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How to reduce the uncertainties of Brexit.

Yesterday in the Commons I spoke of the need to reduce the uncertainties and disagreements following the vote to leave the EU. Business is right to chide politicians to be more precise and to reduce the worries they have There are three main ways to do this. The first is to rule out the need […]

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Protecting employees

There was general agreement in the Leave campaign that on departure from the EU all employee rights that are in EU law should be retained as good UK law. When we researched what was entailed, it became apparent that Labour and Conservative governments had pioneered rights which subsequently the EU took up, or had gone […]

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Don’t the Treasury know the referendum debate is over?

According to the Times someone in the Treasury thinks the UK could be a lot worse off outside the single or internal market. They have put some more figures into the Times that make some bits of Project Fear look quite modest. What is the point of putting out silly figures that bear no relationship […]

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What should we do about big business?

There is a notable anti big business mood in the advanced world’s political winds. In the USA both Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump wish to see major changes to the behaviour of large corporations. Mrs Clinton wants to regulate them more, intervene more in health care, and tax them more. Mr Trump wishes to limit […]

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False narratives

I find I have to spend a lot of my time explaining why so many of the conventional views, pumped out by the establishment institutions in the UK, are false narratives. I am going to do an occasional item on these. The latest false narrative is that the pound has fallen owing to Mrs May’s […]

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The CBI and the EU

Yesterday’s letter from the CBI was a general cry from the heart that they might not enjoy the influence and access to government they think they ought to have. I suspect they will find with the new government much as they have with other past governments that they will have access to put legitimate points […]

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Advising government on Brexit

I have a simple answer to the government on seeking advice on Brexit. They should not seek advice from consultants who were urging us to stay in until June 23rd, who want to charge the taxpayer a lot of money for their advice, and who have not read and understood the many documents which have […]

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Who should lead UKIP now, and what does it believe in?

The extraordinary resignation of a recently elected leader, and the much debated dispute between two MEPs, has created much media interest in who might both win the leadership and then do the job. As some enthusiastic UKIP supporters regularly write in here I am offering them today the chance to tell us who they want […]

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Mrs May and big business

I see today the CBI are worried about their relationship with the new government. I wish to make it clear that I fully support Mrs May’s view that some businesses have to improve the way they behave. Many of us have been concerned by the behaviour of some senior business people towards their employees, and […]

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An “independent Bank” is not necessarily a wise Bank

The myth of Bank of England independence is not just wrong, but it is also damaging. By calling the Bank independent, people want to endow it with an authority and wisdom that it often does not possess. The false narrative implies that all politicians and the Treasury some of them lead is by definition biased, […]

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