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The world economic slowdown

The Central Banks of the USA, Euro area, UK and China have all been slowing the economies they regulate. The US economy has done the best, as the Fed has allowed substantial credit growth in the private sector to offset some of the impact of rate rises and the reduction of Quantitative easing money and […]

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Brexit end game?

As we listen to the ticking clock we are assured by the PM the UK will leave the EU on 29 March this year. The question remains how. It sounds from the government line and the line of Mrs May’s helpers that they want to get Parliament to reconsider the Withdrawal Agreement which Remainers and […]

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Government Action on Unauthorised Encampments

The government has put out the following statement: The Government is aware of long-standing concerned raised by the public and colleagues around unauthorised encampments. These can cause settled communities significant distress and perpetuate a negative issue of the travelling community, the vast majority of whom are law-abiding citizens and amongst whom we see some of […]

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Who is running Brexit policy and what is it?

If you listen to Sir Martin Donelly, former Permanent Secretary at the Department of International Trade and friend and supporter of Ollie Robbins, senior civil servant negotiator for the UK,  the UK has to accept that the Withdrawal Agreement is as good as it gets and sign it. So we can guess there is a […]

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The Irish border

Attitudes to the Irish border sum up the differences between Leave and Remain. To Leave there is no problem. The current Irish border is a complex international border, handled with the minimum of fuss.It is a Vat, Excise and currency border. These fiscal and financial requirements are handled away from the border, mostly electronically.If there […]

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The EU talks are not going anywhere – let’s table a free trade agreement

It’s been good having three days off from Brexit on this blog. Parliament and the UK media need to remember there are many important tasks and debates we need to have about problems in our country that should not be driven out by endless and repetitious arguments about the terms and timing of our departure […]

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New homes and the changing High Street

In some parts of the country house prices are high and affordable homes for sale are in short supply. Home ownership has been falling as a percentage of all households, as more young people decide they cannot manage the deposit and the interest on the mortgage, or find they cannot borrow enough to get started […]

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More money for police and Councils

Yesterday the government presented it budgets for the police service and for local government for the 2019-20 financial year starting in April. The amount of money granted from central government goes up, as does the amount of money they are permitted to spend including local taxation. I was pleased that Wokingham Borough at last got […]

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Thames Valley Police settlement

The budget for Thames Valley Police in 2019-20 can rise from £389.7m to £422.4 m  assuming the Commissioner sets the permitted amount for local tax revenue. . This is an increase of 8.4%, which means the force will be able to recruit more officers and expand its service to residents. I welcomed the  news in the […]

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The EU/UK volte face on diesels

EU/UK policy of many years was to encourage the diesel car as part of the solution to excess CO2 . Diesels are more fuel efficient so less CO2 is generated per mile travelled than a petrol vehicle. The UK was particularly keen on this policy, and successful at attracting substantial new investment in diesel car […]

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