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One cheer for the Barnett formula – and three cheers for honouring pledges

The Barnett formula was a fix to settle by how much bloc grant for Scotland rose each year, given the extent of the rise in comparable English spending. It currently polls very badly in England. The reason is that Scotland can spend around one fifth per head of the population more than England. This enables […]

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Speak for England

The campaign to speak for England has taken off. I am receiving large numbers of emails and web contributions in support. There is a strong feeling that England deserves and needs a fairer settlement. There is a strong surge in opinion in favour of England having a voice and the right to govern herself as […]

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English votes for English issues

I was glad the Prime Minister announced his support for this measure from the doorstep of 10 Downing Street yesterday morning. Mr Hague has a crucial task to pilot this through the political difficulties ahead. Listening to media voices yesterday, there are still plenty of misunderstandings about this. The first is the question what happens […]

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Does “devo more” mean more money for Scotland?

Now the negotiating begins in earnest to try to settle the country around a new devolution settlement. Of course that settlement has to be fair to England as well as to Scotland. Today I want to ask how the main parties think the money will be managed for Scotland. During the campaign the Better Together […]

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My contribution to the debate on the Ukraine, Middle East, North Africa and Security

We should talk more and bomb less. I say that as someone who wants us to have strong defences. I want our country to play a leading role in the world and to be available, with the UN and allies, or if necessary on our own, to reinforce our values. I accept that there are […]

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England arise – England could be the winner on Thursday

Whatever the Scots decide to do there is a winner. England. I always thought of myself as British. My country was the UK. I now also think of myself as English, and my country is England. Years of listening to devolutionists and nationalists from other parts of the UK have persuaded me to change my […]

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Don’t break up England just because some want to break up the UK

  The reaction of some in the Lib Dems and Labour to the moves in Scotland to leave us or to loosen the Union ties is to seek to demolish England at the same time. In proposing this they gravely misjudge the mood of the English people. Poll after poll shows overwhelming support for the […]

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You can epetition for an English Parliament

I discover there is a live petition for the English Parliament to emerge at Westminster with English votes for English issues. It is available on Those of you who support the idea might like to sign it. (It is not something I tabled or asked to be tabled and is not in my name. […]

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Scotland and England’s marriage problems

Dramatis Personae   Scotland   a wife who feels she is taken for granted by an unsympathetic husband who does not understand her England  a hen pecked husband who thinks he can now never do or say the right thing  as his wife  demands more and more freedom from their marriage The personal monologues;   Scotland    […]

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Business intervenes in Scottish referendum

  I  am surprised at how many businesses have decided to intervene in a highly contentious referendum campaign when they have no need to do so.  These large businesses need to remember that they have many shareholders and customers who disagree with the stance they are taking, as well as many who agree. It may […]

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