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Getting on in the world

The government’s  economic policy has  allowed the economy to generate many new jobs. Many more families now have at least one income earner. The best way to cut the welfare bill is to help people get a job. The best way to cut  public spending is to help the creation of many more better paid […]

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Has Mr Clegg said No to English votes for English issues?

It appears that Mr Clegg and the Lib Dems are as determined as Labour to deny England any justice on our lop sided devolution settlement. Rumour has it that they turned down Mr Hague’s request to join Conservatives in voting through English votes for English issues. If they would add their votes to ours we […]

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Homes and mortgages

  At the peak in 2007 130,000 mortgages a month were being issued. House prices were rising, new buyers came into the market. The rise in interest rates and the credit crunch which the authorities organised in 2008-9 changed all that. Banks had to throttle back on new loans. Some individuals struggled to meet their […]

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The rise and rise of the SNP?

  The latest polls from Scotland all show the same picture. The Labour vote has fallen substantially, and the SNP vote has risen in its place. One poll on a small sample (YouGov) goes so far as to show the SNP on 42% and Labour as low as 27%.  This accentuates the move more than […]

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Big business and the Euro

  When I was committed to arguing the case to keep the UK out of the Euro I found the interventions of senior corporate representatives of some large multinationals  far from helpful. Some car companies  for example were in those days committed to our membership of the Euro. They   told us we should  join otherwise it would adversely affect their investment […]

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Northern speed

  I am all in favour of better transport links to speed faster growth in the northern cities. I look forward to reading an appraisal of the various options for the Leeds/Manchester routes that we hear about this morning. We need a good business appraisal of capacity requirements and the cost of  various options to […]

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The Ukrainian elections do not help resolve the crisis

  Yesterday’s elections in Ukraine did not apparently take place at all in at least 27 seats. The Crimea of course did not go to the polls as it was annexed by Russia. Parts of the Russian speaking east did not vote either, where rebels hold sway and where it was thought too difficult to […]

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Who is sovereign? That “Ship money” moment?

  Parliament in the UK established its power  by insisting that it should approve taxation before it was imposed by the King or Queen. When the Crown needed more money it had to summons Parliament. Parliament insisted on the redress of its grievances before voting the monarch the money he wanted. The fact that Kings and Queens  had […]

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The Bank shifts its ground on QE

  The explanations of the purpose of QE and its method working have changed over the years of its use. In the second quarter of 2009, explaining why it had embarked on a large £200 bn programme of QE, the Bank said: “The introduction of large scale asset purchase using central bank money or QE […]

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The UK should decline to pay the extra EU tax

The answer is No. We do not impose extra tax on people for past years after the year is settled. Nor do we intend to pay them.

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