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Spending £4 trillion

Listening to some people about the Autumn Statement, it appears you don’t get much for £4 trillion these days. That’s the amount the government plans to spend in the five years of this current Parliament. They aim to increase total spending by 8.7%, comparing 2019-20 with 2015-16. That’s why we hear endless arguments about cuts […]

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Big surge in tax revenue forecast – £105.2 billion this Parliament

The Autumn Statement forecasts higher tax revenues in every year of this Parliament compared with the March 2015 budget. In total the new estimates show us paying an extra £105 billion in tax over the five years, with increases of 4% in tax revenue compared to March forecast in both 2017-18 and 2018-19, with smaller […]

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Big increase in spending – £155 bn more this Parliament than March 2015 budget

The big surprise in the Statement is a large further increase in spending on top of the substantial increases announced in the June budget. In June the Chancellor raised the total spending planned for this Parliament  by £70 billion. In this Autumn Statement he has raised it by another £86 billion. Current year spending goes […]

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Who are the West’s enemies in the Middle East?

I have read enough to know how little I understand about the complex theological and political struggles within Islam, and about the large number of differing terrorist groups operating in the wider Middle East. I do not speak or read Arabic and have not read enough  of the literature or history of these  very different […]

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Defending the UK

The Defence Review answers some of the criticisms  bloggers on this site have made in recent years. The order for new fast stealth fighter jets has been increased, meaning the new aircraft carriers will have planes to fly from them. The maritime reconnaissance role will be served by  new planes, after a gap in UK capability. […]

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Brexit would be such sweet change

The EU is something which happens to us daily. It means laws we do not want, bills we do not want to pay. Those who urge us to stay in are usually the rich few older men who gave done well out of the EU themselves. A narrow elite of believers has been given the […]

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Does Syria need more bombs?

I am no pacifist. If a terrorist is about to  fire on us or about to blow us up, I am all in favour of our uniformed services shooting him. If a foreign power is about to invade us I support us having formidable fire power by air and sea to prevent or deter  the […]

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Carry on spending! How will the Chancellor spend the extra £69bn a year by the end of this Parliament?

Next week’s Autumn Statement is about how to divide up the planned overall increases in public spending. Just to remind readers, the Chancellor plans to lift total public spending from £735 bn last year to £804 bn by the end of this Parliament.  That’s a total rise of £69 bn in cash terms. Inflation is […]

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Would you lend to Portugal and pay them for the privilege?

This week Portugal managed to borrow one year money at a negative interest rate. Yes, that’s right. The lender has to pay a small sum for the privilege of lending to Portugal. You have had to pay Germany for the privilege of lending to her more often in recent months and over longer term loans,  […]

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Electricity is all a gas.

The long awaited speech from the Energy and Climate Change Secretary arrived yesterday. It does represent a shift in thinking, to give greater prominence to security of supply and price compared to controlling carbon dioxide. The government still has the three aims of enough power, cheaper power, and less CO2. Past governments have found it […]

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