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Exam results

There may be a row in England, as there has been in Scotland, over this summer’s GCSE and A level results. The first thing to stress is the award of grades to students has nothing to do with Ministers and the government. Normally students take exams set by independent Examining bodies, advised and moderated by […]

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More money for school transport for Wokingham and West Berkshire

The government has announced a new £40 m fund to help with the costs of school transport from September for English local government. I look forward to Wokingham Borough and West Berkshire getting some benefit from this, which is in addition to extra funding for walking and cycling policies which the government recommends to pupils […]

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Letter to the Health Secretary

I would like to follow up on my questions to you concerning the search for treatments that help CV 19 patients. You rightly replied that a number were in clinical research under your Recovery Trial, as well as with the WHO’s Solidarity trial and elsewhere. It was good news that  Dexamethasone was shown to have […]

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Stopping illegal migration

As there is great support from many writing in for this, why not set out  your proposals  for the Home Secretary in your postings as she clearly shares this aim. I have raised this issue several times in the Commons, on this site and elsewhere. I have proposed a more intense police operation against people traffickers, and new UK  asylum […]

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The new Planning system

Let us welcome the idea of a simple map setting out general uses for land in each designated area of a Local Plan. Let us also agree the government needs to cut inward migration and prevent people trafficking. The government suggests 3 categories on a map. One is Growth, the second is Renewal and the […]

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Support for jobs, incomes, and businesses in Wokingham

I have received this update from the Government: Dear John, On 8 July, I set out the government’s next step towards economic recovery and securing the UK’s long-term prosperity in our Plan for Jobs. As we embark on this next phase, the latest figures demonstrate that we are continuing to support jobs, incomes, and businesses […]

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The Planning White Paper – the faults of the current system

There is much to support  in the Planning White Paper. I have long advocated a map based approach where each area designates which places are to be green space or farms, which can be developed for housing and which have general commercial use. Speedier decisions, Local Plans only one third of the current length and a […]

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Broadband provision in the Thames Valley area

I have received this update from the Government: Dear John, Thank you for your correspondence of 18 May, in which you request details of the government’s plans to improve broadband provision in the Thames Valley area. I am replying as the minister responsible for this policy area and I apologise for the delay. The government […]

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Rescuing the health sector

The last figures for UK output and incomes from the ONS take us to end May. They revealed an 18.9% drop in service activity in the 3 months to end May. Unsurprisingly  eating and drinking out and the motor trade led the falls, given the lock down impact. Less  predictably the other two sectors the ONS singled […]

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Emergency assistance grants to local Councils to help those in need

West Berkshire is receiving £103,352 and Wokingham £77,342 to make grants to people struggling with food bills and the cost of other essentials. Payments under this scheme can be made to those already  in receipt of normal social security payments, and getting help from the Covid Summer Food fund. The government is determined no-one need go hungry, […]

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