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Moderating this website

  A few posters are sending me several very long contributions every day. I am currently very busy with a lot of speeches to make (with travel), work to be done on the English votes campaign, and on EU and economic issues, and media interest. I am finding it difficult to keep up with all […]

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Bloomberg is about national democracies and UK Parliamentary accountability

  The background to the Bloomberg speech, hammered out in a series of private meetings the Prime Minister held with some Conservative MPs, Ministers and his advisers, was a realistic and pessimistic view of the problems facing the present EU. The PM said that three major issues were going to require fundamental EU change. The […]

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UKIP becomes one of those “Westminster parties”

Now UKIP has an MP at Westminster, who has considerable experience of Westminster as a former MP, does this make UKIP one of the “Westminster parties” that are the problem according to UKIP?

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If you don’t like our relationship with the EU, try reading the Bloomberg speech

  Whilst many of you have been praising Mr Carswell for switching parties and getting himself back into Parliament and condemning me for not doing the same, I have been working with like minded Conservative colleagues to get major changes of policy and approach within the Conservative party. People often ask me now what kind […]

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More atrocities in the Caliphate

  Islamic extremist forces have captured more territory and are threatening an important city in the north west. A pilot has recently been brutally beheaded. Thousands are now dead as a result of the extremist uprising, and many thousands more have been thrown out of their homes. The black flag flies in many places proclaiming […]

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No change in by elections

  Today we awake to find that Clacton has the same MP with the same views as it had before the by election, and to find that Labour has once again won the Heywood and Middleton seat. It’s a strange “earthquake” that leaves Parliament with the same voting balance on matters Eurosceptic, and one of […]

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“The devolutionaries”, the BBC and some difficult questions

  You can rely on the BBC to side with the Lib Dems against England. Sure enough they are advertising a programme to chart the support they detect  for devolution of power to some great English cities. This betrays a lack of  understanding of why we need English votes for English issues now – the devolution […]

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Growth,money and banks

  Recent poor figures from Germany show that the Euro malaise has spread to the motor economy of the zone. Growth remains very slow and unemployment high in many countries within the single currency area.  Money growth is almost non existent, confidence  levels are low and  new credit constrained. The European Central Bank is putting […]

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Conflict resolution and the politics of identity.

Trying to help settle Iraq, Syria and Libya is proving very problematic for the west. The politics of identity and religious loyalty is always complex and can become violent  if governments fail to carry enough of their people with them. Perhaps we should  remember the UK’s  difficult experiences in Northern Ireland. No-one then suggested escalating the […]

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How should you describe the Lib Dems?

  Dr Cable effectively accused Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne of lying about future tax and spend plans. I would be interested in how you would describe this statement from the Lib Dem Manifesto of 2010: “We will scrap unfair university tuition fees for all students taking their first degrees, including those who study part […]

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