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Noise reduction on the M4

  I have received a further letter from Highways England following my various submissions and discussions on M4 noise reduction. They confirm that they will surface the whole M4 from Junction 3 to Junction 12 with noise reducing material when they complete the smart motorway. They also now offer additional noise barrier at Mill Lane […]

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Quantitative easing – what next?

Some times predicting is easy. You look at what happened when somewhere else tried something, and reckon the same will happen when your country does. With QE that may not be so easy. Japan has been trying QE for a long time. In their case inflation stays very low, output does not expand as quickly […]

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What are Conservatives offering pensioners in Wokingham and West Berkshire?

Conservatives are offering a better state pension, which will go up by at least 2.5% a year or in line with earnings or prices,  whichever is the highest increase. Conservatives will keep in place current pensioner benefits -winter fuel, tv licence, travel concessions – regardless of pensioner income Conservatives have launched higher interest rate Pensioner […]

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Mr Cameron’s EU welfare and migration proposals

  I was asked when campaigning in Earley on Saturday to set out more of the details of Conservative proposals on migration and welfare. Mr Cameron has pledged to negotiate a new deal with the EU to reduce and limit their power in the UK, and to base the relationship more centrally around membership  of […]

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Conservatives will spend more and get the deficit down

There has been much heat and little light about getting rid of the deficit and about levels of pubic spending in this election. Some parties have hurled around allegations of big cuts to come. Let’s look again at the figures. The story of the Coalition’s five years is very simple. They increased pubic spending by […]

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Quantitative easing – what does it do?

When Labour first embarked on Quantitative Easing I was uneasy. My preference was for them to mend the commercial banks quickly. Indeed, my prior preference had been not to damage them so much in the first place. If they had mended or not damaged the commercial banks through their wild monetary and regulatory policies, swinging […]

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Votes at 16?

I was asked at a recent hustings meeting if I supported votes at 16. I said this issue had not come up for debate or vote in the last Parliament. I have not made up my mind about it. If elected to the next Parliament, then I will consult widely with constituents, should it become […]

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The next five year plan

There has been a lot of nonsense talked about budgets for the next five years. The Conservatives have set out their plans in the last 2015 Budget book from the Treasury. Few seem to have read it, so here is a reminder. The aim is to eliminate the budget deficit. Spending will rise from £737 […]

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Better roads needed

If you turn to the Index in the Lib Dem Manifesto you can find rail, but there is no mention of roads. My read through the document confirmed that their Manifesto does not offer a roads policy. Clearly Lib Dems want to live in a world where we all go to work by train and […]

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English and Scottish nationalism

There are cries today from the left in the press and media that by publishing a Manifesto for England the Conservatives are fuelling English nationalism and dividing the UK. What nonsense. All main parties publish Manifestos for Scotland – why don’t those same commentators and interviewers complain this fuels Scottish nationalism and splits the country? […]

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