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The Minister’s response to my contribution to the consultation on the Aviation Strategy Green Paper and my comments on aircraft noise.

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Proposed move of Wokingham Post Office

Last week I was made aware that WHSmith was advertising for jobs for the proposed move of Wokingham Post Office to their premises.  This was despite the fact that the consultation is still underway and that I, along with three Wokingham Borough councillors are meeting with the Post Office Network and Sale Director on 22 […]

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The shackles of the single market and customs union

Being the UK’s Single Market Minister during an intense period of EU legislating when they said they were “completing”the single market turned me from a mild sceptic to a strong critic of the undemocratic approach of the EU. It was quite clear watching and listening to the EU officials during that period that their aim […]

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Freer trade worldwide

The UK stands on the threshold of being able to lead the movement for freer trade worldwide. If we leave the EU in March we can pioneer new trade deals around the globe. Japan and others would like us to join the TPP, a vast free trade area in fast growing Asia. Australia and New […]

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The Remain Parliament tries again to stop Brexit

This week the same MPs who look down on Leave supporters and want to dilute or defeat the decision of UK voters to exit the EU were repeating the same tired lies of Project Fear. This was the case put to voters which lost the referendum. They seem to think that all we “stupid” Leave […]

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Pound rises against Euro

For all those who like to explain movements of the pound on the basis of Brexit news, they should be saying today the pound rose because Parliament voted to keep no deal on the table. The pound is stronger now than before the vote. As regular readers will know, I think the pound’s movements are […]

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Paying for a degree

The topic of student loans and student debt is back on the agenda. There is wide dissatisfaction with the current system. Students worry that they are asked to pay too much and borrow too much. Universities worry that some course fees do not cover the costs of providing a good education. The public debate worries […]

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Inflation, money policy and wages

Yesterday came the expected good news that headline inflation is below the 2% target. Core inflation has been below target since June 2018. Meanwhile wage growth is around 3%, so real wages are now rising. People can look forward to having more to spend as their pay goes up. The Bank of England has been […]

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More new shops for Wokingham centre

I was pleased to hear the news that Cook, The Blue Orchid Bakery and Tearoom, the record and music shop Beyond the download, Sit and Sip a craft beer company and the leafy Elephant gin bar are all signing up for the new central Wokingham development. They are all very welcome and will add variety […]

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The Bank of England forecasts a modestly faster rate of growth for 2021-22

The latest Inflation Report from the Bank expects Uk growth to improve in the second half of its three year forecast period from now, reaching a bit above 2% after a period at lower levels. The Bank thinks supply and demand is currently in balance in the Uk economy, that it will slow a bit […]

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