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The wider message

Quite often contributors write in asking why I don’t publish my views more widely, or even suggesting this site is a way of keeping things unpublished! I always explain that this site is designed to publish the views for those interested, including the media. This week has seen me write different articles on the general […]

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That Treaty deficit – Maastricht and austerity

This week I have written a bit about the severe austerity policies followed in parts of the Eurozone, and pointed out the impact these have had directly and indirectly on UK policy. The results were obviously at their most damaging when we were in the Exchange Rate Mechanism and had to hike interest rates at […]

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Visit of Floods Minister

On Friday night Therese Coffey, the Parliamentary Undersecretary of State at the Environment Department responsible for flood protection, was the guest at the Wokingham annual Conservative dinner. Whilst it was mainly an enjoyable occasion, I was able to remind her that there is outstanding business for the Environment Agency to help improve Wokingham’s flood resilience. […]

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Membership of the EU has damaged our economy and undermined the reputation of many economists

European Union membership has done considerable damage to the UK economy and to the reputations of the many economists who have slavishly recommended its economic ways. It has directly caused a major recession in the early 1990s in the UK, thanks to its European Exchange Rate Mechanism scheme. It aided and abetted the banking crash […]

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The Italian referendum

The polls say Mr Renzi, the Italian Prime Minister, will lose his referendum. He has been seeking a way to ensure that his party, whose Democrat party  polled just 25% of the vote in the last election, can form a majority government in  the Chamber of Deputies and not have to worry about the other […]

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No need to pay anything to the EU for allowing them free access to UK market

I think Mr Davis was carefully trying to avoid ruling anything in or out in his answer, in accordance with stated government policy of not revealing the negotiating position until the talks begin.   I see no need to offer any continuing contributions to the EU. Isn’t it odd the way some in the media […]

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Prosperity, not austerity

Yesterday I published proposals for a new UK economic policy through Politeia. I set out why I think Brexit is a great opportunity to promote more UK growth. The freedoms we gain will enable the UK government to follow policies friendlier to jobs and domestic output. One of the big themes I suggest is to […]

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Better transport

The government’s quest for a higher productivity economy needs to stop at the railway and the roads budget. Getting around the country is difficult, with too much traffic congestion and delay, and with too few rail seats and fast trains on commuter lines at busy times of day.  We have too little road space for […]

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What does Le Pen propose?

I preface this post by reminding people I do not support any  candidate or party in the forthcoming election,  but think we do need to know more about Le Pen given her popularity in current polls. The NF website in France is critical of the EU, seeing it as a source of unemployment and too […]

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Cuba and the USA

US GDP per capita $56000 per head Cuba GDP per head $6000   Why do some people think dictator Castro did a good job?

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