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Productivity in education

Teachers want a pay rise. Schools lobby for larger  budgets. Ministers have now had a second go at producing their Fairer Funding formula. This combines a higher total with a different distribution, as under the current one some schools receive small amounts and some receive up to twice as much as the lowest funded schools […]

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The Boris article

I do not see the Boris article as a leadership bid or an offside comment. It is a clear statement of the possible gains from Brexit, by a senior member of the government speaking for the government.  It is a  reminder of how we can and should be better off by implementing the decision of […]

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Productivity is an ugly sounding word from economics. Some are worried by it as they fear it means job losses, restructurings, making people work harder. Curiously enough it is a word which apparently unites the warring political parties. They all claim to want higher productivity. Some even understand that increased productivity is the key to […]

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Pound hits $1.36 -because of Brexit?

Today the pound got back to $1.36, a fraction off the pre referendum low earlier in 2016. This follows hints that the Bank might put interest rates back up to 0.5% where they were before the vote. Given the wish to blame everything on Brexit maybe we shoukd say thanks to Brexit the pound has […]

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Visit to Arborfield Mill Weir by pass project

I went to see the  works that have been carried out by the Loddon adjacent to the A 327 on the edge of Arborfield to the west. I was told that the idea of the scheme is to assist fish and wildlife and to reduce the risk of flooding to the A 327. I welcome […]

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Where is Overseas Aid when you need it?

The decision of the UK to guarantee it would spend 0.7% of its National Income every year on Overseas Aid has been contentious. Some dislike the idea of committing to spend without assessing need and capacity to spend wisely. Some dislike the way the UK is one of the few countries to honour this international […]

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Mr Redwood’s contribution to the debate on the Finance Bill, 12 September 2017

John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): I felt for the shadow Minister’s being asked to speak in this debate after many hours of toiling away on a different subject yesterday. He obviously struggled, because he produced his notes for yesterday’s debate and gave us 10 minutes or so as if we were still debating ministerial powers and […]

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The state of the European Union

Mr Juncker’s speech yesterday about the state of his Union contains few surprises. He confirms that “the Euro is meant to be the single currency of the Union as a whole” and sets out a way to make it so. He reasserts the primacy of all EU law and of the European Court of Justice. […]

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After the hurricane

I have followed up the problems facing people in the Caribbean by talking to Ministers and attending briefings. More importantly, the Foreign Secretary has arrived in the area with many more UK people and equipment to support the recovery operations. The UK sent the 16,000 tonnes Mount Bay auxiliary ship to the region with a […]

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A short reply to Lord Bridges

Lord Bridges, the Minister in the Lords who recently resigned from the Brexit Department, advises us we should offer continuing contributions to the EU for a transitional period. He tells us Brexit is very complicated. There is nothing complicated about what we are doing. We had a long debate. The public decided to leave. We […]

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