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Shakespeare’s writings: their modern relevance now 400 years young.

(from a speech made to Dorset and later to Wokingham Conservatives)   This week we celebrate England’s greatest writer. 400 years ago he died after a phenomenal written output.  He towers over the world literary stage four hundred years after his death. A replica of his theatre has risen on the South Bank where it stood […]

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England The once and future country

Today and tomorrow I am reproducing a talk I have given to Wokingham Conservatives and in Dorset in recent days.   ENGLAND THE ONCE AND FUTURE COUNTRY   England is my country. Like many of my fellow citizens, I am at peace with its history. I understand its past struggles, take pride in its many […]

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Questions for Mr Obama

Mr Obama is the creator of the conditions which have produced Mr Trump and Mr Sanders as serious  contenders in the US Presidential race. Their candidatures make much of the failure of modern America to lift the living standards of many hard working Americans. Mr Trump is unhappy with Mr Obama’s approach to both China and migration. […]

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Mr Juncker interferes to say they should interfere less

When Mr Juncker tells me the EU interferes too much I assume he is getting worried that the EU might lose the UK referendum. I look forward to more direct EU interventions in our debate, as it is all about them and the way they behave. One of the worst features of the EU is […]

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What does “Remain” look like? 4 scenarios that Remain needs to answer.

Both sides can ask each other what life will  be like if they win. The Remain side are completely silent on what remain looks like, so it’s high time the media started asking them about important problems ahead for the EU.  Here are four realistic scenarios – what is their answer? The UK compromises over […]

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What does Remain look like?

Remain is a wild ride to political Union. A reluctant UK will be dragged into more loss of power and more integration than we want, whilst demanding more opt outs as the Euro drives the others to a political and fiscal Union. We will have to pay more of the bills for the failing Euro […]

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Will we ever be able to abolish VAT charges we do not like? What’s happened to the promised deal?

The UK Parliament cannot abolish the tampon tax. The UK government  lost a court case in the ECJ over keeping our VAT rate on green products at 5%. We have been ordered to raise the rate to 20%, making it much dearer to insulate our homes or fit heat pumps. We cannot take VAT off […]

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The bizarre energy of the UK and world establishment to keep the UK in the EU

If only the world establishments used as much ingenuity and energy to make the world economy better as they use to try to keep the UK in the EU. As we know, unfortunately, the establishment has a very bad record. Its judgements about the wisdom of the European exchange Rate Mechanism, the Euro project, the […]

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Questions for Mr Corbyn

Mr Corbyn’s decision to speak for Remain when his past has been to argue to leave the EU is a curious example of the power of the establishment to make even the most unlikely people conform to their wishes. Mr Corbyn’s remarkable victory in the Labour leadership election by a large margin on the first […]

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Many things will stay the same when we leave the EU

When we leave the EU we will not leave Europe. We will still trade with them, have many agreements with them, we will travel, enjoy each other’s culture and language, foster student  exchanges, undertake joint research, common investment projects and much else. Anyone from another member state currently living in the UK under the legal […]

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