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Let’s concentrate on the positive when we leave the EU

I was pleased to read that each department is being asked to plan how it will assist with Brexit. The plans we need from them are not a series of pessimistic forecasts and lists of risks that are most unlikely to come true. What we need is a serious assessment of how we can use […]

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I think the Treasury forecast for the UK was right – in March.

In the March budget the Treasury forecast 2% growth for the UK in 2016 and 2.2% growth in 2017.  The Bank of England and many private sector forecasters were there or there abouts. Then along came the Brexit vote. Many of these official and professional forecasters wanted to remain. Their original forecasts assumed we would […]

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So which EU country demands tariffs on its exports to the UK?

Geert Bourgeois, the Flemish Prime Minister recently said: “There is a growing consensus in EU capitals that it would be fatal mistake to try to ‘punish’ Britain… More and more people now agree that there has to be a ‘soft Brexit.’ “I can’t imagine a situation where we have more barriers on trade in both […]

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NHS costs and revenues

I hear the cost of the NHS and how to pay for it is back on some people’s agendas. Let’s make it clear once more. We Conservatives fought the last election on a pledge to keep NHS treatment free (other than the cross party prescription charges and charges for eye and teeth treatments already introduced). […]

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Russia and Ukraine

There are reports of further tensions in the eastern parts of Ukraine where fighting continues between pro Russian rebel forces and the Ukrainian government military. There are also reports of concentrations of Russia power along the border and in Crimea. This provides a difficult background to Theresa May’s stated intention to improve UK-Russian relations. I […]

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The agony of Syria

The heart wrenching photo of a five year old boy startled and wounded by bombing in Syria has been a wake up call the world of the ugliness and violence of the continuing Syrian civil war. Unfortunately that one boy stands as a symbol for many more children who have been killed or badly wounded […]

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The UK housing market does well post the vote.Even the CBI cheers up a bit

Many commentators, stock market participants and surveyors have been warning us that housebuilding and the homes market will be badly damaged by the vote to leave the EU. We were told to expect an immediate shock to confidence, leading to falling purchases and plunging prices.   Yesterday a leading housebuilder, Persimmon, brought us up to […]

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More EU or better EU?

Mrs Merkel went to Ventotene yesterday to meet the Italian and French leaders to try out her latest sound bite. She says she wants a better EU, not more EU. The meeting however was full of images and associations pointing to more integration and more EU. Ventotene itself was chosen as the island where Spinelli […]

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Well done to Team GB at the Olympics

That was a great result. The large number of  medal winners , and the even larger number of competitors from the UK who also put in brilliant world class performances is a tribute to their hard work, dedication and skill. The nation is rightly proud of them all. It is a fine thing to reach Olympic […]

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UK membership of NATO

To me the Treaty we signed to help establish NATO is a model international agreement. It is short, straight forward, and preserves our freedom for independent action. Any party may leave the Treaty Agreement one year after giving notice. When NATO is considering taking action each member state can determine how and whether  it wishes to […]

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