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The politics of identity shakes the European continent

The Catalan crisis is deepening. The Catalan nationalists tried to engage the Spanish state in talks after their illegal referendum showed a strong vote for independence with other voters absenting themselves. Instead of offering them a legal way forward, the Spanish state proposes to  double up on its unpleasant  behaviour when they sent in the national police […]

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Simple negotiating

I am glad the government is going full ahead with showing how the WTO option can work for the UK, and will do what it takes to make sure we trade and do business after March 2019 if there is no deal. That is a sensible contingency plan, as well as a good negotiating strategy. […]

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Earley news and Wokingham Town Centre

I was out with Councillors in Earley today listening to  views on the doorsteps. The main local issue remains traffic and congestion. I am pursuing this with the Council who remain determined to improve the local road system, increase capacity on main roads, put in by passes and provide alternatives to cars where these are […]

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Taxing the generations

The last Conservative Manifesto suggested that elderly people should have to pay more for their social care at home, to match the way they have to pay for residential care from the proceeds of selling their house. This was an unpopular proposal which has been abandoned as I understand the government’s position. It was an […]

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Visit to Keep Mobile

I met Wokingham Keep Mobile today and was taken to see their office and bus depot. I would like to thank all the volunteers and donors for the work they do. They ensure elderly and others in need of help can get to surgery appointments, to the hospital, to Day Centres and to the shops […]

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Why the WTO option works fine – the government is working up the WTO Option

There is no cliff edge. We can trade with the rest of the EU as we trade today with the rest of the world under the WTO umbrella we share with the EU. A deal to provide tariff free trade after we left would be better but it is not essential and cannot be guaranteed. […]

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Social care and the NHS

Social care largely delivered by Councils with the help of a range of contractors and service suppliers needs to work smoothly alongside the NHS. Councils have a vital role to play in helping reduce the burden on NHS hospitals. It is too easy to place elderly and infirm individuals into hospital where they should be […]

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Bank of England tightening continues

In February the  Bank of England’s Term Funding Scheme for commercial banks runs out. This may well curb credit further. The latest survey  shows Bank action to reduce consumer borrowing is having an impact with commercial banks beginning to rein in offers of new credit. There is also a fall in new buyer enquiries for homes […]

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Was this the undercurrent conversation at the EU dinner?

Prime Minister It is a pleasure to be here with you today for dinner. I come to renew my friendly proposals about our future relationship. The UK wants a comprehensive and deep partnership with the EU. We will offer you tariff free access to our market with no new barriers. We will continue our substantial […]

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Revisions to international investment figures

The ONS published its latest balance of payments data on 29 September. This included a final table which showed that the ONS have revised their view of how much UK investment abroad is worth relative to how much overseas investors have invested in the UK. Some have now suggested these figures show the UK has “lost” […]

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