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China’s strategy

Whilst people in the UK are preoccupied by our election debates, the IMF and World Bank meeting with Finance Ministers  is happening  in momentous times. The most significant thing that is happening is the rise of China. China has a plan. They are in transition from relying on exports and investment to grow quickly, to […]

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You don’t rule well by trying to divide a society

There’s a lot of class war rhetoric around in this election. There are some who seem to think you can make the poor rich by making the rich poor. There are certainly many who speak divisively about society, seeking to set poor against the better off, as if their interests were incompatible. I have spoken and […]

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You could get a lot of public service for £742 billion.

  £742 billion is a lot of money. It is £11,600 for every man, woman and child in the country. It is what the UK state will spend this year whoever wins the election. It is time to ask a few more questions about how this money should be spent. I agree with Conservative policy […]

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Labour now say they want to cut the deficit

According to the Labour Manifesto they now buy into a policy they criticised as being a policy of austerity . They seem to wish to cut the deficit from £90 billion to £30 billion by 2019-20. Their tax increases are modest in terms of how much revenue they will raise, even on their own figures. […]

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Unfunded promises and hypothecation – let’s talk about some big numbers

The election debate has got tangled up in discussion of a few billion extra spending, rather than a sensible analysis of the  £742bn of total spending this year. Worse still Labour and some in the media seem to think if you wish to propose any additional spending you need to show hypothecated new revenue to […]

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The cause of England

There are 18 Parliamentary constituencies in Northern Ireland, 40 in Wales and 59 in Scotland. In the last General election the Conservative party won 8 seats in Wales, one in Scotland and none in Northern Ireland. Conservatives won a substantial majority in England, taking 298 of the 533 seats. It was not enough to give […]

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Tax cuts for millionaires?

Labour’s slogan that they will not allow tax cuts for millionaires is a slippery one. A millionaire used to be someone who owned £1 million of assets. These days a lot of people are millionaires, because they live in a  one bed flat which they own in central London, or because they own an executive […]

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Greek climb down?

Greece decided to repay her debt owed to the IMF, after press speculation that she might not. Greece did not apparently ask Mr Putin for money. Mr Putin for his part is reported as offering to buy privatised assets in Greece, a far from helpful comment to a government elected to stop privatisation. Greece has […]

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Taxing the rich

Taxing the rich is extremely popular with the main political parties. It is based on two propositions. The rich have more money to tax. Taxing the rich is popular with many who are not rich. So what could go wrong? Most of us agree the rich should pay more, and that income tax should go up […]

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The Bishops should have second thoughts

  This Easter I have been re reading the Anglican Bishops letter for the General Election. It doesn’t make better reading the second time round. Rather it does now seem even more unfair and inaccurate  given how the economy has developed. The Bishops main case is that all the political parties have failed, hence the need […]

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