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What is the best way to raise your living standards? It is usually to work some overtime or get a promotion so you are paid more. What is the best way to get a better job? It is usually to start off in whatever job you can get and work your way up. It may […]

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The paradox of democracy in the UK

  Let me return like a moth to the flame to the question of UKIP. I get plenty of criticism on this site for fighting the good fight against the use and extension  of EU power on the simple ground that I do not join UKIP, who happen to agree with some of my views. […]

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Fairer funding for Wokingham and West Berks schools

  Following requests from MPs that the government offer fairer funding to schools around the country, the government has now completed its review. It agrees that our local schools were getting less than a fair share. As a result, Wokingham Borough schools will in future receive £700,000 a year more, and West Berkshire schools £400,000. […]

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What roads policy would you like?

  Starting today I am producing a series of pieces which invites bloggers to send in  their ideas on what should be on offer in a Manifesto for May 2015 in various areas. Let us begin with roads. The Labour years saw little roadbuilding, followed by substantial further cuts in capital as their response to […]

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Who governs England?

  Assuming Scotland votes to stay in our union this September, we will find devolution back on the agenda soon afterwards. All three main parties have promised more powers for Scotland. All three will I am sure wish to honour that pledge. This time it will not be possible to duck the issue of who […]

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Burghfield Park – development proposals

  Yesterday I attended the consultation for new homes proposed  to be built close to  the sailing lake in Burghfield by Floodline Developments. They explained that their plan allows for more water retention in the lake to alleviate possible floods nearby, with engineering works paid for out of the development gains. Some of the waterside homes […]

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Taxing oil and gas

  UK consumers pay dearly for their fuel, mainly thanks to the very high rates of tax on petrol and diesel, and substantial tax on domestic fuels through company tax and VAT  as well.  In the debate on Scotland’s future the issue of oil and gas tax revenue is more narrowly focused on Petroleum Revenue […]

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Arborfield housing development

  I have received the draft masterplan for the Hogwood Garden Village development, which  proposes 1500 new homes. Constituents are invited by the developer to put their views to, or send them to Hogwood Farm, Sheerlands Road, RG40 4GY. There will also be opportunity to send in comments to the planning authority, Wokingham Borough […]

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Scotland, the Union and the UK economy

  I am often asked how bad would a Scottish exit be for the UK economy? I reply by stating that I would like Scotland to stay in the union. It is important it is their choice, and even more important that they then unite behind the democratic decision they are about to make, whichever way […]

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Assisted dying Bill

  Today the Lords will debate this private members bill. There is as yet no date or opportunity for this to be debated in the Commons. The Bill will only come to us for debate and decision should it pass all stages in the Lords, which is likely to be difficult given the strong forces […]

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