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The Kiev government should undertake no more shelling of its own citizens

  It was good news that at last the Kiev government and the pro Russia separatists in east Ukraine agreed a ceasefire and decided they needed to talk to each other. Reports suggest at least 2500 people have been killed so far in this civil war, and many more have been cast out of their homes […]

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How the rest of the UK would have to negotiate with Scotland

If the Yes campaign does succeed in winning the referendum  the following issues amongst others have to be sorted out.   The rest of the UK should make clear in the negotiations with Scotland that 1. Scotland cannot remain part of the pound sterling nor have a stake in the Bank of England 2. Scottish […]

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The Death of Britain?

  In 1999 I wrote a book called “The Death of Britain?”. It argued that Labour’s devolution policy was likely to split the country up. It also said that Labour’s passion to put us under EU control would destroy our democracy. Boris reminded me of it yesterday in his article which referred to it. The […]

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If Scotland votes Yes… the UK Parliament needs to change the roles of Scottish MPs

  I have always assumed Scotland will stay in  the Union. I have defended Scotland’s right to make this decision and have stayed away from their hustings as Conservatives have been advised to do. I would be happy for them to remain in our country. I have also said we only want them to remain […]

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Housing benefits and lost votes

  On  Friday the Conservative party was defeated three times in the House of Commons over a Bill to amend housing benefits. A Liberal Democrat MP with the full support of Liberal Democrat Ministers proposed substantial  changes to Housing Benefits without the agreement of Conservative Ministers. Conservative Ministers asked the Conservative Parliamentary party to vote […]

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Securing our borders

  One of the compelling reasons the UK needs a new relationship with the EU and needs to be outside the current Treaties is the lack of control we now have over our welfare system and  borders. The news this week that Calais cannot cope with all the illegal migrants who wish to come to the […]

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Diplomacy and politics are better than wars

  Diplomacy is an up market kind of politics. It is smart talking paid for by the state and directed by politicians.  Today both politics and diplomacy are derided by many, condemned by cynics as lying at the public expense. I want to make the case for them both. Done well they are the means […]

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UK ports and another EU power grab

  Yesterday morning a group of MPs met in Committee Room 14 to discuss the EU’s plans to take control over all the main ports in the EU, establishing by direct EU regulation their right to determine how they are run and how they charge. This is one of many such scrutiny committees that have […]

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Great brands and great men

  For many years Tesco sold people the groceries they wanted. Tesco’s market share went up and up. Profits and dividends rose whilst prices remained competitive. Sir Terry Leahy presided over a huge success. For many years  Manchester United built up a reputation for being the best or one of the best clubs in the Premier […]

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Higher rates, less revenue – the agony of UK finances

  In the peak year under Labour an 18% Capital Gains Tax rate brought in £7.8 billion of revenue. Last year a 28% rate brought in just £3.9 billion, a fall of 50%. In the peak year under Labour with  a 40% highest rate, Income Tax brought in £22.5bn from self assessment Income Tax. Last […]

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