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The NHS is not a great election issue for Labour

  Labour’s lack of ambition in going for a core vote 35% strategy is matched by the dangers of making the NHS the centrepiece of that approach. So far the more they mention the NHS the more their vote stays in the low 30s. The first idiocy of it is the General Election in 2015 […]

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Mr Barroso tries to defend the indefensible

Mr Barroso says more UK politicians should speak out for UK’s  membership of the EU. They do not, because our current membership undermines  our democracy and damages  our economy. The EU burdens us with heavy costs, a high tax bill and dear energy. It is left to an  EU official  to lecture us on why we should […]

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Owen Paterson’s global warming speech

I read Owen’s speech and attended the dinner to discuss how we should carry work forward on new measures to give us cheaper energy in the UK. He made some important points in his remarks. He did not doubt the science of greenhouse gases, but did ask why climate models have failed to predict recent […]

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Consultation on nuclear work at Burghfield and Aldermaston

The Defence Ministry has written to me to confirm that the Atomic Weapons sites at Aldermaston and Burghfield remain on the list of possible sites  to undertake work in connection with dismantling retired  nuclear submarines. They are now consulting widely to decide which is the best site of the five on the shortlist. They will assess […]

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To QE or not to QE? That is the question

  Readers have asked me to update them on the debates about QE. The UK is not adding to its stock of £375 bn of created money and bond purchase. The US is just about to end its latest programme of money creation. Japan is well advanced with another very large programme and is likely […]

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A vote on the EU

Yesterday I attended the debate and vote on the EU referendum bill. The bill was the same as the one which we put through the Commons in the previous session, only to see it blocked by the Lords and by Labour and Liberal Democrats who do not n wish the public to have a say on […]

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Mr Obama struggles to find a Middle East policy which can work

This week one of my Parliamentary colleagues in a private meeting (not the NTB lunch!) summarised the problems with Mr Obama’s coalition in such scathing terms that quite a few MPs present just laughed in nervous agreement and changed the topic with the Minister present. Many of the MPs who would normally agree with the […]

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Polling on English votes

In an April survey on the “Future of England”  (You Gov, sampled English voters)  62% wanted English votes for English issues, with only 12% against. ( 5 to 1) 42% of voters also favoured giving control of the majority of taxes raised in Scotland to the Scottish Parliament, with 25% against. Many people in England […]

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Ufton Nervet

I was sad to learn of another  serious accident at the Ufton Nervet rail crossing. I will chase up the authorities again to see why there has been delay in putting in the bridge they promised, or providing some other improvement to avoid further disasters.  

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NTB lunch with the Prime Minister

I chair the NTB group of about 100 Conservative MPs. Formed in the 1980s to support  Margaret Thatcher and her  famous statement “The Lady’s not for turning”, the Group has evolved over the decades to offer frank advice to Ministers and Shadow Ministers in private, and to work together from time to time in public […]

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