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UK law to delay our exit

The government is seeking to delay our exit until October 31 by a negative resolution Statutory Instrument. This is a law which they can make without needing Parliamentary approval first, subject only to a vote in Parliament after the event if Parliament insists on one. I have put my name to the list of those […]

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The Easter recess

My Parliamentary office will be open today and next week as usual, closing for Good Friday and Bank holiday Monday only for Easter. I will be mainly in the constituency for the two week-ends and next week, and will provide my usual 7 day a week response service to constituents with emails and urgent problems. […]

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Our local police service

Thames Valley police budget will be £420 million in 2019-20, an increase of £28.3 m or 7.3% on 2018-19. Some of this increase is needed to pay for the increased costs of police pensions. The new budget will allow increased spending to improve call handling and responses to public reports. More officers will be recruited […]

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The Fed eases policy

We are living through a world manufacturing recession. The Fed, Bank of England, Bank of China and the European Central Bank all tightened policy too much in the second half of last year. They spooked the markets and hit borrowing for investment. Several governments, led by the UK, hit their car markets hard with higher […]

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The armed forces covenant

The government has rightly signed a special covenant with armed forces personnel to look after their interests. They have no right to strike, and can be put in harms way by their government employer, so they deserve special attention and consideration. There is widespread cross party support for this approach. I have been talking to […]

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Another pointless delay

The decision to delay Brexit is a bad one. The Withdrawal Agreement is not Brexit and is not acceptable to most UK voters. The WA is a long and expensive delay leaving the UK in a very weak position.

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Doctors and surgeries

I have taken up the issue of how many GPs we have in the area and whether we need more to cope with demand for surgery appointments. The local NHS tells me that “recruitment of GPs is difficult nationally with high retirement rates, less GPs willing to take on partnership roles and many GPs now […]

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The Conservative party opposes any delay in our exit

Last night just 133 Conservative MPs supported a motion to delay our exit beyond this week. 98 of us voted against and another 77 abstained. Those unwilling to vote for the delay included 4 Cabinet Ministers and senior whips! They were given permission to miss the vote, presumably because they had no wish to vote […]

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My speech on the European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 5) Bill

edited speech Many people outside this House are losing confidence and trust in us and our proceedings. Tonight is another plunge in how they see us, because we are behaving collectively so badly. My right hon. and hon. Friends who have complained about the lack of time for debating both the Bill and the amendments […]

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Who now doubts the power of the EU?

Before the referendum pro Remain commentators and MPs delighted in telling us we were a free and independent country whilst still in the EU. They explained that the EU did not have much power over us, just a few necessary details to allow trade to take place. Since we voted to leave some of these […]

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