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Labour’s health troubles

Labour’s attempt to make a crisis out of the modest slippage in the English NHS seeks to ignore the far worse performance on waiting times in the Welsh NHS which they run. Labour of course do not describe the fact that nearly one in five people in Wales have to wait for more than the […]

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Oil’s long reach

The more I think about the halving of the oil price, the more significant it seems. The scale of the change makes it difficult for commentators and forecasters to think it all through and understand the magnitude of what has happened so far. There is reluctance to simply assume that in future oil revenues will […]

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I wonder if Mr Obama and Mr Cameron talked about the value of human lives and military interventions?

I am proud of western values. These for me include the idea that every person matters, and we should all enjoy the right to certain freedoms. We do not think some people are of greater worth than others by dint of birth or acquired status – all must be equal under the law. We think […]

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The destructive power of the Euro grows

This week has seen two important developments in the evolution of the Euro. Senior European lawyers have given guidance which many see as indicating the ECB does have the power to create new money to buy up government bonds in the zone, despite heavy German opposition. The Swiss franc, which was linked to the Euro […]

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Debt and deficit

These two simple ideas still seem to cause trouble for some politicians and political commentators. Let’s have another go at explaining where we are. The UK has a large state debt. This is the accumulated borrowings taken out by successive governments to spend more than they collected in taxes over many years. These borrowings do […]

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Energy prices

Mr Miliband is getting what he asked for. He wanted an energy price freeze for heating and lighting our homes. This is now happening. In the meantime wholesale energy prices on world markets have been falling, as the price of oil falls. Mr Miliband now wants to see price cuts. The problem is, his former […]

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The burden of debts

If you look at the total burden of debt in any given country you need to look at the borrowings of the state, of private individuals and of private sector companies. Inspection of total debt figures reveals that Euroland is considerably more indebted as a proportion of its income than the USA.(450% versus 300%). Japan […]

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Deflation? Not in most of the world.

There is a new fear abroad. There is the fear of deflation gripping the world economy in its icy hands. So is deflation terrible? And is it likely? I suggest the fears are being overdone. Deflation means a general fall in the price level of a country or currency zone, not a fall in some […]

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Free speech

As a freedom lover, and as an MP, I support free speech. As a moderator of this site and as a legislator, I appreciate there do have to be legal limits to free speech. Today I invite you to explore what limits should be placed on this crucial right. I invite you to do so […]

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Who should attend the leaders’ debates?

The media and media quangos are finding it difficult to decide who should be part of this year’s leaders’ debates for the General Election. The easiest version would be a debate between Labour and Conservative. This would pit the two main contenders for the job of Prime Minister against each other without the intervention of […]

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