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A new economic policy – prosperity first.

As the new government sets out its aim to put prosperity first, and to spread higher incomes and wealth more widely around the country, it needs to alter energy policy. Fundamental to faster growth and higher real incomes in the UK must be more and cheaper energy. Scrapping VAT on domestic fuel as Vote Leave […]

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Ofcom’s Announcement on BT Openreach and Superfast Broadband

I have received this news release from Sharon White, Chief Executive of Ofcom.  I am aware that some of my constituents are experiencing great difficulty in accessing superfast broadband from BT Openreach as well as complaints of poor customer service.  There have been numerous calls for its break-up and in light of this Ofcom announced plans which will ensure […]

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Good and bad consultants

Much modern government depends on consultants. If a Council or the central government needs access to special knowledge or expertise on a temporary or one off basis, then consultants can be a good idea. There are some excellent lawyers, architects, surveyors, finance specialists and others that the state can hire to perform specific roles which […]

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Another rise in the FTSE 250

Today saw another strong rise in the FTSE 250 taking it back to near the year’s  high and the high level it reached on Referendum day. When I pointed out how well the main large company Index the FTSE 100 did after the vote, the doom mongers said the FTSE 250 smaller companies was  a […]

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I see no recession

People who are out to talk us down and into recession should get out more. On Saturday afternoon I took some time off to go to the Globe theatre. I walked along the south bank to get there on a sunny day. It was extremely difficult doing so, as the generous walkway was crowded with […]

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We do not want a 7 year transition for freedom of movement!

The UK did not recently vote for a slightly beefed up version of Mr Cameron’s attempted renegotiation with the EU. We voted to leave, to take back control of our laws, our money and our borders. Those phrases were repeated throughout the Leave campaign, heard and understood by many, and approved by the majority of […]

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Trump’s tax bonanza

So far Mr Trump has got into the race and stayed in it largely by dealing with the darker issues of crime, terrorism and migration. The US and EU establishments dislike his rhetoric associating crime with migration and his policy of a border fence or wall with Mexico. Mr Trump does have a more positive […]

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A rushed and early PMI survey

There’s no let up in the efforts to talk the UK economy down. PMI rushed out a week early their July survey, with less than a full set of responses, to show that the confidence of a number of senior business executives fell when they got the result of the Brexit vote wrong. There’s a […]

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A 329 M

I held a meeting today at Wokingham Council offices with representatives of Highways England and the Borough. I asked them to find a solution quickly to the problems created on the A 329 M by HE’s recent project to restrict through capacity on the motorway. After long exchanges, Highways England’s consultants agreed that traffic had not […]

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Noise barriers on the M4 junctions 3 to 12 smart motorway

I have recently received a paper from Highways England which details the work they intend to undertake to improve noise barriers on the M4 junctions 3 to 12 smart motorway. I am pleased to see that Highways England intends to extend the length of noise barriers in Winnersh, Lower Earley, Sindlesham and Emmbrook. The document […]

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