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Coming soon – Union Jack and the Beanstalk a topical retake on an old tale

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A managed exit without signing the Withdrawal Agreement – you will still be able to travel to the continent

One of the sillier Project Fear scares has been that if we just leave the EU there will be no agreements in place to allow planes to fly to and from the EU  and the UK. The Transport Secretary has recently reported that  the UK has now concluded all of the third country aviation agreements […]

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FTSE 100 index surges

Why doesn’t the BBC, keen to highlight every move of sterling as being about Brexit, tell us that the FTSE 100 is up 2.3% since 6 December, presumably because of Brexit, as they think everything else is a reaction to Brexit.

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Why a second referendum would be a disaster

Voters were told we would make the decision on leave or stay. We were told it was a once in a generation opportunity to make this decision. This was all in the government leaflet and in the Hansard record of the Referendum Bill debates. So any second referendum would be a clear violation of past […]

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Wokingham Town Centre and Christmas shopping

My recent visit to the shops saw good trade in Waterstones where I found a good present for a family member, and saw plenty of people trying out Gail’s Bakery where bread is baked on the premises and where people can get a good café service including lunch menus. I would encourage more to come […]

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Congratulations to Dr Antoni Chan of the Royal Berkshire Hospital

Last Wednesday I met my constituent Dr Antoni Chan of the Royal Berkshire Hospital who received the award for ‘Best Care by a Rheumatologist’ from the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society. Voted for by patients, the Patients’ Choice Awards recognise those health professionals who have gone above and beyond to help people with axial spondyloarthritis including ankylosing […]

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A managed exit without signing the Withdrawal Agreement

I will be writing soon about how this is our best way forward. It is not “crashing out” but cashing in, as we will keep the money the EU wanted to extract via the Withdrawal Agreement.

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May day

Yesterday Mrs May at last admitted she could not win the vote. She had to accept the Withdrawal Agreement was disliked by far too many MPs. It was therefore a curious decision to spend the first half of the campaign rushing round the UK as if appealing to voters in a General Election, and to […]

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Wokingham Borough Council announces free car parking in its car parks in the three Saturdays leading up to Christmas

I am pleased that Wokingham Borough Council will be offering free parking in council owned town and village centre car parks all day on Saturday 8th, 15th and 22nd December.  This will be welcomed by shoppers and businesses alike.

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Wokingham Borough Carol service

It was wonderful to hear the massed choirs of Wokingham primary schools, to the accompaniment of the very professional Berkshire Maestro Orchestra. It is an important part of the early Christmas season for me, and this year lived up to expectation. It is good to see many supportive parents proud of their children, and to […]

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