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Different moralities for different countries and different times?

  I am finding it difficult to keep up with the West’s shifting moral compass under Obama and the EU. Take the issue of whether the west supports separatists in any given country. In Syria the West did support the forces opposed to Assad who wanted to break the country up. Now the West is […]

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General Dannatt presses for the Commons to be recalled on a date when it will be in session!

  The BBC’s expert today, urging us to go and fight in Iraq, also urged the government to recall Parliament next week or the week after. Shouldn’t he have studied the Commons timetable before speaking? My diary has recorded  Parliament returning on  1 September for a long time. Didn’t the BBC’s Today programme also know that Parliament […]

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Is no-one else appalled by the violence in the Ukraine?

We do not hear much about it, but the occasional media reports confirm that people are being killed and  buildings are being shelled and blown up.The Ukrainian government  forces are laying siege to parts of their own country. We sometimes see pictures of Ukrainian tanks deployed and warplanes flying low. We are told the rebels […]

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Does high public spending make a place rich or poor?

  It is still fashionable in leftward circles to think that the only answer to poverty is more public spending. They wish the UK state to offer more public sector jobs, and to offer more transfer payments to more people  so they too become dependents of the government. The latest ONS figures throw some light […]

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The EU’s energy policy is destroying our manufacturing jobs

  I have before explained how, far from saving or creating 3 million jobs, EU policies are destroying jobs we have and stopping new ones we might get. I have just received a copy of an excellent document from Business for Britain which catalogues one of the main job destroyers from the EU, its energy […]

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The BBC and Professor Bogdanor misrepresent Churchill’s views on the UK and Europe

  I recently heard a Radio 4 talk by Professor Bogdanor about the UK and the EU over the years. In it he quoted  from Churchill’s Zurich speech in which he recommended a United States of Europe. He did go  on to admit that Churchill “was ambiguous” about whether the UK would be in the United States […]

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The UK productivity puzzle

  Many analysts puzzle over why UK productivity has failed to grow in recent years. Part of the answer is the sharp fall in North Sea oil output, from 4.5 million barrels a day in 1999 to 1.5 million and falling. Producing oil yields very high incomes and profits which scores as high productivity. Part […]

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How do you defeat an evil ideology?

  History shows us the pen is often mightier than the sword. Sometimes the way to defeat an evil ideology is just to demonstrate the better lives people lead with your beliefs. It is difficult to bomb  an ideology out of people, and it cannot be done successfully by force without taking over all the affected territories and […]

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Iraq: My enemy’s enemy may not be my friend

  Amidst all the clamour for the UK to take military action in Iraq again we should pause and ask ourselves whose side are we on? What would we be fighting for? These questions are equally acute if we simply supply arms, logistic support and intelligence to others to do the fighting. I do not […]

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The Bank of England gets it wrong

    The latest Inflation Report from the Bank is both a mea culpa and a muddle. They admit they got their forecasts wrong for the last year. They thought inflation would stay over 3% but it fell to 1.7%. They thought unemployment would be around 7.6% but it fell to an average of 6.8% […]

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