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Who am I?

The EU is helping create a crisis of identity through Europe. The Europe of nations answered the question of “Who am I?” by each person accepting they were Spanish or British or French or German, based on where they were born and where they lived. Most of us were born into the country where we […]

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Splitting up is never easy

It is a strange feeling to see and hear people arguing about whether to split up our country or not. It is even stranger to know I do not have a vote over whether the UK survives or perishes. I am told by all the wise commentators that as an English Conservative my view is […]

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Wokingham Times, 17 April

I was pleased the Borough Council withdrew the original plans for Wokingham Town Centre and Elms Field. They consulted widely, and there were worries expressed about the amount of development and the extent of change planned for Elms Field in particular. They need to alter them in the light of public views, which is what […]

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The Ukrainian government decides to parade its weakness

The fabled fight back against “terrorists” ground to a halt amidst popular peaceful protest yesterday. Armoured vehicles had to stop and some were “captured” by unarmed civilians who disagreed with the Kiev government. Flying fast military jets overhead is a not a great way to win back the trust and support of the population. At […]

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Loads of jobs

Yesterday’s unemployment figures were great news. 1.5 million additional private sector jobs have been created since the 2010 General Election. Unemployment is now down to 6.9%. More young people and people who have been out of work for a long time have found jobs. The majority of the jobs are full time. In my constituency […]

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Unemployment falls again in Wokingham

Today produced great news. Unemployment in Wokingham is now down to just 1% of the working age population. There are 330 fewer people out of work than a year ago, and just 550 left without a job. I wish them every success in finding something soon, in a local economy that feels much stronger and […]

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Enterprising Wokingham

On Friday 11th April I gave out certificates to a group of energetic and enterprising people in Wokingham Town Hall. They had just completed a 12 week course, providing them with practical training to run their own businesses. Last Friday they each presented their business idea to a Dragon’s Den, pitching for some financial assistance […]

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Weak, weak, weak – Ukraine and the West

                The unelected President of the Ukraine is not in control of the country he took over with his supporters. He looks weak because he is weak. He is unable to govern the east of his country. He threatens strong action to evict  armed people taking over police buildings and other parts of the administration in […]

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The Treasury’s dynamic model of tax revenues still gets it wrong

The Chancellor believes in the Laffer curve. He accepts that when a tax gets to a certain level, if you raise the rate further you will suffer a loss of revenue, not a gain. He has been trying to get the Treasury to include this effect in their models, as  they have now conceded that […]

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Anyone for more rigorous exams?

  This item about exam reform has been sent out by Michael Gove. I would be interested in your views on it: …..”The last Government utterly failed to provide an exams system that was fit for purpose. Exams were so afflicted by grade inflation and dumbing down that, even though official results soared, our performance […]

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