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The work of an MP – as local advocate

One of the important parts of an MP’s job is to act as advocate for his or her local area to government. It may necessary to take up financial issues like the level of Council grant or access to government programmes. It may require lobbying for some change in rules or regulation that are impeding […]

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Seats and votes – the two main parties start to rise

The last General election brought a new low for the combined vote of the Conservative and Labour parties. It was no wipe out or complete meltdown, Euro style, but it left the two sharing just 65% of the total vote. The remaining 35% of the vote meant 57 Lib Dem MPs and 28 others, mainly […]

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The work of an MP – running the complaints department

  The biggest category of incoming emails from constituents other than lobby based campaign emails concerns poor performance by various parts of the public sector. The MP is the person individuals turn to if their benefit is wrongly calculated, if their tax demand is too high, if their passport or visa is causing problems  and if […]

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The cost of living

The UK used to have a bad inflation problem. UK politics in the 1970s and early 1980s was fought over rises in the cost of living and which party had the best way of  controlling it. Mr Miliband wanted to take his party on a trip down Memory lane, by making a central issue out […]

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The work of an MP – helping shape national policy and the national debate

Parliament is first and foremost the greatest official platform in the country to advance a good cause and to condemn a bad one. Parliament on good days leads the national debate and figures strongly in the national news. On a bad day Parliament may still be in the news for the wrong reasons. Each MP […]

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Euro 2 billion to help Greece

  The EU came to Greece’s aid, with Euro 2bn to ease the Greek “humanitarian crisis”. It’s all part of their “too little, too late” strategy towards the Euro. Forcing Greece into the Euro prematurely was a mistake by Greece and the other members. Offering the new government 2bn Euros of charity is not going to […]

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More trains on Great Western

I have received the following letter from the Transport Secretary about improvements now planned for Great Western train services, summarising the arrangements for the new train franchise following consultation and negotiation; 23rd March 2015 we are grateful to all those who took part. A summary of the responses received, and how they have been incorporated […]

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Buying a home

  I was pleased to read in the week-end press that the Conservative Manifesto is likely to include a better right to buy offer for people renting from Housing Associations. We have been talking about this for sometime in  the Parliamentary party with Ministers. I am also pleased that the more radical idea of gifting […]

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The work of an MP – meeting Ministers

At this time of heightened interest in the work of MPs I thought it might be helpful to write a few pieces on what an MP can do, and how MPs typically go about their jobs. One week remains before we all cease to be MPs at the end of this Parliament, and the public […]

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Risk and burden sharing

  If you share a country with others, you sign up to sharing burdens and risks. It also means you sign up to sharing successes and riches. In Europe today some of the separatist movements are from parts of countries that are richer than the rest. They get fed up with sharing their success with […]

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