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UK cost of borrowing falls on Brexit vote

Yesterday in the markets UK government prices surged, with an overall rise of nearly 5%. This was despite the fact that they had already risen considerably this year ahead of the Brexit vote. The UK government can now borrow at just 1.08% for ten years, and for under 2% for 30 years, the lowest rates […]

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So we will have friends after all

I was pleased to see that President Obama does wish to have a strong relationship between the USA and an independent Britain. I was not surprised to read that Mrs Merkel wants to protect the trade and friendship between Germany and The UK. Nor did it come as a shock to hear from various big […]

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There needs to be a smooth transition to Brexit

The Government needs to move on from Project fear to reassure and help bind the  country back together. There are believers in the EU project who are very unhappy tonight.  There are market speculators and market makers who are fanning the idea that there will be abnormal price movements as a result of this momentous […]

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Congratulations UK

Well done all of you who helped bring about this great victory for democracy. Now Parliament and government has to turn to the task of reassuring people and markets. I will write this afternoon about what needs to be done to implement the promises made by the Vote Leave campaign and to smooth the transition for businesses […]

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I do not make public forecasts of results in elections where I am a candidate or in votes where I am closely involved on one side. If you forecast your own success it can look arrogant or complacent, and you need to keep working to persuade as many people as possible of your good intentions […]

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Make 23rd June Independence day

Tomorrow we can restore our democracy. A free people can make their own laws, impose their own taxes, decide on their own spending together. A free people can elect their representatives, lobby them to carry out their wishes, and dismiss them if they fail to heed the popular will. A free people are all under […]

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Why Remain is the riskier option

During the campaign there has been a deafening silence from Remain over the EU changes planned on the continent once the referendum is out of the way. Remain never seems proud of the unifying impulses of the EU, and spends its time in denial about the substantial moves to full economic, monetary, banking and political […]

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Good Europeans will vote to leave

I want us to trade with the continent, be friends with them, have plenty of student exchanges, free tourist travel, plenty of joint ventures and commercial agreements. We wish to enjoy the varied cultures of the European peoples, to share food and fellowship, and to ally together in common causes. None of this will cease […]

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Some famous defeats for the EU in referendums

The EU can often be an unpopular cause on a ballot paper. In 1997 and 2001 Switzerland voted against its government’s wishes to join the EU. In 1972 Norway voted against its government’s advice to join. In 1973 Greenland voted to leave the EU, and eventually did leave. Denmark voted down the Maastricht Treaty favoured […]

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Brexit can mean a smooth transition to democratic self government

If Brexit wins we wish the transition to be smooth and straightforward. There is no need for any disruption of trade or investment, and no need to change trading rules and product regulations. It is vitally important that the government does not make an Article 50 request to leave the EU under the current treaties. […]

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