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Finding England’s voice

  The debate about the future of Scotland raises an even bigger debate – what will be the future of England? More and more people in England feel we are getting a raw deal, as the political classes concentrate on improving the offer to Scotland, and burnishing special arrangements for every part of the union […]

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Catalonia, Crimea and Scotland

  The Spanish Parliament with the support of the EU has decided that Catalonia will not get a legal referendum on whether to stay in the Spanish state or become independent. The Crimea has just had a referendum which the EU condemns as illegal, and the Ukrainian state with the support of the EU failed […]

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Official figures don’t always tell you the whole story

  Yesterday we learned that the official figures for inward migration from the EU had been understated in the last decade. An additional 356,000 arrivals have been added to the numbers for the period 2001-10, with 10,000 fewer in 2011. Apparently they undercounted children and people arriving at regional airports. It is always unfortunate when […]

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Unpicking the United Kingdom?

  I spent last year ignoring the forthcoming vote on Scotland’s future, as the opinion polls showed strong support for no change to the current position. More recently I have taken an interest, as the polls have narrowed. I  have also commented that the “Better together” campaign is a bit  negative  in some of its […]

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Wokingham Times, 3 April

Following hard on the heels of a new Wokingham Station, the Highways Agency visited us last week to start their consultation on an improved M4. I went along to talk to them. I wanted to stress the need to take more action to cut down the motorway noise which afflicts people living in Winnersh, Earley […]

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Wokingham Times, 6 March

The last few days have seen Parliament preoccupied by events in the Ukraine. Those of us fresh from telling the government to stay out of the Syrian civil war have been urging the government to avoid military commitment close to the Russian border. Ukraine is a very split and divided country. The EU encouraged rebels to overthrow […]

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Mr Redwood’s contribution to the Finance (No.2) Bill, 8 April

Mr Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): I remind the House that I offer advice for an industrial company and an investment company, although not on these subjects. I thought that the hon. Member for Birmingham, Ladywood (Shabana Mahmood) started her speech very promisingly. I admire her background, and I can think of a former great Member of […]

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Mr Redwood’s intervention during the Debate on the Justice and Home Affairs Opt-out, 7 April

Mr John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): Does the right hon. Lady not understand that if we opt back in to many of the big and serious measures we are discussing, a future Home Secretary in this House would be impotent in large areas of criminal justice? Yvette Cooper (Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford) (Lab): I must say […]

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Local views on the resignation of Mrs Miller

  Several constituents wrote to me saying that Mrs Miller should resign from the Cabinet. Other soundings I took showed this was a common view. I made sure the leadership of the Conservative party were informed of the strong feelings, as did many other MPs from their constituencies. Mrs Miller has now resigned. She did […]

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The Death of Britain?

  In 1999 I wrote a book asking this question. I hear that people are reading it again. I stand  by my conclusions then, now tested by 15 years passing.  When I wrote the summary I said “Can the UK survive devolution, European integration, reform of the Lords, slimming of the monarchy, proportional representation? Will […]

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