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The economics of leaving on March 29, 2019 with no Withdrawal Agreement

The economic gains and problems with 29 March 2019 departure from the EU Gains: Fiscal stimulus Positive second round effects of affordable tax cuts Advantages from extra public spending Lower tariffs on non EU trade Confidence boost from ending Brexit uncertainty Substitution effect for home production as a result of tariffs on EU sales into […]

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A reply to the Minister on the World at One

The Minister defending the government’s line said on the World at One that Conservative MPs who planned to vote against the Agreement did not understand it and had not thought it through. Let me reassure him that I and my colleagues have read and thought about it in great detail, and have thought through the […]

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“Conservative MPs have to tell the whips this morning how they will vote” – BBC

That’s news to me. More fake news? In case Mrs May is in any doubt, I will be voting against the Withdrawal Agreement!

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It is Mrs May’s Agreement that would create the uncertainty

Mrs May’s surrender Agreement is not a deal. It is a requirement for us to enter months and months of possibly fruitless talks, with the UK’s future on hold and uncertainty maximised. Just leaving on 29 March as she originally promised would end the uncertainty and allow us to get on with our lives freed […]

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Dont think the Withdrawal Agreement would just cost £39 bn

Most of us in the debate have accepted the Treasury estimate of the costs of the Withdrawal Agreement. However, there are no figures in the Agreement and certainly no cash limits on what we would have to pay. The readiness of the Remain establishment to use the £39 bn figure should be cause for concern. […]

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There is an alternative to Mrs May’s plan – leave in March 2019

Mrs May’s plan is not leaving the EU, but staying in for many more months, and buying the most expensive talks in history with more than £39bn of our money. So the alternative is easy to explain and define. It is to leave in March 2019 in accordance with the EU Withdrawal Act and in […]

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Amber Rudd undermines the Prime Minister

It is open to backbenchers and members of the public to be as critical of Mrs May’s plan as we like and to propose an alternative. Those MPs who decide to stay in the Cabinet have to defend Mrs May’s position, which is her deal is the only proposal worth considering. This early move in […]

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I have more confidence in the government than Ministers do

Ministers fanned out yesterday to spread gloom and doom around the country about what will happen if we just leave next March. It was a poor version of Project Fear, without even any novelty to amuse connoisseurs of this most popular political genre. We were told that the ports will jammed by our own Customs […]

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My speech during the debate on the European Union (Withdrawal) Act, 5 December 2018 (edited)

Almost two and a half years have now passed since the people spoke in the referendum. It was the largest democratic vote in our history. The people voted in very large numbers to take back control of our laws, our money and our borders, and to reclaim the lost sovereignty of the United Kingdom electorate. […]

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ERG members and the vote

I was not present at the meeting I read about between the ERG and the Chief Whip as I was speaking on the advantages of leaving when the meeting was said to have taken place. It is quite clear there is no UK Parliamentary fix that the government could offer to make the Agreement acceptable. […]

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