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Why is the USA so much richer than the EU?

  We are always told the  EU model is the best in the world, combining free enterprise to deliver the goods with bigger government to enforce redistribution and social justice. We are told by many that this model gives us all a better lifestyle. We are told that the wonderful single market provides the driver […]

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3 good reasons why NATO must say NO to the Ukraine

  The Ukraine’s application to join NATO on the eve of the NATO summit is an unhelpful intervention in global politics. We were told by the EU and others that the EU wished to sign an Association Agreement with the Ukraine to promote more trade and friendship. It was not for military purposes. The Agreement […]

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The words of Douglas Carswell and political correctness

  Let me take as my text today some words of Douglas Carswell. I know how much some of my readers admire him. I will take words he has written since deciding to join UKIP, as some of you seem to object to quoting anything he said before this week. “I am not against immigration”. […]

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A new Clerk for the Commons

  Having annoyed many you yesterday by explaining why I do want a referendum on the EU and how we would get that , let me have another go today at winding some of  you up by telling you the background to the appointment of a new Clerk. The Clerk elect for the Commons was chosen […]

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Mr Carswell

  Today I know many of you will want to post on this topic whatever I write, so let me give you the heading you want to let you say what you wish. I have little to say on the topic. I find Mr Carswell’s timing curious. We have moved the Conservative party to say […]

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Mr Salmond “wins” the debate to keep Scotland dependent

  I watched the Darling/Salmond debate on Monday. It made grim and repetitious watching. According to the polls and pundits Mr Salmond “won”. He did so by failing to answer some questions, and by taking a very  passive or conservative line on the things that matter. Would this brave heart champion of Scottish independence like […]

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The EU helps get rid of two more governments

  The EU is a destructive force in European politics. I have lost count of how many governments have been toppled by the economic policies the Euro demands. The French government is the latest casualty, with President Hollande dismissing his Ministers following the opposition of some of them to the austerity policies they are forced […]

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Students and migration – Evan Davis asks good questions

  Mr Davis asked a couple of good questions yesterday on the Today programme. Faced with Michael Heseltine saying student numbers should be left out of the net migration statistics, he asked him how this would make any difference, as in a steady state the same number leave their courses at their end as start courses […]

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Is the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant our only enemy now?

  There is huge danger in the west’s rush to oversimplify the complex civil wars in the Middle East. I share the western revulsion at the way an American journalist was murdered by a representative of ISIL. Like others I am appalled to see reports of people killed or removed from their homes by ISIL […]

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Why does the EU like new products to perform worse than older ones?

  Whilst most of the media and many people are worried and thinking about war and peace in the Middle East and Ukraine, up pops the EU with its latest idea. It has banned powerful vacuum cleaners. Why? If people want to buy them and manufacturers wish to make them, why shouldn’t they? Has the […]

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