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Vote Leave launches Brexit budget with abolition of VAT on domestic fuel

Vote Leave has consistently said it wish to spend more of our own money on the NHS, when we get our net contributions back from the EU. Today they have added the wish to abolish VAT on domestic fuel. This is similar to the post Brexit draft budget I launched under the Conservatives for Britain […]

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The EU wants to tax everyone of us -as political and tax union roll on despite the UK

The EU is after your money. Look at this decision of the European Parliament’s committee:   “to table corporate tax measuresECON Press release – Economic and monetary affairs − 01-12-2015 – 11:14  The EU Commission is asked to table measures to improve corporate tax transparency, coordination and EU-wide policy convergence in legislative recommendations voted by […]

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So what is Remain’s case

There seem to be ten main points to Remain’s pitch Some of the member states of the EU are so nasty they might say unpleasant things about us if we leave Germany might want to put barriers in the way of selling us cars and France might want to make it more difficult for us […]

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How we will be better off out

Remain has made a wicked presentation of dodgy forecasts, implying we will be worse off out. Their unlikely estimates all show that over the period up to 2030 we will be better off, whether out or in, than  we are today.What we are arguing about is not a cut in our  income but how big […]

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What does remain look like?

I have taken part in a good many debates now ahead of the referendum. One of the most striking things about the Remain advocates I have faced is how little they like or even understand the modern European Union. None of them have come out defending monetary, political, capital markets, banking, and energy union. None […]

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Fair migration and good facilities for new arrivals

During the first quarter of 2016,  224,000 EU migrants got jobs in the UK. Just 5000 migrants from elsewhere in the world were added to the UK workforce, whilst 185,000 British people got jobs. David Davis MP yesterday made an important speech setting out more of the details of these numbers. He said the EU […]

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Why we will be better off out of the EU

There is one thing the IFS and I agree about. When we leave we will be able to spend the money we send to the EU and don’t get back on our priorities. That will boost the UK economy by around 0.6% (they say 0.5%). We can hire more doctors and nurses, create more jobs, pay […]

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The 10 best past achievements of an independent UK/England

I am very positive about what the UK can achieve once we are an independent country again. I think we need to remind our fellow countrymen and women just what we have achieved in the past, when as a country we were both much smaller and poorer than today. This is my list. I would […]

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A puppet Parliament?

I made a speech a bit like this yesterday in parliament: Is this a puppet Parliament? Or does it have within it the ability to take back control? Is this puppet Parliament to remain a mere cipher for Brussels? Or can it take back control to make our own laws and levy our taxes? Was […]

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The collapse of the pound in the EU

Under the last Labour government the pound collapsed within the EU – far more than the latest ridiculous Treasury forecasts of possible future falls. In July 2008 the pound bought $2. By January 2009 it was under $1.40, a fall of 30%. In July 2007 the pound bought 250 yen. By January 2009 that was […]

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