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Negotiating our way out of the EU?

In the muddle of the tv debate on Tuesday there were three positions advanced on how to get out of the EU, and effectively three positions on when to get out. Mr Stewart argued that Parliament had to pass the Withdrawal treaty it has thrice rejected. That looks very unlikely. In default of that he invented all […]

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Then there were five

The elimination of only one  contender drags out the contest a bit longer. The contest anyway has become  a race for second place, to see who would be best to go up against Boris in the  lengthier phase of the contest appealing to the members in the country. I think a Johnson/Hunt contest would be […]

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Brexit, populism and the future of the EU – new talk at Politeia, 2 July

The Foreign Press event about my book “We don’t believe you” may not allow the public tickets we now learn. I will keep you posted if the press relents over wider public access to the event on  24 June Owing to strong demand I have arranged a new  presentation and event with Politeia for 2 […]

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More money for West Berkshire and Wokingham schools?

One of the good things to come out of the Conservative leadership election is a willingness to talk about the obvious need for more money for schools. I have pressed the case with the main leadership contenders, who seem ready to relax the budgets a bit. Rory Stewart has not tried to talk to me or […]

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The Fed rethinks – what about the Bank of England

The Fed realised late last year it was raising rates too much and tightening the money supply too severely. It backed off and announced a re think. It is currently working its way through how it can change its approach and make it friendlier to economic growth. The Bank of England needs to do the […]

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Flood risks

The Environment Agency have contacted me to say they are keeping the Emm, Loddon and other water courses under careful review for flood risk. From time to time they issue flood alerts which they tell me are available on the Environment Agency pages of the website.

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Speech at 40th anniversary conference on Margaret Thatcher

I spoke on Saturday at the Anniversary Conference at the Thatcher Centre, Somerville College Oxford. I spoke about wider ownership policies, about the poor economic background to the start of her premierships and about the impact difference on European policy had on her period in office. I am asking for a copy of the video […]

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Carbon dioxide levels keep rising

The more the UK cuts emissions of O2 the more the rest of the world increases them. Someone sent me the 2018 latest figures from the BP Energy Review. Since 2010 world CO2 emissions are up 9% whilst the UK has been cutting. Last year there was a 2% global rise, with only the UK […]

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A parallel currency?

The Economic Adviser to the Lega party, the larger of the two governing coalition partners in  Italy, has come up with a scheme for mini BOTs or low denomination Treasury Bills. The Italian Parliament recently passed a motion in favour, though this is not binding and the Treasury is not yet printing and issuing  these […]

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Briefing on the development of populist politics in the EU on 24 June

On 24 June I will be briefing the foreign correspondents interested in populist politics at the Brand Exchange 3 Birchin Lane EC3 at 2pm I will talk about the success of  populist parties in the EU and the last European election, look at what they want and how they are developing their power and influence, […]

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