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Getting our money back

Margaret Thatcher understood the UK had a bad deal out of our EEC/EU membership. At a time when she was battling to get the public finances under control and to get value for money for UK taxpayers, she naturally expected the same of our EU contributions and budgets. She judged the public mood well. Why […]

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Negotiating with the EU

The only past UK Prime Minister to have conducted a successful UK negotiation with the EU was Margaret Thatcher. I wish the current PM every success in pursuing a Free Trade Deal and a full assertion of UK powers over borders, trade, money and laws. All the other PMs failed to stand up to Brussels […]

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My contribution to the debate on the Internal Market Bill, 16 September 2020

Sir John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): I rise to support clauses 46 and 47 and to disagree with the Opposition amendments. It is a great pity that the SNP wishes to turn every debate in this House into a debate on independence when they lost the referendum, because, as a great democrat, I have only ever […]

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Growing more at home

One of the big wins from current changes should be more home grown food. There is a big opportunity for farmers as we leave the EU and as people respond to environmental and pandemic concerns. I was therefore heartened to read of the large investment in glasshouse capacity in Norfolk and Suffolk. The combined investment […]

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The public sector and derivatives

I have highlighted before Network Rail’s use of derivatives. In their last annual accounts to end March 2020 they report progress with winding down foreign currency futures, as they gradually eliminate the foreign currency borrowings previous managements had taken out. They still had in place£12.5bn of hedges, mainly for interest rates. At year end the […]

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Saving lives and livelihoods – the policy dilemma

The government is accused of mixed messages and shifts of policy in response to the pandemic. It is in practice trying to achieve a precarious balance between bearing down on the virus and allowing the resumption of more normal economic life. There are now two strong camps in the nation. There are the freedom lovers […]

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Some progress with treatments for CV 19

I reproduce below my recent question pressing for more results on use of drugs for CV 19 Question: To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what the most recent results are of trials of existing approved medicines as potential treatments for covid-19. (81471) Tabled on: 28 August 2020 Answer: Jo Churchill: […]

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The government’s legal statement

Some constituents have asked about the legal base for the legislation Parliament will consider next week. This is it: HMG LEGAL POSITION: UKIM BILL AND NORTHERN IRELAND PROTOCOL This is the Government’s legal position on the UK Internal Market Bill (“the Bill”) which was introduced on 9 September. The purpose of the Bill is to […]

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We voted for Brexit to take back control. Brexit voters wish to live in a free self governing independent country. Remain politicians thought the vote should be about trade. They wrongly asserted we would definitely be better off in and thought that was all that mattered. I have always thought sovereignty mattered more. I also […]

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My speech during the debate on the Awarding of Qualifications: Role of Ministers, 9 September 2020

Sir John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): Having listened to the exchanges and read some of the documents before the debate, I am satisfied that the Secretary of State asked Ofqual to deliver the right answers. It is disappointing that its algorithm did not work and it was right that it had to be changed. Once the decision had […]

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