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There are no such things as hard and soft Brexit

The new Remain media line is to draw an absurd distinction between hard and soft Brexit. We were asked to vote to remain or leave. We voted to leave the EU. The Vote Leave campaign made clear that meant taking back control of our laws, our borders and our money. Polling after the event shows […]

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I will be speaking at four meetings at Conference on Monday 3rd October. 12.45 Great or gloomy? – The UK economy in the next five years” (Bright Blue) Executive Room 1 Level 5 International Convention Centre Birmingham (conference pass needed) 4.15pm Britain after Brexit Embracing Openness not isolation (Taxpayers Alliance) Think Tent Level 3 ICC […]

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Foreign take over bids

Mrs May spoke about the need to make it more difficult for certain foreign investors to take control of UK companies in her economic speech prior to becoming PM. She wants to design a new industrial strategy, which would need to incorporate her latest thinking on this topic as part of it. I approach this […]

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Is Mr Corbyn throwing away his main advantage?

I thought the whole point about Jeremy Corbyn was his different stance to the Blairites and Brownites. They compromised socialism and tried to trim and alter their views as they tacked to the media’s winds. His second convincing victory seemed to give him the platform to try a new approach, to stick to principles and […]

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Poor investment research

The run up to the referendum was characterised by some very sloppy investment research, often put out by large US corporations who wanted to side with Remain. Instead of wisely staying neutral and seeking to put out balanced well informed commentary some of them put out scare stories to buttress Project Fear. Few of them […]

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Better roads

I am contacting the Treasury and the roads Ministers following the Chancellor’s indication that he wants to see more smaller capital projects to improve our transport systems as part of a package to lift productivity and improve the prospects of the economy. There are four main areas where fairly rapid schemes could make a big […]

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Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn yesterday swept to victory again in the Labour leadership election. He strengthened his hold on his party and made the rebel MPs look both foolish and factious. UK democracy needs a strong opposition to challenge government when it is wrong and to unify in the national interest when that is right. Given the […]

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The Syrian war

Why has the west failed to resolve the Syrian crisis? I am no apologist or supporter of the Russian actions, but it is clear today that Russia has placed herself in a much stronger position than the USA to influence and shape events in that worn torn and distressed country. The main reason is the […]

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The state of the Union

Mr Juncker’s State of the Union address this year was downbeat and worried. He said the Union needs a vision. He offered to supply one drawn up by the Commission. It will only be available next spring. The urgency of his words about the need to pull the union together does not seem matched by […]

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How much longer are we going to help pay for the EU?

Since April the UK state has borrowed another £33.8bn. We sent £3.6bn of this as net contribution to the EU, an increase of 8% on the amount we sent them for the same time period in 2015. It is time we sent them the letter,repealed the Act and cancelled the subscription. It is the easiest […]

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