news that the Chancellor is attracted to the idea of encouraging and part financing more road and railway infrastructure, with a range of smaller projects, I have contacted Wokingham Borough Council to alert them to this possibility and to see if they have suitable projects which could be made ready in a reasonable time. […]

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How to reduce the uncertainties of Brexit.

Yesterday in the Commons I spoke of the need to reduce the uncertainties and disagreements following the vote to leave the EU. Business is right to chide politicians to be more precise and to reduce the worries they have There are three main ways to do this. The first is to rule out the need […]

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Aviation noise

I held a meeting this week with the Secretary of State for Transport to draw his attention to the long going complaints of constituents about the changes made to flightpaths over the constituency in 2014 and the resulting increase in noise. Discussions included an agenda for lowering the noise of flights generally, where he was […]

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Protecting employees

There was general agreement in the Leave campaign that on departure from the EU all employee rights that are in EU law should be retained as good UK law. When we researched what was entailed, it became apparent that Labour and Conservative governments had pioneered rights which subsequently the EU took up, or had gone […]

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Fairer funding for Wokingham schools

The Conservative Manifesto promised fairer funding for places like Wokingham where our schools are at the bottom end of the range when it comes to per pupil sums of money to support them . I was one of the MPs who pressed this issue in the Coalition years and was pleased the party adopted it […]

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Don’t the Treasury know the referendum debate is over?

According to the Times someone in the Treasury thinks the UK could be a lot worse off outside the single or internal market. They have put some more figures into the Times that make some bits of Project Fear look quite modest. What is the point of putting out silly figures that bear no relationship […]

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