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This latest site sets out how much each MP costs the taxpayer and how often MPs vote. They then calculate a “cost per vote” figure, by dividing the total costs per MP by the number of votes he or she has recorded. For those constituents interested, I am rated as 3rd cheapest at £633.07 per […]

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Mr Redwood’s contribution to the debate on Devolution in England, 2 March 2015

Mr John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): We are debating devolution in England, but if we are to have more devolution in England, we first need devolution to England. We must make sure that there is an English level of decision making for the strategic matters, and English Ministers who can then decide which matters could be properly devolved […]

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Government Statement on Starter Homes, 2 March

The Minister of State, Department for Communities and Local Government (Brandon Lewis): I would like to update hon. Members on the outcome of the Government’s consultation, launched by the Prime Minister in December, seeking views about our proposals for planning reform to support the development of 100,000 new high-quality, low-cost starter homes for young first […]

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Beware the EU’s Energy Union

O n 25th February the Commission issued a Communication entitled ” A framework strategy for a resilient energy union with a forward looking climate change policy.” It is remarkable for the scope of its ambition, allied to the absence of detail on where the huge sums of money will come from to pay for all […]

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Why did the IMF lend so much to Greece?

In 2010 the IMF lent Euro 30 billion to Greece as part of a much larger package to support the ailing economy. The IMF explained at the time that it had lent 3200% of quota, well over its normal limits for a country in difficulty. It gave Greece “exceptional access to IMF resources”. The IMF […]

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Why austerity policies may not work in the Eurozone

The Eurozone’s disciplines have been nicknamed the politics of austerity for good reason. Each state is meant to keep its budget deficit down to 3% of GDP – way below the large cyclical deficits the UK, US and other single currency areas allowed themselves in the great recession. Each state is meant to keep its […]

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Clever politics may be bad government on student loans

It was inevitable that this very political Labour party would want to expose the student loan issue to offer maximum embarrassment to the Liberal democrats in the run up to the election. Sure enough on cue and probably on schedule- after leaks alleging delays – Labour yesterday launched its price cut for university courses, cutting […]

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Reply on aid to India

A number of people have written to me saying that as India has said it no longer wants overseas aid from us, and as it is now a substantial power with a growing economy, we should discontinue our aid programme. I have received the following letter from the Secretary of State confirming that action has […]

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Austerity policies

Yesterday I gave a lecture at Reading University. I asked the question, does austerity work as an economic policy? Why do the IMF and the Euro area favour austerity programmes for countries in trouble? Do they succeed in rescuing countries by these means? Austerity is a wide ranging word, not a precise term of economics. […]

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Visit to St Mary’s primary, Mortimer

I visited St Mary’s Mortimer at their request on Monday morning before going to Parliament for the votes on Criminal Justice and abortion. The School asked me to talk to the older children about Parliament and government, as they are studying rules and governments at the moment. The children asked a wide range of questions […]

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