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Aleppo and Mosul

Pity the poor people of Aleppo and Mosul. Pity the poor children. Our hearts go out to those who face the bombs and bullets, and try to survive in such war torn cities. The west is rightly united in condemning the atrocities in Aleppo. The UK Foreign Office has made clear its fury, stating that […]

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The Court case about Article 50

I have found it difficult to take the Court case seriously, but I am assured by many clever people it is entirely serious and is part of the complex argument over how we leave the EU. To me it is no part of the Courts’ remit to tell Parliament what we do and do not […]

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Let’s get on with it

It was good news this week that the Brexit Secretary told us the UK will want a migration policy that is open to talent, skills and entrepreneurship once we have taken back control. He also reaffirmed the Prime Minister’s view that we do need to have our own policy under UK powers, not a policy […]

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The European Investment Bank

Yesterday I was asked onto the BBC World at One to explain how the UK will manage if we lose access to EIB loans. This was a rehash of a story Remain used in the referendum campaign. Sir Brian Unwin did the usual thing of trying to undermine the UK position by telling us how […]

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The BBC try to make so many current affairs programmes a re run of the referendum debate

The BBC seem caught in a time warp. So often their idea of news is based on reheating old Remain stories and lines from the referendum debate. We have had to go back through the debate about early recession, late recession, property crash, loss of tax revenue and the rest that were exhaustively discussed during […]

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Blog postings

I am extremely busy with Parliament back in full swing. Some are sending in too many very long posts, or posts with references to other sites and non official sources which need checking. In order to catch up with the backlog I will have to delete some very long pieces or pieces with unknown references, […]

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Level crossings

Network Rail doesn’t like level crossings. They are difficult to manage, and present a danger to travellers if they are abused. They are a weak link onto the railway line, where the rest of the line is usually fortified or protected to prevent casual access. Local communities often do not like level crossings either. In […]

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Closing Calais

The French authorities say they will be closing the Calais camp in a few days time. They have a lot of work to do in the meantime, to find out who is there, what rights they have to stay or to work or to receive an education in the EU and how their futures should […]

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Free trade deals

We can only negotiate free trade deals with the USA, China, Brazil, India, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia and the others if we leave the EU and its internal market. If we stay part of the customs union or if we stay in the EU we are banned from even discussing freer trade with these […]

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Why do the SNP think leaving the UK single market is a good idea?

If Scotland wishes to be independent then it needs to leave the UK. That means ending the supremacy of UK law and taking back control of its own laws, borders, money and currency. I am happy for Scotland to stay in our Union and glad they voted to do so. If they truly want to […]

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