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Why austerity policies may not work in the Eurozone

The Eurozone’s disciplines have been nicknamed the politics of austerity for good reason. Each state is meant to keep its budget deficit down to 3% of GDP – way below the large cyclical deficits the UK, US and other single currency areas allowed themselves in the great recession. Each state is meant to keep its […]

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Clever politics may be bad government on student loans

It was inevitable that this very political Labour party would want to expose the student loan issue to offer maximum embarrassment to the Liberal democrats in the run up to the election. Sure enough on cue and probably on schedule- after leaks alleging delays – Labour yesterday launched its price cut for university courses, cutting […]

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Austerity policies

Yesterday I gave a lecture at Reading University. I asked the question, does austerity work as an economic policy? Why do the IMF and the Euro area favour austerity programmes for countries in trouble? Do they succeed in rescuing countries by these means? Austerity is a wide ranging word, not a precise term of economics. […]

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Yesterday I joined a debate at Local Government House on devolution, with the Greens, Lib Dems and Labour. I explained how the grant of powers to the Scottish Parliament, promised for early in the next Parliament, necessitates justice for England. I reminded them that if Scotland is to settle her own income tax, there is […]

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Greece says enough – for the time being

It was little surprise that Greece’s late response to the demand for details of how they will run their budget was accepted yesterday by the Euro group. The Greek state government committed itself to change tax codes to raise more money from the better off, and to find ways to improve tax collection and enforcement. […]

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Fairness between the generations

Some commentators wish to stir a battle between the generations. The young have their advocates, telling us the baby boomers now reaching retirement have done too well at the expense of others. They point to high house prices making it difficult for first time buyers, and high rents sometimes paid to buy to let landlords […]

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The death of democracy in Greece?

It is one of those ironies of history that democracy should be under such pressure in the European country commonly claimed to be its birthplace. The most recent Greek election and the battles over Greek policy within the Euro have been about whether national democracy is compatible with the single currency. It appears it is […]

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Germany and Greece both lose

As expected, Germany blinked and Homer nodded. The Germans had to agree to more money being lent to Greece whilst they have the proper argument about what the future should hold. The European Central Bank continues to bail out Greece via emergency assistance to its banking system. There is a delay in implementing all the […]

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45p income rate brings in much more revenue

The Treasury official figures said putting the 50p tax rate down to 45p would entail a loss of £100m of tax revenue. Instead, as some of us forecast, it has led to a surge in additional tax. Self assessed income tax reached £22.5bn in 2008-9 when the top rate was 40%. In 2011-12 it was […]

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The decline of Capital Gains Tax

London property prices are at new highs. UK share prices have been hitting new decade long highs. Property and unquoted shares around the country have risen in value considerably. It is curious therefore to see a further slump in Capital Gains Tax receipts in the latest January figures. January is the big month for the […]

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