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Public spending

Public spending is forecast to go up a little in cash terms next year and the year after, following the increases proposed in the July budget. As there is currently no CPI inflation and low wage rises in the public sector this means overall a real increase. Total spending is forecast to rise by £12 […]

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Questions to Mr Corbyn over our nationalised railway

I am all in favour of Mr Corbyn’s wish to debate political ideas and policies, and to look again at what we can do to improve the work and achievement of the public sector. One of his flagship policies is his stated wish to nationalise the railways. By this I presume he means he wants […]

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Network Rail gets a huge pay rise

The latest rail subsidy figures show Network Rail was given 7% more in 2014-15 as operating grant compared to the previous year. In addition it received £6.4 billion of Treasury guaranteed/subsidised loans for its capital spending programme. When Parliament returns I will want to ask more questions about value for money, progress with curbing inefficiency, […]

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BBC Charter Review Consultation

I thought you might be interested in my submission to the BBC Review, dealing with their question of how well they serve national audiences. BBC Charter Review Consultation Department for Culture, Media & Sport 100 Parliament Street London SW1A 2BQ 25 August 2015 Dear Sirs I write to submit my views as part of the […]

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Action on migration

  On Tuesday I had a conversation with Mr Brokenshire following his letter to me. He came over as a someone seriously trying to grapple with a genuinely difficult set of problems. I have no doubt he wants to deliver the Prime Minister’s promise of getting net migration down to tens of thousands, and is […]

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The government’s view on controlling immigration

I  have received the enclosed letter from the Immigration Minister about the situation in Calais and the Mediterranean: Dear John ……………….. Security of the UK border is our priority. Basing UK controls in France enables Border Force to stop illegal migrants before they reach our shores. Since 2010, this Government has invested millions of pounds […]

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Network Rail’s ability to destroy investment capital

Last year our equity value of Network Rail fell from £8.18 billion to just £6.39 billion. It is a very small sum for all that land, all those buildings, all that track and signal investment. Worse still, our equity value went down despite the railway spending another £6.47 bn on investment that year. I say […]

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Germany leading or tiring of the EU?

German enthusiasm for a United States of Europe has been a given of the European project. Mrs Merkel is probably allowing herself a little private celebration that once again she has quelled rebels over lending money to Greece and has persuaded her anti bail out Finance Minister to back her and refrain from playing to […]

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Security on trains

Should anything more be done to promote and encourage safety and security on trains? Today’s worrying news makes this a topical question which I would be interested to hear about.

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Network Rail loses £982 million on derivatives

I have pointed out in past years that Network Rail, our nationalised railway industry, is very good at losing large sums of money on trading and owning derivatives. Yesterday I looked at charities close to the state and in receipt of large grants that have made a financial success out of it. Today I want […]

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