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Enterprise for everyone

Time was when your late or cancelled train, your high energy bill, your rationed water or your delayed phone line was the direct result of nationalised industries. Privatisation especially when it involved competition offered more choice, better quality and lower prices. After privatisation electricity and gas prices fell in the early years of the policy. […]

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Fairer funding for schools

I hear someone is saying on social media I was not involved in the Wokingham schools fairer funding campaign. As MP in the last two Parliaments I joined in the Parliamentary fairer funding campaign, lobbying Ministers in meetings and in debates and other exchanges. I was and am committed to the need for fairer funding […]

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Why more nationalisation is a bad idea

I was asked to explain why I do not favour nationalising the railways, the Post Office, the water industry and the energy utilities yesterday on the radio.It was a trip down Memory Lane to the arguments of the last century, when Labour made the case for continued or more nationalisation despite all the evidence of […]

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Real incomes and taxes

There has been a squeeze on real incomes in most of the advanced world this year. Inflation has risen to higher levels in The USA and Spain than in the Uk and almost the same as the UK in Germany. The two main causes have been the higher oil price affecting motor fuels and domestic […]

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Spreading prosperity more widely in the UK

One of the central themes of the Conservative Manifesto is to promote growth and prosperity more widely around the UK. This is an aim I strongly support. This week the ONS brought out some figures to remind us just how much needs to be done to generate more income and wealth in large parts of […]

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This election and Brexit

I have spoken to various Remain voters so far during this election. Many say to me they accept the result of the vote and just want the government to get on and do the best deal they can. Some tell me they voted Remain because they did worry about the possible economic consequences, and they […]

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Forecasting and the unknowns

Today I am publishing another piece with no reference to the UK or the election. I will resume normal posts tomorrow when national campaigning starts again. Events, dear boy, events. Policy makers, governments and companies need to forecast the future as they shape their policies and decide what to do to serve their citizens or […]

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Wokingham election meeting with all candidates

This meeting scheduled for this evening at the Forest School has been cancelled by the organisers following the tragic events in Manchester and the decision of the main parties to suspend election activity. Published and promoted by Fraser Mc Farland on behalf of John Redwood, both at 30 Rose Street Wokingham RG40 1XU

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India and China will help the world economy this year

There will be no campaigning today in the General election. Parties wish to respect the memory of those killed so cruelly in Manchester. I provide a blog today about an unrelated subject. Between them India and China account for almost two fifths of the world population. Both have in recent years been growing quickly. China […]

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Manchester bombing

I send my condolences to the families of those who died in the explosion, and my wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured. This is reported as a senseless and cruel act of terrorism, attacking families just having a good time on a special evening of entertainment. Such evil violence wrecks the lives of […]

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