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Meeting with Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health

Last night Jeremy Hunt was the principal guest at the Wokingham Conservative Association annual dinner. Mr Hunt explained what he is trying to do with NHS England. Backed by substantial extra money, he is seeking to raise the quality of work, reduce waiting times and move the NHS onto a 7 day a week service […]

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The war in Syria

The pace is quickening over possible UK military intervention in Syria. I have set out the worries I have about bombing, and explained why I think there needs to be a proper peace process. To tackle ISIL on the ground there also needs to be local ground forces capable of doing the job. I have […]

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Sorting out the balance of payments

The UK has been running a substantial deficit on its balance of payments with overseas countries for some time. The Office of Budget Responsibility has good news for us on this deficit. It forecasts that it will fall from over 5% of our National Income in 2014, to around 4% this year, 3% next year […]

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Tax credits

I received a number of constituency emails urging the government not to go ahead with the planned cuts in tax credits. I spoke in favour of ensuring people were better off as a result of tax and benefit changes in the Budget debate, followed that up with conversations and blogs, and lobbied the Chancellor to […]

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Spending £4 trillion

Listening to some people about the Autumn Statement, it appears you don’t get much for £4 trillion these days. That’s the amount the government plans to spend in the five years of this current Parliament. They aim to increase total spending by 8.7%, comparing 2019-20 with 2015-16. That’s why we hear endless arguments about cuts […]

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Big surge in tax revenue forecast – £105.2 billion this Parliament

The Autumn Statement forecasts higher tax revenues in every year of this Parliament compared with the March 2015 budget. In total the new estimates show us paying an extra £105 billion in tax over the five years, with increases of 4% in tax revenue compared to March forecast in both 2017-18 and 2018-19, with smaller […]

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Big increase in spending – £155 bn more this Parliament than March 2015 budget

The big surprise in the Statement is a large further increase in spending on top of the substantial increases announced in the June budget. In June the Chancellor raised the total spending planned for this Parliament  by £70 billion. In this Autumn Statement he has raised it by another £86 billion. Current year spending goes […]

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Who are the West’s enemies in the Middle East?

I have read enough to know how little I understand about the complex theological and political struggles within Islam, and about the large number of differing terrorist groups operating in the wider Middle East. I do not speak or read Arabic and have not read enough  of the literature or history of these  very different […]

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Mobile phone coverage in Wokingham

I have received the enclosed letter from Ofcom about mobile phone coverage in Wokingham: Dear John, In August we launched our online Mobile Coverage Checker to help consumers check the coverage they could expect anywhere in the UK. Using data from the four UK mobile phone network providers, our interactive map shows the predicted level […]

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Meeting with Minister on aircraft noise

Yesterday I chaired a meeting with the Aviation Minister, Mr Goodwill in my room at Westminster. Also present were Philip Lee, MP for Bracknell, and John Howell, MP for Henley, and two officials from the Transport department. I explained the background to the change of air routes over the 3 constituencies represented at the meeting. I […]

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