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Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn yesterday swept to victory again in the Labour leadership election. He strengthened his hold on his party and made the rebel MPs look both foolish and factious. UK democracy needs a strong opposition to challenge government when it is wrong and to unify in the national interest when that is right. Given the […]

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The Syrian war

Why has the west failed to resolve the Syrian crisis? I am no apologist or supporter of the Russian actions, but it is clear today that Russia has placed herself in a much stronger position than the USA to influence and shape events in that worn torn and distressed country. The main reason is the […]

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The state of the Union

Mr Juncker’s State of the Union address this year was downbeat and worried. He said the Union needs a vision. He offered to supply one drawn up by the Commission. It will only be available next spring. The urgency of his words about the need to pull the union together does not seem matched by […]

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How much longer are we going to help pay for the EU?

Since April the UK state has borrowed another £33.8bn. We sent £3.6bn of this as net contribution to the EU, an increase of 8% on the amount we sent them for the same time period in 2015. It is time we sent them the letter,repealed the Act and cancelled the subscription. It is the easiest […]

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The Bank of England’s forecasts

The Governor mainly seeks to forecast the Bank’s future actions on interest rates. He decided as Governor that his unique contribution to the role would be public forward guidance of what the Monetary Policy Committee might do, so we would have a better understanding of what might happen next. We were told we would have […]

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More homes in Wokingham and construction problems

As I drive around the constituency visiting people and looking at problems on the ground I have seen the rapid quickening of the pace of development this year. In the first quarter of 2016 118 new homes were started in the constituency. In the second quarter this leapt to 222, around four times the national […]

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The Autumn Statement

We now know the Autumn Statement will come in late November. It will bring us new forecasts from the OBR of how the UK economy may pan out for the last couple of months of 2016 and throughout 2017. These forecasts will have a substantial impact on how much money the estimators think the government […]

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Police matters

I held a meeting recently with the Thames Valley Police Commissioner. We agreed that fraud and cybercrime are worrying areas of criminal activity that would repay more enforcement action. We also agreed that the Thames Valley still gets a relatively low settlement per capita compared to other police forces around the country, which we will […]

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Should the government drop its H es? Heathrow, Hinkley and HS2.

Yesterday the Sun on Sunday published an article from me on this topic. I reproduce the blog on it I wrote before the Sun was involved but delayed publishing owing to their interest. This is similar to the article they printed. I expect the new government to want to increase capital investment throughout the economy. […]

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Wokingham’s CAB

On Friday I attended the CAB event which followed their AGM in St Paul’s Parish rooms. I talked to the Chief Executive and some of the volunteers who provide such good help and assistance to those in need in our community. Over the last year the biggest demand has been for help with benefits and […]

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