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Boost the economy

I have been warning for two years that the combination of fiscal squeeze and tight money policy would slow our economy. So it has proved. Indeed if anything I am surprised that our economy has not slowed more. The global background is an additional reason for the weakness, with Germany slowing more than us and […]

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Labour wants to plunge us into massive debts

The costings of Labour’s programme are off the chart because Labour has made so many expensive pledges or promised so many unaffordable policies. The Conservatives put it at £1200 billion over five years or an extra £240bn a year. That’s a huge tax rise and  a colossal borrowing  increase. There is the £196 bn cost of nationalising […]

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Remembrance Sunday

Today we remember all those who died so we can live in a free country. Their selfless sacrifice in two world wars led to more peace loving democracies emerging in Europe and Asia. It is good news that 74 years have now passed without our country being enveloped again  in total war.  Today we also remember those who  have […]

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Fiscal rules OK

The balanced budget rule which says spending on  current  budgets has to be covered by tax income is sensible and prudent. Whilst education is an investment in young people, teachers’ pay is still a current and recurring item of spending. Some of you are concerned that the government can borrow to invest. Investment means the […]

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More GPs and more appointments for patients

I have been lobbying for more GPs and better access for people needing appointments. The last Health Secretary announced money for more doctors, but retaining some of the Doctors we already have is also proving difficult. I welcome today’s announcement from the current Health Secretary that some of the extra money available for the NHS […]

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What is affordable?

I was disappointed to hear on the radio that it was a sign of the times and surprising that I was supporting the fiscal changes made by the government. The BBC saw me as   some kind of austerity hawk who had suddenly changed, showing the public the BBC think they have every right to comment […]

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Wokingham Conservatives

Tonight Wokingham Conservatives will confirm the local campaign with me as their candidate for the General election. I will talk to the members present at the meeting about the messages I would like their help to take to the doorsteps and onto social media over the next month. They will be based on the things […]

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Room for tax cuts

The new fiscal framework set out yesterday by the Chancellor should allow scope for some tax cuts in the next budget. It is important these are not crowded out by further increases in spending. Tax cuts are the quickest way to boost real incomes and stimulate the economy. People should be able to spend more […]

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The important principle that people like and support is that healthcare should be free. We should all have free access to the NHS, and should expect to receive timely and good quality treatment in proportion to our health needs. All taxpayers of course pay for the service through taxes. The only major departure from this […]

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Appointment times for local patients

I am pursuing again the issue of booking appointments with GPs, as I have had some complaints. It is important that the additional money being made available to the NHS helps local GP practices to have easy access booking systems, and pays for  sufficient GPs on duty to allow early appointments. People often cannot be sure […]

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