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The revolt of the motorists

The French gilets jaune movement has in part been a protest against the attempts of the elite to limit people’s uses of cars and vans. The movement began with demands to cut the taxes on petrol and diesel, and to resist more moves to make motoring ever dearer. Some of the protesters then went on […]

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67 days to Independence Day

Let’s countdown to Independence and get ready to celebrate our exit. There are only 36 days left when Parliament is in session and able to try to mess up or delay our passage to Independence. Write to your MP today if they are showing signs of wanting to stop Brexit and remind them of their […]

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Getting growth back worldwide

Whilst the UK has been preoccupied by Brexit a far more important struggle for our prosperity has been going on globally about growth in the world economy. Markets have been signalling that Central banks are tightening money too much, and governments are still too wedded to austerity outside the USA. The Euro economy has suffered […]

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Coalitions in the Commons?

To win a majority and sustain a government you need to be able to count. A majority in the Commons is 321 supporting MPs, when allowing for the Speaker and Sinn Fein who do not vote. The natural majority is therefore Conservative 317 plus DUP 10, giving 327. The Conservatives could also form a majority […]

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The German establishment wants the UK to stay in the EU – of course they do

There should be no surprise that senior German government figures want the UK to stay in the EU. They show their scorn for democracy by asking for that and take us for fools. They want the UK to keep on paying huge sums of money to help with the costs of their political and monetary […]

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Parliament cannot be the executive

There are good reasons why governments propose and Parliament approves, improves or rejects. Parliament is well set up to challenge government, hold it to account, modify or remove its more foolish measures. Parliament is not set up to run competing policies, competing budgets and competing legislative programmes. That way chaos lies. The rules of Parliament […]

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Sterling strengthens

Parliament votes down the Withdrawal Agreement and sterling strengthens a little against the dollar and the Euro. I have often said I do not think sterling is mainly driven by views on Brexit, but it has been noticeable the absence of comments from the usual suspects. They are doubtless disappointed that sterling has edged up […]

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The EU moves to control taxation

I was pleased to see the EU is moving as planned to set more tax rates and tax policies at the EU level just as I have been predicting. The EU needs to centralise more to back the Euro and to complete its political union. It also underlines why many of us do not want […]

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What now?

The predictable and large defeat of the PM’s main policy is unprecedented in my time in the Commons. I have seen governments forced into climb downs on unpopular policies, but never seen a PM put so much effort into defending a policy which united a large element of her own party with all the forces […]

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Does Parliament want to deny the people their voice, vote and freedom?

Today UK democracy is on trial in Parliament. The people voted, yet a large number of MPs want to deny them the results of their vote. Some Remain MPs are too clever by half and too clever for the good of Parliament. They argue that Parliament will take back control, as people wanted, but their […]

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