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Mr Juncker wants our pity as well as our money

Mr Juncker’s 29th June press conference is already infamous for his parting jibe that the Greeks should not commit suicide because they are afraid of death. There is a serious problem of suicide levels in Greece thanks to the economic misery the Euro and its policies have created. This made the remark crass. Talking of […]

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Railway improvement?

What should be on the agenda for the new Chairman of Network Rail? I would like him to start with an analysis of who the users of the railway are, and where the growth in passenger and freight demand might come? The opportunity seems to lie mainly in two big areas. The first is travel […]

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The euro versus democracy- a Greek tragedy

The Greek government’s wish to put the latest Euro area/IMF offer to voters for decision is a game changer. It has left a wounded and surprised Euro area fulminating against the way Greece behaves. The European Central Bank with the support of the Euro area has cut off all supply of Euro support to Greek […]

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What price a new railway?

Some of the most difficult emails or letters I receive tell me we need to nationalise the railways. I write back pointing out that is exactly what Labour did when they took over Railtrack and put it into 100% taxpayer ownership, and strengthened the controls of the state over the contracts of the individual train […]

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What the Queen really said in Germany

Some in the media tried to trivialise, distort and politicise the Queen’s speech in Germany this week. They wrongly thought she was saying the UK has to stay in the EU. This was a curious interpretation of one sentence in a speech which did not mention the European Union by name, and which certainly did […]

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The European disunion

Yesterday we saw yet again just how dysfunctional the EU has become. Far from creating union, peace and harmony, it is creating rows and conflicts between European countries. Germany and Greece are showing great dislike of each other in public and have no ability so far to compromise and to understand each other’s point of […]

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Mr Redwood’s contribution to the debate on the European Union Referendum Bill, 16 June 2015

John Redwood (Wokingham (Con): I hope that, when the Government bring the Bill back on Report, they will give further consideration to the question of campaign spending limits. We are all freshly back from an energetic general election campaign, and one of the finest things about the United Kingdom’s traditions that ensure fair and free elections […]

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The emerging United States of Euroland

It has long been permitted to talk of political union on the continent, just as surely as it has been regularly denied in the UK. On 22nd June the “five Presidents” of the Euro area (EU Commission President, Eurogroup President, the President of the Euro Summit, the President of the ECB and the President of […]

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Why we need to raise quality and productivity in the public sector

After making the Commons speech I found the figures for public sector productivity. Between 1997 and 2010 there was no growth at all in public sector productivity. If the public sector had been able to match the manufacturing sector longer term trend of say 2.5% a year productivity increases we would now have 37% more […]

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Mr Redwood’s contribution to the debate on productivity, 17 June 2015

I reproduce below my argument on productivity in the Commons, as I wish to go on to write further posts on this topic building on the central argument I set out. I am sorry that the site did not publish it early this morning on this part – it appeared under debates. I have only […]

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