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The Palace of Westminster

I was one of the MPs who needed persuading that the Houses of Parliament needs a thorough overhaul and refit such that we need to move out for several years and spend many billions of pounds on the buildings. I understand that wiring, plumbing and other services need replacing or updating from time to time. […]

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Cleaner air

There is a growing mood in favour of cleaner air. There is general agreement that the air in city centres like London needs urgent action to clean it up. In the centres of our Thames Valley towns there is also room for improvement. Some are already blaming the diesel car as the main cause and […]

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Taxing whilst promoting growth

Most people’s definition of the rich is someone better off than themselves. The millionaire feels poor in the company of billionaires. Clearly, someone who has a decent home they own and sufficient invested capital to  be able to pay their bills for the rest of their lives without needing to take a paid job is […]

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Who are the rich?

If we are going to develop a better approach to taxing the better off, we first have to decide who is better off. One of the most difficult issues which tax policy has to face is the relationship between capital assets and income.  How do we feel about people who are asset rich but income […]

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Taxing the rich.

Here’s a surprise. I agree with the three main political parties  in the UK that we have to tax the rich. They are right to say most of the tax has to be paid by those with the higher incomes and with more assets.  All three main parties have been living high on rhetoric about taxing […]

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Some of you want to talk about Syria and want to know why I have not written about it. The main purpose of this website is to raise issues I am pursuing for constituents and for the wider nation. The aim is not to mirror the concerns of the media all the time, or to […]

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The curious case of the Scottish economy

Before the EU referendum the Scottish economy was growing far more slowly than the UK as a whole. From the 2008 crash to 2015 the Scottish economy only advanced by 4% in cash terms, compared to 23% for the UK. Since the referendum the Scottish economy has continued to underperform. On the latest figures the […]

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Rail capacity

The modern railway is based on a cruel paradox. Some of its routes into the main cities are too popular at peak times, with overcrowding.  The commuters are made to pay premium prices for what can be an inferior service. Many other routes have too few passengers, and those who do travel often benefit from […]

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School holidays and parent power

The Supreme Court upheld the law which states parents must send their children to school during term time unless they are ill or are being home educated to an agreed standard and programme. Some think this is an unreasonable interference with parents who may have other ways to bring up their children. They believe children […]

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Conspiracy theories and the EU talks

Some are writing in stating that Mrs May is making concessions before the formal talks begin and complaining about this. The Prime Minister’s approach is to make major statements of her position in the form of speeches or press conferences and statements to the Commons. Her position on EU matters is as defined  by the […]

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