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The state of the UK economy

Let me quote something I agree with: Since the crash of 2008-9 “The proportion of people in work moved to its highest level on record, nominal wages are up 17%, real GDP is up 15% and the UK has consistently been one of the strongest economies in the G7. All major income groups have seen […]

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Flood Insurance Scheme for Commercial Premises and Let Properties at Risk of Flooding

After discussions with the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association has announced a flood cover scheme for commercial premises and let properties at risk of flooding. Many small and medium businesses in flood risk areas have had difficulty in obtaining cover and this scheme may help to provide a […]

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The Supreme Court and the High Court of Parliament

In the very week that the Supreme Court solemnly considers a case about whether Parliament should debate and vote on an Article 5o letter or not, Parliament holds a debate and a vote on just that topic. I have explained endlessly to those interested that Parliament can any time debate and discuss Brexit. Indeed, it […]

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Getting help against the floods

I have regular review meetings on our resilience against flood waters, as we live in a low lying area with plenty now built on flood plain. I meet the Environment Agency and keep i n touch with the two local Councils who have the lead responsibility. Last week I attended a meeting with the Secretary […]

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Representing Remain

I take seriously the need to bring the country back together after the Brexit vote. I have spent much of the last five months seeking to look after the interests of Remain voters. I took seriously their fears about possible economic damage from the vote. The Remain campaign concentrated on setting out the possible short […]

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The wider message

Quite often contributors write in asking why I don’t publish my views more widely, or even suggesting this site is a way of keeping things unpublished! I always explain that this site is designed to publish the views for those interested, including the media. This week has seen me write different articles on the general […]

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That Treaty deficit – Maastricht and austerity

This week I have written a bit about the severe austerity policies followed in parts of the Eurozone, and pointed out the impact these have had directly and indirectly on UK policy. The results were obviously at their most damaging when we were in the Exchange Rate Mechanism and had to hike interest rates at […]

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Visit of Floods Minister

On Friday night Therese Coffey, the Parliamentary Undersecretary of State at the Environment Department responsible for flood protection, was the guest at the Wokingham annual Conservative dinner. Whilst it was mainly an enjoyable occasion, I was able to remind her that there is outstanding business for the Environment Agency to help improve Wokingham’s flood resilience. […]

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Wokingham’s Living Advent calendar

Yesterday I went to the Living Advent Calendar event at Martins. A good crowd turned out to hear the music and singing, with mulled wine and mince pies provided by the hosts. I would like to thank all involved in laying on this series of events in the run up to Christmas.

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Membership of the EU has damaged our economy and undermined the reputation of many economists

European Union membership has done considerable damage to the UK economy and to the reputations of the many economists who have slavishly recommended its economic ways. It has directly caused a major recession in the early 1990s in the UK, thanks to its European Exchange Rate Mechanism scheme. It aided and abetted the banking crash […]

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