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The sad costs of death – Improving Tell Us Once.

Tell Us Once is a great idea. It looks as if the government wants to help the relatives of those who have just died, and to be efficient at the same time.  I recently suggested it does not work out like that. Today I wish to explain a bit more of the details. The first […]

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What should a charity do?

Many charities do good work, helping people who need support and assistance.Educational charities provide some great education and assist the many who cannot afford fees where payment is required. Health and wellbeing charities offer the extras beyond those that can be afforded from the NHS and benefits system. There are some other charities that see […]

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The missing agenda

The government used conference to announce a few modest policies and spending plans. There was the much promoted ban on employers deducting money from tips, the freeze on fuel duty, £2 m for the Midlands Engine Partnership, a welcome £240 m extra for social care, future guidance on the maximum time young people should spend […]

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“A once in a generation decision”

The UK government sent every household a leaflet about the EU referendum. It has as its headline ” A once in a generation decision”. There was no mention of two votes or a second chance to decide. Nor do we need a second ballot. It said about the decision to stay or leave “This is […]

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A new vision for Conservatism – the party of higher pay and lower taxes

This will be part of what I say today at the Politeia meeting at Conference: As we leave the EU it falls to the Conservative party to set out a new vision for our country. We voted leave to belong to a confident outward looking UK, trading with the whole world, with friends in all […]

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The problems with socialism

Some socialists start with the best of intentions. They say, let’s pass a law to cut the prices of basics so people can be better off. If they do it too much businesses stop providing the goods and supermarket shelves empty. They say, let’s tax the rich more to give money to the poor. If […]

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It’s not just in time for the customer

For the last forty years I have bought UK manufactured cars, ordering a new one to replace an older vehicle at regular intervals. I have always found plenty of choice and usually liked the products I have bought. I do, however, find the UK based industry’s continued arguments about Just in time bizarre. As I […]

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Just in time production

Let me remind people about Just in time (JIT). I have run JIT systems for a UK factory. Our complex supply chain included components coming in from non EU sources as well as from EU sources. There were no special problems with the non EU components. The supply chain included components coming long distance by […]

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Will the government confirm it is not planning new barriers at the ports to delay components coming in?

The Business Secretary should reassure Toyota and others there are no plans for new delays at our ports once we have left the EU. The UK should want to continue to offer every help to get imported parts in to meet production schedules.

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Digital services

Many people like their smart phones and small computers. Many large companies are keen to get us to transact on the internet, pressing us to bank on line, have on line accounts for our utilities, to shop on line and receive advice on line. There is a pressure to go further, with more robo advice, […]

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