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No representation without taxation

  The Conservative Manifesto in 2010 said ” Labour have refused to address the so-called West Lothian Question: the unfair situation of Scottish MPs voting on matters which are devolved.  A Conservative government will introduce new rules so that legislation referring specifically to England, or to England and Wales, cannot be enacted without the consent […]

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SNP get my Westminster proposals wrong

  My call for English MPs deciding the matters for England that are devolved to Scotland  has been criticised by the SNP. I have no “resentment” over the Scottish Parliament getting more powers. I just want an answer to the problem of England at the same time.  Their response  is most surprising, as they have stated […]

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HS2 – Where has all the money gone?

  In the two years to March 2014 HS2 Ltd has spent  £384,000,000 of grant aid from taxpayers. What is remarkable is that after such a high spend the balance sheet of the company doing all that spending shows zero net assets. The best part of £400 million has gone and the company has  nothing […]

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Should the west intervene in Iraq again?

  It’s tough being the world’s superpower. If they intervene militarily in a country like Iraq they are condemned by  many for seeking  to impose their will on others, and making the position worse. If they try to stay out of a country like Syria – or Iraq the next time around – they are […]

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Freedom and England

  On Tuesday I am giving the McWhirter Memorial lecture at 7.30pm on HMS President, moored on the Victoria Embankment in London. I will use the opportunity to make the case for England. If we assume Scotland votes to stay in the Union, the three main Westminster parties have promised more powers including powers over […]

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Newly mint the groat if you want Scotland to be independent

  The reason Alex Salmond cannot answer the currency question is he does not truly want Scotland to be independent. He wants devo max. An independent Scotland would mint its own coins and create its own currency. Putting the symbols of the nation on the banknotes is one of the ultimate acts of sovereignty. Alex […]

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Are the states created by the 1st World War in the Middle East now collapsing?

  It is a strange coincidence that at the very time when the western powers remember and reconsider a war 100 years ago, the Middle East is testing the borders and consequences of the 1919 peace. Both Syria and  Iraq, creatures of the war to throw off Turkish imperial rule, are being sorely tested in brutal […]

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The other war – in the Ukraine – needs some media attention

  I have no time for Russia arming the rebels or assisting them to intensify the conflict in the Ukraine. I do , however, have worries about the continuing high level of deaths and injuries in the intense fighting that has been going on there. I note that the UN says both sides – including  […]

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Cycling is more interesting!

The piece on cycling has evoked many more responses than war and peace, taxation or even migration. It’s a funny old world, when I was  criticised for daring to mention it.

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A win for Better Together

  Like many interested people in England I was unable to see the tv debate live last night between Mr Salmond and Mr Darling. From the accounts and from the only poll so far conducted post debate, it appears that Mr Darling was ahead of Mr Salmond by the same margin as the No campaign leads […]

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