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What is money?

There is active discussion of what is money with the advent of crypto currencies. There are also those who see gold and silver as money, given the ability to convert these metals into coins and to trade them. Money has three main characteristics. It is a means of exchange. It is a unit of account. […]

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Better animal welfare

THE GOVERNMENT HAS PUBLISHED A DRAFT BILL TO STRENGTHEN ANIMAL WELFARE The Government has published a draft bill which would increase the maximum prison sentence for animal cruelty tenfold, from six months to five years, in England and Wales. The draft bill also sets out that the government “must have regard to the welfare needs […]

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What might a UK/EU Agreement look like?

Early next year we should begin talks about trade and the future relationship with the EU. Until we do so the language developed over money and the Irish border is parked. Both sides confirmed “Nothing is agreed until all is agreed”. There may be continuing misunderstandings on the EU side about what the UK has […]

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Visit to CEMAS

On Friday I accepted the invitation of CEMAS to visit their company and the meet their staff. Cemas is a privately owned business based in south Wokingham. It employs 72 people and specialises in preparing test data for the agro chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It can monitor trace substances in air, water and animal tissue, […]

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Talks about trade

I have in the past said trade talks between the UK and the EU could be relatively short and straight forward. I have never said they would be. I have always acknowledged that if the EU wants to make them long and complex they can do so. The first question the UK must ask when […]

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Loddon carols and Christmas music concert

Christmas always gets a big boost at the Loddon concert. The primary school choirs from the Borough excelled themselves, singing with great enthusiasm a number of much loved carols and Christmas songs. They belted out the Philippine carol with particular force and verve. The Berkshire Maestros provided excellent musical accompaniment. They delivered their performances of […]

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Buying your own home

On Friday I met a number of young professionals in the constituency who wanted to talk to me about opportunities to buy a home of their own. They all reported difficulty with current house prices in the Wokingham area, and wanted to know what more could be done to make homes more affordable. One had […]

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The Joint Report on the negotiations so far

The Report opens by stressing that both sides are pledged to the view that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. The Report acknowledges that the detailed draft agreement on citizens rights and on a financial settlement are without prejudice to an agreement on a future relationship. The Prime Minister has stated that the payment […]

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An agreement to talk

The government is trying to secure a deal to trigger trade talks with the EU. Today we learn that the EU is now prepared to talk about trade and the future relationship as well as the three special subjects it singled out for discussion so far. That is welcome, and means there can now be […]

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Improving reading in UK schools

This week came the good news that English schools have done well in boosting reading standards in recent years. The Coalition government spread the teaching of reading by synthetic phonics throughout England’s schools. They introduced the Phonics Screening check at 6 to see how well pupils were doing. In 2012 just 58% of pupils aged […]

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