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The UK will be more secure outside the EU

The security of the UK rests primarily on the vigilance, hard work and success of its own people. Outside the EU the UK will be freer and more prosperous, freed of the EU taxes and rules that hold us back. Our main defence will be strong, based on the UK military and our continuing membership […]

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Influence, power and sovereignty – Please understand the difference.

Influence is the ability of a country to work with others to move world policy in its preferred direction, and to gain advantage from the actions of others. Power is a country’s ability on its own to do things or to make others do things because it has authority, leads world bodies, has military power, […]

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What does the convoluted EU renegotiation prose mean?

The EU has not agreed to the UK’s request to cease paying Child Benefit to children of migrants to the UK who do not live in our country. Instead the EU proposes an amendment to Regulation 883/2004 (one of the regulations that prevent us having the welfare system we want). This would give member states […]

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Why travel in a car that needs at least half a dozen emergency brakes?

The government is busy trying to retrofit the EU car with emergency brakes to stop it being driven in a direction the UK does not wish to go. Why not get out of the vehicle and get into our own, and drive it where we wish? The government inherited an effective emergency brake fitted to […]

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A possible right to stop future EU laws if enough countries agree with us

Well there’s a surprise! In future if a majority of EU Parliaments agree, we can stop an EU proposal we don’t like. How does that differ from being able to stop an EU Commission proposal today if we have enough votes around the Council of Ministers table? Not a lot. The only thing that works […]

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Staying in the EU is the risky option

The main problems the Stay in campaign have is they do not like much of the current EU, and can’t tell us how much more centralisation there will be. They seek to argue that the EU is just a trading club. They say they don’t want to join the Euro and the common borders, two […]

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What does Brexit look like? A lot better than staying in.

The Better Stay in Europe campaign only wants to paint gloomy and false pictures of the complexities of Brexit. They have nothing positive to say about belonging to the EU. Out of the EU we will be free to make our own laws and spend our own tax revenues as we see fit. The Leave […]

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Leave must mean leave

Again yesterday when debating on TV BSE just kept the lies flowing that when we leave we will continue to pay money to the EU and accept free movement. Two of the main reasons to leave are to get our money back and to control our own borders. Mexico with a free trade agreement, Canada […]

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Taxing times for Google and others

I am going to break off from the EU exit series for a couple of days to deal with taxation, as there is an ill informed topical debate underway about it. I am publishing this blog for tomorrow early this week-end as some Sunday journalists may find it helpful. There are two major judgements involved […]

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We will be a democracy again if we leave the EU

A fundamental principle of democracy is that one government and Parliament cannot bind another. To ensure the power of the people voters need to be able to dismiss a government that does not please and replace it with one that does. Any law, decision or spending priority that needs changing should be capable of change […]

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