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Does Syria need more bombs?

I am no pacifist. If a terrorist is about to  fire on us or about to blow us up, I am all in favour of our uniformed services shooting him. If a foreign power is about to invade us I support us having formidable fire power by air and sea to prevent or deter  the […]

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Carry on spending! How will the Chancellor spend the extra £69bn a year by the end of this Parliament?

Next week’s Autumn Statement is about how to divide up the planned overall increases in public spending. Just to remind readers, the Chancellor plans to lift total public spending from £735 bn last year to £804 bn by the end of this Parliament.  That’s a total rise of £69 bn in cash terms. Inflation is […]

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Would you lend to Portugal and pay them for the privilege?

This week Portugal managed to borrow one year money at a negative interest rate. Yes, that’s right. The lender has to pay a small sum for the privilege of lending to Portugal. You have had to pay Germany for the privilege of lending to her more often in recent months and over longer term loans,  […]

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Electricity is all a gas.

The long awaited speech from the Energy and Climate Change Secretary arrived yesterday. It does represent a shift in thinking, to give greater prominence to security of supply and price compared to controlling carbon dioxide. The government still has the three aims of enough power, cheaper power, and less CO2. Past governments have found it […]

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How would the Stay in campaign tell us to vote in the second referendum if we do stay in?

  The EU is on a wild ride to political union. Far from representing the status quo, the Better Stay in Europe (BSE) campaign wishes to sentence us to endless rows and uncertainties as the rest of the EU goes about its task of ever closer union. The rest of the EU is working towards […]

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The Shaw Report into the future financing and shape of Network Rail.

Nicola Shaw has recently published her invitation to us all to send in our ideas on how Network Rail should be structured and financed in future. I will be sending in evidence. My first three conclusions for her are As a business with all UK sterling revenues it should not borrow in foreign currencies again […]

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Changes to Immigration rules

The government has just changed the Immigration rules again, to make clearer certain important elements to the rules. Refugee status will be withdrawn if someone obtained that status by deception. It will be withdrawn if the protection is no longer needed. It will be withdrawn if the person commits a serious crime, or becomes a […]

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War against ISIL

The French President reacted strongly to the barbarous attacks on  Paris, saying that France is at war with ISIL. Responding to terrorist mass murder is never easy, and his  language may well have caught the mood of anger of the moment. We need, however, to consider carefully what is the best response to this and […]

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Death in Paris

We all send our sympathies to the people of Paris who faced a series of barbarous attacks last night. Our thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones. The western intelligence agencies do often intercept and prevent such atrocities. When an attack gets through it provides additional incentive to improve and augment the […]

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The EU and democracy

Living with the EU is like having a constant cyber attack on our law codes, rules and regulations. The system is never stable, with the EU constantly seeking to extend their grip, change their laws, and increase their jurisdiction. They do all this in the name of European integration. They often try to tell the […]

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