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Why does the BBC ignore England?

When the Culture Secretary gave his statement on the future of the BBC, I spoke for England. I asked if we could have a BBC England to match BBC Scotland? I pointed out that many of us do not want a BBC seeking to split up our country and trying to foster artificial senses of […]

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President Obama is wrong-again

President Obama is wrong about the UK and the EU. If letting foreign countries impose laws on you, levy taxes on you, and spend your money is such a good idea why doesn’t he create an American Union so Mexico can have common borders with the US, Cuba can spend US tax on herself, and […]

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More jobs go thanks to dear energy

Recently the media gave little attention to an important and worrying announcement – more than 700 jobs went in the UK steel industry. You would have thought they would have given that top billing, with interviews of those left without a job, and angry remonstrations with the managers who carried it out. Far from it. […]

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Real public spending up again in UK – and welfare spending too

Yesterday saw the release of the June figures for spending, taxing and borrowing. Over the year June 30th total public spending rose by 2.9% in cash terms. As there was no inflation over that year, that is a real increase of 2.9%. I look forward to a flood of articles praising the end of austerity […]

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Could bombing Syria work?

I have no more love for ISIL than the Prime Minister. Like him, I would rather live in a world where there are no extremist groups using violence to gain power over worried and damaged communities. I wish him well with his wider strategy for tackling extremism. I do however have the same reservations about […]

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A wild ride to political union if we stay in the present EU

I have a debate on Tuesday in Parliament on the topic of political union. I want to draw more attention to the 5 Presidents joint policy statement of how they intend to create a political union out of the EU and Eurozone. It is high time the BBC followed this, and the UK government made […]

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Debt relief for Greece?

The Germans have some good points to make about Greece. Perhaps their best one is to remind people just how much debt relief Greece has already enjoyed. In March 2012 97% of all the bonds held by the private sector representing money lent to Greece were reduced in value by 53.5%. This meant a Euro […]

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The UK should not pay a penny more to the EU

The UK is constantly being mugged by the EU.In recent years the UK state has had to pay fines in excess of £500 million for infringing EU rules. We have recently been faced with an additional bill for regular contributions because our economy has grown faster than others and is bigger than they originally calculated. […]

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Calais and illegal immigration

Knowing of the great interest in this topic by many readers, I am today publishing the latest Ministerial update on this . “The UK and French Governments have been working closely together to respond to the pressures caused by the growing number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean this year. The strike action by French port […]

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Dangerous and expensive farce – the Greek loan go round

The Euro members of the EU will lend Euro 7bn to Greece via the EFSM (technically an EU not a Euro area fund)  so Greece can repay the ECB and the IMF what it owes them, prior to agreeing new loans from them! We are told the non Euro members of the EU will not carry any […]

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