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Getting on with Brexit

Parliament needs to work sensibly to implement the wishes of the UK electorate. We cannot put everything on hold until Mr Cameron has gone and his replacement is in post. Remain voters are understandably apprehensive and wish to see everything done to minimise disruption and to reassure markets, companies and investors. So do I wish […]

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Pound stays higher against the Euro than lows in 2013-14 and well above old all time low

All post vote attention has been focused on the fall in the pound against the dollar rather than the surge in UK government bond prices or the good performance of the FTSE 100 since February. It is true that the pound hit a  ten year low against the dollar of $1.36 on Friday, compared to […]

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Playing FTSE with Brexit

Some in the media have led people to believe there was a collapse of the Stock market on news of Brexit. It is true dealers greatly widened prices for a bit before things settled down, with some silly low prices at the opening. So what has in fact happened,  now there has been a trading […]

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Letter to constituents after the Brexit vote

Dear Constituent Prosperity, not austerity, is what we need. I campaigned for that in  the General Election just over a year ago, promising to work for all my constituents, and to put more and better paid jobs at the heart of what I did for our area. I also stressed the need to help provide more […]

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UK cost of borrowing falls on Brexit vote

Yesterday in the markets UK government prices surged, with an overall rise of nearly 5%. This was despite the fact that they had already risen considerably this year ahead of the Brexit vote. The UK government can now borrow at just 1.08% for ten years, and for under 2% for 30 years, the lowest rates […]

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So we will have friends after all

I was pleased to see that President Obama does wish to have a strong relationship between the USA and an independent Britain. I was not surprised to read that Mrs Merkel wants to protect the trade and friendship between Germany and The UK. Nor did it come as a shock to hear from various big […]

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There needs to be a smooth transition to Brexit

The Government needs to move on from Project fear to reassure and help bind the  country back together. There are believers in the EU project who are very unhappy tonight.  There are market speculators and market makers who are fanning the idea that there will be abnormal price movements as a result of this momentous […]

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Congratulations UK

Well done all of you who helped bring about this great victory for democracy. Now Parliament and government has to turn to the task of reassuring people and markets. I will write this afternoon about what needs to be done to implement the promises made by the Vote Leave campaign and to smooth the transition for businesses […]

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I do not make public forecasts of results in elections where I am a candidate or in votes where I am closely involved on one side. If you forecast your own success it can look arrogant or complacent, and you need to keep working to persuade as many people as possible of your good intentions […]

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Make 23rd June Independence day

Tomorrow we can restore our democracy. A free people can make their own laws, impose their own taxes, decide on their own spending together. A free people can elect their representatives, lobby them to carry out their wishes, and dismiss them if they fail to heed the popular will. A free people are all under […]

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