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Grammar schools

John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): There is a happy consensus well hidden in this debate. All parties in the House believe that education is of huge importance, and we all want the best possible education for every child in our country. We also accept that the state has the main obligation, because most children will need […]

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Government plans to spend £46 bn more this Parliament

Most commentators are going on about the £23bn extra spending the Chancellor has proposed based on the spin lines out of the OBR and Treasury. I look at the actual figures in the Green book compared to the March Budget figures.  These show that total managed expenditure will be £46.1bn higher over the  rest of […]

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Autumn Statement

The forecasts could have been worse. The OBR has now raised its forecast for growth in 2016 to 2.1%. That’s a higher figure than prior to the referendum vote. The OBR has also confirmed that it does not expect a  recession this winter following the vote to leave the EU, despite the Treasury and Bank […]

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EU political tensions

The last polls allowed before the Italian referendum point to a defeat for Mr Renzi and the government he leads. He wishes to concentrate power in a single chamber of the Italian Parliament and make it easier for him to direct reform and keep a majority in place for his proposals. He has promised or […]

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Spare us the foolishly pessimistic forecasts

Today the Treasury will throw in the towel over its stupidly pessimistic forecasts for the UK economy this year. I expect them to come  round to my view-and their view in March – that the UK econony will grow at least 2% this year, the fastest of the G7. They should also recognise that next […]

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Who is against the world establishment, and why?

The left are keen to redefine the Brexit voters and the Trump voters as part of the world’s poor, left behind by the shiny new globalisation mainly left of centre governments like the US and France have brought them. They say they get it. Apparently the UK’s wish to be independent was no more than […]

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Central Banks cause recessions

I have often tried to explain that the Fed, Bank of England and ECB made two grave errors over the last decade or so. Most commentators now agree that they were too lax in their requirements for cash and capital for the commercial banks in the period up to 2008. Quite a few of us […]

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The Pope condemns wall building

The Pope this year has made clear his dislike of border walls and fences. He has urged politicians to build bridges, not walls. He has never named individual countries or politicians that he has in mind. Looking at what is going on, this has been a big past year for new wall and fence building. […]

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Obama’s farewell tour

When he was first elected President Obama had huge political goodwill around the world. Many wished him well and were excited by his personal story. I liked the promise of a new approach to international relations. I particularly liked his pledge to close Guantanamo Bay, a blot on the Western conscience, and his wish to […]

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The Talk your country down show

UK consumers have given the best possible answer to all the experts, media pundits and BBC guests invited on to show after show daily since the Brexit vote to talk the UK economy down. We have gone out and shopped for Britain, buying things made here, enjoying services provided by UK businesses, and creating jobs […]

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