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Mayor Khan – travelling safely?

In March the London Mayor told us travelling on buses and the tube did  not pose a threat of catching the virus. More recently he has supervised a major cut back in services and expressed worries about the safety of staff and passengers. The background to his astonishing U turn on public transport safety  is […]

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Educational divides

One of the tragedies of the lock down is the growing educational divides it is creating. The minority of pupils whose parents pay fees for their schooling may well  be at a school that is teaching a full timetable of lessons today. Parents who pay directly for their children’s education expect it be delivered. Many […]

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Letter to the Health Secretary

Dear Matt          Thank you for your tireless work to bring down the death rate and slow the spread of this nasty disease.    You have asked MPs to share ideas and concerns with you as you battle the virus. You have always rightly stressed that you will take advice from medics and scientists and be […]

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Dear Constituent

Unemployment has risen sharply, and many people on furlough are worried about whether and when their jobs will return. I have been pressing hard for more people to be allowed back to work in safe ways. I am pleased to report some progress in recent days. Many of you wanted Garden Centres to re open […]

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Food and trade

On Wednesday I had booked  slots to speak on the Amendments to the Agriculture Bill about trade, and on Third Reading where I wished to discuss how we promote more home grown and home reared food. I joined the debate remotely and listened to  it, only to discover they had booked more slots than available […]

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The future of pubs, hotels and tourist attractions

As the lock down drags on, so the summer season will rush by. We need to ask what does the future hold for those who have invested their lives and savings in small hotels, B and Bs, pubs. clubs,  tourist shops and  attractions. If the climate remains hostile to larger gatherings of people for July […]

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Getting out of the furlough

The government yesterday confirmed there would be no abrupt end to the furlough scheme to help pay to keep workforces together and ready to return to work. The Chancellor also accepted the advice of many of us that it needs to be more flexible, allowing part time work for the employer by some of those […]

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Getting about with social distancing

Today we should learn more about how people can get to work given the advice that public transport cannot be used by great numbers to avoid the virus spreading. I am pressing for more relaxed conditions over parking near to factories and offices for those who live too far away to walk or cycle. The government […]

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Controlling our borders

There is understandable impatience by many over the illegal migrants turning up across the Channel after chancing to people traffickers. It is high time the governments on both sides of the Channel clamped down more effectively on this wicked and dangerous trade. Whilst governments will want to help anyone in  peril on the sea, they […]

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Prime Minister’s tv address

I am asking about the detail  behind the PM’s statement of approach on Sunday night. In particular Can Garden Centres open on Wednesday as briefed? Is it right that Fishing, golf and other sports and pastimes where an individual can avoid contact with others are  now allowed? Is there any change in the range and purpose of […]

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