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The budget and the productivity black hole

The ONS tells us productivity is still not rising. They say they got their forecasts wrong again and need to serve up worse figures for the UK outlook just in time for the budget. I am not surprised they got the numbers wrong. They usually do get them wrong. They were fashionably too pessimistic for […]

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Injecting some balance into the EU talks

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Grant Shapps

I do not support Mr Shapps in his view that we need a Conservative leadership election. I note that the other 29 MPs he has hinted are with him have not spoken out or let their names be known. They are either surprisingly reticent rebels, or they do not exist. The media say he needs 48 […]

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Spain and the EU test democratic legitimacy and consent

Growing up as I did  in a settled country with a strong but flexible constitution, the issue of government  legitimacy and democratic consent were ones for the history books. The transfer of major powers to the EU changed all that. I came to realise I was caught up in a re run of the democratic struggles […]

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Weak new UK car market continues

The new car market was growing before the Brexit vote, grew well after the vote and continued growing after the Article 50 letter.It turned down in April of this year as a result of Tressury  and Bank of England policy. The Bank has required banks to rein in car loans. The Treasury hit buyers with […]

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Why young people should embrace Brexit

There is no greater gift that we can pass on to our children than the gift of living in freedom. I was born into a free country. I valued the democratic traditions, the rule of domestic law, the ability to fire the government through the ballot box, the right to voice a view and debate […]

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The fishermen’s case

At Conference I was handed the following figures taken from NAFC Marine Centre Study 2016   EU (ex UK) boats land 10 times more fish from our waters than we land from theirs 14 times more cod and haddock 173 times more herring 16 times more mackerel.   This is a very one sided Common […]

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A new vision for housing

There is growing agreement amongst politicians and their advisers that housing is a central part of the new political battleground. Years of inviting in large numbers of people to live and work in our country against a background of building too few new homes for them and for the natural growth of the settled population […]

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No cliff edge

I have now read through all the submissions about what we need to prepare to have a smooth Brexit with No Deal. Most of the worries are ones which have been argued over and discussed endlessly. In many cases I dealt with these worries on this blog before the referendum. Most are general in nature. […]

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Commiserations to Catalonia

Today I am proud to be British and to be leaving the EU. When the UK state and government saw there was considerable pressure for Scottish independence it organised a legal referendum and let the people decide democratically. As someone who wanted Scotland to stay in I always recognised  their  right to self determination. If […]

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