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Helping sub postmasters

When the Post Office introduced a new computer system for its sub post offices there was a sudden rash of cases of accounting difficulties, with more cases of alleged false accounting. This resulted in difficulties for some postmasters and their businesses. Many have said that the system was at fault, or the training and explanation […]

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What are the threats to the UK?

The UK today faces just two formal threats from other states to the integrity of places we protect. Argentina refuses to lift her claim to the Falkland islands, despite losing a war following an illegal invasion, and despite the overwhelming wish of the islanders to stay with us. Spain lodges a claim to Gibraltar for […]

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Christmas message

This Christmas we will hear more of the extraordinary events 100 years ago. In the midst of the most merciless and death soaked war the world has ever witnessed, the soldiers of the UK and Germany in various places along the front organised informal truces. They sang carols for themselves and for each other. They […]

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Redefining the UK’s strategic interests

I wish to write some pieces over the next few weeks on the future of the UK’s foreign policy and alliances. I do so because the future of our relationship with the emerging integrated state of Euroland is up for reconsideration in the General Election, and because many people in the UK are now tired […]

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New homes bonus for Wokingham and West Berkshire

Settled communities are often understandably apprehensive about too much new development. One of the reasons is the fear that the arrival of new homes places strains on schools, surgeries, roadspace and public transport. These facilities need to be improved and expanded if new homes are going to be built. In part recognition of this the […]

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The EU and Russia

I am no apologist for Russia. I do not support illegal invasions nor fuelling civil wars in third countries. Russia has not behaved well in Ukraine. That does not make me a fan of the EU’s approach either. It takes two to make a conflict. The EU has helped destabilise Ukraine by its approach to […]

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Any Questions?

I will be on the panel of BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions this evening at 8pm. It will be repeated just after the 1pm news tomorrow lunch time, for anyone interested.

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Local NHS gets big cash boost

The government announced the money for our local NHS yesterday for next year. Wokingham CCG received an increase of 7.29%, taking the total available for local health services to £160 million. The Thames Valley as a whole got an increase of 6.6%, taking the total to £2195 million. These are large sums of money which […]

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All the main parties believe in equality of opportunity. There are various policies pursued to try to give people from disadvantaged backgrounds a decent chance in life. There is no disagreement about the aim. All the main parties also agree that the tax and benefit system should narrow inequalities of outturn. All believe in taxing […]

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The Borough’s carol concert

On Sunday the local primary school singers and the Berkshire Maestros put on a great performance of carols and Christmas music. We were thrilled with the sleigh ride, challenged by the Christmas medley, had to concentrate on our round singing and enjoyed joining in with some the best know carols from the hymn books. I […]

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