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What a farce the EU makes of our laws

  This week Parliament has tried to sort out a serious legislative mess of the EU’s making. This is no way to run a serious country.  The European Court of Justice recently struck down a European Directive on Data Retention. This Directive, agreed to by the last Labour government, had been faithfully transposed into UK law. […]

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Reshuffle blues?

  There was some good news in the reshuffle. Mr Hague’s decision to leave Parliament next May means we now have a Foreign Secretary who has stated he wants out of the EU if we do not get a much better deal. That is a better stance for our negotiation, and encouraging that he agrees […]

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Why did self assessment Income Tax decline so much at the 50% rate?

  In 2008-9, well into the financial crisis, the UK state raised £22.5 billion in Self Assessment Income Tax, with a top rate of 40%. The following year, the last year at 40%, saw another £21.7bn collected. The 50% rate then introduced was assumed by the Treasury to yield a lot more self assessment income […]

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Reshuffles can go wrong

  Past Prime Ministers have often been damaged by their  reshuffles. The reason is simple. There is no sensible personnel function for Ministers in modern government. It begins with the failure to map the interests, experience and qualifications of the talent pool, the MPs and peers available for appointment. It is worsened by those who may […]

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State debt and the Bank of England

  Today I want to concentrate on the narrower definition of the nation’s debts – the £1300 billion of official borrowing in the name of the nation that gets measured in the international comparisons, some 80% of GDP. This excludes the  public sector pension deficits, the semi nationalised bank liabilities and the private finance guarantees. […]

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Can innovation transform the public sector?

Many parts of the private sector are being changed dramatically by digital technology. If you want to buy a house you can now visit a range of properties on line and see their floor plans and their inside and outside appearance from your home computer. If you want to buy any good or service you […]

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Legislating on communications data

  Next week Parliament will debate a Bill to reaffirm the law on surveillance of communications in the UK. Several constituents have written expressing their concern about this. I am therefore  reproducing beneath the government’s argument on why this measure is needed and how it mainly restates the existing position. As all 3 party leaders […]

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European criminal justice and the sovereignty of the British people

  Yesterday Parliament debated whether to opt back in to 35 of the EU Criminal Justice measures.  We have recently rightly opted out of all 135 measures, as we were entitled do under our version of the centralising Lisbon Treaty. I and others told  Parliament why we do not wish to opt back in to anything. […]

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The ghosts of Hampden,Pym and Eliot should haunt Parliament today

  Members of Parliament are heirs to a great tradition. Some of our predecessors took great personal risks to defend  and extend the liberties of Englishmen and women. They fought to prevent the executive government, the Crown, exercising too much arbitrary power at the expense of the people. Today we need to remember that when  Parliament […]

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Generation rent

  Most people want to own their own home. Today it is too difficult for many young people to do so. How should this be tackled? Some suggest renting is better, more flexible. They usually make these statements from  their  home which they own!  Renting is meant to take the stress of home ownership away, […]

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