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UK membership of NATO

To me the Treaty we signed to help establish NATO is a model international agreement. It is short, straight forward, and preserves our freedom for independent action. Any party may leave the Treaty Agreement one year after giving notice. When NATO is considering taking action each member state can determine how and whether  it wishes to […]

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What is the single market?

Many of the people who tell me we must stay in the single market are usually unable to define it. Before deciding what our relationship with it should be, it is first important to understand it. I was given several difficult jobs in government that I would not have asked for but was prepared to […]

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More infrastructure

The government will want to step up the pace of providing more homes, roadspace, rail capacity, electricity generation, broadband and other essentials for economic growth and industrial recovery. They may also allow a bit more borrowing at current very low rates to speed it up. There are plenty of schemes we require and networks we need […]

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Brexit recession postponed – UK retail sales boom

In July UK retail sales rose by 5.9% on a year earlier, and were 1.4% up on June. If Brexit was going to have an impact on consumer confidence it would have been in the five weeks immediately following the vote, when a proportion of Remain voters were very unhappy and shocked by the result. […]

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Labour attacks its own privatisation of the NHS

Owen Smith’s drive to the left and search for popularity has brought him to one of Labour’s oldest scare tactics – claiming the Tories have a secret plan to privatise the NHS. Labour have claimed this every time the Conservatives are in government, and every time we fight a General election. During the long periods […]

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Claimant count falls in July post Brexit vote – another gloomy forecast bites the dust

The latest excellent figures for employment and jobs include the good news that in July the claimant count fell further. All those who shifted their forecast of job losses from the uncertainty of run up to the vote to the immediate aftermath of the vote have been proved wrong on both counts.

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Buying bonds cuts state debt- though so far they will not admit it

Japan, the Eurozone, the USA and the UK have all run programmes to buy up state debts through Central Bank action. In each case they buy the bond, but keep it, pretending that the state still owes the money. They find a way of accounting for the fact that they pay the interest due on […]

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The Labour leadership

In my piece about the contest, I asked what was the point if Mr Smith ended up offering more or less the same policies as Mr Corbyn? The answer from the Owen Smith campaign is he can win an election to carry them out, whereas Mr Corbyn cannot. Today a poll is published (BMG Research). […]

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Olympic medals and Brexit

Fewer UK medals at the Olympics was one of the small number of  bad forecasts Remain did not get round to making in the event of a Brexit vote. That was a good thing for them, as UK athletes are excelling themselves in Rio.  Nor did the  Leave campaign  claim there would  be more medals once we voted […]

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Economic crises are often generated by the authorities

My life so far has been punctuated by recessions and economic crises. These have usually been caused by a mixture of wrong government policy and poor Central banking. After all, between them government and the Central Bank wield enormous power to boost output and jobs, or to control inflation and excessive credit. The problem is, […]

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