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The judgement of Santa (Part 3 of Christmas present?)

Santa was still getting over Ed and Dave’s performances. He sat down and weighed it all up. He had to think about staying popular himself. How he hated having to decide what presents to give the politicians, when they all made such a mess of being friendly to enough people. Why this year was there […]

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What will Ed and Dave want for Christmas (Part 2 of Christmas present?)

Ed arrived just as Nick was being shown the door by Santa’s helpers. They exchanged a nervous hello as Ed checked to make sure he was next. In the grotto Ed said: “Thanks for seeing me today Santa. I have had a rough few weeks, what with a difficult visit to Scotland and then that […]

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New spending in our area 2010-15

  Just as total public spending has been rising, so our area has benefitted from some new spending on large projects to improve our transport, education and environment. Network Rail has just completed a very expensive major rebuild of Reading Station. This provides more rail capacity so we can have more mainline rail services. It […]

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Christmas present?

It’s that time of year when children agonize over their present list. The lucky ones get to visit Santa’s grotto to tell him in person what they want for Christmas. Our party leaders have been especially keen to meet  Santa this year  with a General election coming up. Their conversations have not gone quite as […]

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There are no “colossal” or “massive” cuts

  Let us suppose  that someone’s spending over recent years was as follows: Date   of spend                          Total          Total day to day spending 2009-10    (last Labour year)            £6693                      £6009 2010-11                                                  £6944                     £ 6328 2011-12                                                   £6936                    £6438 2012-13                                                  £6737                     £6572 2013-14                                                  £7200                    £6679 2014-15                                                  £7371                     £6717 I don’t think anyone would say that person had experienced “colossal cuts” . […]

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Stamp Duty

I reproduce below my case to abolish the slab approach to Stamp duty and to offer us all a cut in the amount of this transaction tax. I first wrote this in August 2013, and renewed my proposal in a debate in the Commons this year.I would like to have seen a more generous reform, […]

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ONS confirms public spending has continued to rise in real terms

In 2010 I pointed out that public spending was going up every year of this Parliament in cash terms. I also forecast that this government would control the costs of public spending better than the previous government, so real current public spending would also rise. Most commentators, politicians and journalists thought this wrong and talked […]

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Another five years of rising tax revenues to eliminate the deficit

The Autumn Statement plans for the next five years are very like the 2010 Coalition plans to eliminate the deficit. They rely on modest cash increases in total public spending and large increases in tax revenue, mainly coming from economic growth. The approach so far has succeeded in controlling spending within the totals set out, […]

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Autumn Statement and the deficit

The Coalition came together to cut the deficit. So far they have kept their spending increases within plans, but have experienced a shortfall on receipts, so the task is half done. The Autumn Statement provides a suitable opportunity for all main parties to set out their intentions for the next five years. Would any wish […]

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What could the Chancellor do to boost tax revenues?

In the 2010 budget the Chancellor forecast Income tax receipts of £158.4 bn from PAYE and £35.1bn from self assessment for 2014-15. In March 2014 these forecasts had fallen to £142.2bn and £27.2bn. This decline of £18.4 bn reflects the decision to raise Income Tax thresholds more, cutting Income tax receipts from lower earners. It […]

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