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Glimmers of hope in economic policy

Yesterday the Governor of the Bank of England thought better of the much touted idea that he would cut interest rates by a further 0.25%. I am glad he made this decision. I had argued here before the event  that another cut at these tiny levels could undermine  the value of sterling further without doing […]

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Good Europeans want an early Brexit

As I expected, the rhetoric on the continent is changing. Yesterday the President of the European  Parliament challenged the pre vote rhetoric of the Commission by saying ” The UK should not be treated as a deserter but as a family member who is still loved but has decided to go in another direction”. The […]

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How to write a letter using Article 50

There is a debate amongst Brexiteers over the quickest way out of the EU. Most are agreed that exit is secured by repeal of the 1972 Act, with the passage of all EU law into UK law coupled with a new border regime and cancellation of our subscriptions.Some also think that we will need to […]

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Brexit means Brexit

So says our new Prime Minister in her first speech as the new Leader of the Conservative party. In another twist to the incredible plot of the Conservative leadership election, Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the race, allowing Theresa May to inherit the position. It is curious that all 3 senior Conservatives groomed for prominence […]

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FTSE 250 rises

When I pointed out that the large company index the FTSE 100 which people use had gone up sharply post the referendum, the Bank of England and the doom mongers on this site said we needed now to look at the FTSE 250 index of smaller companies with a large UK focus. So I hope […]

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Don’t cut interest rates Mr Carney

Government and the Bank cannot control the level of the pound. The last time they tried to do this in the European Exchange Rate Mechanism it was a disaster, leading to a big devaluation and a recession. We do not want that again. The Bank and government can, however, influence the level of the pound. […]

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Consideration of candidates to be PM

We see a whirlwind in the press supporting Theresa May, and on the BBC, of all the negative questions asked of Andrea Leadsom during the MP part of the contest. Readers can see these debated freely elsewhere. In the interests of balance today I will report the more difficult questions asked of Theresa May and […]

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The state of the property market

There are some who want to talk the property market down. It is true that institutional investors have decided to bank some profits, all at the same time, in open ended property funds. These funds have to redeem units for cash. They typically hold 20% as a cash reserve on deposit or in easily saleable […]

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The state of Europe’s banks

Banks in the EU area have Euro 360 billion of bad debts, according to recent figures. The European Central Bank is telling the worst banks to write off more of their losses on difficult loans, and to raise more capital from shareholders or retained profits to improve their balance sheets. Euro area bank shares have […]

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Controlling migration

The present government is pledged to cut net migration to tens of thousands. This requires something like a two thirds cut in current levels. Vote Leave argued for slower rates of inward migration than now, with a fair system offering the same restrictions on EU migrants as the rest of the world. Yesterday in the […]

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