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Some residents are asking if the Council can put in the facilities needed before allowing more new homes to be built. They are right to expect that school places will be available when new children need them. That is why three new primaries were placed in Wokingham for this academic year, in advance of many […]

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English votes for English needs – EVEN

We are fast approaching a statement from Mr Hague on how the government, and the Conservatives, will carry forward the work on English votes. I have long argued we should not be plotting evil – English votes for English laws – but English votes for English issues. Why not adopt the cross party word of […]

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Wokingham to receive an extra £3.4 million in new homes bonus next year

The government has confirmed to me additional money of £3,426,328 for Wokingham Borough in 2015-16. This money is to assist the Council with the additional costs coming from new homes, and as a reward for identifying sites for them.

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You can spend and borrow too much

The Greek government is discovering quickly how imprisoned they are by all the accumulated debts and the Euro they inherit. Being part of the iron discipline of the Eurozone makes things worse. Argentina, Venezuela and others show that whilst having you own currency can help  with devaluation  staving off disaster for longer, you can also […]

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Maiden Place Post Office to open on March 11th

I am pleased to report that following discussions between myself, the Conservative Council, the public and the Post Office, there is now firm agreement to open a new Post Office at Maiden Place on March 11th. There will be longer opening hours, with the Post Office alongside the rest of the shop (Petfayre). I reproduce […]

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The EU doesn’t like democracy very much

I read that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker believes there’s no question of writing down Greek debt. The other Eurozone countries will not agree to that.He reasons that there can be no democratic choice against the European treaties. One cannot exit the euro without leaving the EU. These brutal statements do at least have the […]

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Subsidies for windfarms

Last week my Conservative Parliamentary colleague Andrew Bridgen tabled a 10 Minute Rule Bill to abolish subsidies for future windfarms. I supported him. We won the vote 59-57 in favour of the abolition. Ten Minute rule bills do not usually become Acts of Parliament. They are backbench initiatives. Government does not make time available to […]

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M4 noise reduction

I have now had an answer from government to my requests for better noise reduction measures on the M4 to protect constituents close to the motorway. I have been seeking noise reducing surface materials when the motorway is resurfaced, and more sound barrier.   “DEFRA identified seven important areas (noise hot spots) between junction 10 […]

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Greece versus Germany

Greece and Germany have two different visions of their shared currency zone and common government. Greece, the debtor, claims that Germany must write off substantial sums which Greece owes her. In the name of solidarity within the zone, the rich country should come to the financial aid of the poorer country. In the name of […]

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New Arborfield secondary school

The government has agreed finance for the new Arborfield secondary school as part of the second Thames Valley Growth deal. Money will also be made available for additional superfast broadband provision, and for extra projects to assist in teaching science and technology based courses. I have worked with the Minister, Greg Clark who handles the […]

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