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The magic of Shakespeare – and a voice for England

All my life as a writer I have been in awe of Shakespeare’s way with words. All human life is contained therein. His timeless messages and understanding transcends the minutely observed circumstances and daily items of his own age, as they leap out of the page. For anyone interested in politics the perceptions of Macbeth […]

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Happy St George’s Day

John of Gaunt’s famous speech in Shakespeare’s play is one of the most famous eulogies to England. Its tearful ending refers to the damage done to England by the civil wars. Today the troubling issue is England’s relationship with the EU. “This royal throne of kings, this scepter’d isle, This earth of majesty, this seat […]

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The CBI is unwise to meddle with the politics of identity and belonging

I welcome free speech in our democracy. I strongly disagree with the CBI’s stance on the EU, but I do not challenge their right to hold it. I would suggest thye pause and reconsider their enthusiasm for imntervening in debates about identity and belonging, as they can now appraise the results of their current camapign […]

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Happy birthday to In Toto kitchens, who celebrated their ten years in business locally last week-end. I visited them in their Peach Street shopand saw a good display of new kitchen items.

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Good Friday

On Friday I enjoyed a home made hot cross bun and the warm welcome given to me at Norreys Church, followed by the service. We then walked to the Market Place where we witnessed an energetic and interesting drama based around the death of Jesus Christ. I wish to thank all involved in organising and […]

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Is the UK a Christian country?

I am asking you, my readers, to help answer this question of our times. I think the Prime Minister meant when he said we are a Christian country that we have a Christian past when Christianity was the religion of the many. We still have an established Christian Church in England. Our constitution includes Bishops […]

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Leading Anglicans, religion and social policy

They used to say the Anglican Church was the Conservative party at prayer.It was true that in the 1970s and 1980s a lot of Conservative members could be found at morning service on a Sunday. It was not true even then that the vicars preached on Conservative lines. Eye of the needle sermons were more […]

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Who speaks for England?

I recently tabled a question asking the government “Who speaks for England?” At least I thought I had. Then just as Parliament broke for the Easter recess my written question found its way back to my office. The Table Office had decided it was a question that could not be asked. Before you all fly […]

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Who am I?

The EU is helping create a crisis of identity through Europe. The Europe of nations answered the question of “Who am I?” by each person accepting they were Spanish or British or French or German, based on where they were born and where they lived. Most of us were born into the country where we […]

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Splitting up is never easy

It is a strange feeling to see and hear people arguing about whether to split up our country or not. It is even stranger to know I do not have a vote over whether the UK survives or perishes. I am told by all the wise commentators that as an English Conservative my view is […]

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