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Business and politics

  I awoke this morning to a garbled version of my views on the BBC ¬†on why big business should stay out of referendum debates . They did not phone me to check my views, nor invite me on to explain them. Readers of this site will remember my advice to big business to keep […]

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Speaking for England at party conference

Today I take my Speak for England campaign to Birmingham. Mr Hague, acting for Mr Cameron, knows most Conservative MPs want him to find a way of delivering English votes for English issues this Parliament. I have been overwhelmed by emails and messages of support, with very few against. The small number who disagree seek […]

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Recent speeches

Over the last week I gave a series of speeches, anticipating no Parliamentary business to attend to. It proved to be a very busy week with 2 unexpected trips to London and one to Chequers to pursue my Speak for England campaign and to attend the debate on the 3rd Iraqi war to fit in […]

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John Redwood at Conservative Conference

Tomorrow I will be speaking at various meetings at Conference. For those without Security passes I will be speaking at 12.45 The Freedom Zone, The Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Broad Street B1 2EP on “Setting the UK economy free – an agenda for a majority Conservative government” 2pm The Freedom Zone Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Broad Street […]

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English votes for English issues

I have been exceptionally busy this week, and I had to divert attention on this site to war and peace and to Labour given the run of events and news. I also see that yesterday’s post which I tried to publish on the main site and local pages at the same time only appeared on […]

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Speech to the Burghfield branch of the British legion

On Tuesday night I spoke in Burghfield on the topic of “Do we fight too many wars?” When I chose the subject some months ago I thought it might be topical. It turned out to be a particularly hot topic. I began by stressing our debt of gratitude to all the service personnel who have […]

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Going to war?

Today Parliament will debate military action in the Middle East. I set out my thoughts on this in the House and to the Foreign Secretary recently (and posted my views as a blog). During the consultations prior to today’s debate I made clear I would vote against any military action in Syria. The legality of […]

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Labour’s moment

It is difficult squeezing a moment in for Labour with the huge run of news on Scottish secession, English votes, global warming policies and now possible further war in the Middle East. Today I will try, as this is Labour’s week and it would be good to hear from you o n the main alternative […]

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The Scottish debate- well done the voters, pity about the campaigns

I am proud that the UK can have a sustained and passionate debate about identity and government, and come to a democratic conclusion. In so many other parts of the world the explosive issue of identity produces civil strife and war. I also agree with the many commentaries that say the Scottish people engaged greatly […]

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Waning interest in global warming by world leaders

The UN’s summit on global warming, where they hoped to sign world leaders up to more green measures to combat carbon dioxide, is not proving to be a popular affair. The USA, China, ¬†Canada, Australia, Japan and Russia want no part in more targets to cut carbon dioxide. China’s President, Xi Jinping has more pressing […]

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