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You’re not quite alone

Last night at Eurovision I read we were not quite alone – we managed 24th out of 26th with a small points tally. I noted, however, there were no points from France, Germany, Spain and Italy for the UK. The EU don’t seem to appreciate us, as usual. Thank heavens Australia now qualifies as a […]

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The damage the EU as done to us so far

The Remainians love being negative about what might happen in the future. They should be asked more about all the damage their beloved EU has done to us, our jobs, industries and economy so far. Let us take the case of the European exchange Rate mechanism. I wrote in 1989 why we should not go […]

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The BBC and Oxford debates

Yesterday Sir John Major made a speech in Oxford which was reported without an opponent on the platform balancing his remarks. Also in Oxford, Dominic Grieve and I were debating the merits of Leave and Stay before a student and ex alumni audience with no BBC cameras or reporting. If they had come to our […]

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Mr Carney’s recession

Mr Carney did not blush or look embarrassed when he told us the UK could enter a recession as a result of Brexit. It was an absurd forecast, but he was  careful to use the word “could” rather than the word “would” when making it. Could the UK go into recession in the next two […]

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My Urgent Question on EU Migrants: National Insurance Numbers, 12 May 2016

John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): To ask the Home Secretary to make a statement on the number of national insurance numbers issued to EU migrants. The Minister for Immigration (James Brokenshire): For years, UK migration figures have been measured independently according to agreed United Nations definitions. Today’s report by the independent Office for National Statistics is […]

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How many migrants?

Yesterday I raised in the Commons the issue of the government figures for EU migrants. In recent years the government has issued many more National Insurance numbers to EU migrants than it has counted as  migrants in its official migration figures. Over the last five years to June 2015 1.2m more NI numbers were issued […]

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Let’s take back control of our fish

If I had to name one industry that had been worst hit by EU membership it would be the UK fishing industry. Placed under a Common Fishing Policy from the early days, the EU has done grave damage to what was one of our most impressive ventures. The UK has been driven from self sufficiency […]

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EU Referendum Leaflet

My contribution to Monday’s debate on the EU Referendum Leaflet: John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): The Government document is a disgrace. It is morally wrong, it is financially wrong and I think that it will backfire on them politically, which is the only good news in this otherwise rather sad debate. We should not need to […]

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BBC Business correspondent increases value of Euro by one third – is this part of puffing the EU?

I awoke this morning to the Today programme telling me how difficult negotiating a better deal on fish will be than the dreadful system we currently suffer under. No surprises there then . We were told that a “pound will buy you 0.79 Euros!” Do these people know nothing about EU/UK business? This morning a pound […]

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Bring on the ludicrous scares

Project Fear is now caricaturing itself.  Is mighty Luxembourg to mobilise against Holland if the UK leaves the EU?  Is Spain to launch a new Armada? Will France and Germany suddenly drop sixty years of working together  building a political union because the UK has opted out of their constitutional construction?  Of course not. These […]

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